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Liam Sillery - On The Fly
by Forrest Dylan Bryant, JazzTimes, March 2007

Liam Sillery and David Sills are birds of a feather. Both channel a hardbop vibe that pays tribute to an earlier time without sounding like a throwback, and each contributes four sunny tunes to this appealing disc. Working mostly in medium tempos and slow burns, Sillery's plainspoken trumpet and Sills' friendly tenor sax engage in happy banter, while organist Joe Bagg and guitarist Larry Koonse provide a soul-jazz twist that cements the '60s... read more

Debbie Poryes | Bruce Williamson - Two and Fro
by Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

Jazz has either gotten quieter or louder, depending on the new releases you hear, no matter the genre. Younger musicians seem to be gravitating towards more instruments, more textures and louder volumes. Seasoned musicians have often opted to pare down their groups, experimenting with duos, trios and solo albums. This disc falls into the latter category, but it manages to remain interesting. Pianist Poryes and saxophonist/flutist/clarinetist... read more

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Four
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

Trumpeter Paul Tynan and baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington first met more than fifteen years ago when they were grad students at the University of North Texas in Denton. After gigging separately for a few years, they formed the Bicoastal Collective about a decade ago and have been playing and recording together ever since. This could reasonably be called the Binational Collective, as four of the five musicians on Chaper Four are Canadian, with... read more

Barney McClure - Show Me!
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

5-STARS! While organist Barney McClure receives top billing on this exhilarating new album, he is happy to share it, for good reason, with the superlative Central Washington University Jazz Band from Ellensburg. As McClure asserts in the liner notes, "I was no more than a lucky rider on the bus." Well, a bit more than that, Barney, as your dynamic Hammond B3 is as pivotal to its auspicious outcome as the band's inspired performance or Phil... read more

Nadav Snir-Zelniker - Thinking Out Loud
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene

It is apparent over the last decade or so that Israeli-born jazz musicians are becoming increasingly a factor in the jazz panČorama. Consider the arrivals of guitarist Roni Ben-Hur, scat singer Ori Dagan, piano maven Tamir Hendleman, and, in the review that follows this one, tenor saxist Benny Sharoni. This time it's drummer Nadav Snir-Zelniker who has followed his passion for the jazz art from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Now a busy... read more

Gail Pettis - Here in the Moment
by Marc Myers, Jazz Wax

Gail Pettis' new CD, Here in the Moment, is a throwback to the 1950s, when singers crawled inside a song and moved it around a bit while delivering a straight-up rendition. To do this requires enormous knowledge and courage. If what you try on the fly doesn't cut it, you have to be skilled enough to craft an instant solution. Sarah Vaughan was famous for hop-scotching out of painted corners.

On this CD, Pettis, who spent nearly 20 years as an... read more

Alex Budman and the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra - Instruments of Mass Pleasure
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

Big band fans who hail from - or have visited - the San Francisco area probably are familiar with the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra.

This wonderful group has been a Bay Area mainstay for more than 10 years, and has performed every Monday evening at Jazz At The Pearl for about the same length of time. Even if you seldom leave the Sacramento area, you may have caught this ensemble when it was featured at Waterfront Park several years ago. (Group... read more

Danny Green - Altered Narratives
by Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist

On his fourth release as a leader, pianist Danny Green does something highly unusual and impressive: he gives us an album that consists entirely of what is, in every discernible way, straight-ahead piano-trio jazz, with no wild harmonic or structural experimentation, but which nevertheless sounds entirely personal and original. It's really kind of frustrating: I keep listening and trying to figure out how he does it, and I keep failing. Now, I... read more

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