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Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra - What Did You Dream?
by Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine

To distort and old song title: "How Can I Miss The Big Bands When They Won't Go Away?" Both of these large group releases have their roots in the college education systems of Kansas and Florida respectively. 'What Did You Dream?' is the product of Dan Gailey's mind; although he isn't heard playing on the disc, all six of the selections spring from his pen and he was physically in the studio in a "hands-on" capacity. As a Professor of Jazz... read more

Danny Green Trio Plus Strings - One Day It Will
by Doug Hall, All About Jazz

LIVE REVIEW Acclaimed San Diego pianist and composer Danny Green and his trio, Justin Grinnell and Julien Cantelm performed a set supporting their CD release One Day It Will (2018), at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, Ma. Sat June 16th. The intimate setting of this small venue in the heart of a Cambridge neighborhood offered the perfect setting for the lyrically charged and the ethereal, absorbing, supple narrative of Green's compositions. The... read more

Debbie Poryes | Bruce Williamson - Two and Fro
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Pianist Debbie Poryes included multi-reed player Bruce Williamson as a member of the quartet on her first OA2 CD, but on her second CD for the label, it is just the two of them. There are several oft-recorded standards, though none of them sound the least bit hackneyed. The striking extended workout of "Ol' Man River" never loses sight of the famous melody's roots, yet it forges a new route with their spacious, dramatic duet. They incorporate... read more

Daniel Barry - Walk All Ways
by David Kane, Cadence, Jan-Mar 2008

Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra arranger Barry steps out on his own on "Walk All Ways" with a darkly-hued collection of Latin tinged originals. The dark colors stem from the choice instrumentation (which includes a bass-clarinet), the predominantly minor key compositions, the lack of fast tempos and the leader's own dusky-toned cornet. This focus on shadow is not necessarily a bad thing and tracks such as "Prayer" and the title track benefit from... read more

Phil Parisot - Lingo
by Ric Bang, Jazz Scan

Drummer/composer Phil Parisot heads this swinging quartet from the Pacific Northwest jazz scene. He's supported by Steve Treseler (tenor sax), Dan Kramlich (piano) and Michael Glynn (bass). They've known each other for almost 20 years, and the result is a tight, cohesive combo.

Parisot is unusual in a way; not many percussionists are accomplished composers, and very few play with such taste. His relatively light touch allows listeners to... read more

Chris Parker - Full Circle
by Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz

Pianist Chris Parker is a musical explorer. He has travelled around the world musically and as his latest album Full Circle indicates, he has reached his destination and found an aesthetic where all the different aspects of his musical curiosity come together.

While Parker travels a lot musically, he doesn't visit the melancholy North on this album, even though he is definitely capable of writing reflective ballad-like compositions like "Free"... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Episodes IV-VI
by Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

Pianist Rich Pellegin contributed all of the music to Episodes IV-VI, the second volume in his three-part odyssey trilogy. The five pieces on this CD are excellent showcases for his quintet (trumpeter R. Scott Morning, tenor-saxophonist Neil Welch, bassist Evan Flory-Barnes and drummer Chris Icasiano) as soloists and in loose but very coherent ensembles. The originals set moods on which the musicians build and develop the music, sometimes taking... read more

Alex Goodman - Border Crossing
by , Song Writing Magazine

For this week's Monday exclusive we have a treat for the jazz lovers, as Toronto-based guitarist Alex Goodman kindly shares the first track from his forthcoming album Border Crossing with Songwriting readers.

Goodman graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Jazz Performance, after which he completed a Master's programme at the Manhattan School of Music. He has released four albums as a band leader and has over 100 original... read more

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