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Tim Jensen - A Mind For The Scenery
by Dave Dupont, One Final Note

On A Mind for the Scenery, Tim Jensen proves himself to be a multiple musical threat. He composed eight of the nine tracks, one including lyrics, and he arranged all of them. He performs on seven different reed instruments, unveiling them all within the first six tracks. And he even does a little singing. This cat deserves a couple union cards at least! For all his undeniable talent though, his insistence on putting this breadth on display... read more

John Stowell - Solitary Tales
by Peter Westbrook, Cadence

Solo guitarist Stowell, heard on Solitary Tales, has a sound harking back to Classical guitar playing with none of the rhythmic stiffness sometimes associated with it. The opening track, "Everything I Love," moves from chiming rubato passages to an improvisation that alternated between thoughtful, climbing episodes and swinging single-note lines. I was reminded of Joe Pass' solo recording for Pablo--but where Pass occasionally overwhelmed me... read more

Geof Bradfield - Urban Nomad
by Jan P. Dennis, Audiophile Audition

Geof Bradfield's debut, Rule of Three, was widely praised in such places and by such critics as The New York Times' Ben Ratliff, Nate Dorward of Cadence Magazine, Downbeat, Howard Reichs in The Chicago Tribune, noted sax player and critic Jay Collins, and by many other media and reviewers. Though I haven't heard it, I believe them, based on the music contained in this spectacular disc. Working with a standard jazz quartet and pretty much... read more

Tad Britton - Black Hills
by Ruth Milne, Rapid City Journal

Like many musicians, Black Hills native Tad Britton displayed his talents early in life. In fact, one title for his autobiography could be, "From Spoons to Snare Drums: The Journey of Jazz Drummer Tad Britton."
As a toddler growing up in Sturgis, Britton's "daycare center" was his grandmother's house, where she would set pots and pans and a couple wooden spoons on the floor for the young boy to blissfully bang upon for hours on end.
"It was... read more

Laurie Antonioli - Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light
by Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama

Attempting to play the repertoire of Thelonious Monk or Herbie Nichols is notoriously difficult. Here is the conundrum: Unless the music is recreated, while staying true to the original; made wholly new, there is a tendency to copy style and content. And then the attempt falls flat with mediocrity. There is that small matter of the stylistic idiosyncrasy of the artists in question. The angular, chopped rhythms of Mr. Monk and the maddeningly... read more

Michael Waldrop Big Band - Time Within Itself
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS Drummer Michael Waldrop has named his inaugural album as leader of a big band Time Within Itself. An even more appropriate name might have been It's About Time. Waldrop, who has taught for the past decade or so at Eastern Washington University, boasts a resume as long as one's arm. It includes a master's degree from the University of Memphis and a doctorate from the University of North Texas where he was a member of the... read more

Douglas Detrick's AnyWhen Ensemble - Rivers Music
by C. MICHAEL BAILEY, All About Jazz

The preciousness of youth. Douglas Detrick is not even 30 years old, and already has multiple ensembles and music projects going on the East and West coasts. One such music combo is the AnyWhen Ensemble, which Detrick terms a "Chamber Jazz Group." The music he pushes through this group is not as easily categorized. Part of the charm is that the makeup of the AnyWhen ensemble resembles more a "parlor" ensemble of family musicians, bringing... read more

Hadley Caliman - Gratitude
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

For his first album as a leader in a couple of decades, Hadley Caliman returns with a bang. Though released by Seattle's Origin label, it's not strictly Northwest jazz, and though containing a couple of players from the California scenes, it's not strictly West Coast jazz. It's something different, tangible, with ties to the classics but explorations well into the new beyond. For someone who's played with everyone from Dexter Gordon to Santana,... read more

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