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Bill Anschell - Rumbler
by Dr. Debra Jan Bibel, Amazon

With this, his ninth album as leader, pianist Bill Anschell returns this time with a fuller ensemble and emphasis on original tunes and arrangements. Headquartered in Seattle and environs, he brings a relaxed, melodic approach but does not shy away from hot inventions. The three covers are Monk's Misterioso, Lennon & McCarty's For No One, and Ellington's Reflections in D (a pure piano solo). His group includes the trio stalwarts bassist Chris... read more

Clay Giberson - Minga Minga
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

4 STARS From the mouth of his young daughter came the four playful syllables that don't mean a thing in the adult world, but Portland, Oregon-based pianist Clay Giberson took the idea - and the momentous event of the birth of his child - and went into the studio to record solo, every day for two weeks. The result is Minga Minga.

Giberson's association with Origin Records has been a fruitful one, featuring a double handful of... read more

John Stowell and Ulf Bandgren - Throop
by Ken Dryden, All Music

Guitarists John Stowell and Ulf Bandgren have been friends for several years, having played together in workshops and a few concerts. These sessions feature just the two of them, with Stowell using a nylon-stringed acoustic instrument and Bandgren a steel-stringed guitar, mostly focusing on Bandgren's originals. The contrast between the sound of the two instruments makes it easy to tell the players apart, and they way they accompany one another... read more

Phil Kelly - Convergence Zone
by Stephen Fratallone, Jazz Connection

Composer and arranger Phil Kelly has written volumes of stuff during the past 40 years for recording artists, bands, symphony pops, film, television, and commercials and now at age 65, he has finally gotten around to write some music for himself. The fruit of his labors are on his debut CD for Origin Records, Convergence Zone: Phil Kelly And The NW Prevailing Winds.

Convergence Zone is an apt title for this project. A "convergence zone" is... read more

EEA - The Dark
by Dave C, WRUV Reviews

Debut effort from this trio which includes Peter Epstein(reeds), Larry Engstrom(trp) & David Ake(p). Title could not be more apt for the CD is a spacious, mellow set of music where emphasis is less is... read more

Marc Seales - American Songs, Volume 2: Blues...and Jazz
by Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

Seales was one of a host of diverse and often extraordinary keyboard players in the late 70s jazz programs I was honored to book, host, and run for Victory, that included Al Hood, Barney McClure, Jorgen Cruise, Randy Halberstadt, Joni Metcalf, Nick Allison, and many more. Seales' command of the piano stopped you with his deep understanding of blues and jazz basics and an ability to solo intelligently but make the other players better with his... read more

John Moulder - The Eleventh Hour
by Dave Sumner, All About Jazz

Whereas many of Chicago's jazz and blues guitar icons seem to channel the dark alleys and the bar sign neon of the city through their instruments, John Moulder's sound is more akin to a synthesis of the lakefront -- a beauty and serenity that is just as likely to show a face of fury and cold precision. For some time now, Moulder has quietly been developing his sound into something quite unique. The Eleventh Hour provides the opportunity to hear... read more

Lorin Cohen - Home
by Yoshi Kato, Downbeat

Double bassist Cohen plays regularly with pianist Monty Alexander and vibraphonists Joe Locke and Stefon Harris, and those gigs are reflected on Home, the bassist's debut album. By bringing aboard steel pan player and U.S. Virgin Islands native Victor Provost, Cohen, a Chicago native, revisits the reggae and Caribbean sounds he heard as a child while vacationing in South Florida Cohen presents his deep, mahogany tone early into the opening cut,... read more

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