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Thomas Marriott - Urban Folklore
by David Cohen, Jazzenzo (Netherlands)

A deserted intersection in nocturnal Seattle, and on the back, a trumpeter blowing in the dark on the pavement. The content of Thomas Marriott's "Urban Folklore" is less somber than the album cover leads one to suspect. From beginning to end, the quartet provides the American trumpeter with swift, great-sounding straight ahead jazz.

In the fast opener "Apophis," the rhythm section of bassist Eric Revis (known from the Branford... read more

Bobby Broom - Bobby Broom Plays for Monk
by Doug Collette, StateOfMindMusic.com

Sonny Rollins and Bobby Broom are long standing collaborators having worked together in the great saxophonist's band going on thirty years now. The guitarist has nurtured an increasingly fruitful solo career for himself? the latest product of which is squarely in the great jazz tradition of "Newk" himself? whose initial offering in a series of concert releases bodes well for the archive project.
The increasingly esteemed Broom does as much for... read more

Jeff Johnson - The Art of Falling
by Jason West, All About Jazz

I like living with CDs. I like to leave them in the player for a week or two and see how they grow. I'm not worried if, at first, I don't hear everything that's going on. Just as long as there's something - a few magnetic bars, a particularly firey exchange, a pregnant moment in the music - that demands another listen. So it is with The Art of Falling.

The phrase that hooked me comes at the hands of pianist Randy Porter, and it occurs in the... read more

Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by Francis Davis, The Village Voice

As organ combos go, Sam Yahel's Truth and Beauty is unusual, first of all for including an Ornette Coleman tune: "Check Up," a rubato ballad wherein Brian Blade's drums carry the melody. The other departure from convention is no tenor honking?together with the minor-key mysterioso of Yahel's compositions and his light foot on the bass pedal, the swiftness and high-pitched yearning of Joshua Redman's solos and duos with the Hammond B-3 lift the... read more

Joe Locke - Force of Four
by John Kelman, All About Jazz

Joe Locke couldn't have picked a better name for Force of Four. While not as overtly plugged in as the potent, near fusion-esque Live in Seattle (Origin, 2006) with his Joe Locke/Geoffrey Keezer Group, it's an equally electrifying date that revisits the same format?vibes, piano, bass and drums?but with an all-new line-up.

It's taken time for critics and fans to catch up, but with Down Beat's Talent Deserving Wider Recognition nod, the Jazz... read more

Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet - Art of the Groove
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

The Brent Jensen/Rob Walker Quintet opens in a mellow groove and stays there much of the way on this backward- glancing yet quite contemporary album that wouldn't have been out of place in the bop-based Blue Note / Prestige catalogs of the late Ű50s˝early Ű60s. Alto saxophonist Jensen and trumpeter Walker offer an earnest tribute to their musical predecessorsˇespecially the legendary Miles Davisˇwithout imitating them, choosing instead to invoke... read more

John Wojciechowski - Focus
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

The kids who study music at St. Charles North High School may not realize how fortunate they are. For their teacher/bandleader happens to be one of Chicago's more commanding saxophonists, an artist who surely could build a full-time international career performing, if he so chose.

When I first heard John Wojciechowski, at the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition in Washington in 1996, I was sure he would take the top... read more

Scenes - Along The Way
by Richard Kamins, Courant.com

The trio of John Stowell (guitar), Jeff Johnson (acoustic bass) and John Bishop (drums), collectively known as Scenes, takes its name from a 2001 recording they made with saxophonist Rick Mandyck for Seattle's Origin label. "Along The Way" is their first release but it sounds like they've worked together for years.

Stowell, a fixture on the Northwest Creative music scene since the 1970s, is a fluid player who, like Monaco and Shepik... read more

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