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Mark Buselli / Claude Sifferlen - Take The Mitsu
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

The flugelhorn has such a smooth, rounded tone that it can impart the warmest and most mellow ambiance to any instrument. When that recording is a piano duet, that warmth and mellowness are magnified dramatically. Warmth, not heat. While a ... read more

Seattle Womens Jazz Orchestra - Meeting of the Waters
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

The "almost all" women's orchestra - a few brass players, the drummer and musical director are guys - draws upon a cadre of 29 musicians who live, work and perform in the Seattle area. They utilize a standard 17-piece unit for this album and their ... read more

George Mitchell - Play Zone
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Play Zone is the sophomore effort from George Mitchell, 20-year veteran of Diana Ross' band. Here, he's more at home, playing more straightforward jazz piano (with some exceptions) and making use of a fine ensemble of Portland jazzmen. The basis of ... read more

Gail Pettis - Here in the Moment
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene

Seattle singer Gail Pettis has released her second CD for OA2, and it's another winner! I love her singing because she's a natural who doesn?t go over the top with unnecessary fluff. She's blessed with a great voice and lets that voice do its thing. ... read more

Idit Shner - Tuesday's Blues
by Thomas R. Erdmann, Jazz Review

Saxophonist and composer Idit Shner, who grew up in Israel, joined the faculty of the University of Oregon as Instructor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies in 2006. Her education includes a Bachelor of Music degree from Oklahoma City University, a ... read more

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