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Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood

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MUSIC REVIEW BY Steven Miller, Sound in Review


Hello, connoisseurs of intricate soundscapes and narratives told through melody and rhythm. It is splendid to delve into an artistic endeavor that presents itself as a veritable amalgamation of influences, techniques, and emotions. We find ourselves today discussing Dr. Darden Purcell's latest offering, Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood, released under the Origin Records imprint on September 16, 2023. In this review, we'll explore how Dr. Purcell and her ensemble have skillfully employed musical elements and lyrical themes to create an album that is a nod to jazz tradition and a fresh, modern take on the evergreen subject of love.

Before we dissect this auditory feast, a bit about Dr. Darden Purcell. She is an epitome of artistry and pedagogy in the realm of jazz, having held her own on stages with eminent musicians like Maria Schneider and Eric Alexander. Her professorial role at George Mason University as the Director of Jazz Studies, along with her ensemble's accolades, further entrenches her authority in the genre. With this background in mind, we approach her latest record with the expectation of a harmonious blend of erudition and raw musical emotion.

The album, a mixture of Great American Songbook gems, Brazilian standards, and original compositions, displays Dr. Purcell's versatility. While her husband, Shawn Purcell, serves as the album's arranger and guitarist, the soundscape is further enriched by vibraphonist Joe Locke, pianist Todd Simon, bassist Jeff Reed, and drummer Todd Harrison.

Musically, the unconventional 9/8 time signature in "Willow Weep for Me" provides a fresh take on this classic, weaving a sense of wistfulness, as you observed. Lyrically, the original song revolves around the theme of heartbreak. The 9/8 treatment adds a new layer to this emotional terrain by infusing a jazz-derived complexity and ambiguity into a blues-inflected narrative. Dr. Purcell's wordless performance of the written voice and guitar soli is a powerful dynamic amplifier that displays the instrumental quality to her vocal delivery. In doing so, she adds a modern tinge to a song grounded in the classic themes of love and loss.

"Estrada Branca (This Happy Madness)" encapsulates a blend of romanticism and escapism, crucial elements of Antonio Carlos Jobim's original composition. Dr. Purcell maintains these themes in her lyrical interpretation, singing in both Portuguese and English to expand the song's emotional reach. Musically, the Brazilian groove is a collective effort: Locke's vibraphone and Shawn's arrangement and guitar create a seamless foundation, while bassist Reed and drummer Harrison provide a gorgeously swaying bosa nova feel that Dr. Purcell's elegant vocals soar over. This contributes to the song's narrative of 'happy madness'—a paradoxical blend of love's irrationality and joy.

Thematically, "Chatterbox," co-written by Darden and Shawn Purcell, provides an exciting detour from the romantic focus of other tracks. As an original piece, it provides a canvas for Dr. Purcell to explore themes of communication and social interactions in a jazzy, upbeat tempo. The spirit of hard bop serves as a historical backdrop, which blends modernity with a homage to the jazz greats. Instrumentally, the track shines through its complex rhythms and intricate melodies, mirroring the complexity of the theme.

"Taking a Chance on Love" offers a timeless look at the gamble that is love, a theme as old as time but continually relevant. The 3/4 feel gives an additional layer of uncertainty, capturing the rhythmic irregularities that often accompany emotional adventures. The harmonic interplay between vibes and guitar serves as a counterpoint to Dr. Purcell's vocal lines, creating a multi-layered conversation between instruments and voice that encapsulates the risks and rewards of love.

The album as a whole exudes an aura of historical reverence and modern freshness. Beyond its technical virtuosity, the album holds the potential to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary vocal jazz landscape. It invites a broad audience—from seasoned jazz aficionados to those newly venturing into the genre—to appreciate the intricate interplay of rhythms, melodies, and themes. Dr. Purcell's vocal delivery—warm, lyrical, and imbued with the swinging essence of the jazz era—works in perfect harmony with ensemble's sophisticated sound. They together breathe life into Shawn Purcell's arrangements, adding layers of nuance that only repeated listening can bring one to fully appreciate.

So, does Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood live up to the scholarly and musical pedigree of Dr. Darden Purcell? The answer is an unequivocal 'yes'. It is a rich experience of jazz history, married with modern virtuosity and academic depth. It takes the listener on a lovely journey through time, space, and emotion, paying homage to the past while forging a path into the future.

In summary, Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood explores the manifold complexities of love, seen through the multifaceted lens of jazz. With each song, Dr. Darden Purcell and her ensemble breathe new life into classic themes, employing an array of musical elements—from unconventional time signatures to intricate harmonic arrangements—to infuse each track with fresh interpretations. Beyond its technical and thematic profundities, Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood strikes a chord at the emotional level. It invites the listener into an intimate headspace, making it a soul-stirring journey through the complexities of love as articulated by the universal language of jazz and Dr. Purcell's vocal talents.





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