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Peter Epstein and Idée Fixe - Abstract Realism
by Stef Gijssels, Freejazz Blog

As a leader, saxophonist Peter Epstein released three modern jazz CDs, one Portuguese CD, a solo sax record with some classical music and some improvisations, a fantastic world jazz album ("Lingua Franca"), and all this in a quite irregular time span, of which most ten years ago and not much lately.

He is a musician with broad technical skills, open to many genres, and that seems to have been his problem in creating a specific profile.... read more

Corey Christiansen - Lone Prairie
by Robert Ratajczak, LongPlay: RadioJAZZ - Poland

[translated from Polish] Lone Prairie is the fifth album by Corey Christiansen in recent years (third released by the American label Origin Records), successfully strengthening his position among the greatest jazz guitarists in the world. After a stunning debut in 2004 (The Awakening), an album he recorded with trio MB3 (Hits Jazz Vol.1), and two albums highly accepted in the United States: Roll With It and Outlaw... read more

Peter Epstein and Idée Fixe - Abstract Realism
by David Kane, Cadence

Aptly titled, Abstract Realism plies the interesting waters that lie between conventional Jazz and the Avant-garde. This is the sort of progressive Jazz I find interesting: Jazz that employs both tonality and atonality; where written material serves to propel the performers into improvised flights of fancy and where the music is replete with dynamic contrast. Just a quick com parison of two tracks, "Simple" and "Center" for instance, cover quite... read more

Laurie Antonioli - Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light
by Brent Black, Critical Jazz

An inspired recording of tremendous passion and depth that takes the Joni Mitchell road less traveled. The immediate success of Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light could be linked to the less than predictable greatest hits collection other contemporaries are quick to offer up. Antonioli's band is first rate, A-list players such as bassist John Shifflett and a cameo from the great Theo Bleckmann opening the release with "People's Parties."... read more

Jessica Williams - Freedom Trane
by John Frederick Moore, Jazziz

Is Jessica Williams capable of a false step?

The pianist continues to put out one stellar recording after another, though without the fanfare that accompanies some of her peers. Her latest, a tribute to John Coltrane, is as soulful as anything she's recorded and just as elegant.

The eight tracks are evenly split between Williams originals and Coltrane classics. The opener, Williams' "The Seeker," plays like a Coltrane tune. Williams'... read more

Diego Barber & Hugo Cipres - 411
by Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

Guitarist Diego Barber burst onto the scene with the 2009 release Calima, an album with an expansive sound enveloped in a rustic serenity, courtesy of Barber's use of classical guitar in a jazz setting. He continued that sound with the 2011 release The Choice, an album that saw him move from the sounds of wide open spaces and into an environment in which his guitar work could display a tighter focus and sense of detail.

His evolution as... read more

John Stowell / Michael Zilber - Basement Blues
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

With a sound reminiscent of how it was with Oregon when they were transitioning from Elektra to ECM, this crew has the modern sweet spot well in hand where many things merge into a sound at once familiar but thoroughly it's own. A real treat for those that still remember how it was when you could make music in the marketplace that wasn't required to swing for the fences under a pile of notes. Hey, we know there's always been meddling executive... read more

John Stowell and Ulf Bandgren - Throop
by Ian MacGregor, Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia

Our member John Stowell has recorded with many different guitarists and on this latest CD he teams up with Swedish guitarist Ulf Bendgren. Ulf currently teaches guitar/ensemble at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. Both players on this album are playing Mike Doolin guitars, John a nylon string and Ulf a steel string. They have an amazingly warm sound. The opening track is a bright number called ?Five Roses? and after... read more

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