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Alison Ruble - This Is A Bird
by Rudolf Radnai, Muszer Oldal - Budapest



The exceptionally beautiful voice, Alison Ruble in 2001 appeared in the rich life of the famous Chicago jazz. Since then, standing in the famous jazz clubs, acting as the Andy's Jazz Club, Green Mill Jazz ClubThe Pete Miller's or Pops For Champagne. Many actions and TV festival boasts a success and this is the first album is expected to increase his reputation.... read more

EEA - The Dark
by David Kane, Cadence

Highly original is the fine music to be found on The Dark. EEA is a trio of a slightly unusual configuration: piano, trumpet, and sax. In the hands of these fine musicians, this combination reveals itself to be a most agreeable one indeed. The music consists of a handful of excellent originals penned by pianist Ake together with two lesser heard Ellington pieces, "Heaven" and "African Flower" together with a moody retelling of Gismonti's... read more

Scott Neumann Neu3 Trio - Blessed
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Ringer of the Week - Many aspire, but few attain. That holds not only for salvation, but for putting together a tenor trio recording. Drummer Scott Neumann attempts the climb from the North Side of the Mountain, leading a band from behind with Michael Blake, who also brings his soprano sax and melodic to the studio here, and bassist Mark Helias. Maybe because Neumann pays around with so many drum tricks and styles that this collection of... read more

Various Artists - Winter: An Origin Records Holiday Collection
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

A nice Christmas album from a quartet of players from the Origin stables. The bulk of the album is taken up with standards for the season, with a couple of old English carols thrown in, as well as a couple of new compositions by guitarist Dave Peterson (and a stray Horace Silver number). The tone taken throughout the proceedings is a full one, with thick notes on the sax and a good sustain on the guitar. Overall, the sound is very warm, very... read more

Phil Kelly & The SW Santa Ana Winds - My Museum
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

To paraphrase the peerless Bard of Avon, a wind from any other clime would blow as hotˇor as cool. Last year, composer/arranger Phil Kelly happily introduced big band enthusiasts to the turbulent NW Prevailing Winds (Seattle) on the stormy album Convergence Zone; this year, he has empowered the cyclonic SW Santa Ana Winds (Los Angeles) to raise the barometric pressure and spawn another tempestuous tour de force, My Museum.

Knowing there... read more

Peter Lerner - Continuation
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Guitarist Peter Lerner hasn't reached Broom's level of recognition, but he surely has outdone himself with his newest release, Continuation (Origin Records). Though he sounds strong in solo passages, it's the band he leads and the strength of his compositions that make the deepest impression here. With pianist Willie Pickens playing a leonine role throughout the recording and Robert Irving III serving as producer, "Continuation"... read more

Darrell Grant - Truth And Reconciliation
by Marc Medwin, Cadence

Darrell Grant's latest certainly shares a level of reflection, but it's largely a less somber affair, opening with the down-right joyful title track. "Ubuntu" is a bit stealthier, but it has an infectious drums-and-bass groove that positively exudes good will. So does "Fils du Soleil," a dedication to Tony Williams whose funk whispers, due mainly to Patitucci, through an eerie haze of chords and shards of melody. The veteran bassist even brings... read more

Deep Blue Organ Trio - Wonderful!
by Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

Since the 1960s, Stevie Wonder's "My Cheri Amour" has remained one of the most memorable love songs in popular music. In collaboration with Motown songwriters Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy, the hit song was originally titled "Oh My Marcia"?at the time, a tender ode to Wonder's girlfriend in his adolescent years. The two broke up, the song underwent a name change, and the rest is history.

The Deep Blue Organ Trio offers its own heartfelt... read more

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