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Hadley Caliman - Straight Ahead
by Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

Based on his background and abilities, it is astonishing that a player like tenor saxophonist Hadley Caliman is not more well-known. Originally from L.A., Caliman studied with Dexter Gordon before touring with Mongo Santamaria, Gerald Wilson, Willie Bobo, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson and many more, even - at one point - touring live with the rock group Santana. For more than twenty years, he was a member of the music faculty... read more

Mitch Paliga - Fall Night
by John Barron, All About Jazz.com

On Fall Night, his second release as a leader, saxophonist Mitch Paliga showcases his well-defined soprano playing on seven of his original compositions. The Chicagoan is joined by keyboardist Jo Ann Daugherty, guitarist John McLean, bassist Patrick Williams and drummer Ryan Bennett.

The music on Fall Night has accessible leanings without sacrificing room for spontaneous development. Paliga tends to compose tightly-phrased, tonal themes atop... read more

Brent Jensen with The Acoustic Jazz Quartet - The Sound of A Dry Martini
by Jim Clark, KUSD, Vermillion, SD

I'm also extremely impressed by a new Paul Desmond tribute album from alto sax man Brent Jensen---"THE SOUND OF A DRY MARTINI-REMEMBERING PAUL DESMOND" on Origin Records out of Seattle. Jensen is a musician from this neck of the woods. He's a native of Idaho...graduated with a degree in music from Boise State University and a master's in music from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. Currently, he's the director of jazz studies... read more

Dan Cray - Outside In
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

4-STARS Encounters with the wonders of nature have a way of snapping everything into perspective and tamping down humanly worries and concerns. Too often we spend time absorbed and obsessed with working from the inside out, projecting ourselves into the world. But sometimes it's better to simply go the other way and let the beauty that exists on the outside infiltrate and influence the human spirit and direction. Pianist Dan Cray's... read more

Florian Hoefner - Coldwater Stories
by Bill Milkowski, Downbeat

For his fourth recording overall and first solo outing, the German-born pianist sets a reflective tone with generous use of space, glistening ostinatos and a tender touch. Inspired by the maritime landscape of his new home base of Newfoundland, the large Canadian island off the east coast of the North American mainland where he moved three years ago from New York City, Coldwater Stories is, ironically, more luminous than... read more

Scenes - Silent Photographer
by Eric Prinzing, Jazzreview.com

Silent Photographer is an excellent trio recording. The tone is generally hushed and introspective, and the improvisations are searching and cerebral. Though the group does utilize dissonance, space and tense harmony, the music never feels alienating. The musicianship here is first rate, and the group's interplay is equally impressive. Further credit also goes John Stowell (long an underrated and original guitarist) and Jeff Johnson for... read more

Big Neighborhood - 11:11
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The liner note explanation of the title of Big Neighborhood's second CD release, penned by the group's guitarist/leader, David White, sounds sort of loopy and New Age weird. White claims that "in some circles 11:11 is a wake-up code as seen on digital clocks designed to reach the subconscious mind and trigger genetically encoded memories showing us that we are higher spirits...."

Claptrap. Go hug a crystal. That's my take on it. But when you... read more

Brent Jensen w/ Bill Anschell, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop - One More Mile
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

For his fifth Origin release, Brent Jensen includes some of the main Origin stable stars as members of his quartet, which shows off some impressive sensitivity to the music, with both classic pieces and new compositions from the bandmembers. Jensen continues his trademark relaxed sound on the soprano sax, pulling just the right notes out where he wants them. Drummer John Bishop largely stays in the background, but can come forward as called for... read more

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