Hal Galper Quartet featuring Jerry Bergonzi


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5-Stars...a work of true artistic mastery, and generational significance.

With his focus on 'the art of the trio' since moving on from the Phil Woods Quintet in the late '80s - the last decade incorporating his innovative development of trio 'Rubato' playing into 7 albums on Origin Records - pianist Hal Galper made a major, personal musical statement in adding his old friend and saxophone titan Jerry Bergonzi to a late 2016 tour and live recording. Diving into the 'Rubato' deep end with the trio, Bergonzi provided another dimension and an added spark, opening unforeseen avenues to the trio and quickly becoming an integral part of Galper's musical concepts. Thus, the Hal Galper Quartet, featuring Jerry Bergonzi! Recorded at Cleveland's Tri-C, Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts, the quartet recorded live in an open session format with a small but involved audience. Bassist Jeff Johnson contributed much of the music for the tour and four of the tracks for the recording. His composition "Cubist," provided the implied visual of a subject with many parts out of place or overly-dramatized, offering new perspectives on a familiar image, and a fine metaphor for the music. "...a moment of thrilling uncertainty, slightly airborne and stretched out in unusual shapes and motions, and (the moment extended) out for the length of a song, each and every time." - Wondering Sound.

Track Listing:

1 SOLAR 5:50 Miles Davis
2 ISRAEL 9:06 John Carisi
3 ARTISTS 5:20 Jeff Johnson
4 KIWI 11:28 Jeff Johnson
5 CUBIST 8:06 Jeff Johnson
6 SCENE WEST 12:57 Jeff Johnson
7 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD 7:27 Duke Ellington
8 SCUFFLIN' 8:29 Hal Galper


Jerry Bergonzi - tenor saxophone
Hal Galper - piano
Jeff Johnson - bass
John Bishop - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Hal Galper, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop
Recorded by Kevin Baylon
at the Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts,
Tri-C, Cleveland, OH on October 14, 2016
Mixed by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho, Seattle, WA
Mastered by Dan Dean at DDP Productions, Mercer Island, WA
Painting by Clive Watts
Photo by Jeff Forman
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Cubist

All About Jazz (Paul Rauch)
5-STARS Hal Galper has been in the jazz limelight now for over a half century, establishing his trademark sound in more traditional settings with alto saxophone luminaries Cannonball Adderly, and Phil Woods, and trumpet legend Chet Baker. Yet in the new century, Galper has turned the piano trio concept on its collective ear, something that ha ...

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
4 1/2-STARS Count pianist Hal Galper as another veteran rising like the brightest of stars into a compelling late career zenith. An alumni of saxophone great Phil Woods' 1980s group, Galper found his inspiration of late with an exploration of the Rubato Style of playing, with its flexible approach to tempo and the disassembling of melodies and put ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
How do you make this trio better? Add Jerry Bergonzi and record them live and in the moment. You think it's going to be sitting down jazz but once the percolator starts perking, you just can't turn it off. A tease and a surprise, this is jazz that engages you and keeps you on board to hear what's coming next. Pros that deliver the goods, this ...

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