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Jeff Johnson - Tall Stranger
by Larry Cosentino, Signal To Noise

It's rare to experience music that seems to strive toward complete immobility. Jeff Johnson's "Tall Stranger" has a staggering, strung-out pace that may drive some people crazy, but will surely delight others who resist our world's accelerating rate of input. All three legs of this trio (Johnson on bass, plus reedman Has Teuber and drummer Billy Mintz) have tireless storytelling chops. Johnson drawls out his solos like a grizzled... read more

Randy Halberstadt - Flash Point
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Society

Seattle pianist Halberstadt is one of those rare, all-purpose cats who, when all's said and done, shines most brightly in a post-bop setting such as this. The quintet here includes Jeff Johnson, bass, and Mark Ivester, drums (his working trio), plus Mark Taylor on alto sax and Thomas Marriott on trumpet and flugelhorn. Of the nine tunes played here, six are originals by Halberstadt, so a brief examination of a few seems in order. The session... read more

Nick Finzer - The Chase
by Brian Keegan, International Trombone Association Journal

The Chase, Nick Finzer's latest release, features the up-and-coming New York trombonist's finest playing and creative composition. The album displays a wide breadth of stylistic influences and a searching, pining quality in both writing and improvising.

"Life Happens," the opening track, has a driving, intense quality, though it has the same small problem that a few of the other selections have; it should continue a bit longer... read more

Jonas Tauber - Storm Walking Singing
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

An album of improvised, solo, upright bass. This isn't your father's jazz. Tauber makes use of every possibility the bass affords in creating sound textures, often simultaneously rubbing, plucking, and bowing to create harmonies alone. Along the way, from program music to program music, he manages to show off some incredible versatility in performance. The music can become a bit sparse for the average listener from time to time (it is, after... read more

Bongwool Lee - My Singing Fingers
by Paul Rauch, All About Jazz

4-STARS Much has been written about the different creative processes engaged between classical and jazz musicians, more specifically, as applied to the collective worlds of jazz and classical piano. New York based pianist Bongwool Lee has an intimate relationship with these perceived differences. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, she was exposed by her parents to a variety of music at a very early age, winning her country's acclaimed... read more

Toby Koenigsberg - Sense
by Inka Bajandas, The Daily Emerald

University faculty don't just write textbooks. Some of them are producing their own CDs.

The Toby Koenigsberg Trio, featuring three University Jazz Studies Department faculty members, will celebrate the release of its new album tonight at the Luna jazz club. Toby Koenigsberg on the piano, Tyler Abbott on the bass and Jason Palmer on drums will play several songs from their new CD, as well as pieces by New York City-based jazz composer AndrČ... read more

Florian Hoefner - Luminosity
by Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite Magazine

Luminosity is when acrylic colors retain their freshness. Luminosity by the Florian Hoefner Group on Origin Records does just that as well, for it is here that the German-born pianist Hoefner, on his third all-original quartet CD, puts the Masters Degree he earned at the Manhattan School of Music to good use.

Hoefner, 33, must be as intense as his music. He composed all eight tracks while in solitude on and off the beautiful beaches of St.... read more

Corey Christiansen - Outlaw Tractor
by Carlo Wolff, JazzTimes

There's more to guitarist Corey Christiansen's third outing as a leader than can be revealed in a cursory listen. There's funk in "When You Want," a hip shuffle in the Grant Green-meets-Jimmy Smith mode; there's easygoing romanticism in "Down Time," a samba in which Christiansen explores deep sonorities as saxophonist David Halliday updates the broad-shouldered Chicago tenor style; there's oddball angularity in the title track, a jaunty workout... read more

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