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John Moulder - Decade: Memoirs
by Michael J. West, DOWNBEAT

The lovely Decade: Memoirs is as pastoral as the photograph on its cover - not exactly the expectation for a Chicagoan, like guitarist John Moulder. The heavy folk and country vibe, the spaciousness and high-note reaches of "About Us" and its separately tracked introduction are a natural fit for Moulder's flat-picked acoustic guitar; during the introduction, he even sounds like a dulcimer. "One Last Call" goes so far as to paraphrase the vamp... read more

Michael Waldrop - Origin Suite
by Dave Gregg, Jazz Reader

4 1/2 STARS "Origin Suite," the new jazz CD by drummer and composer Michael Waldrop, is a dazzling potpourri of diverse musical styles and aesthetics, a bold and ebullient example of how jazz forever revitalizes and remains infinite in its form of expression.

In a review of Waldrop's previous album, his considerable talents were given the following mention:

Waldrop is the indomitable anchor of an ensemble, a master of kinetic... read more

EEA - The Dark
by davec, WRUV Reviews

Debut effort from this trio which includes Peter Epstein(reeds), Larry Engstrom(trp) & David Ake(p). Title could not be more apt for the CD is a spacious, mellow set of music where emphasis is less is... read more

Anthony Branker - Beauty Within
by Raul da Gama, JazzDaGama

As a listener, Anthony Branker is no stranger to sound of the heart. As a composer his trained inner ear is always tuned into the rhythms of the heart. It is not that intellect and logic do not play a part in what he writes; it's just that his guiding light from which all music flows is the Almighty and God speaks to all men in the energy of the heart. For Branker his ear is tuned to interpret what's written on the blank slate; the - tabula... read more

Tad Britton - Black Hills
by Dick Crockett, Bopin' Dick's 10 Picks

Drummer Tad Britton is an American story. Born and raised in Sturgis South Dakota, a town of five thousand. This is the fabric. Not all towns are five thousand for jazz musicians to materialize, to further their art. How could Shenandoah, Iowa know that Charlie Haden would become a fine jazz artist?
The jam session is a great teacher. All towns in a rural mid west seem five thousand, except Des Moines and other University state college towns.... read more

Clipper Anderson - Ballad of the Sad Young Men
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Ballad of the Sad Young Men: In which we find the piano jazz trio amiably recreated as a cabaret act with the singing bass payer at the wheel. Digging into the oldies vocal canon and blowing off all the obvious choices for some more daring and overlooked picks, the sum total is a grand set of sophisticated listening by one of those rare male vocalists that doesn't feel the need to ape Robert Goulet or Tony Bennett. There isn't a false note in... read more

Scenes - Destinations
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Drummer John Bishop, guitarist John Stowell and bassist Jeff Johnson will soon be celebrating two decades together as the trio they call Scenes. Bishop founded the Origin label in Seattle in 1997, and by the fall of 2000 the three veteran Pacific Northwest musicians had combined in a group that has released six records on Origin.

For all the subtlety and intricacy of the group's interaction, their music commands attention because of... read more

John Stowell | Michael Zilber - Shot Through With Beauty
by Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

Stowell is one of Portland's most refined jazz guitarists. He is versatile and sophisticated, along with being highly inventive. But instead of being brash like many bold improvisers, his persona is controlled and tempered. Here, with like-minded saxophonist Michael Zilber, bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis, Stowell is well within his element. Playing covers, like a nice mellow version of Dizzy Gillespie's "Alma," or a modern... read more

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