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Ron Di Salvio - Essence of Green, A Tribute to Kind Of Blue
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

A fine group of musicians from the Michigan area gather for what appears at first glance to be a song-by-song response to Miles' classic. The album opens with "Six Shades of Green," following the structure and feel of "All Blues" relatively closely. "Crossing Lines" follows the tone of "Freddie Freeloader" similarly. The chord progressions continue to follow the course set by Kind of Blue as the album progresses, with interplay between Ron di... read more

Jessica Williams - With Love
by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr., Louisville Music News

Jessica Williams has produced an album of intimate solo piano pieces, rendered with elegance and emotion. There's a backstory here, that Ms. Williams suffered a lumbar spine collapse, followed by lengthy and extensive medical procedures. Her self-penned liner notes suggest that the nonpyrotechnical approach was a result of the spine issues, but had she made no mention of her problem, the album would still be a testament to a musical vision of... read more

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Abstract Quantities
by Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life (Israel)

This is the third album by the international quartet co-led by Belgian pianist / composer Bram Weijters and US trumpeter / composer Chad McCullough and including bassist Piet Verbist and drummer John Bishop. The album presents eleven original compositions, eight of which were composed by Weijters and three by McCullough. Two of these tunes are piano-trumpet duets.

The music is modern Jazz, well within the mainstream boundaries, but presents... read more

Marc Bernstein & Good People - Hymn For Life
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

There's quite a bit of subtle mix mastering here as the New York sax man relocates to Denmark, brings old pal, Bob Moses, in for the session, has a former student of his drafted into being the crew's vocalist and finally rounding out the gang with some well skilled locals we aren't familiar with. Bernstein has developed his sense of Euro jazz but still hasn't left his left leaning Big Apple skronk behind. Tailored for those who like it left... read more

Allison Adams Tucker - WANDERlust
by Dee Dee McNeil, Musicalmemoirs' Blog

This vocalist is quite extraordinary. She sings well in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Japanese on this groundbreaking recording. Yes, six languages and all sung with emotion, passion and sounding very authentic to this listener's ear. The singer and her longtime pianist, Josh Nelson, flew to New York and recorded with an International group of musicians. The results is a unique and pleasurable project. Tucker majored in... read more

Ziggurat Quartet - Calculated Gestures
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

The Ziggurat Quartet consists of saxophonist Eric Barber, pianist Bill Anschell, bassist Doug Miller, and drummer Byron Vannoy, with all of the music consisting of challenging originals. Barber's robust tenor is featured in his tense "Sezimora." His "Oregonian Monkey Chant" may at first seem like a repetitious, slow-to-develop number, though a different perspective on its intricacies can be obtained by listening to it on headphones. Anschell's... read more

Hal Galper & the Youngbloods - Live at the Cota Jazz Festival
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Not so much of a passing of the torch as it is a lighting of the way, the 50 year jazzbo vet brings some young 'uns into the spotlight to bring his vision to a new generation of players and listeners. Highlighting the Delaware Water Gap sound as originally brought home by the Omnisound gang, Galper scans his back pages for tunes from 40 years ago that need a new focus and appreciation. A solid set where the stretching out is all on point,... read more

Todd Bishop - Travelogue
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Drummer Todd Bishop's last two releases: Little Played Little Bird (Origin, 2012) and Pop Art 4: 69 Annee Erotique (Origin, 2009) were exceptional expositions of concept, production and musicianship. Using his band from Little Bird Bishop switches to a collection of original compositions as his vehicle on Travelogue.

Bishop's band has properly gelled, benefiting from having played together consistently for the last... read more

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