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Scott Reeves - Portraits and Places

Big band jazz composers may be the most pure artists in all of music. These people do what they do strictly out of love. When you're done paying the band - if in fact there IS anything to pay the band with- there is absolutely no money in writing original big band jazz. Even the universally respected Maria Schneider survives on Chamber Music America grants. So it would be a little misleading to say that the last time this blog caught a show by... read more

Matija Dedic - MD in NYC
by Dustin Garlitz, Jazz Talent.com

Zagreb, Croatia?s Matija Dedic is emerging as one of the most important rising stars on Continental Europe?s jazz scene. His modern piano trio performances with sidemen Vincente Archer and Kendrick Scott certainly qualify him as a significant up-and-coming jazz artist hailing from this particular region of Europe, if not the continent as a whole. It is a real pleasure getting to hear Dedic in action with Archer and Scott in New York City in... read more

Hugo Fernandez - Cosmogram
by Editor, La Habitación del Jazz (Madrid)

Hugo Fernandez presents his second album as a leader. If the first we liked (See CD review "ORIGINS") This brings us to like a lot. All topics are his compositions and production as well. As he did in his previous album, Ariel Bringuez accompanies him that Antonio Sanchez and Antonio Miguel add.

Hugo Fernandez continues to demonstrate its great compositional maturity, imbuing the eight tracks on the album with a particular, recognizable and... read more

Steve Korn - Points in Time
by Jason West, All About Jazz.com

Good things come in threes, the saying goes, and so it is with the third release from Seattle drummer Steve Korn. While his first and second CD projects contained a total of six original compositions, Points in Time features seven Korn originals, providing us with the clearest glimpse into his musical psyche.

Recorded at Studio X in June of this year, Points in Time features an all-city cast with Korn on drums, Paul Gabrielson on double... read more

Tito Carrillo - Opening Statement
by Neil Tesser, Chicago Examiner

Carrillo, celebrating the release of his debut album "Opening Statement" (Origin), has built on the hard-bop foundations of modern jazz to construct a strong and supple style that's at home in several of the city's most exciting current bands.

At the Green Mill, Carrillo's band stars most of the heavy hitters from his album ? saxist Geof Bradfield, pianist Benjamin Lewis, and bassist Lorin Cohen ? along with drummer Max Plaskota replacing... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - Home Of My Heart
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

One doesn't often hear a big band album in which the arrangements literally steal the show. Here's one where they do. Make no mistake, German-born composer/arranger Chris Walden has mustered a world-class ensemble for his debut album, abundantly equipped with staunch team players and killer soloists; even so, it is his superlative charts that carry the day and earn the blue ribbon.

Simply put, Walden is a terrific arranger who readily... read more

Lynn Bush with New Stories - Still Life
by Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

The Northwest U.S. in general, and Seattle in particular, simply teems with outstanding jazz artists. Now comes vocalist Lynn Bush with her warm, contemporary approach to a play list of mostly familiar material. Bush and her confreres have turned out an album in which they share, in almost equal parts, the time allocated for this album to make each song their own. Marc Seales on piano, when relieved of the responsibility of providing understated... read more

Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Cyrille Aimee - Burstin' Out!
by Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

If you follow jazz news, you've surely heard of Cyrille Aimée, the French-born chanteuse who took top honors at last year's inaugural Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition and got third place at the 2010 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals Competition. But have you actually heard Aimée? Since 2007, she's released seven albums, including two with Brazilian guitarist Diego Figueiredo, two with her Surreal Band, a live... read more

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