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Jack Mouse - Range of Motion
by Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

Drummer and educator Jack Mouse has a versatile and prolific career. In addition to playing, among many others, with trumpeter Clark Terry, saxophonist James Moody and pianist Stan Kenton he has been actively involved in education as a faculty member at various institutions and as a writer for percussion magazines. His debut album Range of Motion comprises ten of his originals that exhibit a variety of influences and are in a number of different... read more

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble - The Atwood Suites
by Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS Andrew Rathbun is a Canadian saxophonist who has made a major musical statement here with this collection of suites, two of which are based on the poetry of author Margaret Atwood. Rathbun's writing shows the influence of another Canadian, Kenny Wheeler, in its lush sonority, the frequent gorgeous flugelhorn solos by Tim Hagans and the role of Luciana Souza, who both sings Atwood's poetry with gentle forcefulness and moans... read more

Clipper Anderson - Ballad of the Sad Young Men
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Ballad of the Sad Young Men: In which we find the piano jazz trio amiably recreated as a cabaret act with the singing bass payer at the wheel. Digging into the oldies vocal canon and blowing off all the obvious choices for some more daring and overlooked picks, the sum total is a grand set of sophisticated listening by one of those rare male vocalists that doesn't feel the need to ape Robert Goulet or Tony Bennett. There isn't a false note in... read more

Dee Daniels - Jazzinit
by Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes Jan / Feb 2008

When, to borrow a skill once credited to Dee Daniels by Leonard Feather, you "soul-fry" a batch of pop hits, are you jazzin' it or putting jazz in it? Such is the intentional double entendre that ignites this magical assortment of hits old and (relatively) new from the Vancouver-based songstress who Houston Person rightly calls "the jazz world's hidden treasure." And, given Daniels' well-established jazz cred and her obvious ability to hammer... read more

Brent Jensen - Trios
by George Fendel, Jazz Scene

Some of you may remember Brent Jensen from his earlier Origin recordings, particularly "The Sound Of A Dry Martini," where, if you closed your eyes, you'd think you were hearing Paul Desmond. Well, Jensen's admiration for Desmond is born anew on this fine outing with two different trios. The first one puts him in the company of Jamie Findlay, guitar; and Zac Matthews, bass. On other selections, Jensen is joined by Doug Miller, bass and John... read more

Lucas Pino - No Net Nonet
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

The album is by a sharp, sax-heavy nine piece group very much in the mainstream jazz line. The faster pieces are prickly and kinetic but the slower ones, like "Sunday Play" which features a gorgeous tenor solo by leader Pino and thoughtful bass by Desmond White, tend to have the most personality. Pino's deep-souled soloing is consistently smart and spirited while guitarist Rafal Sarnecki gets a nice turn on the placid "Homage A 'Mitch" and Mat... read more

Bobby Broom - Bobby Broom Plays for Monk
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

August 10, 2009

Thelonious Monk seems to bring out the best in Bobby Broom.

For though jazz listeners know Broom for the buoyant, blues-based sensibility of his guitar work, he attains a new degree of fervor in the music of Monk.

Certainly he did over the weekend at the Green Mill Jazz Club, where he celebrated the release of his latest CD, "Bobby Broom Plays for Monk" (Origin Records). Even more than on the recording, the Chicago... read more

Geof Bradfield - African Flowers
by Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

Chicago saxophonist Geof Bradfield draws on music he encountered in his travels to Africa during a 2008 Rhythm Road tour with pianist Ryan Cohan's quartet. Cohan joins Bradfield here, along with trumpeter Victor Garcia, guitarist Jeff Parker, bassist George Fludas, and together the band delivers entrancing polyrhythmic themes like the melodic Rwandan praise song "Butare" and the danceable Congolese rumba "Lubumbashi," the latter a catchy clave... read more

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