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Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three
by Dave Sumner, emusic.com

Third recording for Paul Tynan and Aaron Lingtonís Bicoastal Collective. In addition to Tynanís trumpet and Lingtonís bari sax, Dan Murphy is on Rhodes, Corey Christiansen on guitar, Ashley Summers on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums. More straight-ahead than prior recordings, this is more of a lay-back-and-play type of session. Freewheeling solos and crisp rhythm sections represent this albumís heart. A solid recording from solid... read more

Liam Sillery - Phenomenology
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

For his fourth album, trumpeter Liam Sillery decided to explore a bit further afield than his previous sets had gone. Walking the line between traditional and free jazz, Phenomenology provides moments of tender melodies and flights of instrumental showcasing alike. The album opens with the title track, starting with nearly but not quite parallel lines between the horns that are at once reminiscent of Miles Davis' tonal work and Albert Ayler's... read more

Jimmy Bennington - Midnight Choir
by Bud Kopman, All About Jazz

There is little information included about the music on Midnight Choir to prepare you for the listening experience (though there is a bio of Jimmy Bennington), and the disc starts right off quite abstractly. The first two tracks are attributed to Seth Paynter (sax) and are of a sparse, non-rhythmic, free kind that is more expressionist than anything else. "The Mind" is made of sax/bass duets, bass solos, drum solos, vocalisms, and the trio... read more

Hans Luchs - Time Never Pauses
by Gerald Siclovan, Gerald Siclovan

The superb young Chicago guitarist and composer Hans Luchs has recently released his first album, "Time Never Pauses". Luchs is a guitarist of considerable originality, and his unique performance style is echoed in the compositions he has written for this debut, which also includes pieces by Duke Ellington and Cole Porter.

Mr. Luchs has an original, wide-ranging and captivating compositional voice, and the album is interpreted by his band... read more

Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet - Tuesday Night
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The Portland OR jazz scenesters may not record very often, but when they do, they know how to shake it up. Last time around, 25 years ago, they beat all comers for a Hennessey jazz search prize top prize. Since then, they've been lighting up the Portland night with some hot, modern post bop that fills the joint and keeps them coming back for more. Led by a drummer that knows how to give everyone else some, this aggregation is expert at... read more

Andrew Oliver Sextet - 82% Chance of Rain
by Kyle O'Brien, Oregon Jazz Scene

Rain is an Oregon theme that was started on Oliver's 2007 release, ?Otis Stomp? which was named for the tiny, rainy town near Lincoln City, and continues here in his latest sextet recording's title. The Portland pianist/composer and his group have recorded a lengthy disc of original compositions that are at times dense and intricate. The opener, ?Inattentive Attendent,? has a busy undercurrent, but it's floating hythm makes for a pleasing... read more

Kronomorfic - Entangled
by Dave Sumner, Wondering Sound

Fascinating release from the tentet led by drummer Paul Pellegrin and David Borgo... Strangely alluring music, where melodic fragments flourish in the soil of odd meters and cross-currents of rhythms. This is music that seems like it should keep people out of reach, but it's so terrifically compelling that it makes friends with great ease... This is like a late-sixties Inside/Out construction, but where the traditional "Inside" is replaced by... read more

Svetlana and the Delancey Five - Night At The Speakeasy
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

Svetlana Shmulyian is a singer with the kind of sweet, lilting voice ideal for the sort of sunny Thirties-style jazz she performs and the Delancey Five combo is also very adept at this style. The songs they play are a combination of period pieces and modern works, including several written by Shmulyian which mix in more advanced elements of strutting jazz like the boisterous horns on "Dance Inbetween The Moments". Then there are treatments of... read more

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