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Corey Christiansen - Lone Prairie
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A cowboy spirited album from a Wes influenced jazz guitarist? Well, he is from Utah and he didn't go down Chris Parkening's road so when genes will out, it was bound to happen. Does it feel out of character? Nah. Hell, if you didn't already know "Streets of Laredo" was a cowboy song, this would sound like some introspective meditation. A solid listening date from a cat that really knows his stuff and how to serve it up right, in any... read more

Phil Kelly & The SW Santa Ana Winds - My Museum
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

To paraphrase the peerless Bard of Avon, a wind from any other clime would blow as hotˇor as cool. Last year, composer/arranger Phil Kelly happily introduced big band enthusiasts to the turbulent NW Prevailing Winds (Seattle) on the stormy album Convergence Zone; this year, he has empowered the cyclonic SW Santa Ana Winds (Los Angeles) to raise the barometric pressure and spawn another tempestuous tour de force, My Museum.

Knowing there... read more

Jessica Williams - Freedom Trane
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

On her first trio recording in some years, Williams offers both original compositions in the spirit of John Coltrane and a selection of Trane's work as well. As she writes in liner notes: "John Coltrane has been my light through the darkness. When there are questions, I'll ask 'what would Philly Joe Jones or Dexter Gordon do'; but when things get really weird, I can ask the 'Trane." A treat for Portland jazz fans is the presence of Dave Captein... read more

Chad McCullough Bram Weijters - Urban Nightingale
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The Seattle/Antwerp connection shows us the corner where cerebral meets moving easy for a Friday, after hours session where having a drink and chilling out beats fighting traffic. More than background music and not nearly as artsy as it might seem when you aren't listening too closely, this crew brings some different sensibilities to the stew that simmer nicely together. Fun stuff to kick back with.... read more

Hans Fahling - Hamburg: Port of Call
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

An interesting collaboration between painting and music modeling itself loosely upon the work of Mussorgsky. Accompanying this set of fine modern jazz as performed by quartets on both sides of the Atlantic are a series of paintings by Patrick Haskett with a relatively contemporary style (Norman Rockwell with some impressionism, and something more that music critics shouldn't attempt to describe). The jazz is exceptional, using a guitar as a lead... read more

John Stowell - Resonance
by Rob Forbes-Roberts, Acoustic Guitar, September 2005

Jazz guitarist John Stowell unplugs for a solo set on acoustic guitars built by Portland luthier Mike Doolin. Playing a variety of Doolin's steel-, nylon-, and 12 string guitars, Stowell performs several excellent originals and covers such jazz standards as John Coltrane's "Equinox," Steve Swallow's "Peau Douce," and Jerome Kern's "Nobody Else but Me." The various acoustic textures of Doolin's instruments are intriguing but it's Stowell's... read more

Marc Seales - A Time, A Place, A Journey
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Breaking from his usual reliance on the acoustic piano, Seattle jazz veteran Marc Seales here takes on the more electric end of affairs for his debut album as a leader, recorded live at a local jazz club. The album opens up with "Waiting," a catchy number that's taken softly on a grand piano with accentuation by longtime Seales compatriot Phil Sparks on bass, and some tapping on the drums from Steve Korn (on whose concurrently released album... read more

Brian Gephart - Standing On Two Feet
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Here is the type of stuff that completely restores my faith in jazz. You get six blue collar workers like Brian Gephart/ts-ss, Tom Garling/tb, Neal Alger/g, Karl Montzka/p, Kelly Sill/b and Eric Montzka/dr. They're never going to headline the Hollywood Bowl or the Village Vanguard, but they all know their stuff and they've got the music in their collective marrows. All nine pieces are Gephart originals, and each on is a complete joy, filled... read more

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