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Jeff Baker - Of Things Not Seen
by C Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

How Jeff Baker avoided full coverage at All About Jazz is beyond me, but now is a fine time to write this wrong. In 2009, Baker took a professional and stylistic chance in producing a jazz treatment of songs from the American Christian Songbook, Of Things Not Seen. He had worked up to this bold statement with his preceding recordings: Baker Sings Chet (OA2, 2004); Monologue (OA2, 2005); and Shopping for Your Heart (OA2, 2007). Proving deft and... read more

Svetlana and the Delancey Five - Night At The Speakeasy
by Michael Doherty, Michael's Music Log

Svetlana And The Delancey Five are an excellent jazz band based in New York City, playing regularly at a venue called The Back Room. That venue is located just off of Delancey Street, thus the band's name. The band's new CD, Night At The Speakeasy, also gets its name from this venue, as The Back Room has been operating since the days of Prohibition. And the music here has that sense of fun and excitement, and also that sense of community and... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Episodes IV-VI
by Andrew Luthringer, Earshot Jazz

Pianist and composer Rich Pellegrin is a somewhat musically elusive figure. During an initial listen to his new album, Episodes IV-VI, I found myself rummaging for reference points, trying to get a handle on how to describe and process his strikingly original music. Episodes IV-VI can be described with the increasingly ineffective label of "jazz," yet it contains very few of the typical elements by which the term is usually defined and... read more

Hans Luchs - Time Never Pauses
by Hrayr Attaria, Chicago Jazz Magazine

With his engaging debut as a leader in Time Never Pauses, Chicago guitarist Hans Luchs offers up an intriguing batch of well-crafted originals and two delightfully reinterpreted standards. Luchs brings his trademark sound of polished elegance and understated, but definite passion to this captivating music.

Opening with the darkly hued "Der Lumenmeister," the band sets an intimate ambience that permeates the entire disc. Trumpeter Shaun... read more

Gustavo Cortinas - Esse
by Tom McCarter, KZSU (Stanford Radio)

Terrific drummer leads a talented sextet with alternating sax players added. The music covers a wide range and has a Latin tinge but is not what I would call Latin jazz. Mr. Cortinas does a nice job showcasing his fellow musicians with plenty of room to work out. All... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Episodes IV-VI
by Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

Rich Pellegrin and his artful quintet made a promise in 2011.

It came in the form of Three-Part Odyssey, the debut album from the pianist, also a University of Missouri professor, and his partners in jazz. Daring and possessed of many moods, it certainly could have existed as a complete, self-contained musical statement.

But Pellegrin and his mates intended the album to be just the first chapter of a growing corpus, a Three-Part... read more

Ben Winkelman Trio - The Knife
by Eugene Ball, Loudmouth: The Music Trust E-Zine (Australia)

There is a school of thought that suggests that artists create in order to better understand the world in which they live. From this perspective, music can be viewed as a way of knowing; a way of creating sense and order in the musician's world. Though this might seem an overly profound idea, it is such a normalised aspect of a musician's life that it often exists unnoticed, as a hum beneath the static of daily musical activity. The Knife, the... read more

Unhinged Sextet - Don't Blink
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The consensus is that the only reason to call this crew Unhinged is because they are in different parts of the country and convene once a year to record. This is too much of an ensemble to be unhinged so if you are looking for some pots and pans music, look elsewhere. This is a swinging bunch of jazzbos that show their impressive debut wasn't the product of a life time of wood shedding with nothing to follow it up with. Tasty, swinging full... read more

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