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Anthony Branker - Beauty Within
by Albert Brooks, Albany Jazz

TOP 5 for 2016 Beauty Within, itself a strong contender for my choice of 'album of the year', is another marvelous offering from Dr. Anthony Branker, the most eloquent, socially conscious, interesting and challenging composer/arranger on the scene today, in my humble estimation. This album aptly named for what it is is a work of beauty. In Imagine, Dr. Branker has assembled an upper echelon staff of musicians to give... read more

Doug Beavers Orchestra - Jazz, Baby!
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz.com

Doug Beavers Rovira isn't the first bandleader to reach out to the "diminutive demographic," but he may be the first to do so without pretense or condescension. In other words, Rovira doesn't play "down" to toddlers and children, he raises them "up" by clothing nearly a dozen nursery rhymes and songs in clever orchestral arrangements that would please even the hippest adult listeners. Blend in charming vocals by Matt Catingub and Linda Harmon... read more

Doug Lofstrom - Concertino: The Music Of Doug Lofstrom
by Laurence Vittes, Gramaphone

Chicago composer Doug Lofstrom has coupled first recordings of two modestly appealing orchestral concertinos for oboe and harp with an archival reprise of his Plumed Serpent studio fantasy from 30 years ago. There isn't much in either Concertino that hasn't been heard before - Richard Strauss and Hollywood musicals come to mind, though more svelte, brought up to date and internationalized - but they are both beautifully written for the... read more

Clarence Penn - Monk: The Lost Files
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

5-STARS A well-established creative paradigm exists to justify Clarence Penn & Penn Station's recording Monk: The Lost Files. "Classical" music is often considered that music, composed long ago, that has stood the test of time, remaining viable to the public in recordings and live performance. These composers of this music tend to be Europeans from the last Millennium. It is the only logical jump to include American jazz... read more

Matija Dedic - MD in NYC
by Thomas R. Erdmann, Jazz Review

"***** 5-Stars"

Zagreb Croatia native, pianist and composer Matija Dedic earned a collegiate degree from the Jazz Academy in Graz, Austria. Dedic comes from a musical family; his father received musical awards and his mom sang with Louis Armstrong and Phil Woods. Some of Dedic's piano teachers have included jazz stalwarts Hal Galper and Barry Harris. Among the musicians Dedic has played with are Benny Golson, Kenny Burrell, Roy Haynes, Alvin... read more

David Friesen Circle 3 Trio - Where the Light Falls
by Lynn Darroch, Jazz Society of Oregon

Ever since the late 1960s, Portland bassist and composer David Friesen has been an important part of jazz in the Pacific Northwest. He cut his teeth in Seattle's avant-garde coffee house scene, a period he documented recently in another two disc set titled "..." In the 1970s, often in company with guitarist John Stowell, Friesen pioneered an approach that came to be called New Age music, as did another Friesen associate in those years,... read more

Scenes - Silent Photographer
by Eric Prinzing, Jazzreview.com

Silent Photographer is an excellent trio recording. The tone is generally hushed and introspective, and the improvisations are searching and cerebral. Though the group does utilize dissonance, space and tense harmony, the music never feels alienating. The musicianship here is first rate, and the group's interplay is equally impressive. Further credit also goes John Stowell (long an underrated and original guitarist) and Jeff Johnson for... read more

Deep Blue Organ Trio - Folk Music
by Todd Lazarski, All Headline News

Hipsters attuned to the wave of highbrow, dance-friendly grooves resurrected by modern Hammond B-3 trios such as Soulive and Medeski Martin and Wood may do very well to seek out some of the last old-school purveyors of organ-centered soul jazz: Chicago's Deep Blue Organ Trio can cite references on their collective resume that would span the likes of Miles Davis and Kenny Burrell; and on their latest, "Folk Music," the sound is as fresh as this... read more

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