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Gail Pettis - Here in the Moment
by Marc Myers, Jazz Wax

Gail Pettis' new CD, Here in the Moment, is a throwback to the 1950s, when singers crawled inside a song and moved it around a bit while delivering a straight-up rendition. To do this requires enormous knowledge and courage. If what you try on the fly doesn't cut it, you have to be skilled enough to craft an instant solution. Sarah Vaughan was famous for hop-scotching out of painted corners.

On this CD, Pettis, who spent nearly 20 years as an... read more

Fred Forney - Chasing Horizons
by Jeremy Brekke, International Trumpet Guild, January 2011

Fred Forney's second release as a leader, Chasing Horizons features a set of original compositions that keep with the traditions of jazz while making it all sound new and interesting. A long-time Arizona resident, Forney is the Director of Jazz Studies at Mesa Community College and has been involved with numerous recording projects in Phoenix metropolitan area. Forney leads a quartet of top-notch musicians through his compositions and... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Three-Part Odyssey
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

**** 4 1/2 STARS - What a strange, compelling, often circuitous trip Three-Part Odyssey is. Pianist/composer/bandleader Rich Pellegrin has collected a youthful quintet of Seattle's boldest and most energetic musicians for his debut CD - 73 minutes of audacious grooves inside a set of freewheeling compositions that showcase each band member's individual virtuosic prowess without abandoning the collective mood.

Along with the... read more

AJ Kluth Quintet - Twice Now
by Dean Christesen, Richmond Jazz

A polished saxophone tone over gritty distorted guitar and heavily metered grooves is the formula, if there is one, for Chris Potter's Underground. Saxophonist AJ Kluth's newest release shows, at times, many similarities to his elder in jazz. At Kluth's age, it's difficult to escape the influence of Potter, one of today's main tenor saxophone heroes. But at 29 years old, he has assembled a formidable ensemble capable of both being inspired by... read more

Lynn Baker Quartet - Azure Intention
by Amazon.com, Amazon.com

In addition to being a fluid, heartfelt improviser, Denver-based saxophonist, Lynn Baker composes with an ear for melody and a mind for artistic challenge. On Azure Intention, Baker's debut recording for OA2 Records, he presents eight originals that were penned over the last 20 years.

Along with pianist Reggie Berg, drummer Paul Mullikin, and bassist Bijoux Barbosa, they create a cohesive, resonating statement ranging from Lament, an... read more

JazzVox - Jazzvox Presents: In Your Own Backyard
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz.com

Nich Anderson is a Northwest coast jazz vocalist and jazz vocals champion who has been bringing jazz vocal talent to his "house concerts" in Washington State for the past 10 years. Anderson and Origin Records' house presence Bill Anschell have produced a recording documenting some of this talent. The result is a collection of duets and trios, intimate in presentation, overt in the sheer ability of its participants, that well highlight the state... read more

George Cotsirilos - Past Present
by John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine

Veteran jazz guitarist Cotsirilos' latest record is a swinging set driven by his considerable chops and skill at composing and interpreting music. Hie bandmates, Robb Fisher (bass) and Ron Marabuto (drums), are the perfect match with their ability to follow their leader's moves.

On "Good Wood," Cotsirilos mixes chords and single notes to state the jumping melody. Like many of the songs here, it's a swingfest. The style also dominates on... read more

Phil Parisot - Lingo
by Mark Holston, Jazziz

Lingo (OA2), by drummer-percussionist Phil Parisot and his quartet, is the definition of a mainstream set. Alternating burners and ballads, Parisot's melodically attractive compositions are the real stars. "Collage," the opening track, provides a workout for tenor saxophonist Steve Treseler, who sketches the convoluted but mesmerizing melody line. Pianist Dan Kramlich, who adds Fender Rhodes on several works, and bassist Michael Glynn display... read more

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