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Purna Loka Ensemble - Metaraga
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Loka's cover shot makes it look like he's hanging out with Jerry Garcia and Johnny Cash, and in some weird way, this set of improvs based on classical Indian music sounds like he's made it so you hear hippie grooves smacking into hillbilly/Celtic riffs. Not at all what you'd expect if someone told you to check out this Indian music/world set, interesting nu moves are stretching into all corners of the world making exciting new fusions that have... read more

Bongwool Lee - My Singing Fingers
by Editor, DiscUnion (Japan)

Born in Seoul, Korea, debut work by a woman pianist, Bongwool Lee, living in NY. Piano trio work with Luques Curtis on bass and Kendrick Scott drumming - a rhythm team representing NY. Taylor Eigsti joins in on the fender Rhodes on the 8th song, and he has acclaimed that her music is "a strong melody, rich harmony, and a unique blend of unpredictable balance that is accessible and unpredictable." One more person in the NY jazz scene, a new... read more

Rodney Whitaker - Common Ground: The Music of Gregg Hill
by Bruce Collier, Beachcomber / Pause & Play Record Roundup

Jazz bassist, educator and leader Rodney Whitaker has worked with guys like Wynton Marsalis, Jimmy Heath, Diana Krall and a long list of other stars. On Common Ground he has put together an eight-song program of tunes by composer and pianist Gregg Hill, a favorite of his. Among Whitaker's collaborators here are hard bop trumpet kingpin Terrell Stafford and Whitaker's daughter, vocalist Rockelle Fortin. As the cover photo shows, it's a labor of... read more

Brittany Anjou - Enamigo Reciprokataj
by Nicola Barin, Tracce di Jazz (Italy)

Brittany Anjou: the virtuoso of the piano A mad and powerful pianist who makes us jump from the chair, that's who Brittany Anjou is. When you think that the trio plan has already been able to say almost everything, the talented Seattle artist surprises us. Her first trio album, Enami─Ło Reciprokataj , was released in February for the Origin Records label , accompanied by Greg Chudzik on double bass and Nicholas Anderson on drums, which... read more

Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

This recording marks the first time guitarist Bobby Broom has ever done a CD of only his own compositions. All of his melodies here, like the tricky blues vamp of ?Major Minor Mishap? and the sleek cool of ?Lazy Sundays? are attractive and provide good showcases for the dexterity and natural soul in his playing. His fat, laid back sound ,with traces of George Benson, is all over the set and once in a while he?ll go on a speedy, finger busting... read more

Ron Di Salvio - Essence of Green, A Tribute to Kind Of Blue
by Jae Sinnett, Jazz Programmers List

I hesitate in using the word clever when talking about the music most of the time because it can be interpreted as something cynical or sneaky but in the case of "Essence Of Green" I'll use it in a very positive way.

As a "tribute" release it could have easily fallen into the predictable trap of taking "Kind Of Blue" material and changing a chord here or a rhythm there making it a weak attempt at bringing new life into overly used material... read more

Carlos Vega - Bird's Up
by Dave Rogers, WTJU, Richmond

This is the second release by educator and tenor and soprano sax player Carlos Vega. He has a smooth and limber style on the sax and in addition to being a music professor at Florida A&M, he performs with the Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble. He returned to the windy city to make this second disc with his Chicago connections: Victor Garcia (trumpet, flugelhorn); Stu Mindeman (piano, Rhodes); Josh Ramos (bass) and Xavier Breaker (drums). That... read more

Doug Beavers Orchestra - Jazz, Baby!
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence April-June 2008

Following the idea that it's never too early to get someone interested in Jazz, "Jazz, Baby!" is another "Jazz for Kids" CD, this one Jazzing up classic nursery rhymes for a big band. This group, led by trombonist Doug Beavers Rovira, doesn't hold back musically. The arrangements quote Machito, Nelson Riddle, and Stan Kenton, and are all old school big band Jazz with shouting horn solos, screaming brass sections, and energetic vocals by Matt... read more

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