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Doug Lofstrom - Concertino: The Music Of Doug Lofstrom
by Laurence Vittes, Gramaphone

Chicago composer Doug Lofstrom has coupled first recordings of two modestly appealing orchestral concertinos for oboe and harp with an archival reprise of his Plumed Serpent studio fantasy from 30 years ago. There isn't much in either Concertino that hasn't been heard before - Richard Strauss and Hollywood musicals come to mind, though more svelte, brought up to date and internationalized - but they are both beautifully written for the... read more

Peter Epstein and Idée Fixe - Abstract Realism
by Stef Gijssels, Freejazz Blog

As a leader, saxophonist Peter Epstein released three modern jazz CDs, one Portuguese CD, a solo sax record with some classical music and some improvisations, a fantastic world jazz album ("Lingua Franca"), and all this in a quite irregular time span, of which most ten years ago and not much lately.

He is a musician with broad technical skills, open to many genres, and that seems to have been his problem in creating a specific profile.... read more

Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott - East-West Trumpet Summit
by Jim Ketch, International Trumpet Guild, January 2011

Ray Vega and Thomas Marriott present a compelling recording, brimming with creative imagination, technical fluency, and a deep respect for the jazz tradition. This album also features fine performances by Travis Shook, Jeff Johnson, and Matt Jorgensen. Shook's soloing is daring and adventuresome, while Johnson and Jorgensen lock down the time and their own solos to the mix with verve and skill. The standards on the CD include "It's You Or No... read more

Rodney Whitaker - Common Ground: The Music of Gregg Hill
by Editor, Jazz Chill

Common Ground is the first of five CDs that bass maestro Rodney Whitaker intends to release in 2019 in acknowledgment of his fiftieth birthday year. It's his seventh album, and embodies the musical values that Whitaker has projected on antecedent dates like When We Find Ourselves Alone, from 2014; such turn-of-the-century gems as Winter Moon, Ballads and Blues: The Brooklyn Session and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; and the critically acclaimed... read more

Dudley Owens | Aaron Immanuel Wright - People Calling
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Saxophonist Dudley Owens and bassist Aaron Wright bring together (in classic quintet format) a band intent on expanding the language of Miles Davis's second great quintet from within. On People Calling the band does exactly this: they create a late '60s sonic image stamped in 21st Century digital. The writing is firmly post bop, with Atlantic period Ornette Coleman fighting its way out. These influences are governed by a firm compositional... read more

Ben Thomas - The Mystagogue
by Nils Jacobsen, All About Jazz

Seattle vibraphonist Ben Thomas offers a swinging, pulsing quintet sound on his second release, The Mystagogue. Thomas augments his core vibe/piano quartet with one of three clarinet and saxophone players on most of the tracks on the record, lending a ever-changing fifth voice to the ensemble. While the combination of piano and vibes might suggest the danger of over-crowding the midrange, Thomas and pianist Laura Caviani respect each other's... read more

Hugo Fernandez - Cosmogram
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Guitarist Hugo Fernandez defers to tenor and soprano saxist Ariel Bringuez quite a bit here on a quartet session along with the energetic rhythm team of Antonio Miguel/b and Antonio Sanchez/dr. There's a bit of a tribal war dance drum beat on as the team sounds a bit indie-rockish on "Reconciliation" and there's a rockish beat on "Sublime" that features Bringuez's soprano. Restless undercurrents provide a stimulation for Fernandez's clean solo... read more

David Sills - Green
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz.com

With tenor saxophonist David Sills, three big "s" words come to mind: Swinging, soulful, and...surfing?"

Check out the cover photo on his Green CD. You might think it a re-release of a forgotten Chantays?of "Pipeline" fame?album from 1963. The guy on the surfboard?David Sills himself?is cutting into a bottom turn on a clean, overhead steel blue wave, with, it appears, a tube in his immediate future.

Surfing aside, Sills proves himself a... read more

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