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Tunnel Six - Lake Superior
by eMusic, eMusic's Best Album's of 2011

The six promising young musicians who comprise Tunnel Six met while attending the International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. They quickly discovered a chemistry and worked to interpret the members' compositions, touring parts of Canada and the U.S. for a few weeks prior to entering the studio to record their debut album. The interaction between them makes it sound like they have been playing... read more

Erik Skov - Liminality
by Mattie Poels, Music Frames (Netherlands)

Beautiful debut album by American guitarist (and banjo player) Erik Skov, who plays a kind of landscape jazz with his sextet Liminality . In his self-written compositions we hear a range of beautiful instrument combinations with which he creates splendid sound colors.

Jazz guitarist and composer Erik Skov works in the Chicago area. He studied at Northwestern University / Jazz Studies in 2015 and has since worked with various classical and... read more

AJ Kluth Quintet - Twice Now
by Dean Christesen, Richmond Jazz

A polished saxophone tone over gritty distorted guitar and heavily metered grooves is the formula, if there is one, for Chris Potter's Underground. Saxophonist AJ Kluth's newest release shows, at times, many similarities to his elder in jazz. At Kluth's age, it's difficult to escape the influence of Potter, one of today's main tenor saxophone heroes. But at 29 years old, he has assembled a formidable ensemble capable of both being inspired by... read more

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington - Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three
by Tom Hull, Tom Hull on the Web

Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington: Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three (2011 [2012], OA2): Trumpet and baritone sax, respectively, the collective a sextet with Rhodes (Dan Murphy), guitar (Corey Christiansen), bass, and drums; third album together, recorded in "flyover" territory in Indiana. Smart postbop, nice attention to... read more

Stan Bock Ensemble - Night Grooves
by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

On this set, trombonist Stan Bock leads a combo comprised of talented local musicians based in Oregon. Their music is primarily straight-ahead, occasionally funky, and usually fitting into the genres of hard bop and soul-jazz. None of the musicians are particularly well-known outside of Oregon, but they are fine players. The music, which with a few exceptions consists of Bock originals and obscurities, includes "Night Flight from Nairobi" (which... read more

Ben Markley Big Band - Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton
by Robert Rusch, Cadence

Although he solos little, Stafford is the ringer, but the real star here is Cedar Walton and his music. Walton was known for his compositions but as far as "songbooks" go he tends to be overlooked. This is possibly the first recording, Walton aside, to exclusively feature his music. The charts on the 10 compositions [75:47] strike me as pretty straight ahead with ample solo space. Some of Walton's compositions have become standards like... read more

Phil Parisot - Creekside
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Drummer Phil Parisot leads a vintage sounding post bop team of Tatum Greenblatt/tp, Steve Treseler/ts, Dan Kramlich/p and Michael Glynn/b through a decalogue of rich originals. His drums snap to the Horace Silver meeting New Orleans groove of "Emerald Crescent" while going kinetic with Kramlich on the crisp "Disruption." His brushes mingle with Glynn's suave bass on "Azalea" and the languid "Earth Tones," with Treseler's beefy tenor and... read more

Liam Sillery - On The Fly
by Larry Hollis, Cadence, Oct-Dec 2007

A well known organist by the name of Joe Bagg is heard to great advantage on "On The Fly," a new issue from East Coast trumpeter Liam Sillery. This is his second recording following a solid debut in "Minor Changes" for the same label with tenor man David Sills on board but an entirely different rhythm section. That time out the only non-original was the late Billy Preston's "You Are So Beautiful" and this time around that distinction falls to... read more

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