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Jimmy Bennington - Midnight Choir
by David Dupont, One Final Note

Midnight Choir dates back to 1996 and 1998. It was released as a cd-R at some point before this 2003 OA2 Records edition. Recorded in Houston, Texas, it features Bennington with a small shifting cast of players. The core is a trio with bassist David ... read more

Paul West - Being Alone
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Silenciosa is a superb solo guitar recital by Joe Pass-Charlie Byrd devotee and Bay-Area veteran George Cotsirilos. Despite the title, this is not a Latin-oriented jazz recording. Mr. Cotsirilos basically very ably performs the Great American ... read more

Kyle Asche Organ Trio - The Hook Up
by David Seymour, Jazz Review

Kyle Asche (pronounced Ash-ee, remember it well) has generated quite a buzz with his excellent new organ trio project The Hook Up. Despite his obvious youth, Asche is a truly remarkable musician with a mature jazz conception and a classic jazz ... read more

Idit Shner - Tuesday's Blues
by Corey Jones, WYCE Radio

IDIT SHNER - TUESDAY?S BLUES Idit Shner (tenor sax) release of ?Tuesday's Blues is a must have for any jazz lover, it's a tale of nursery rhymes and ancient melodies from the Jewish liturgy in a jazz setting. The album starts off from track one ... read more

Chris Amemiya & Jazz Coalescence - In the Rain Shadow
by Sharman King, Vancouver Opera Orchestra, In the Rain Shadow

Chris Amemiya is a true renaissance man. By day he's a research molecular biologist expanding our understanding of the evolution of change in vertebrates and stem cells, by night he's expanding our understanding of harmonic changes as a trombonist ... read more

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