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Jonas Tauber - Storm Walking Singing
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

An album of improvised, solo, upright bass. This isn't your father's jazz. Tauber makes use of every possibility the bass affords in creating sound textures, often simultaneously rubbing, plucking, and bowing to create harmonies alone. Along the way, from program music to program music, he manages to show off some incredible versatility in performance. The music can become a bit sparse for the average listener from time to time (it is, after... read more

Hal Galper - Trip the Light Fantastic
by Paulo Barbosa, Jazz XXI (Portugal)

Abril de 2012

****1/2 Stars

Por motivos que, com toda a certeza, se prendem com o seu empenho na área do ensino e com o seu papel enquanto pensador do jazz - o sintomaticamente intitulado "Forward Motion", um manual da improvisação da sua autoria, resulta exatamente dessa sua dedicação à aprendizagem do jazz -, Hal Galper é, quanto a mim, um dos músicos mais injustamente negligenciados nas últimas décadas.... read more

Matt Jorgensen +451 - Hope
by Brian Kidd, North Seattle Herald

With the March 16 release of their latest album, "Hope," Matt Jorgensen+451 stand on the border of nostalgic reflection and future aspiration, peripherally looking back and forward. They pay tribute while propelling original compositions into innovative, cosmic sounds.

Behind the drum kit is Matt Jorgensen, but it is the entire band that is behind this evolving and warm music.

Following "The Road Begins Here" and "Quiet Silence"... read more

Toby Koenigsberg - Sense
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise, October 5, 2006

Toby Koenigsberg grew up in Eugene, Ore. where he's now an assistant professor of jazz piano at the University of Oregon. He received his master of music degree from Eastman, and then pursued graduate studies at the Peabody Conservatory.

Jason Palmer, the trio's drummer, has been associated with Koenigsberg for 15 years, when they formed their first musical group. Bassist Tyler Abbot completes the trio, which has been active for three years... read more

Corey Christiansen - Outlaw Tractor
by John Barron, All About Jazz

Guitarist extraordinaire Corey Christiansen displays a crisp attack with scorching solos on Outlaw Tractor, a disc full of no-nonsense, organ-based, groovy jazz. Christiansen, who is also a well-known educator and author of guitar-related instructional material, recruits the talents of organist Pat Bianchi to create a rollicking vibe reminiscent of the classic pairing of Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith in the 1960s.

The irresistible... read more

John Stowell | Michael Zilber - Live Beauty
by Bill Milkowski, Downbeat

4-STARS The potent partnership of guitarist John Stowell and saxophonist Michael Zilber plays out on this highly interactive and adventurous set recorded before a live audience at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley. Fueled by the remarkably empathetic Bay Area rhythm tandem of bassist John Shifflet and drummer Jason Lewis, Stowell and Zilber take their time and follow their muse quite freely throughout this intimate concert.... read more

Jessica Williams - Freedom Trane
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

The pianist has concentrated on solo performance lately but returns to the trio format by way of this paean to John Coltrane. Accompanied by bassist Dave Captein and drummer Mel Brown, Williams explores four pieces by Coltrane and four of her own that pay tribute to the man she has long acknowledged as a major musical and spiritual inspiration. In her notes, she calls him "my light through the darkness." There is no darkness in the title tune,... read more

Bruce Williamson - Standard Transmission
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

Deep in the shed, New York alto ace Williamson teams up with the admired veteran pianist Art Lande in a quartet setting mainly devoted to favorite melodies of long standing. Hence, the clever album title. The quartet is completed by Peter Barshay, bass, and Alan Hall, drums. Among many high moments here, try "Just You, Just Me." A guy named Monk turned it into "Evidence" quite some years ago, and Williamson, Lande and company bring out that... read more

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