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Laurie Antonioli - The Constant Passage of time
by Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

Anyone who is in the know of vocalist and pedagogue Laurie Antonioli and the music she creates, espouses and teaches will know that lyricism and the art of musical seduction is at the heart of her lucid and tuneful music. A somewhat melancholy poet of song, Miss Antonioli's music is rich in allusion to life - even lived experience - which is something that makes her music draw you in with its utter honesty and truthfulness. Her soft nasal... read more

Mark Taylor - Spectre
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

Fresh off a regional "best instrumentalist" award, sax virtuoso Mark Taylor returned to bandleader efforts with 2009's Spectre, a romp through a fair set of originals. Most compositions here come directly from Taylor's pen, but there are a few additional items -- two contributions from pianist Gary Fukushima and one from bassist Jeff Johnson, and one entry from Jim Knapp, a big-band leader with whom Taylor had been keeping busy over the course... read more

Jack Mouse - Range of Motion
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Jack Mouse drives a team with Scott Robinson/woodwinds, Art Davis/tp-fh, John McLean/g and Bob Bowman or Kelly Sill/b. Mouse?s compositions have a lithe melodicism to them, with themes from ?LaPorta? or ?Hip Check? veering into solos at a whim. There is definitely a pocket for the band to groove on, but it?s about as deep as one on Karma Jeans, as McLean?s fuzzy electric guitar goes more vertical than horizontal in... read more

Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group - Live In Seattle
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Vibraphonist Joe Locke and keyboardist Geoff Keezer's third collaboration (their previous two CDs were released in Japan under the New Sound Quartet moniker) is their first live recording as a team. Joining them are bassist Mike Pope and drummer Terreon Gully (the latter who also took part in their earlier studio recordings) for a stimulating set recorded during the 2005 Ballard Jazz Festival. Locke's turbulent "Van Gogh by Numbers" serves as a... read more

David Friesen and Glen Moore - Bactrian
by William Minor, Bill's Blog

Walt Whitman was not the first person to claim to contain multitudes. In Greek mythology, Deucalion and Pyrrha were instructed by Themis to replace the loss of mankind (after the end of an Iron Age flood) by casting stones of the earth (reinstating men and women) behind them. The couple claimed, "Nos duo turba sumus" ("We two form a multitude."). In our era, Larry Constantine, an American software engineer considered one of the pioneers of... read more

Tom Collier - Mallet Jazz
by John Dworkin, Jazz Review

The list of jazz vibraphonists that are household names (in jazz households, that is) is not very long. Not as long as, say, that same list made up of tenor saxophonists. Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson, Gary Burton, Roy Ayers - probably a few others. The fact that you're likely to hear less of this particular instrument in a jazz context than a piano or a drum set is one of its charms. Since its use is comparatively rare, in the... read more

Les DeMerle - Hittin' the Blue Notes, Volume 2
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

A lot of us jazz fans cut our listening teeth on Blue Note records by Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan and more. The Dynamic Les DeMerle Band's Hittin' the Blue Notes, Vol. 2 celebrates that classic sound with a set of swinging, hard-driving hard bop tunes.

Les DeMerle sat in the drummer's chair in the Harry James Orchestra for twelve years, and he brings to this project an exuberant and swinging propulsion, a crisp and brightly... read more

Dann Zinn - Day of Reckoning
by Anthony Dean-Harris, Downbeat

Day Of Reckoning is Dan Zinn's fifth album as a leader and lead it he certainly does. The reedist is very much at the forefront of this music, the band patter for his play. There's a buoyancy to the music here, floating along with ease, the players seemingly having a good time. Most performances, though, are just warm, never scalding hot.

"Continental Divide" gets enjoyably wild early on, until the tune shifts into a simpler gear, coasting... read more

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