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Tim Green & Trio Cambia - Change Of Seasons
by John Sunier, Audiophile Audition

Cambia comes from the Latin and means "change," as is obvious from seeing the assignments of the trio members here. But the trio intends it to also have a broader meaning regarding changing perspectives and discovering new horizons. The trio must make an interesting little choreography when they perform in person! The eight tracks are not the usual jazz Christmas album. One is an improvisation just cooked up during the recording session. I... read more

Liam Sillery - Phenomenology
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

There's a sense of danger and change on Phenomenology, trumpeter Liam Sillery's fourth CD release on OA2 Records. His quintet--trumpet, saxophone, and rhythm section--often sounds as if it's leaning over the edge of a cliff, just a degree or two away from tipping and falling.

It hasn't always been this way with Sillery. His debut, Minor Changes (OA2 Records, 2004) and the follow-up, On the Fly (OA2 Records, 2006) could both be called... read more

Will Goble - Consider the Blues
by Travis Rogers, Jr., The Jazz Owl

Consider the Blues is bassist and composer/arranger Will Goble's second release as a leader. This album (Origin/OA2 22132) was written in 2015 with this very line-up in mind. Goble had performed with them in 2013 and "knew immediately that I wanted to record with this quartet."

And what a quartet! Joining Goble is his "long-time partner in crime Dave Potter on drums," along with pianist extraordinaire Louis Heriveaux and the fine tenor... read more

Errol Rackipov - Distant Dreams
by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation

There's really nothing "distant" about Errol's superb jazz vibraphone work on this excellent release... I've loved his work ever since I reviewed his group in issue # 155, and this album makes that impression even stronger... he's joined by a stellar cast of players... Lubomir Gospodinov - Tenor sax and Soprano sax; David Leon - Alto sax; Martin Bejerano - Piano; Peter Slavov - Acoustic bass and Ludwig Afonso - Drums all work together... read more

Danny Green Trio Plus Strings - One Day It Will
by Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs Blog

San Diego pianist and composer, Danny Green, has arranged a unique group of original songs, expanding his composition and arranging skills by adding a string quartet to his most recent production. The first tune, "Time Lapse to Fall," is rich with classical overtones. The next cut, "As the Parrot Flies" is lush with strings and uses a pizzicato technique on strings at the top of the song that plucks at the listener's attention. The piano sounds... read more

Michael Kocour - Wherever You Go, There You Are
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

4-STARS Solo piano recitals have a refreshing quality about them. The instrument's and by proxy, the performer's, thoughts are undiluted and benefit from the lack of competition with other voices. Pianist, composer, and educator Michael Kocour offers a collection of standards and originals that provide a case-in-point. In an even ten selections, Kocour carves a collection of finely crafted pieces, each with an individual musical... read more

Chris Parker - Full Circle
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

So many musical styles have been pulled into the genre we've come to call "jazz." Even if Latin rhythms, funky beats, or bizarre instrumentation are involved, you can still hear when the musical undercurrent is jazz and, in fact, what would jazz be without it? In its 100-year history, jazz has come full circle.

Parker's new record fuses classic hard-bop with Calypso, tango, blues, and funk, creating an eclectic, engaging sound. Parker is most... read more

Nathan Borton - Each Step
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

Classy sounding guitarist Nathan Borton mixes hints of Wes Montgomery and Grant Green on this winning session in quartet and beyond format with a core of Xavier Davis/p, Rodney Whitaker/b and Keith Hall/dr with guests Diego Rivera/ts and Chris Glassman/btb.

There's an easy swing reminiscent of Montgomery's halcyon days on the Riverside label on the clean and melodic "Each Step" and the supporting team shows how to dig a sharp groove on the... read more

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