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Les DeMerle - Hittin' the Blue Notes, Volume 2
by Dick Crockett, Sacramento Radio

A nu-bop version to what's happening then...now! This is hard bop with a west coast swinging so grab your sweet other's hand and do some half time. This is more physical, then cerebral Bacchus celebration. We played Bobby Troup's "Route 66." Let's be clear about this, De Merle would bring the house down in Vegas with this DeMerle-a-la-mena. You open and ratchet up a first listen on this new one and you'll know for sure. The DeMerle Band jumps,... read more

Dee Daniels - Intimate Conversations
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Accompanied only by Martin Wind's forthright bass lines, the singer sets her story-telling course with the imperishable 84-year-old "Exactly Like You." She and Wind are so convincing again in "I Wish You Love" that this listener found himself wishing for an entire album with just the two of them. However, Daniels is equally effective accompanying herself on piano and coloring "All The Way" with blues feeling as Wycliffe Gordon... read more

Kobie Watkins - Involved
by John Barron, All About Jazz

Perhaps the title to drummer Kobie Watkins' debut, Involved, makes reference to the Chicago native's involvement with some of the highest profile jazz artists around. A regular in the bands of saxophonist Sonny Rollins, guitarist Bobby Broom, and vocalist Kurt Elling, Watkins has proven himself a stand-out accompanist, possessing a confident blend of fire and sensitivity. With a slew of fellow Chicagoans, including Broom, trumpeter Pharez... read more

Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra - Refractions
by John Killoch, Mainly Big Bands

I had heard comments to the effect that this particular compact disc was confirming Kim Richmond's place as the new Stan Kenton. With this thought in mind and remembering seeing and hearing the concert jazz orchestra in concert, and on the debut CD, I played the disc for the first time. I must admit that I wanted to hear the Kim Richmond I knew. This meant the music should be eloquent, clichÈ free, teasing me with gorgeous lyrical lines, complex... read more

Phil Kelly & The SW Santa Ana Winds - My Museum
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

Phil Kelly is a bit of an anachronism: a drummer who's also a prolific jazz composer and arranger.

He has written literally hundreds of charts for dozens of groups. His first CD for Origin - "Convergence Zone" with a Seattle-based band he calls the NW Prevailing Winds - was nominated for a 2004 Grammy Award. Having succeeded in the Pacific Northwest (Kelly lives in Bellingham, Washington), he decided to change locales for his next... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - No Bounds
by John Gilbert, ejazznews

This is a fine big band with the likes of Carl Saunders and Kim Richmond on it and any band with these strong players has a lot to say.

"When You Wish Upon A Star" features Kim Richmond's muscular alto solo which makes this star shine in all its glory, no need to wish upon it.

"People Will Say We're In Love".....Tierney Sutton's sibilance slips swiftly sliding into this tune soon after the vocal starts with a bit of nasal quality added... read more

Chad McCullough - Dark Wood, Dark Water
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Like many artists who lead dates on Origin, Chad McCullough makes his recording debut for the label, joined by veterans like saxophonists Mark Taylor and Geof Bradfield, pianist Bill Anschell (whose career has flourished since relocating to the Pacific Northwest), bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop. McCullough's rich re-harmonized treatment of the Beatles' "Blackbird" barely touches on the melody before it progresses well beyond its... read more

Bobby Broom - My Shining Hour
by Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page.com

Guitarist Bobby Broom once again proves himself the stellar musician on his latest creation. My Shining Hour features Broom and his trio of drummer Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven in a session captured through a single stereo microphone, and spot mics, with all three players in the same room, interacting eye to eye. You can hear it too, and it works. What Broom also does on this effort is to select timeless tunes and perform... read more

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