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Joel Miller Sienna Dahlen - Dream Cassette
by Hobart Taylor, KUCI - Irvine, CA

Dreamy is right. Bouncy sunny melodies predominate supported by airy harmonies. Vocals backed by gorgeous ensemble playing. There are echoes of the catchiness of a Sting tune, the exuberance of Mingus, the gentle loving irony of fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell.... read more

Laurie Antonioli and Richie Beirach - Varuna
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Intimate interaction takes place between vocalist Laurie Antonioli and pianist Richie Beirach during this (mostly) duet session. Bassist Pepe Berns shows up for a sensitive read of "Gentle Rain" and a three part "Resolution Suite" but for the most part you get voice and ivories searching various dynamics and rhythms. Sometimes Antonioli whispers and speaks low when she speaks love, whle on "Summer Night" the two swing it confidently. A read of... read more

Jessica Williams - Freedom Trane
by , OregonMusicNews.com

How can two hands playing piano sound like John Coltrane playing saxophone. Jessica Williams' do. The number of albums she has recorded over a stellar thirty-five year career is astounding. Her last album Touch is in Dan McClenaghan's Top Ten for 2010 on AllAboutJazz ? AND Scott Yanow's Top Ten for 2010 in JazzTimes.

And who do we find her playing with? Portland musicians: drummer Mel Brown and bassist Dave Captein.

The album.... read more

Dudley Owens | Aaron Immanuel Wright - People Calling
by Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

On the terrific new People Calling (Origin), this Chicago-New York four-piece taps into the "spiritual jazz" feel of John Coltrane's classic quartet, even chanting the words of the title track, a la "A Love Supreme." The new recording is a big leap forward for Chicago saxophonist Dudley Owens, whose 2009 debut album, Just the Beginning, tried to show off his entire range and ended up diluting his strengths. He's now impressively focused:... read more

Clay Giberson - Pastures
by Domi, Republic of Jazz

An innovative voice in the contemporary jazz scene of the Pacific Northwest, pianist and composer Clay Giberson is part of a new generation that is redefining jazz. Emotionally compelling, the music grooves as much as it dazzles with harmony, lyricism and rhythmic intricacy.

Giberson's performances convey a deep appreciation of structure and form but pay equal tribute to the pulse and sonic landscape that frame his musical ideas. Clay's... read more

Piet Verbist - Zygomatik
by Frederik Goossens, Focus Knack (Belgium)

Het grote publiek leerde Piet Verbist kennen als de bassist van het Jef Neve Trio, maar de man is net zo goed gewonnen voor rock, soul en wereldmuziek.

Alles komt samen in deze eerste plaat onder eigen naam. De hoogdagen van de fusion zijn hier nooit ver weg. Inde opener PMS Alert! loert zowaar Miles Davis? In A Silent Way even om de hoek in de drumpartij van Herman Pardon. Cut The Crab kon zo in het repertoire van Headhunters. Verbist speelt... read more

Matija Dedic - MD in NYC
by Thomas R. Erdmann, Jazz Review

"***** 5-Stars"

Zagreb Croatia native, pianist and composer Matija Dedic earned a collegiate degree from the Jazz Academy in Graz, Austria. Dedic comes from a musical family; his father received musical awards and his mom sang with Louis Armstrong and Phil Woods. Some of Dedic's piano teachers have included jazz stalwarts Hal Galper and Barry Harris. Among the musicians Dedic has played with are Benny Golson, Kenny Burrell, Roy Haynes, Alvin... read more

Greta Matassa - Favorites From A Long Walk
by Cindy McLeod, Jazz Review

Jazz vocalist Greta Matassa makes a big statement in an understated way with her latest release Favorites From a Long Walk, a sterling collection of songs performed masterfully by the singer and her quintet for this mainstream jazz CD.

Matassa is a stylist who has serious chops, her voice is full-bodied and texturally stimulating. Her phrasing and delivery are conversational and relaxed, but are backed by a veritable steam engine of... read more

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