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Rosana Eckert - Sailing Home
by Dr. Debra Jan Bibel, Amazon

5-STARS Texan vocalist Rosana Eckert has produced in this, her fourth album, a collection of personal, sweet, and amusing songs with diverse arrangements: New Orleans funk, bossa nova, sassy soul, romantic folk, Tex-Mex cumbia, and dreamy ballads. With one exception, she wrote the music and nearly all the lyrics, her husband and percussionist Gary Eckert and keyboardist Peter Eldridge contributing otherwise. The tune Waiting, with... read more

Daria - Strawberry Fields Forever
by Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page

Taking on songs of the Beatles can be a daunting task, but it's one that vocalist Daria handles with perfection on Strawberry Fields Forever. The singer delivers the lyrics and the vibe here with the grace of her obvious experience. She seamlessly shifts from ballad to swing on a recording that is nicely balanced. The arrangements provided by Daria and Sam Bevan who plays bass, keyboards and guitar on the project are creative and engaging. Other... read more

Extended - Harbinger
by Dave Rogers, WTJU

This trio features Oscar Rossignoli (piano), Matt Booth (bass) and Brad Webb (drums) and they seem to be extensions of each other. Their interactions and blended combinations are amazing. Booth composed three, Rossignoli two and Webb five songs everything connects perfectly. This is a quiet and beautiful set throughout. They are now located in New Orleans, but don't expect a slab of Mardi Gras! These songs are woven like the most beautiful... read more

The Kora Band - Cascades
by Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

Portland pianist Andrew Oliver takes on the music of west Africa with this ambitious project. The band fuses western styles and influences with the music of The Gambia, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. The opener, "Sinyaro," features the band's kora (a 21-stringed instrument of the Mandinka people) player, Kane Mathis. While Mathis is a western musician, he learned the kora and the accompanying language he occasionally sings in The Gambia, and... read more

Ben Markley Big Band - Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton
by Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record

Terell Stafford is a featured soloist on the Ben Markley Big Band's Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton. The leader's creative charts show how much Walton's music belongs in a big band's repertoire. In the swinging "Cedar's Blues", Stafford takes his time building momentum in his solo, giving a virtual master class, followed by Will Swindler's whimsical alto. The breezy afrocuban piece "Fiesta Espanol" works even better with a big... read more

Mark Buselli - Untold Stories
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Ah! The hard bop quintet! The apotheosis of modern jazz is well represented here under the hands of leader/trumpeter Mark Buselli and his team of Danny Walsh/sax, Steve Allee/p, Jeremy/b and Steve Houghton/dr. The tunes are composed by either Allee or Buselli, sans a nifty reading of the rarely heard Ellington piece “Angelica.” Allee’s pieces such as “What About Me?” and “Slider” have snapping rhythms and display the composer’s sleek touch on... read more

Todd DelGiudice - Pencil Sketches
by Amazon.com, Amazon.com

With an eclectic mix of nine originals and one thoroughly re-envisioned standard, saxophonist and multi-reedist Todd DelGiudice presents an inspired set for his first recording on OA2 Records. Joined by a veteran Seattle trio including John Hansen on piano, bassist Jon Hamar and drummer Byron Vannoy, DelGiudice explores his wide-ranging musical influences, creating a unique & varied yet fully cohesive story.

Raised in South Florida,... read more

Afro Bop Alliance - Revelation
by Dave Rogers, WTJU - Richmond

The Afro Bop Alliance is based in DC and has been won a Grammy and the respect of jazz critics and fans alike. Led by drummer / percussionist Joe McCarthy, the band includes Luis Hernandez (tenor saxophone), Tim Stanley (trumpet), Vince Norman (alto saxophone), Victor Provost (steel pan), Harry Appelman (piano), Tom Baldwin (bass) and Roberto Quintero (percussion) and many guests. They cover many styles, offering wonderful variety as well as... read more

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