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Bobby Broom - Bobby Broom Plays for Monk
by Owen Cordle, The News & Observer

Thelonious Monk's compositions and piano playing are declarative and often angular. On "Bobby Broom Plays for Monk" (Origin), Broom, a guitarist who plays regularly with tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, proves subtle and nuanced. With band mates Dennis Carroll (bass) and Kobie Watkins (drums), this is a pleasing alternate take on Monk.

Monk never recorded with a guitarist except on bootleg tapes from a 1940s jam session. His bassist and... read more

Bridge Quartet - Night
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

About a year ago, I reviewed an album titled "Day" by this quartet, which is based in Portland, Ore. Drummer Alan Jones organized the unit -- Canadian saxophonist Phil Dwyer, bassist Tom Wakling and pianist Darrell Grant -- for a few club dates. A recording session was scheduled right after the first club date, and "Day" was the result.

The second club date was held the subsequent evening; it, too, prompted a recording session. That album,... read more

Alison Ruble - Ashland
by Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

Ashland is a street in Chicago that runs almost continuously from the far north near Rosehill Cemetary to 183rd Street in far south Homewood - (with a few interuptions) a route that cuts a swath through many different cultural neighborhoods. The word could also be interpreted as a "land of ashes" - a place where things are burned to provide warmth from the chill, or memories of lives and loves lost are turned to ash through the violence of fire.... read more

Hal Galper Trio - Airegin Revisited
by Bob Bernotas, Just Jazz Newsletter

?Rubato? is the concept. ?Playing without intention? is how they achieve it. Pianist Hal Galper and his colleagues, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop, collectively and intuitively stretch time, expand harmony, and invent melody on what Galper aptly describes as a journey with no road map and no destination. Don?t ask any questions, don?t expect any answers. Just get on and enjoy the... read more

Chris Walden - Chris Walden: Symphony No. 1 - The Four Elements
by Victor L. Schermer, All About Jazz

Chris Walden is probably best known to AAJ readers as a big band leader and composer. But his interest in developing other forms has already garnered him two Grammy nominations, and here he ventures into the serious orchestral realm. He takes the four elements?Earth, Water, Air and Fire?and uses them as the basis of four symphonic movements in the post-romantic programmatic style of Richard Strauss, Holst, Sibelius, and others of the late... read more

Jessica Williams - Billy's Theme: A Tribute to Dr. Billy Taylor
by Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes, September 2006

To "get" Jessica Williams, you must experience her in person. Her audience is fiercely loyal, and her deep connection with them comes partly from the tension between her demure shyness and her utterly dominating piano. She is in her own way, a super saleswoman of the keyboard and never lets anyone out of the room without closing the deal.

Not surprisingly, Williams' best albums until now have been recorded in front of live audiences (e.g.,... read more

Jessica Williams - Songs of Earth
by Britt Robson, JazzTimes

If there were a lifetime achievement award for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition, this veteran West Coast pianist would have it in her criminally modest trophy case. Her sixth disc for the Origin label supposedly differs from the others for its heavy emphasis on spontaneous composition, with the material culled from live solo performances over the past few years at the Triple Door in Seattle, near her home. But just as Williams has... read more

Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Cyrille Aimee - Burstin' Out!
by Malvin Massey, WUMR - Memphis

The Feature CD of the Week is a big band disc that is full of energy. It's titled Burstin' Out! and is from the Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Cyrille Aimée. Jeff Lindberg is the Artistic Director for this project. The Chicago Jazz Orchestra traces its roots back to 1978, and in that 35 years, they have established themselves as one of the best musical organizations in the nation. Up and coming jazz vocalist Cyrille Aimée is... read more

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