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Tunnel Six - Lake Superior
by Dave Sumner, eMusic Featured Album

When the members of an ensemble sacrifice all selfish thought and throw their entire weight behind the compositions of others, it's a transcendent moment, almost spiritual. There is a sense of a something greater than the sum of the individual parts ... read more

Adam Shulman - Here/There
by Tree Palmedo, Jazz Society of Oregon

Pianist Adam Shulman's group is another collection of accomplished straight-ahead players, in this case all based in San Francisco. The music here is reminiscent of Joe Henderson's 1960s repertoire, with ample Elvin Jones-esque swing and Afro- Cuban ... read more

Stan Bock Ensemble - Your Check's In The Mail
by David Dupont, Cadence

Veteran trombonist and bandleader Stan Bock also harks from the West: Portland, Oregon, to be precise, where he holds forth at a club called Jimmy Mak's with a medium size ensemble that packs the punch of a big band but offers the soloists the open ... read more

Gordon Lee - This Path
by Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

New York native and longtime Portland resident Gordon Lee, a veteran pianist-arranger-composer and educator, weaves a mesmerizing spell on this singular piano-trio recording. His delicate opener, a modal take on the Chinese folk song "Pao Ma Shan," ... read more

George Cotsirilos - Variations
by Sal Giarratani, Boston Post Gazette

San Francisco-based guitarist George Cotsirilos unites with bassist Robb Fischer and drummer Ron Marabuto to create a mainstream guitar sound that will be music to your ears. Cotsirilos\'s affinity for the blues comes through nicely on ten compact ... read more

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