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Danny Green Trio Plus Strings - One Day It Will
by Doug Collette, All About Jazz

In a practical execution of the action foreshadowed in its title, restrained use of orchestration on One Day It Will makes this album work. Hardly awash in strings, the pianist and his trio's pithy musicianship is instead accentuated with its lush surroundings, so much so that, while their improvisations might sound hemmed in, the lavish arrangements spur them on. In turn, no matter the length or tone of tracks such as "Time Lapse to Fall,"... read more

Daria - Strawberry Fields Forever
by David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback

News flash: I do not usually care for covers of The Beatles. No way. No how. Not cutesy cover bands; not musicians who try to sound like them; not cover music. The Beatles were unique...sui generis...no toca white man!

And so, when I was approached to review Daria's new album, Strawberry Fields Forever, I was friendly, but not enthusiastic. In the first place, I don't do many music reviews. In the second place, did I mention that I don't... read more

Jeff Baker - Shopping For Your Heart
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

eff Baker's first major exposure came at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, backed by the Lionel Hampton Trio. The vocalist was sixteen years old at the time. He'd won the Jazz Fest's solo vocal competion, and he had the word "promising" written all over him. He has since released three CDs on OA2, the promising Baker Sings Chet (2004), the excellent Monologue (2005), and now the near-perfect Shopping for Your Heart.

The "just play"... read more

Kelley Johnson - Something Good
by Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal (London)

A native of Milwaukee, Kelley Johnson studied at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and also privately with Mark Murphy and Jessie Hauck. Further studies at the University of Washington, Seattle, led to her becoming resident in the Pacific Northwest. She was also winner of the 2002 International Jazzconnect Jazz Vocal Competition. In addition to performing, Johnson also teaches music theory and vocal production techniques at several colleges in... read more

Ben Winkelman Trio - Balance
by Ed Enright, Downbeat

EDITOR'S PICK With the release of his sixth album as a leader, Australian-born, New York-based pianist Ben Winkelman continues to develop his concept of a piano trio whose primary artistic goal is to strike a balance between composition and improvisation. Bassist Matt Penman and drummer Obed Calvaire - both of whom never had played with Winkelman until this recording session - are featured as more than just sidemen/soloists. In crafting... read more

Craig Yaremko - CYO3
by Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition

The organ trio construct has been around for so long, that listeners of a certain age would be hard pressed to recall when it was not part of the jazz scene. The challenge always is to try to find something new in the musical telling using this format. The Craig Yaremko Organ Trio does credit to the concept, but it still is following down a well-worn path.

In this debut outing of his organ trio, Yaremko and his band mates tackle a set list... read more

Mark Buselli / Claude Sifferlen - Take The Mitsu
by Rick Holland, JazzRadio247.com

If you like beauty and dynamic interplay between two masterful jazz improvisers, Take the Mitsu is a disc for you. These two musicians display great sense of melody and explorative harmonic interplay while creating a very entertaining and listenable set of music. Mark Buselli a Flugelhornist, Trumpeter and arranger from Indianapolis, Indiana, co-Leads with Brent Wallarab one of the finest Big Bands in the country today. (please see BWJO.ORG).... read more

Danny Green - After the Calm
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

This is classic piano jazz trio work that falls so squarely in the pocket you're almost tempted to think this was a lost session from back in the day. With a set of all originals, the trio is right in step with each other turning in a set that's a tonic for weary ears. On the money throughout, if you don't like this, you just don't like piano trios. Nuff said.... read more

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