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Dee Daniels - Jazzinit
by Carl Anthony, Jazz 91.9FM WCLK

Dee Daniels uncovers the Jazzinit as she skillfully interprets the stories of American composers Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, Lionel Richie and Otis Redding among others, thus ushering these authors into the echelon of past contributors to the great American songbook.... read more

Joel Miller - Swim
by Shirley Noel, Info-Culture Quebec

This very talented musician--who is now in his sixth album--is known for his explorations he did mostly out in his last two albums, Mandala and Tantramar. This time, he returned to more traditional jazz, but was fantastically creative. This saxophone virtuoso who first touched this instrument at the age of 10 and who started learning jazz from the age of 13 is completely in his element on this album. He takes exhilarating solos,... read more

Dominic J. Marshall - Spirit Speech
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Pianist Dominic J. Marshall's star keeps rising on this session of originals with Tobias Nijboer/bass and Jamie Peet/drums. He's got a thoughtful touch that is able to be both swinging and romantic. His compositions are clever, sophisticated and accessible, ranging from the driving "Book of Machines" to the elegant ballad "Unflinchingly." A gentle but assertive groove leans forward on "Tiwanaku" while the team of bass and drum make some... read more

Piet Verbist - Zygomatik
by John Barron, The Jazz Word

From the opening notes of the rocked-up opener "PMS Alert!," Zygomatik is unquestionably a bass player-led recording. The heavy grooves of Piet Verbist's upright set the pace for much of this disc steeped in odd-metered funk with soulful harmonic hooks. The Belgian bassist/composer conjures up a vibe reminiscent of the early fusion-era at its best. Slow burning solo vamps boil over with unexpected climatic turns on the standout pieces "La... read more

Scenes - Silent Photographer
by David Franklin, Cadence

After a decade of playing together, the trio Scenes has developed a large measure of cohesiveness. They play well individually and function at a high level as a team. Here they perform their own unique versions of Wayne Shorter's "Black Eyes," Herbie Hancock's "Chan's Song," and John Coltrane's "Resolution," along with three originals by Stowell and four by Johnson. Their own tunes are acces­sibly melodic, some of them being in conventional song... read more

Thomas Marriott - Constraints & Liberations
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

I can recall hearing a teenage Marriott sounding for all the world like Clifford Brown! As most musicians do, he's moved into other arenas, certainly finding his own voice, but it remains at times a silvery, gorgeous trumpet sound. On these seven originals, Marriott works little miraculous turns with tenor man Hans Teuber, and leaves lots of room for pianist Gary Versace and his rhythm section to create on their own terms. Marriott's... read more

Bruce Williamson - Standard Transmission
by Kyle O'Brien, Jazz Socitey Of Oregon

Saxophonist Williamson and pianist Lande played together nearly four decades ago, but the Bay Area musicians went separate ways. Their musical connection never faded. The opener finds both players taking upbeat solos on a tune that walks back and forth between waltz and swing, Rodgers & Hart's "I Didn't Know What Time It Was." Joe Henderson's "Mamacita" is a fun, Latin-influenced number that gives Williamson a chance to show off an angular alto... read more

John Stowell - Solitary Tales
by Brian Whistler, Audiophile Audition

That Stowell has never stopped growing is amply apparent on this latest release.

John Stowell is an Oregon-based jazz guitarist who has been on the scene since the mid 1970s. I first encountered his music while he was touring the west coast back in the 70s in a duo with bassist Dave Friesen. Freisen's visceral, earthy approach to the bass was the perfect counterpoint to Stowell's heady jazz conceptions, which together produced a... read more

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