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John Moulder - Trinity
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Sacred music does not typically unfold in gritty jazz clubs.

But considering that the headliner at the Green Mill over the weekend was a Catholic priest, the rarefied choice of material seemed thoroughly appropriate.

Though guitarist John Moulder has been performing and recording steadily here for the past couple of decades, he achieved an artistic high point in 2006 when he released "Trinity" (Origin Records). Like Duke Ellington's Sacred... read more

Sarah Partridge - Bright Lights and Promises: Redefining Janis Ian
by Music News Desk, Broadway Music World

On the night of May 11th, at the legendary "Bitter End" rock club in New York City, jazz vocalist Sarah Partridge debuted songs from her new album, "Bright Lights & Promises: Redefining Janis Ian" to rave reviews. A month of her performance, and the album is still receiving acclaim for listeners and and fellow artists across the country.

Partridge's album, released by Origin Records, is a reimagination of 11 of Janis Ian's songs. In addition,... read more

Kelly Brand Nextet - The Door
by Brad Walseth, www.jazzchicago.net

It sometimes astounds me, when I hear local musicians whose talent is world class, and yet they are perhaps not very well known outside the boundaries of Chicago, although they should be. Case in point is pianist/composer Kelly Brand, who is known to the jazz fans of Chicago, but deserves a much wider audience based on her stellar playing and composition skills. If there is any justice in the world, her new nextet recording "The Door" will open... read more

Steve Korn - Points in Time
by Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann, Jazz Review

The first thing that immediately strikes you about Seattle drummer/percussionist/composer Steve Korn's latest recording, Points In Time, is his remarkably musical cymbal technique. Whether it be his ability to lightly brush the face of the cymbals with just the very tip of the drumstick, or riding out the rhythm on larger cymbals, Korn is able to work musical magic with one of the most overlooked and taken for granted aspects of drumset playing.... read more

Brad Goode - Montezuma
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Straight up Chicago jazz with a twist, just the way we like it. Mixing originals with covers from different quadrants, Goode and company know each others moves well and can keep you guessing which is written out and which is improv as you groove along with the proceedings. Smooth and fluid enough to sit back and make killer bucks as a sideman if he so desired, Goode isn't just good, this outing shows him better than best.... read more

Benny Powell - Nextep
by Andy V�lez, All About Jazz - New York

A whiff of glorious, old-time New Orleans jazz in "Free to be Me" jubilantly launches Benny Powell's latest, Nextep. Yet be assured the set is no trip down nostalgia lane. A working musician since his early teens in New Orleans, bop loyalist and a veteran sideman at hundreds of recording sessions with the likes of everyone from Count Basie and Frank Sinatra to Aretha Franklin and "Screamin'" Jay Hawkins, at 78, Nextep is Powell's bid finally to... read more

EEA - The Dark
by Dave C, WRUV Reviews

Debut effort from this trio which includes Peter Epstein(reeds), Larry Engstrom(trp) & David Ake(p). Title could not be more apt for the CD is a spacious, mellow set of music where emphasis is less is... read more

New York Voices - Reminiscing in Tempo
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

Taking the mantle of The Manhattan Transfer to the next level, the team of Peter Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader and Kim Nazarian mix rich harmonies, vocalese and strong soloing in a wide range of jazz colors and palates. The vocal textures are oil color rich, as they display on the gorgeous a cappela p ieces "Los Tres Golpes" while giving some linguistic percussion to an R&B-ish "Moments in a Mirror." A palpable piano lurks as the... read more

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