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John McLean - Better Angels
by John Barron, All About Jazz.com

Guitarist/composer John McLean is an emerging musical voice for the 21st century. Steeped in tradition and propelled by contemporary influences, the Chicago-based musician sculpts an uncanny representation of an ever-widening American musical landscape. Better Angels, McLean's second release as a leader, is a stunning collection of original compositions and standards, featuring McLean's blistering guitar and his unconventional ensemble comprised... read more

Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra - Refractions
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The twenty-four piece Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra boasts a full roster of instrumentation, including double reeds and French horns, for a sound that is somewhat rare in the professional jazz world, but familiar to anyone guiding a child through a high school music program with a "concert band." Lush and multi-layered, Refractions contains a full range of color and emotion.

The word "symphonic" comes to mind with so many deftly-woven... read more

Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra - Refractions
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Los Angeles saxophonist Kim Richmond's album Refractions involves a full orchestra of players and that was done for the orchestral effect rather than the big band idiom you would usually expect. Richmond likes to blend concepts from the classical realm with those from the jazz realm, and full classical orchestration is one part of that. The main thrust of this idea is to provide for a deeper, more cinematic sound that is capable of conveying the... read more

PJ Newman - The Hand Of Dog
by Craig Matsumoto, KZSU

Jazzy sax solos over odd synth soundscapes. Newman starts with sampled sounds and synth washes, overlaying a concretely jazzy soloist -- often Jessica Lurie, a saxophonist with an adventurous but accessible style (check out her pop/fusion band, Living Daylights). A mix of thoughtfulness and fun jamming.

This doesn't apply to Track 5 (see below).

1- Slow, pretty sax tones
2- Bright sax wanderings over synthy soundscape. Cool hand drums... read more

Gwendolyn Dease - Beguiled
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

4-STARS While this fourth album from marimbist Gwendolyn Dease is rightly seeing release on the classical arm of Origin Records, it wouldn't have been completely out of place if it had landed on the jazz side of that imprint. Dease bypasses contemporary marimba fare and late twentieth century favorites from the usual suspects like Ney Rosauro, Casey Cangelosi, Joseph Schwanter, Keiko Abe, and Jacob Druckman, focusing instead on newly... read more

Gregg Keplinger / Reuben Radding / Daniel Carter - Language
by Michael Bettine, Jazz Now

The Seattle scene may be known for it's grunge rock sound, but it also a fertile ground for Jazz musicians. This recording is the real deal. Three musicians go into the studio and just blow. "Speak Glow" finds them off and running. Saxophonist Carter is chased around by the rhythm section. He blows fluid lines while drummer Keplinger is a whirling dervish, and bassist Radding plays big notes. Keplinger solos, sounding like Elvin or Blakey as he... read more

The Spin Quartet - In Circles
by Don Lerman, Cadence

The Spin Quartet consists of top-notch musicians who carve out an interesting group identity. The absence of a piano or guitar from the instrumentation of two horns, bass, and drums gives clarity and an open quality to the music, aided by the fine writing from mostly band members.

Trumpeter/flugelhornist Chad McCullough wrote five of the pieces, with the subdued "Oranges Are Supposed to be Orange" and bright-eyed "Haberdasher" among his... read more

Hadley Caliman - Gratitude
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

Welcome back Hadley... ****1/2
Hadley Caliman's hiatus as a recording leader has been for way too long -approaching three decades. He has not been in hiding - he simply left the craziness of our few jazz Meccas and settled in Seattle, where he has kept busy playing gigs in the Emerald City jazz clubs and also serving as a senior member of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

Caliman's main period of recording was in the 70s, when he... read more

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