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Electric Squeezebox Orchestra - Cheap Rent
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

RINGER OF THE WEEK Here's a band that avoids the pitfalls of most big band recordings. Modern stuff either sounds like a Gil Evans wanna-be or a musical version of a Jackson Pollock painting. Here, you've got a nice sized big band lead by trumpeter Erik Jekabson, and he walks the tightrope of clever sounds and harmonies as well as palpable rhythms on this highly successful album. The horn sections do wonders with Miles Davis' "ESP" as the... read more

Danny Green - After the Calm
by Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist

Having raved about Danny Green's last album a couple of years ago, I'm now back to rave about his new one. As before, Green leads a trio that (in terms of tightness and communication) seems to share a single brain, though one with multiple creative lobes. Bassist Justin Grinnell is especially impressive here, delivering multiple solos that are worth listening to - and as a bassist myself, I can tell you that that's not faint praise. Green's... read more

Jay Lawrence - Thermal Strut
by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Although drummer Jay Lawrence is the leader of this trio date and bassist Lynn Seaton is excellent in support, Thermal Strut is a success primarily due to the playing of pianist Tamir Hendelman. A major pianist based in Los Angeles who works with the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Hendelman is brilliant throughout the modern mainstream set, whether romping on "Topsy" and "Opus De Funk," or sounding impressionistic on "Almost Summer" and... read more

Nadav Snir-Zelniker - Thinking Out Loud
by John Barron, All About Jazz

Israeli-drummer Nadav Snir-Zelniker approaches straight-ahead, swinging jazz with a joyful spirit on his debut recording Thinking Out Loud. From the opening notes of "Pizmon Layakinton (Song for Hyacinth)" anchored by veteran bassist Todd Coolman, the disc presents a trio sound sensitive to group communication and exceptional individualism. Pianist Ted Rosenthal guides the trio through an exquisite ride through ten tracks comprised of well-known... read more

Barney McClure - Show Me!
by Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

My admiration and belief in McClure as a musician, composer, and interpreter goes back to the mid 70's when he brought a band, Featherstone, into Open Mike, and I started booking them immediately. At our place, Victory Hall on 6th in Tacoma, we had a battered old upright that McClure would play before the show (where he used an electric keyboard) with his incredible knowledge of stride, bop, blues, Tatum, and so much more. Not too much later, I... read more

Kyle Asche Organ Trio - The Hook Up
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Nothing says "jazz" like an organ trio, and nothing sounds "cooler." I mean dark sunglasses, tight black suit and skinny dark tie cool, maybe a cigarette dangling, like on some of those old Wes Montgomery album covers on Riverside.

Chicago-based guitarist Kyle Asche fits very well into the Wes Montgomery sound, though the look has been updated -- suits have a more modern cut, with some color, and the ties are wider, and the cigarettes... read more

Michael Kocour - Wherever You Go, There You Are
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

4-STARS Solo piano recitals have a refreshing quality about them. The instrument's and by proxy, the performer's, thoughts are undiluted and benefit from the lack of competition with other voices. Pianist, composer, and educator Michael Kocour offers a collection of standards and originals that provide a case-in-point. In an even ten selections, Kocour carves a collection of finely crafted pieces, each with an individual musical... read more

Danny Green - After the Calm
by Paul Hormick, San Diego Troubadour

The Danny Green Trio has released their first CD, After the Calm, and it is one of the most engaging jazz recordings, or any type of recording for that matter, that I've heard in recent years. From the first time I put this CD in the disk player, I was absolutely drawn in by this dynamic and fresh music by these three talented musicians.

The trio is Danny Green on piano - he also composed all ten of the tunes on the disk - Justin... read more

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