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Ben Paterson - Breathing Space
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

If Ben Paterson and his trio had come along in a different time, they might have been tagged by Miles Davis as his backing band. In the mid-fifties, Davis was searching for an Ahmad Jamal sound, and settled in with Red Garland in the piano chair to fill that spot. Buoyant swing with the ability to segue into interludes of the light, sparkling touch is what Davis got with Garland, then the more introspective Bill Evans, and later the more... read more

Paul West / Mark Brown - Words & Music
by John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Some great original tunes from the versatile Seattle duo - *****

I've said before I'm not strongly into vocal music, but when a singer communicates a real personality and believability - even if not having a perfect voice - then I'm a fan. Mark Brown sounds to me like a cross between Bob Dorough and Dan Hicks, two of my favorites. But then comes the first ballad track and I hear a quite different voice. Turns out the two often share writing... read more

Chris Amemiya & Jazz Coalescence - In the Rain Shadow
by Alex Shapiro Composer, In the Rain Shadow

It makes complete sense that an evolutionary biologist would have a deep understanding of the genetics of musical groove. Trombonist Chris Amemiya has the rare gift of this holistic balance in his life, and with his accomplished co-conspirators of Jazz Coalescence, he lets all of us in on the secrets of making fabulous music In the Rain Shadow. These eight tracks offer listeners a ticket to emotional, beautiful, jazz eco-tourism: what it means... read more

Carolyn Graye with Jessica Williams - Songs
by Ben Ohmart, Muses Muse

The simple, unadorned title fits the contents. This is just an album of Carolyn Graye singing against Jessica Williams' romantic, hardly flashy piano. A real piano. It is night and nightclub jazz for those of us who really Dig this kind of naked, sweet, cool, old-fashioned style.

It is a truly beautiful release, from a truly beautiful jazz label. OriginArts. I've sung the praises on these guys before myself. They are the best of the... read more

Hans Luchs - Time Never Pauses
by Paul Abella, WDCB

Hans Luchs is a fantastic Chicago guitarist with a new disc out titled Time Never Pauses. With his stellar band - Stu Mindeman on piano, Clark Sommers on bass, George Fludas on drums, and Shaun Johnson on trumpet - they work their way through a program of mostly Luchs's originals. "Hello Janssen" is the most exciting tune here, with a drum solo for the ages at the tail end. "Der Lumenmeister" and "30 Rue des Martyrs" both grabbed my... read more

Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra - What Did You Dream?
by Harvey Siders, JazzTimes.com

For over two decades, Dan Gailey has directed the jazz program at the University of Kansas where he's Professor of Music. After enriching the books of many college bands, as well as professional bands, Dan has taken a giant leap out of the Kansas cornfields into the maelstrom of a non-campus environment with the debut release of his 18-man, all professional Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra.

The curtain-raiser is a prophetically titled swinger,... read more

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three
by Hrayr Attarian, ChicagoJazz.com

The third installment in the exciting and energetic Bicoastal Collective's oeuvre, simply entitled Chapter Three, maintains the same combination of memorable compositions and engaging improvisations that characterized the first two records. Co-led by Antigonish (Nova Scotia)-based trumpeter Paul Tynan and San Franciscan baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington, the sextet works through six originals, each with its own unique flavor, yet all... read more

Unhinged Sextet - Clarity
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

Here are six players representing five universities spanning the country. How they ever came together to record as a group might be a good story in itself. The 12 originals here were all contributed by the players themselves, so there is a variety in tempo and melodic ideas. If anything, the album has a passionate Blue Note quality to it, although some of the music is contemporized for today?s musical mindset. The players, all simply wonderful... read more

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