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Dan Dean - 251
by Brian Sorgel, JazzTimes

The Seattle counterpart of Steve Swallow, bassist Dan Dean is able to swing persuasively, comp authoritatively and improvise melodically on electric bass. O the series of intimate duets he is showcased walking, chording, and soloing freely in the company of four decidedly different keyboard stylists. With Larry Goldings on Hammond B3 organ, Dean explores Thelonious Monk's "In Walked Bud," james Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)," Jobim's "One... read more

Scott Reeves - Portraits and Places
by Rob Nicosia, Music Man Blog

Scott Reeves is a Trombonist, Alto Flugelhornist, Composer and Educator. He has performed and recordered with some of the best Jazz Big Bands playing today like the Dave Liebman Big Band, Bill Mobley's Smoke Big Band, The Oliver Lake Big Band and the Chico O'Farrill Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra. In addition to all his fine performing, Scott is Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies at the City College of New York. He was also on the... read more

The Acoustic Jazz Quartet - Organic
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"Organic Unity" the approximate center point of the Acoustic Jazz Quartet's new recording Organic, fairly well sums up in an aural sense the constantly evolving vision of this fine West Coast quartet. This slightly Bossa piece shows exactly how far an already superb quartet has come since its previous release, Acoustic Jazz Quartet (Naxos Jazz 86033, 1999) and David Sill's previous offerings Journey Together (Naxos Jazz 86023, 1999) and Bigs... read more

Hal Galper - Trip the Light Fantastic
by Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm Jazz Blog

Jazz piano vet and highly regarded educator, Hal Galper offers another solid recording to his lengthy discography. Galper has a very identifiable sound, not sure I can adequately compare him to anyone. The way in which he strings notes together, it always leaves me with the impression of falling down a flight of stairs without ever leaving my feet? a controlled cohesive randomness that?s just a wee bit dangerous and could prove fatal. With Jeff... read more

Mamutrio - Primal Existence
by Hessel Fluitman, Jazzflits (Belgium)

Piet Verbist as a bassist and leader has already presented an abundance of different work. Alto saxophonist Lieven Cambré is also not a newcomer, but drummer Jesse Dockx is a fresh voice on the scene. Their CD "Primal Existence" is a set of generally quiet jazz. Cambré looks for a thoughtful way through the possibilities these themes offer him. Verbist puts calm security as the basis for the game while Dockx makes the music flow with his... read more

Peter Lerner - Continuation
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Guitarist Peter Lerner hasn't reached Broom's level of recognition, but he surely has outdone himself with his newest release, Continuation (Origin Records). Though he sounds strong in solo passages, it's the band he leads and the strength of his compositions that make the deepest impression here. With pianist Willie Pickens playing a leonine role throughout the recording and Robert Irving III serving as producer, "Continuation"... read more

Bongwool Lee - My Singing Fingers
by Dan Ouellette, DOWNBEAT

Bongwool Lee's Jazz Epiphany

Call it a revelatory jazz moment. As a classical music prodigy in Seoul, South Korea, pianist Bongwool Lee was listening to the radio one day when she heard the graceful but sturdy sound of Oscar Peterson.

"I'd listened to the radio every day since I was very young," said Lee, who today is based in New York. "When I heard Oscar Peterson on the radio, it changed my life immediately. I was 16 and I decided... read more

Thomas Marriott - Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

Even for an album of Willie Nelson songs done by a jazz trumpeter, the Sun Ra-style opening is a surprise. Nelson's songs walk the line between simple and complex, holding elements of traditional music while occasionally introducing modern sentiment. Given his affinity for collaboration across genres, one might assume that he'd approve of a jazz remake like this. Admittedly, Nelson's songs are taken primarily as a starting point here ? at times,... read more

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