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Mike Steinel Quintet - Song and Dance
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

We don't get to hear from the Lab Band teachers as often as we hear from the students, but this is one of the places the kids get it from. With four decades of big band charts under his belt, Steinel opts to go combo here with the music doing the talking for most of the set. Tasty playing that seems like effortless jamming, this is almost a busman's holiday set except the underlying vibe is so tight and right on that you're in good hands... read more

Errol Rackipov - Distant Dreams
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The vibes player comes in with a date that has a vague Brazilian patina to it that you can't put your finger on. That's because it's jazz inspired by Bulgarian folk music. Bristling with the kind of energy you enjoy when you make a zesty, new discovery, this set is sure to be always welcome in your ear the more you play it. The kind of jazz that gave you your light bulb moment when you really made the turn to jazz in college, this is a fast ball... read more

Kyle Asche Organ Trio - The Hook Up
by Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine, March/April 2006

One name on the Chicago jazz scene that's gotten a lot of recognition in the last couple of years is that of Kyle Asche. A superb guitarist with a nice tone and great command of his instrument, those of us in the know have seen his name float around for a while now. Now he has the chance to get his name out to a wider audience with a new album out on OA2 records called The Hook Up.
The Hook Up is an organ trio date with the fabulous Pete... read more

Will Goble - Consider the Blues
by Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record

Bassist Will Goble offers a heavy dose of blues on Consider The Blues, his second CD as a leader, featuring thoughtful arrangements of folk songs, reworkings of standards and classic jazz works, along with his creative originals. His band for this session includes Tardy, pianist Louis Heriveaux and frequent collaborator Dave Potter on drums.

The decades-old "Another Man Done Gone" is powered by the soulful, expressive vocal of Tabreeca... read more

Liam Sillery - Phenomenology
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

There's a sense of danger and change on Phenomenology, trumpeter Liam Sillery's fourth CD release on OA2 Records. His quintet--trumpet, saxophone, and rhythm section--often sounds as if it's leaning over the edge of a cliff, just a degree or two away from tipping and falling.

It hasn't always been this way with Sillery. His debut, Minor Changes (OA2 Records, 2004) and the follow-up, On the Fly (OA2 Records, 2006) could both be called... read more

Raul Agraz - Between Brothers
by Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazine


Passion, confidence and an unshakable commitment to groove are the ingredients for great Latin jazz, and Venezuelan trumpeter Raul Agraz exhibits them in abundance on his solo debut. For this ambitious project, Agraz convened a summit of New York's best session players, with special seats reserved for a few titans of Latin jazz: vibraphonist Dave Samuels, reedist Paquito D'Rivera, pianist Luis Perdomo and... read more

Carrie Wicks - I'll Get Around to It
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

A new voice out of Seattle, Carrie Wicks' debut CD scores from several standpoints. Wicks doesn't go for the gusto, and that's a good thing in a jazz singer. In addition, she's chosen quality tunes that include "Everything I've Got," "Ill Wind," "Comes Love," ?"I'm Lost" and "I'm Old Fashioned," among others. She works effortlessly with Seattle vets Bill Anschell, piano, Jeff Johnson, bass, Bryon Vannoy, drums, and the Joe Henderson-ish Hans... read more

Budman / Levy Orchestra - From There To Here
by Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

An appropriately-titled debut from the Budman/Levy Orchestra, From There To Here features 24 of the finest players in the Los Angeles area, plus a four-piece string section, superbly interpreting twelve compositions from composer/arranger/trombonist/co-leader Jeremy Levy co-leader of the group. San Franciscan saxophonist Alex Budman is the other leader of an ensemble formed in 2007 and, like the album title suggests, came to LA from elsewhere... read more

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