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Danny Green - After the Calm
by Frank Huser, Jazzflits (Netherlands)

'After The Calm' is the third album by pianist Danny Green. His first two releases were recorded with a combo. This album is a trio with Justin Grinell on electric bass and double bass and Julian Cantelm on drums, musicians who accompanied Green on the other recordings. Danny Green Trio is typical of contemporary piano trio jazz. Smooth compositions, strong grooves, touch of Latin, changing rhythms, played tight and lively. On 'After The... read more

Idit Shner - Tuesday's Blues
by Corey Jones, WYCE Radio

IDIT SHNER - TUESDAY?S BLUES Idit Shner (tenor sax) release of ?Tuesday's Blues is a must have for any jazz lover, it's a tale of nursery rhymes and ancient melodies from the Jewish liturgy in a jazz setting. The album starts off from track one (Yellow Moon) with an upbeat groove that from the first note you get the feeling Idit Shner and band mates are going for the gusto. After ?Yellow Moon?, she soothes the listener with a mellower tune with... read more

Mike Steinel Quintet - Song and Dance
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

We don't get to hear from the Lab Band teachers as often as we hear from the students, but this is one of the places the kids get it from. With four decades of big band charts under his belt, Steinel opts to go combo here with the music doing the talking for most of the set. Tasty playing that seems like effortless jamming, this is almost a busman's holiday set except the underlying vibe is so tight and right on that you're in good hands... read more

Glenn White - Sacred Machines
by Jan P. Dennis, Audiophile Audition

Very attractive modern jazz in the vein of Dave Binney and the Jazz Composers Collective

It's not surprising that Glenn White operates in the same distinct jazz world as Dave Binney. After all, Binney produced this excellent debut?if you don?t count the self-produced 1999 disc, Downside. Like Binney, White is as accomplished a composer and band leader as saxophonist. Like Binney, White has a similar approach to composition: strong,... read more

Electric Squeezebox Orchestra - The Falling Dream
by Dave Rogers, WTJU - Richmond

The Electric Squeezebox Orchestra is a 17 piece big band based in the Bay Area that plays music composed and arranged by its members. Led by trumpeter Erik Jekabson, the band will begin a new residency every Sunday night at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley in March of 2018. The E.S.O. currently consists of Erik, Henry Hung, Darren Johnston, Doug Morton and Erik Andrews on trumpets, Rob Ewing, Danny Lubin-Laden, Patrick Malabuyo and... read more

Tom Tallitsch - Perspective
by JazzTimes, JazzTimes

Sleeper CD of the Week: Tom Tallitsch's Perspective on OA2. Great sounding post-bop session from the Philadelphia-based... read more

Shawn Maxwell - Music in My Mind
by Bobby Reed, Downbeat

EDITOR'S PICK / JUNE 2018 The all-original program on Shawn Maxwell's Music In My Mind conveys the vision of a composer who's confident in his artistic vision, and comfortable with the wide array of colors on his instrumental palette.

Maxwell - who plays alto saxophone, clarinet and flute here - recruited 11 supporting musicians for his ensemble New Tomorrow. And on his eighth album, Maxwell's merger of written passages and improvised... read more

Idit Shner - 9 Short Stories
by Hobart Taylor, KUCI - Irvine, CA

Saxophonist/composer Shner working in a quartet format with pianist Josh Hanlon, bassist James Driscoll, and Stockton Helbing on drums has a deft and quasi classical touch, e.g., "Like Satie". Her tunes are carefully crafted and subtly insinuating. Utilizing a tightly controlled high pitched vibrato on the one cover tune, the Billy Strayhorn miracle entitled "Pasion Flower", she demonstates remarkable virtuosity. That would be enough for a lot... read more

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