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Aaron Lington - Secondary Impressions
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Baritone saxist Aaron Lington creates some wondrous moods on a collection of mostly duet sonatas with pianist Victoria Lington on this collection of modern compositions. Lington's tone and range are highly impressive, sounding almost like a string section on a solo performance of "Wings" that reaches highs and lows with the ease of a trapeze artist. The collection of duets are dominated by two modern pieces, the Concerto for Baritone Orchestra... read more

Jim Gailloreto Jazz String Quintet - American Complex
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

For his sophomore effort with the Chicago-based HAWK string quartet in tow, Jim Gailloreto's skill in composition and arrangement for a string quartet has increased notably. Instead of forcing the quartet into a gypsy-jazz romp, Gailloreto keeps the players in their comfort zone -- free from improvisation, and showcasing technical mastery and careful collaboration without sacrificing an austerity of sorts. Over the top of the quartet, though,... read more

Chris Walden - Chris Walden: Symphony No. 1 - The Four Elements
by Victor L. Schermer, All About Jazz

Chris Walden is probably best known to AAJ readers as a big band leader and composer. But his interest in developing other forms has already garnered him two Grammy nominations, and here he ventures into the serious orchestral realm. He takes the four elements?Earth, Water, Air and Fire?and uses them as the basis of four symphonic movements in the post-romantic programmatic style of Richard Strauss, Holst, Sibelius, and others of the late... read more

Dan Dean - Songs Without Words
by Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

This is an unusual and special project. Dan Dean is known for his own groups, recording and mixing, and his collaborations with Tom Collier. I first encountered his works with a couple of different groups at the Other Side of the Tracks in the mid 70s along with his work with Collier, with whom he has been musical buddies even in their teenage years. His bass work and sound is found in many recording groups and engineers, because of Dean's... read more

Dan Dean - Songs Without Words
by Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

After years of playing and producing music for musicians such as vibraphonist Tom Collier, the virtuoso bassist - and it turns out one with rather operatic intentions - and master of the art of whistling as well Dan Dean steps out and into his own studio to record quite magical versions of chorales, arias and concertos without nothing but his velvet tenor, his trusted bass and the art of whistling - all on the disc entitled Songs without... read more

Douglas Detrick's AnyWhen Ensemble - Rivers Music
by C. MICHAEL BAILEY, All About Jazz

The preciousness of youth. Douglas Detrick is not even 30 years old, and already has multiple ensembles and music projects going on the East and West coasts. One such music combo is the AnyWhen Ensemble, which Detrick terms a "Chamber Jazz Group." The music he pushes through this group is not as easily categorized. Part of the charm is that the makeup of the AnyWhen ensemble resembles more a "parlor" ensemble of family musicians, bringing... read more

Tom Collier - Mallet Fantastique
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Mallet percussionist Tom Collier finally educates listeners on the difference between the vibraphone and marimba: it is the sound. These mallet-driven instruments make a great alternative to the piano, both in solo and ensemble settings. They are rich instruments, the vibraphone with its resonant presence and the marimba with its organic woodiness. Mallet Fantastique houses six extended compositions for mallets that Collier recorded between 2004... read more

Dan Dean - Songs Without Words
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Wanna know what heaven is going to sound like? Grab a hold of this album and you'll at least have a hint.

Dan Dean supplies layers of his voice as well as an occasional bass and whistle to this wonderfully arranged collection of "classic" classics. His wordless vocals create an ethereal mood that floats with sublime joy on Bach's "Air on a G String" while he makes you feel like you're in a dream on "The Sheep May Safely Graze." Dean creates a... read more

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