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John Stowell - Resonance
by Rob Forbes-Roberts, Acoustic Guitar, September 2005

Jazz guitarist John Stowell unplugs for a solo set on acoustic guitars built by Portland luthier Mike Doolin. Playing a variety of Doolin's steel-, nylon-, and 12 string guitars, Stowell performs several excellent originals and covers such jazz standards as John Coltrane's "Equinox," Steve Swallow's "Peau Douce," and Jerome Kern's "Nobody Else but Me." The various acoustic textures of Doolin's instruments are intriguing but it's Stowell's... read more

Brian Chin - Universal Language
by Daniel R. Coombs, Audiophile Audition


The new CD, Universal Language by trumpeter Brian Chin, makes a welcome addition to the classical trumpet repertory. Mr, Chin, a symphony professional in the Seattle area is clearly a gifted musician with a nice rounded tone, excellent technique and a commitment to new literature. In fact, the program here is the real surprise and a prime reason to check this out! "Poesia" by Robert Kechley is very pretty, rather impressionistic but... read more

Human Spirit - Dialogue
by Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

Trumpeter Thomas Marriott joins alto saxophonist Mark Taylor, pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Essiet Essiet and drummer (and Origin label head) Matt Jorgensen on this solid, cooperative live album. Marriott and Taylor make a formidable frontline on such modernist fare as Jorgensen's turbulent "Ridgecrest," Marriott's uptempo "Song for Samuel" and his blistering hard-boppish romp "Pelham Gardens." The band settles into a soulful groove on... read more

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Abstract Quantities
by Von Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther, BelgienInfo (Germany)

Das vorliegende aktuelle Album ist nicht das erste Album des Quartetts, das bei De W.E.R.F. Records erschienen ist. Zuvor wurden bereits „Imaginary Sketches" (W.E.R.F. 088) und „Urban Nightingale" (W.E.R.F. 108) veröffentlicht und von der einschlägigen Fachpresse hochgelobt. Auch das Publikum war von diesen Einspielungen des Pianisten Bram Weijters sehr angetan. Weijters gehört überdies zum Ensemble des Bassisten Piet Verbist namens... read more

Chris Walden Big Band & The St. John's Choir - Kurt Marti Suite
by Jack Bowers, Cadence, Jan-Mar 2008

Thanks to his enormous success over the past dozen years as a writer/arranger for film, television, and other media, Chris Walden is in a rather enviable position - able to assemble a big band comprised of blue-chip Hollywood studio musicians and couple it with the 100-member St. John's Choir from Hamburg, Germany, to present a musical rendition of sacred poems by Kurt Marti, an acclaimed lyricist who served as a priest in Switzerland until... read more

Rich Thompson - Less Is More
by Tim Willcox, Jazz Society of Oregon

The Eastman School of Music's Thompson puts together a satisfying straight-ahead affair with "Less is More." Borrowing two members of Matt Wilson's "Arts and Crafts" ensemble (pianist and organist Gary Versace, an alumni of Eastman, as well as trumpeter Terell Stafford), the material does have some similarities with Wilson's modus operandi. A wonderful mix of Blue Note-era jazz standards and original contributions, "Less is More" is at once an... read more

Greta Matassa - The Smiling Hour
by Paul Freeman, San Jose Mercury News (Interview)

Seattle-based jazz vocalist Greta Matassa's father was a visual artist, a painter. And a serious jazz buff.

"My dad and I used to stay up until three in the morning, talking about the parallels between jazz music and abstract art," Matassa tells The Daily News. "They are very similar in the spontaneity of the way they're put together. You start with a structure in a piece of music. Or a subject matter in art. And then the act itself of... read more

Scenes - Destinations
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Drummer John Bishop, guitarist John Stowell and bassist Jeff Johnson will soon be celebrating two decades together as the trio they call Scenes. Bishop founded the Origin label in Seattle in 1997, and by the fall of 2000 the three veteran Pacific Northwest musicians had combined in a group that has released six records on Origin.

For all the subtlety and intricacy of the group's interaction, their music commands attention because of... read more

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