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Shelly Rudolph - The Way We Love
by Editor, Artslandia

The ever-evolving⁠ — and expanding⁠ — Shelly Rudolph's story continues onward and upward with the release of her latest album, the ambitious and atmospheric The Way We Love. Soul-jazz-pop chanteuse Rudolph has long been a favored voice around her hometown of Portland, Oregon, and musical travels have taken her to New York, Los Angeles, the West Indies, Japan, Korea and beyond. She has been dubbed a "robust and captivating vocalist" by... read more

Daria - Strawberry Fields Forever
by Paula Edelstein, AXS

Jazz vocalist Daria has released Strawberry Fields Forever, Songs By The Beatles on Origin/OA2 Records as the culmination of her own extensive solo touring and performance schedule. The 11-track recording features many of The Beatles' most popular compositions that Daria and her 16-member ensemble play with different rhythms and melodic structures while keeping the essences of each song intact.

The opening track, "When I'm 64," is a... read more

Jay Lawrence - Thermal Strut
by Jerome Wilson, Cadence, Oct-Nov 2007

The trio on "Thermal Strut" works together with a sense of surprise and fun. The eye-opener is pianist Tamir Hendleman who attacks the keyboard with a jaunty ferocity worthy of Horace Silver. "Topsy," "Agua De Beber," and Silver's own "Opus De Funk" all benefit from his springy touch and Jay Lawrence's rolling drum style. There are also notable slower works like "Eulogy," a sedate classical piece with a touch of the Blues, and "Tell Me A Bedtime... read more

Nelda Swiggett - Blue-Eyed Painted Lady
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A jazzbo trio mixes it up with a couple of local (Seattle) classical luminaries for a rolling thunder of a set that smokes along mightily with elements of pop and progressive rock in it's grooves as well as it's jazz base. Delightfully left of center, this is a fearless set that pushes boundaries and keeps on going. Smart stuff for smart listeners that like music that really takes them places.... read more

Daria - Strawberry Fields Forever
by Dr. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz

You can't argue with a program based on the Beatles songbook. It's been exploited by countless musicians successfully. On Strawberry Fields Forever Daria puts a mild, jazzy, country/pop twist on the classic tunes. Her voice is pleasant, crisp and inviting. Our favorites are "Come Together" and the swinging "Can't Buy Me Love". Beatles fans will enjoy yet another incarnation of their favorites while jazz fans may be enticed to expand their... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Solitude: Solo Improvisations
by Paul Simpson, The Answer Is In The Beat, WCBN

Rich Pellegrin's last album was performed with the quintet he's been playing with for a decade, with one piece performed by a contemporary classical ensemble from the University of Missouri. His newest release, however, consists entirely of solo piano improvisations recorded in a church in Washington. The majority of them are brief, encountering a momentary idea and then expressing it and letting it be. Many of them resist easy patterns or... read more

Rich Pellegrin - Episodes IV-VI
by Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune

Rich Pellegrin and his artful quintet made a promise in 2011.

It came in the form of Three-Part Odyssey, the debut album from the pianist, also a University of Missouri professor, and his partners in jazz. Daring and possessed of many moods, it certainly could have existed as a complete, self-contained musical statement.

But Pellegrin and his mates intended the album to be just the first chapter of a growing corpus, a Three-Part... read more

Florian Hoefner - Songs Without Words
by Nick Bewsey, Jazz in Space

Currently based in New York, the German pianist Florian Hoefner launches his stateside debut, Songs Without Words, (OA2 Records) a sturdy, involving recording of original tunes that showcases Hoefners lyrical style and impressive band mates. Mike Ruby on tenor and soprano saxophones, bassist Sam Anning and Peter Kronreif on drums (each of them are deserving wider recognition as their reps rise) have a tight sound as if theyve performed as a... read more

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