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Ben Markley - Second Introduction
by Dick Crockett, The Voice, Sacramento

Ben Markley is hard core, as a steelworker, but for bebop traditionalism, as here in his new ?Second Introduction.? Prominent influences from Bud Powell to Barry Harris and Phineas Newborn Jr, noted for their 'no holds barred' attitude to the great ... read more

Steve Owen - Stand Up Eight
by Tim Willcox, Jazz Society of Oregon

Composer/Arranger/Saxophonist Steve Owen is one of the Pacific NW's best kept secrets. Having spent the greater part of his career as the director of Jazz Studies at the University of Oregon, opportunities to hear his work are few and far between ... read more

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter One
by Adam Gaines, ITG Journal

Trumpeter Paul Tynan and saxophonist Aaron Lington on this first of hopefully many releases of their Bicoastal Collective, a group formed from the relationship forged at the University of North Texas in the late 1990s. Despite living many time zones ... read more

Jay Lawrence - Thermal Strut
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

From the opening eight bars of the title tune, you know this will be an excellent release. Although the individual musicians in this trio aren\'t well known to the listening public, they are key members of the musical fraternity. And, as ... read more

Steve Owen - Stand Up Eight
by Dave Sumner, emusic Review

A hell of an impression for his debut album. Conductor and arranger Steve Owen brings together an 18-piece ensemble for an astounding display of orchestral jazz. Moments that absolutely soar and others that jitter invitingly closer to earth. The ... read more

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