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Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story
by Brent Black, Critical Jazz.com

Sometimes when a release is billed as "intimate" or "personal" the words "dull" and "boring" can be easily slid in the mix and sadly be a pretty accurate representation of the end result of recording. I call this artistic death by self indulgence.

Not here.

Bobby Broom is an artist that is not doing as much of an autobiographical release as much as Upper West Side Story is a story told from the artistic perspective of how it all... read more

David Friesen and Glen Moore - Bactrian
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Here's a perfect example of a record that is one of those sets that probably couldn't get made but needs to be made. Here's a perfect example of a record that certainly starts out on paper as being something that's not for everyone but it's execution shows it's for anyone that wants their ears taken on a trip they won't forget. Two unmistakable bass players that have known each other 50 years face off in a pairing that's just them plunking... read more

Bobby Broom - Song And Dance
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

We sometimes forget how many world-class jazz musicians live-- and work -- in our midst.

Consider Bobby Broom, who happens to be the favorite guitarist of tenor saxophone icon Sonny Rollins. Broom has toured globally with Rollins in recent years, bringing his buoyant art to audiences who have applauded it.

But Rollins, 76, tours only at selected times each season, freeing Broom to hold various ongoing engagements across the Chicago area.... read more

Bobby Broom - Bobby Broom Plays for Monk
by Brian McCoy, Oakland Examiner

Bobby Broom was just a teenager when he became enamored with jazz, but even then he figured he'd started too late.
As the Chicago-based guitarist explains in the interview below, he realized even in 1976 that ? human mortality being what it is ? it would be years before he acquired the chops needed to play with his be bop heroes. How many would still be around when Broom was ready?
An impressive percentage, as it turned out. And Broom has made... read more

Sarah Partridge - I Never Thought I'd Be Here
by Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation

It doesn't always happen, but this time, the promoter got the keyword right, when it was declared that Sarah's jazz vocal work is "dazzling"... she leads a high-energy, high-talent crew of players (you can view them on the album page at Origin) on this ten-song bundle of energy... songs like the opener, "Perspective" (from one of her earlier albums, I believe), establishes her as one of the most talented jazz vocalists on the scene today! The... read more

Hal Galper - Trip the Light Fantastic
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

About eighty percent of the jazz piano players out there can fit into one of two schools: that of the introspective, harmonically rich Bill Evans mode; or the more percussive and gregarious Bud Powell bebop approach. There's also a small slice of the that pie that draws it primary inspiration from bright and splashy Art Tatum/Oscar Peterson pre-bop playing style, along with various subsets. Then there are those who take a foundation of one of... read more

Hal Galper - O's Time
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

Veteran pianist Hal Galper has a more measured, intricate approach on "O's Time." On John Coltrane's "Like Sonny" he takes his time working up classical-sounding turbulence with different tempos in each hand while his rhythm mates, Jeff Johnson and John Bishop swirl alongside him. The trio moves through Wayne Shotere's "Wildflower" and Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" in surging, delirious clouds while the ballad "Moonglazed" is played... read more

Anthony Branker - Beauty Within
by Albert Brooks, Albany Jazz

TOP 5 for 2016 Beauty Within, itself a strong contender for my choice of 'album of the year', is another marvelous offering from Dr. Anthony Branker, the most eloquent, socially conscious, interesting and challenging composer/arranger on the scene today, in my humble estimation. This album aptly named for what it is is a work of beauty. In Imagine, Dr. Branker has assembled an upper echelon staff of musicians to give... read more

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