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Kevin Deitz - Skylines
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

On Skylines bassist Kevin Deitz leads a number of small combos that alternate between straight ahead Jazz and more rhythmic Latin numbers. On the straight side Deitz compositions like "Uncle Ray" and "Sunny Side Up" are slinky Bop heads that let soloists like Paul Mazzio, Renato Caranto, and Tony Pacini shine. Mazzio's and Caranto's slow-swinging two horn attack on " Sunny Side Up" is a particular highlight and "New Beginnings" and "Romance... read more

Sarah Partridge - I Never Thought I'd Be Here
by Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation

It doesn't always happen, but this time, the promoter got the keyword right, when it was declared that Sarah's jazz vocal work is "dazzling"... she leads a high-energy, high-talent crew of players (you can view them on the album page at Origin) on this ten-song bundle of energy... songs like the opener, "Perspective" (from one of her earlier albums, I believe), establishes her as one of the most talented jazz vocalists on the scene today! The... read more

Mark Colby - Reflections
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise, April 2, 2009

Tenor saxman Mark Colby has played, recorded and toured with many jazz legends during the past 40 years, including Maynard Ferguson, Gerry Mulligan, Clark Terry and Charlie Haden.

Although Colby isn't well known outside the Chicago area, he's a "first call" musician when name artists come to town. And while Colby has recorded only two albums under his own name, he has been heard on literally thousands of commercials in the Windy City. He also... read more

Upper Left Trio - Cycling
by Lynn Darroch, Oregonian


The smorgasbord of styles under the umbrella of jazz these days -- from smooth to rough, swing to funk -- means that CD reviews must go beyond comments on purely musical qualities to consider how listeners might use the music, be it for dancing, meditation, background or stimulation.

"Cycling," the first CD by the Portland contemporary jazz group Upper Left Trio, could fill several of those functions.

All... read more

Chuck Deardorf - Transparence
by Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times

Most major American cities (and, for that matter, most European ones) contain a jazz musician who is the default bassist of record. You run into them all over town, in all manner of ensembles, kicking ass and taking names.

In Seattle, Wash., it is Chuck Deardorf. He is known for making other people sound good, not leading his own projects. But Transparence argues that he is also a strong and smart bandleader. Deardorf blends various... read more

Tim Horner - The Head of the Circle
by Dave Sumner, emusic

emusic Pick of the Week - Hard to believe that this is just a sextet recording. Horner gets such a huge, yet finely detailed sound out of the group that you'd think they had a couple extra sets of arms helping with the heavy lifting. Lyrical as hell, and uplifting to boot. Joe Locke's vibes typically sound magical, but on this recording, he's casting spells left and right. I thought nothing could get better than Ted Nash's bass... read more

Hal Galper - Trip the Light Fantastic
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

About eighty percent of the jazz piano players out there can fit into one of two schools: that of the introspective, harmonically rich Bill Evans mode; or the more percussive and gregarious Bud Powell bebop approach. There's also a small slice of the that pie that draws it primary inspiration from bright and splashy Art Tatum/Oscar Peterson pre-bop playing style, along with various subsets. Then there are those who take a foundation of one of... read more

Aaron Immanuel Wright - Eleven Daughters
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Wander into the parking lot of a high school marching band field tournament, through a labyrinth school buses and picnic tables, into throngs of young musicians?teenagers in small packs cruising on foot, gossiping, flirting, maybe throwing a football around as a cold November dusk settles in?and there always seems to be a backdrop of percussion, impromptu practice sessions, the marimbas and the vibraphones ringing out. It's a sound that carries... read more

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