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Shelly Rudolph - The Way We Love
by Jörg Schmitt, Sonic Soul (Germany)

Time for rest. And prudent listening to music. Time for Shelly Rudolph. Decelerated, tender and brimming with emotion. Shelly even with a clear voice - sometimes firmly stowed, sometimes suspended - almost to itan all-star ensemble (cellist David Darling, plus Tom Grant, Darrell Grant, David Goldblatt or David K. Mathews on the grand piano, plus Dave Captein on bass and saxophonist Devin Phillips), led by guitarist Chance Hayden, who as a... read more

Gordon Lee and the Gleeful Big Band - Flying Dream
by John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Portland jazz pianist and composer Gordon Lee only started writing for big band in 1995 but the ten tracks on this disc demonstrate that he's a master at it. An expanding interest in counterpoint was the stimulus for his efforts. Classical influences are in fact strong in the compositions, including Stravinsky and Mahler. Among Lee's jazz heros are Ellington, Mingus, Monk, Coltrane, Jobim and Maria Schneider (the last another keyboardist who... read more

George Cotsirilos - Past Present
by Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz.com

Guitarist George Cotsirilos has nearly thirty years experience as a musician, working with acts as diverse as Etta James and Pharoah Sanders. He was also, with bassist Robb Fisher, a founding member of the San Francisco Nighthawks. Past Present is the second album from the Cotsirilos Trio, following On The Rebop (OA2 Records, 2005), and it's a graceful and sophisticated mix of standards and Cotsirilos originals.

Cotsirilos'... read more

Svetlana and the Delancey Five - Night at the Speakeasy
by Michael Verity, About Entertainment

As sophisticated as is Lisa Hilton, as sweet and subtle as is Cyrille Aimee, so is Svetlana Shmulyian sexy and swinging. A veteran of the New York nightclub scene, Svetlana calls on an A-list roster of players to make this record, including drummer (and co-producer) Rob Garcia, trumpeter Charlie Caracas and bassist George Delancey. Also in the mix is trombonist Wycliffe Gordon. "Wycliffe has a natural chemistry with the band," says Svetlana of... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Solitude: Solo Improvisations
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

Pianist Rich Pellegrin goes solo for XXV Improvisations ranging between a concise 48 seconds and a stretched out 6 minutes plus. There are plenty of rewards, with dashes similar to Eric Satie on "XII" and "XXII" to romance a la Bill Evans during "XIX". He gets playful on pieces like VIII" and bouncy like Vince Guaraldi during "XVI" while using space and echoes well during "IV" and "II". More homespun than a Jarrett solo outing, more classical... read more

Randy Napoleon - Puppets - The Music of Gregg Hill
by Editor, Michigan News

Randy Napoleon's new album Puppets. It is the latest collaboration with Napoleon and jazz musician Gregg Hill. "Puppet" is the title cut of the album of the same name and is a wonderful in-studio glimpse of how it was made. Recorded at Troubadour Recording Studio, Lansing Michigan

Puppetry is a performing art that dates back to Egypt as far back as 4,000 years ago. The use of puppets with puppets in front of attractive backgrounds was beyond... read more

Edgar Steinitz - Roots Unknown
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

It's Jewish jazz, but is it? Drawing on the various modes from the various Jewish divisions, it's all cooked up into an interesting brew where even tunes from "Fiddler on the Roof" take on a new take and are more interesting than ethnic Broadway diversions. Not klez, this is a percolating set that jumps with the joy of living and could do more for the middle east than all the diplomacy combined. Wild... read more

Erik Skov - Liminality
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Guitarist Erik Skov composes all of the tunes for the front line of Emily Kuhn/tp, Dustin L aurenzi/ts, Euan Edmonds and the rhythm section of Kitt Lyles/b and Gustavo Cortinas/dr. Skov's got an elegant sound that is lovely as he hovers through the horns and Lyles' line on "Summer Meditation" and gives dark reflections as the horns sway on the reflective "Fading Embers." His acoustic strings create a tender ripple effect with Lyles on the g r... read more

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