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Bill Anschell - Rumbler
by Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

Jazz has always been rife with rumors about great players hidden in backwater towns. Seattle, Wash., is no vantage point of New York City, where jazz reputations are made and lost. From New York, Seattle is somewhere on the left edge of the Earth―perhaps near Siberia.

Bill Anschell would be a badass wherever he lived, even Greenwich Village. He is an impeccable, distinctive pianist with a valuable body of work on Seattle's Origin... read more

Bill Anschell - Rumbler
by Andrew Luthringer, Earshot Jazz

There's an exhilarating moment on pianist and composer Bill Anschell's superb new album Rumbler that is emblematic of the album's strengths, and it's right at the top of the first track. The disc kicks off with piano and saxophone outlining Thelonious Monk's iconic "Misterioso." Sure, it's a great composition, but with all the masterful versions already recorded, can there really be anything new here?
Suddenly, skepticism is knocked aside as... read more

Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by Michael Ferguson, Jazz Review

Those left a little let down when Sam Yahel's organ wasn't anywhere on Joshua Redman's 2007 Back East, Truth and Beauty is your redemption. Fans should appreciate Redman, Yahel and Brian Blade recording as the Sam Yahel Trio name.

Saying that Yahel's got a command over the Hammond B3 isn't an understatement, it's taking the easy way out of trying to describe Yahel's unity with the instrument. Truth and Beauty shows Yahel at home on the B3,... read more

Human Spirit - Dialogue
by Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

Trumpeter Thomas Marriott joins alto saxophonist Mark Taylor, pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Essiet Essiet and drummer (and Origin label head) Matt Jorgensen on this solid, cooperative live album. Marriott and Taylor make a formidable frontline on such modernist fare as Jorgensen's turbulent "Ridgecrest," Marriott's uptempo "Song for Samuel" and his blistering hard-boppish romp "Pelham Gardens." The band settles into a soulful groove on... read more

Tito Carrillo - Opening Statement
by Neil Tesser, Chicago Examiner

Carrillo, celebrating the release of his debut album "Opening Statement" (Origin), has built on the hard-bop foundations of modern jazz to construct a strong and supple style that's at home in several of the city's most exciting current bands.

At the Green Mill, Carrillo's band stars most of the heavy hitters from his album ? saxist Geof Bradfield, pianist Benjamin Lewis, and bassist Lorin Cohen ? along with drummer Max Plaskota replacing... read more

Alex Graham - The Good Life
by Butch Berman, Berman Music Review

Origin Records has been putting out a ton of stuff these days, and mostly good stuffÖreal good, in fact. It's more than I can ever listen to, and if you talented cats in Seattle are reading thisÖI really appreciate it. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite "new" guys is now with you, and his name is Alex Graham.

Hold on to this dude. He's truly on his way to making an indelible mark in the jazz world as on of the upcoming monsters. Yup,... read more

John Bishop with Jeff Johnson, Rick Mandyck, John Stowell - Scenes
by Joseph Blake, JazzSteps, December 2001

Guitarist John Stowell's liner notes to this recently released CD makes Scenes sound almost serendipitous. He writes that "I suggested that we make a little music and turn on the tapes if we liked the chemistry…We did a couple of gigs in Seattle and went into the studio for a couple of sessions."

Stowell and drummer John Bishop produced the two sessions recorded at Seattle's Ironwood Studios.

They showcase the quartet's very democratic... read more

Deep Blue Organ Trio - Folk Music
by Paul Christopher Dowd, All About Jazz

One casualty of jazz' precipitous decline in popularity since the '70s has been the ever- diminishing number of organ trios, once a staple of African-American urban communities. On their third and latest release, Folk Music, Deep Blue Organ Trio remain committed to continuing the thread of the organ trio as a vital part of the black community and on a larger scale, restoring jazz as an integral extension of the African-American experience.... read more

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