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John Stowell - The Banff Sessions
by A Fan, reviewindex.com

A fantastic CD from a great artist!

John Stowell is not only a great guitar player, he is one of the few unique voices in jazz today. He has a style that is instantly recognizable, and plays with very intense feeling and emotion. The sad fact is that John has been playing to this great level of musicianship for at least 25 years, yet is known to only a small number of people. John is best in small group situations, solo, duo, or trio, where... read more

Marcos Varela - San Ygnacio
by Britt Robson, JazzTimes

Houston keeps churning out stellar jazz artists. One of the latest, and brightest, is bassist Marcos Varela, who is talented enough to have been mentored by Ron Carter and employed by Billy Hart and Clifton Anderson during his dozen years in New York, smart enough to enlist drummer Hart, trombonist Anderson and pianist George Cables to play on San Ygnacio, and confident enough to forge his own identity on this remarkable debut.

Hart and... read more

Mark Colby - Reflections
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

He's been playing for quite a while, largely as a sideman, but Mark Colby makes his Origin debut here, part of a series of Chicago musicians who the label quietly picked up bit by bit, all with excellent and individual sounds. On Reflections, Colby takes aim at a tribute to the various musical influences he began with, leaning heavily on the Great American Songbook, but also including a few items from elsewhere in the jazz realm (an excellent... read more

John McLean / Clark Sommers Band - Parts Unknown
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS It's amazing what can happen when you take a tight-knit, deep-dish duo reflective of Chicago's jazz riches, add one of the world's most dexterous and expressive vibraphonists, and sweeten the deal with a grooving up-and-comer. Charts are mapped over uncharted territories, musical assuredness carries the day in uncertain realms, and surprises await around every well-constructed corner. This is not-so-simply a beautiful case of... read more

George Colligan - The Endless Mysteries
by John Kelman, All About Jazz

While music fans often think of the artists they love as gifted people whose lives are consumed by the pursuit of their art, all-too-often they ignore equally important, if seemingly more mundane, needs: making a living, perhaps having a family...things to which most people aspire. With music sales on the decline, most musicians pay the rent by touring and, in some cases, teaching, but for those who've failed to achieve greater recognition,... read more

Matt Otto with Ensemble Iberica - Iberica
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Ringer of the Week Tenor saxist and composer Matt Otto puts together a thoroughly original, accessible and exciting session that mixes jazz with Andalusian sounds on this clever session. The unorthodox team includes the "Ensemble Iberica" (Beau Bledsoe/g-oud, Jordan Shipley/g-cav, Michael McClintock/eg-tres) along with Brad Cox/Rhodes, Karl McComas-Reich/b-cel and Mike Stover/steelg. Together, Otto blows a smoky tenor along with rich... read more

Curt Berg - At Stagg Street Studio
by Jim Santella, Cadence

Weekly rehearsals in Curt Berg's Los Angeles area garage studio afford him the opportunity to try out his compositions
and to interpret them with various personnel line-ups. For his first recording as leader this quintet does a stellar job; the Stagg Street studio isn't far from Berg's home and garage, but it offers the acoustics to capture the sound of his ensemble quite well. Deeply sensual and emotionally moving, the leader's compositions... read more

John Moulder - Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit
by Hobart Taylor, KUCI - Irvine, CA

Guitarist/Composer Moulder is joined here by an exceptional cast, including but not limited to trumpeter Marquis Hill, tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin and pianist Jim Trompeter. Like Coltrane, or more recently Larry Coryell or Christian Finger, Moulder takes Indian and other non western musical traditions as points of departure for his own melodic explorations and does so to stunning effect. The tunes "Journey to the East (Parts 1 and 2)"... read more

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