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Wellstone Conspiracy - Motives
by Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

What is the Wellstone Conspiracy? For some political intrigue junkies it alludes to the 2002 death of liberal Senator Paul Wellstone who perished in a small plane crash which some pundits believe was caused by an assassination scheme. For Pacific Northwest jazz fans, however, Wellstone Conspiracy is a skilled quartet which formed in 2006 to back up Idaho-based soprano saxophonist Brent Jensen. The musicians were last heard together on Jensen's... read more

Scott Reeves - Portraits and Places
by Brian Keegan, International Trombone Association Journal

Portraits and Places is a big band record highlighting the writing and playing talents of Scott Reeves, and additionally Steve Wilson on woodwinds. While not specifically a "trombone album," Portraits and Places showcases some great playing from trombonists Matt McDonald and Max Seigel, and of course Scott Reeves himself.

The album starts out with "The Soulful Mr. Williams." The brooding textures from the trombone section... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - Full-On!
by Jim Dupuis, !Earshot (Canada)

TOP TEN RECORDS OF 2014 Thankfully there are still some big bands out there and Walden has put together a bunch of fine musicians to play his varied arrangements. The band can jump from the movieish sounding "Bailout" to pop and country covers of Stevie Wonder and Hank Williams. Like the 1940's this big band has a rotating cast of vocalists that nicely fit their songs. Vocalists include Carol Welsman, who sings "Hey Good... read more

Joe Locke - Subtle Disguise
by Matthew Kassel, Downbeat

On his latest release, veteran vibraphonist Joe Locke opts mostly for his own compositions, with the exception of Bob Dylan's "Who Killed Davey Moore?" and Blind Willie Johnson's "Motherless Children," both of which feature ace singer-songwriter and guitarist Raul Midón in fine form.

Subtle Disguise is, for the most part, a satisfying collection of tightly arranged post-bop numbers, with elements of rock, funk and swing. Stylistically, it's... read more

speak - Speak
by Stef Gijssels, Freejazz Blog

Trumpeter Cuong Vu is a very demanded and active musician. He plays with Pat Metheny, he has his own quartet, and plays on the album of many other musicians (Myra Melford, Chris Speed). His last album, "Vu-Tet", already dates back from December 2007, but here we find him back on new albums by two young bands, adding more than just his trumpet-playing to shape their overall sound.

Speak is a young band from Seattle, Washington, with members... read more

Eva Cortes - Crossing Borders
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Eva Cortes mixes languages and moods with her flexible team of Pepe Rivero/p, Luques Curtis/b, Robby Ameen/dr, Luisito Quintero/perc, MarvinSewell/g and a snappy horn section along with simpatico guests. Her voice is husky and breathy sensuous on the intimate "Corazon" and spacious during her aria intro to the salsa'd "Sabor a Mi." The horns add funky soul as Cortes saunters with Jon Cowherd's piano on "Deja Vu" and Doug Beaver's horn pleads... read more

Collier & Dean - Duets
by Bruce T. Bernardini, Jazz Review

Duets, trios, quartets, and even quintets are all nomenclatures of jazz music. Another name for this would be called bands or banding groups of people. Try to experiment by buying CDs with these different facets and hear the different sounds they produce. A fine example of a duet, is the new CD from Tom Collier (a vibraphonist), and Dan Dean (electric bassist) called Duets. Duets are one of the most difficult avenues to play in jazz. To have the... read more

Chuck Deardorf - Perception
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

Chuck Deardorf uses a full arsenal of basses on this album with Dawn Clemen/p-key, Matt Wilson/dr, Hans Teuber/ts-fl and guests Marc Seale/p, Gary Hobbs/dr, Thomas Marriott/fh, Jay Thomas/fh and David Marriott/tb. On electric bass, Deardorff creates a Weather Reportish mood with Seales on the tapestry of "Falling Grace" while getting elegiac on "Silver Hollow." A pair of tunes by Thelonoious Monk have Teuber's tenor join with Deardorf's soft... read more

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