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Human Spirit - Dialogue
by Nick DeRiso, Something Else!

Human Spirit, a newly named Seattle-based jazz group with a lengthy history, offers an old-fashioned guest star-packed blowing session on Dialogue, recorded live at Tula's Jazz Club during Earshot Jazz Festival in October of last year.

The band's core trio of trumpeter Thomas Marriott (composer of half of the album's eight tunes), altoist Mark Taylor and drummer Matt Jorgensen are joined by Orrin Evans at the piano and Essiet... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - Full-On!
by Mark S Tucker, AcousticMusic.com

You can't blame Chris Walden for taking seven years to issue another CD. He's so in demand that the guy barely has time to change socks before flying off to front another gig, score a movie, contribute tracks to a TV series, or arrange for any of a panoply of big names: Paul Anka, Christopher Cross, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Michael Bolton, Nancy Wilson, etc. With Full On!, the delayed follow-up to 2007's Kurt Marti Suite... read more

Ira Sullivan & Stu Katz - A Family Affair - Live at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

At the Otter Crest Jazz Weekend, I once had the amazing experience of witnessing Sullivan alternate between brassy things and reedy things. The only other guy I can think of who plays trumpet and saxophones really well is Seattle's Jay Thomas. Many remember Sullivan from a lengthy partnership with trumpeter Red Rodney. But live at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase in his native Chicago, Sullivan rekindles a boyhood friendship with vibist Stu Katz. To... read more

Matt Jorgensen - Tattooed by Passion: Music inspired by the paintings of Dale Chisman
by Phillip McNally, Cadence Magazine

Finally drummer Matt Jorgensen leads a stellar 5tet on (4), and they work through an impressive series of compositions devoted to the painting of the late Dale Chisman. The nicely handled package displays several of the Chisman paintings which directly inspired Jorgensen, and makes listening to this set a programmatic experience. Trumpeter Thomas Marriott nearly steals the date, for he has a burnished perfect tone and a gentle lyric way with his... read more

Hal Galper / Jeff Johnson / John Bishop - Furious Rubato
by Jim Corcoran, Jazz Society of Oregon

LV's Uptown? Portland, OR - Friday April 6th, 2007

Hal Galper is a master of progressive jazz. A noted author and educator, he has taught music for many years in several of the top schools in the jazz pantheon, and his touring career has brought him to all corners of the world. What a delight it was to have him here. His bandmates, John Bishop and Jeff Johnson hail from Seattle and constitute the last two thirds of Hal's West Coast... read more

Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story
by Frank Alkyer, Downbeat

Guitarist Bobby Broom is one of Chicago?s true musical treasures. He?s lived in the Windy City since the early ?90s, and his influence is felt throughout the Chicago music community. Some may have caught him playing with Sonny Rollins over the years, which is a treat. But when he?s not on tour, Chicago?s the place to see him at one of his regular, not-to-be-missed weekly gigs?Tuesday nights at the Green Mill with the Deep Blue Organ Trio or on... read more

Clipper Anderson - The Road Home
by Ric Bang, Jazz Scan

Clipper Anderson is another of the seemingly innumerable jazz artists who reside and work in the Pacific Northwest. Born and schooled in Montana, Anderson began to play the electric bass while in high school, then switched to the acoustic instrument during his tenure at the University of Montana. In addition to being part of the Seattle area?s extensive jazz cadre, he?s an active studio musician, teaches jazz bass at Pacific Lutheran University,... read more

Anthony Branker - Beauty Within
by Carol Banks Weber, AXS

These are the musicians you want on any heart-stopping new jazz recording: guitarist Pete McCann, pianist Fabian Almazan, double-bassist Linda Oh, tenor/soprano saxophonist Ralph Bowen, and drummer Rudy Royston. They're in-demand jazz side men and session players who do a number on nine compositions by bandleader and composer Anthony Branker for his and his Imagine Quintet's new album on Origin Records, Beauty Within, recorded on April... read more

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