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Chamber 3
OA2 22115

Rich Pellegrin
OA2 22114

Danny Green
OA2 22113

OA2 22112

Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet
OA2 22111

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington
OA2 22110

Mark Buselli
OA2 22109

Nelda Swiggett
OA2 22108

Chris Parker
OA2 22107

Jim Olsen
OA2 22106

Craig Yaremko
OA2 22105

George Cotsirilos
OA2 22104

Florian Hoefner
OA2 22103

Lynn Baker
OA2 22102

Chris Amemiya & Jazz Coalescence
OA2 22101

Steve Owen
OA2 22100

Stan Bock & The New Tradition
OA2 22099

Lary Barilleau & The Latin Jazz Collective
OA2 22098

Hashem Assadullahi
OA2 22097

Nathan Eklund
OA2 22096

Michael Webster
OA2 22095

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington
OA2 22094

Carrie Wicks
OA2 22093

Grupo Los Santos
OA2 22092

Steve Williams & Jazz Nation
OA2 22091

Dan Cavanagh
OA2 22090

Florian Hoefner
OA2 22089

Sara Leib
OA2 22088

Budman / Levy Orchestra
OA2 22087

Afro Bop Alliance
OA2 22086

AJ Kluth
OA2 22085

Tunnel Six
OA2 22084

Daniel Jamieson's Danjam Orchestra
OA2 22083

Liam Sillery
OA2 22082

Debbie Poryes | Bruce Williamson
OA2 22081

Mark O'Connor
OA2 22080

Top Viewed Recordings


Marco de Carvalho
“As a guitar player Carvalho is clichÈ-free, non-flamboyant, and mature, with firm fingering, economical strumming, wealthy economic ideas and chords, and an understated yet firm sound”

Nathan Eklund
“Eklund hammers home his credentials as a player and a composer emphatically.”

Ben Paterson
“He was raised right.”

Danny Green
“...richly engaging and utterly brilliant...”

Jeff Baker
“One of the finest vocalists on the scene...”

The Taylor / Fidyk Big Band
“Hard driving & cookin' band with the real deal goods. This is the kind of writing and playing that every big band fan dreams of. A must have in yours and my collections.”

Debbie Poryes
“A stellar outing that introduces a group that plays with an interactive verve and elegance...a knockout listening experience.”

Doug Hamilton
“The exuberance and peak quality of this recording is upheld by Doug's above-the-crown writing, symmetry of lines and phrases and resilient team work of hi-octane horn and rhythm players anchored with taste and care...”

Jeff Johnson
“Johnson's a shadow boxer who doesn't support a soloist as much as he challenges him.”

Christian Eckert
“...Christian Eckert is one of the increasingly rare breed of composers who can tell coherent stories. His supply of pithy ideas, melodies and investigations seem sheer endless. That he wanted to forge a bridge to the great Blue Note label era is clear from the first tone: warm sounds, clear linear guidance and a quartet of outstanding musicians... Without doubt a lucky strike.”

AJ Kluth
“His saxophone playing exhibits a fresh voice, yet reflects an understanding of the jazz tradition. A.J. Kluth is a saxophonist with a song to sing.”

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