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East West: Music for Big Bands

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Put simply, Zilber is one of the true masters of modern jazz saxophone...his prodigious talents evidenced by his recordings and live performances are truth.
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Composer/Saxophonist Michael Zilber's musical approach has always been a unique mix, bred from myriad activities over the years in New York & Boston in the east, and Vancouver & San Francisco in the west. On East West, that aspect of his being is front and center, along with his delving into writing and arranging for big bands over the last decade. Tackling an ambitious, once-in-a-lifetime project with two big band recording sessions - one in New York, the other in San Francisco - Zilber gathers from his extended music community two groupings of powerful, empathetic musical voices, their collective commitment to support, share and create shining through these 14 tracks. Featured are 8 originals and 6 arrangements of classic songs, including "Joshua," "Fall," "Skylark" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." "...one of the best composers and players around anywhere. Period." - Dave Liebman

Track Listing:

Disc One: Big Band East
1. Hen House (Michael Zilber) 5:22
2. Fall (Wayne Shorter) 9:29
3. Joshua (Miles Davis-Victor Feldman) 7:27
4. Fantasia on Trane Changes (Zilber) 8:13
5. Repressions (Zilber) 8:27
6. The Christmas Song (Mel Torme and Robert Wells) 6:20
7. The Breckerfast Club (Zilber) 6:42

Disc Two: Big Band West
1. Weather Wayne (Zilber) 5:20
2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg) 5:04
3. Shiva For Shifflett (Zilber) 5:59
4. Skylark (Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael) 9:29
5. Another Prayer While Waiting (Zilber) 6:20
6. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) 4:52
7. St. Paul (Desmond) - (Zilber) 7:29


New York Band:
Bruce Williamson - alto
Todd Bashore - alto
Michael Zilber - tenor
Tommy Morimoto - tenor
Jay Rattman - baritone
Frank Greene - Trumpet 1
Alex Norris - Trumpet 2
Freddie Hendrix - Trumpet 3
Chris Rogers - Trumpet 4
Doug Beavers - Trombone 1
Alan Ferber - Trombone 2
Beserat Tafesse - Trombone 3
Max Seigel - Bass Tbn
Mike Holober - Piano
John Benitez - Bass
Marko Marcinko - Drums

San Francisco Band:
Sheldon Brown - alto
Larry Delacruz - alto
Michael Zilber - tenor
Dann Zinn - tenor
Rob Sudduth - baritone
Erik Andrews - trumpet
Mike Olmos - trumpet
Max Miller-Moran - trumpet
Erik Jekabson - trumpet
Doug Beavers - trombone
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Jon Hatamiya - trombone
Rich Lee - bass trombone
John R Burr - piano
Dan Feiszli - bass
Jeff Marrs - drums
Jeff Masanari - guitar
Joe Bagale - vocals

Production Info:

Produced by Michael Zilber
Recorded by New York: Aaron Nevezie, SF: Jeff Cressman
New York: The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn San Francisco - The Union, San Francisco
New York: March 27, 2018, SF: August 9, 2018
Mixing: New York: Dan Feiszli, SF: Jeff Cressman
New York: El Cerrito, CA San Francisco: San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Jeremy Goody, Megasonic Sound, Oakland, CA
Photos by Scott Chernis, Dionne Perez
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

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After earning high praise from Dave Liebman, Zilber redefines what ambition and drive mean by coming forth with a twofer that features a bicoastal recording in which the sax man pulls out all the stops in arranging for big band. Highlighting what makes each coast special rather than pitting them against each other, this is a modern monster of a se ...

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