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Shawn Maxwell - Music in My Mind
by Dave Rogers, WTJU

Chicago musician Shawn Maxwell (alto sax, clarinet, flute) has been recognized for his leadership with his quartet and his dectet. He now augments his group "New Tomorrow" with guest appearances by three of the Windy City's most respected trumpeters: Victor Garcia and Chad McCullough (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Corey Wilkes (trumpet) with each having two or more performances on this release. Other players are Matt Nelson (piano, rhodes), Patrick... read more

Ben Winkelman Trio - Balance
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

The title of this album fits well, as pianist Ben Winkelman creates a symbiotic balance between interplay and soloing with bassist Matt Penman and drummer Obed Calvaire on this ten song collection of originals plus a cover. Of the latter, Thelonious Monk's "Bye-Ya" is a crisp and spacious rendition, while the rest of the pieces reflect good listening and lyricism. The time joyfully changes pulses and "BX12 Part One" with Winkelman giving ten... read more

Barney McClure - Show Me!
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

C'mon, how often do people cover Pete Christlieb? And the cover is generated by a B3 ace to boot? Pay attention. Long time B3 jazzbo McClure teams up with a university big band for a swinging date of old school big band done just the way you like it. These kids can play and McClure tames that wild cat of a B3 making it heel to his touch and command as it purrs through it's wildness. A nice mix of covers and well written originals, this set... read more

Gordon Lee - This Path
by Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

New York native and longtime Portland resident Gordon Lee, a veteran pianist-arranger-composer and educator, weaves a mesmerizing spell on this singular piano-trio recording. His delicate opener, a modal take on the Chinese folk song "Pao Ma Shan," sets the evocative tone, which continues with interpretations of Jobim's "Portrait in Black & White" and Jim Pepper's "Lakota Song." Miller's "Sitting Bull's Revenge" is a playful reharmonization of... read more

Will Goble - Consider the Blues
by Chris Spector, Midwest Review

This bass playing extended musical family member of the Marsalis clan shows he's not just another white boy with the blues. Using blues changes as his starting point and adding the jazz from there with other of his Marsalis band mates, Goble feels free to push creative envelopes to let the vibe wail. A solid session that plays with feeling and spirit, Goble shows he has great ear/hand/brain co-ordination in executing his vision here. Tasty... read more

Stan Bock & The New Tradition - Feelin' It
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence

Feelin' It demonstrates that there is still a lot of life in the notion of marrying strong funk and r'n'b grooves to Jazz. Tim Gilson's bubbling electric bass is crucial in maintaining the drive. He grounds both the strutting funk of "Feelin' It" and "It's Not That Easy" as well as the broad, crawling pace of "Let's Fall In Love", a tune enlivened by Stan Bock's and Renato Caranto's soloing. "Up In The Air" has a choppy New... read more

Charlie Porter - Immigration Nation
by Nicola Barin, Distorsioni (Italy)

Former Winton Marsalis student Charlie Porter on his second album as leader, hits the target perfectly. With this project, "Immigration Nation", the trumpeter of Florida pays homage to the United States as a welcoming land. The music Americana is a fusion of styles and characters to which different populations have contributed who, especially from the mid-1800s until the early 1900s, sought possibilities in the New World. The project is built in... read more

Alex Goodman - Border Crossing
by Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzantion Nation

Alex Goodman - BORDER CROSSING: Though the liner notes make this sound like it's a "chamber jazz" set, it goes far beyond that label... when the vocal from Felicity Williams kicks in against Alex's guitar on the opener, "Acrobat", you ears will realize that you're in for a sonic treat not soon to be put down - in fact, I listened through all seven songs on the first sitting (& have been spinning them over & over again since that first... read more

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