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Phil Kelly & The SW Santa Ana Winds - My Museum
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

Phil Kelly is a bit of an anachronism: a drummer who's also a prolific jazz composer and arranger.

He has written literally hundreds of charts for dozens of groups. His first CD for Origin - "Convergence Zone" with a Seattle-based band he calls the NW Prevailing Winds - was nominated for a 2004 Grammy Award. Having succeeded in the Pacific Northwest (Kelly lives in Bellingham, Washington), he decided to change locales for his next... read more

Rich Thompson - Less Is More
by Mark S Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Luckily, I'd received Jack Mouse's "Range of Motion" at the same time I got Rich Thompson's "Less is More" and stacked them together in my slush pile. Reviewing the two, one right after the other, afforded a sharp contrast in drumming styles even though the two have played in much the same genre of ensembles as they now solo in smaller format CD releases. Mouse is an ambient sort of cat who creates environments for the rest of the band to... read more

Todd Bishop - Little Played Little Bird
by Arion Molina, Sax Sounds Magazine

Son muchos los fans del pionero del free-jazz Ornette Coleman. Tras su estela se han grabado ya unos cuantos álbumes en su nombre. Pero ahora hacía ya tiempo que los acordes y desacordes de esta favorecedora música no sonaban en un estudio de grabación. El baterista Todd Bishop pone en alerta a sus más afines colaboradores, para adentrarse en la oscuridad de las melodías de Coleman. Como buenos fans del rey del free jazz, los componentes de Todd... read more

Lucas Pino - No Net Nonet
by Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

Nice straight-ahead set from saxophonist Pino. His nonet attains a strong head of steam and doesn't relinquish it. Best is just sitting back and listening to their flight... read more

Ark Ovrutski - Intersection
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Bassist Ark Ovrutski delivers a snapping session as he leads a team of Michael Dease/tb, Michael Thomas/as-ss, Helio Alves/p and Duduka Da Fonseca through a rich mix of originals and covers.

He displays his rich and resonant sound right off the bat here as he introduces the album with "Waltz For Debby" before the warm trombone and alto glide in for the melody. He repeats this pattern as he opens up the striding "La Mesha" and pianistically... read more

Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

On his fourth and best album, Truth and Beauty (Origin), organist Sam Yahel continues to operate outside the heavy blues and gospel style associated with Hammond B-3 maestros like Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, and Baby Face Willette. He's more like Larry Young, eschewing greasy, crowd-pleasing chord swells for dynamic, pianistic single-note lines. For the record he enlisted drummer Brian Blade, whose splintery accents add an extra level of... read more

Kelly Sill / Jim McNeely / Joel Spencer - Boneyard
by Tom Conrad, JazzTimes

Jim McNeely is best known as a composer-arranger for large jazz bands. On Boneyard, he applies the mindset of a big-band arranger to the minimalist format of the piano trio. He also gets space (rare in his discography) to display his considerable prowess as a fleet, sophisticated, percussively ornate pianist.

McNeely is able to approach this recording architecturally because he is so familiar with its building blocks. McNeely, bassist... read more

Bill Anschell - Figments
by Will Schoell, The Jazz Line

Bill Anschell recorded his newest album ?Figments' by himself, mostly late at night after gigs. The beauty of a solo piano album is its ability to be free as it lacks any constraints that might be inherent while playing with a group. Anschell, an established composer, uses the freedom of solo piano to explore some of his favorite songs by other composers. Abstractly winding his way through jazz standards and pop songs Anschell provides an... read more

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