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John Stowell - Resonance
by Rob Forbes-Roberts, Acoustic Guitar, September 2005

Jazz guitarist John Stowell unplugs for a solo set on acoustic guitars built by Portland luthier Mike Doolin. Playing a variety of Doolin's steel-, nylon-, and 12 string guitars, Stowell performs several excellent originals and covers such jazz standards as John Coltrane's "Equinox," Steve Swallow's "Peau Douce," and Jerome Kern's "Nobody Else but Me." The various acoustic textures of Doolin's instruments are intriguing but it's Stowell's... read more

Storms/Nocturnes - VIA
by David Whiteis, JazzTimes

Storms/Nocturnes--reedman Tim Garland, pianist Geoffrey Keezer and vibraphonist Joe Locke--originally evolved out of the septet Garland led on his 'Made My Walking' project in 2000. This percussion-less trio format illuminates the interweaving voice's subtleties, strengths and dexterity. However, it also challenges them to be fully realized at all times; in other words, there's no sonic cushion, no rhythmic safety net, to fall back on. Many... read more

Florian Hoefner - Luminosity
by Michael J. West, Jazztimes

"Typical" and "generic" aren't synonyms. Pianist Florian Hoefner works to create music that " doesn't sound like generic jazz." To be sure, Luminosity, Hoefner's third album with his quartet, is not generic, with its oblong structures and meters that require listeners to search for the 1. But its use of those elements to distinguish it does make it fairly typical mid-2010s postbop.

But never mind: The point is it's very... read more

Amit Friedman - Sunrise
by Randy Armorhouse, Amazon

Through a long life, there have been perhaps half a dozen instances of a piece of music figuratively grabbing me by the throat and DEMANDING my attention, and I'm mesmerized from the very first time I hear it. For whatever reasons (and I wish I had the musical knowledge to identify them), two numbers on this album, "Ups And Downs Interlude" along with "Ups And Downs", are the latest examples of such songs. Even after listening to them for a... read more

Laurie Antonioli - Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light
by Fred Bouchard, Downbeat

4-STARS - Among the steady trickle of quality Joni Mitchell tributes - Rachel Z., Ian Shaw, Tierney Sutton, Herbie Hancock - Antonioli ranks high, with thoughtful, close-to-the-bone, folk-rocky interpretations in an even-tempered, clear-minded talk-it-through delivery, sometimes in Mitchell-like head-tones, often coiling the melody down that dark staircase. An in-balance quintet, charted clearly by pianist Matt Clark, casts chiaroscuro... read more

Jeff Johnson - Near Earth
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Among the things coming recently from Seattle's Origin label is some top-notch improvisational jazz, much of it from a small collection of local musicians banding together from time to time for sessions that magically form into a coherent whole. On Near Earth, three of these musicians do what they do best make such music. Saxophonist Hans Teuber, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer Tad Britton play a few original Johnson numbers and a couple of... read more

Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet - Art of the Groove
by Mark Gallo, Jazz Review

This 9-song set features 7 superb originals from the pens of principals Brent Jensen (alto) and Rob Walker (flugelhorn), alongside gorgeous takes on "It Could Happen To You" and, especially, "You Go To My Head." Backed by the New Stories Trio of pianist Marc Seales, bassist Doug Miller and drummer John Bishop, Jensen and Walker bring clever compositions, tight arrangements and outstanding performances to the program. This gem is loaded with... read more

Flatland - The Satellite
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Free jazz, acid jazz. The debut album from Flatland, a trio of electric jazzers from the West Coast, is laden with thick electric guitar riffs and solos worthy of John McLaughlin, a thumping bass groove, and frenzied drumming throughout. It's a very busy album. As with other works by the trio, there are elements of free jazz and acid jazz as one would expect (including a couple of Don Cherry compositions here), as well as elements from fusion a... read more

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