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Ricky Sweum - Pulling Your Own Strings
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

There are several similarities between AJ Kluth and Ricky Sweum's Origin Arts recordings. Both recordings find the principals doubling on tenor and soprano saxophones. Both recordings host prominent roles for guitarists, in Sweum's case, Wayne Wilkerson. Both recordings feature a majority of finely crafted jazz originals, fresh as spring and sharp as a dry Fall day. Where the two differ is the foundation of their playing.

Where Kluth is... read more

Tim Jensen - A Mind For The Scenery
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Red flags flare up when a disc comes in with the tag "eclectic" lurking in the press material. The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word as "selecting or made up of what seems best of varied sources." But the word sometimes serves as a shorthand forķin the world of music assessmentķunfocused or lacking continuity of vision. Fortunately, multiple reedman Tim Jensen's A Mind for the Scenery holds to the true definition.

The Portland,... read more

Jessica Williams - The Art of the Piano
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Williams' 2800-word liner essay declares renewed and deepened love for the piano and rededicated independence from the strictures and orthodoxies of the music establishment. She cites an internet video clip of Glenn Gould playing Bach as "...a life-altering event" that took her back to "...a music founded on the purity and clarity and infinite tonal colorations of the piano itself." Those are qualities I have never found missing from her work,... read more

Carlos Vega - Bird's Ticket
by Chris Spector, Midwest Review

With a foot in several worlds at once, sax man Vega can tear it up in Chicago while teaching in Florida while going straight ahead with Doc Severinsen after tearing it up Latin style with Arturo Sandoval. This is one cat that can make your head spin. Here we find him with some local Chicago cats mixing improv with experimental with free form tying it all up in a nice left leaning bow. High octane stuff with loads of genre blending for those... read more

speak - Speak
by Gwendolyn Elliott, City Arts

Seattle free jazz quintet Speak hasn't been around a while ? the group just formed in 2008 ? but that hasn't kept them from attracting attention. They're the newest signers to local jazz label Origin Records and have lined up gigs from clubs in New York to jazz festivals in Europe. Their six track debut of original compositions is a 45 minute progressive jazz art piece. Cuong Vu ? whose smooth, improvisational trumpet work has appeared... read more

Hal Galper / Jeff Johnson / John Bishop - Furious Rubato
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Pianist Hal Galper spent a big part of his career working with some of the giants of the mainstream, players like trumpeter Chet Baker, alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, guitar master John Scofield and bop alto sax legend Phil Woods. With his Agents of Change (Fabola Records, 2006), a trio outing with drummer Billy Mintz and bassist Tony Marino, he moved out of the familiar flow to explore the "rubato style" of playing, an open, circular... read more

Deep Blue Organ Trio - Wonderful!
by Tim Niland, Music and More

Carrying the torch of the great blues, bop and ballad organ trios of the past, the DBOT plays straight-ahead swinging jazz, that is accessible to fans of Hammond Heroes like Jimmy Smith and Richard "Groove" Holmes. The trio is a deeply integrated unit consisting of Chris Foreman on Hammond B3 Organ, Bobby Broom on guitar, and Greg Rockingham drums. The band has an appealing sound, with Broom's guitar coming out of the Grant Green school (he's... read more

Upper Left Trio - Sell Your Soul Side
by Paul Pelon IV, Audiophile Audition

Not all Jazz Trios can tear it up, The Upper Left Trio's album Sell Your Soul Side is like a frog in a blender. These cats know where it's at! The perfect spot for it is on this album.

Right down to the album artwork, Sell Your Soul Side is one of the freshest albums I've seen and heard all year. The laid back flow of the entire album is flawlessly mixed. My favorite track Comrade Camenzine is a 10-minute jam session that is smoother than... read more

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