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Thomas Marriott - Flexicon
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene

I hope the jazz community in Seattle realizes what a monster they have in Thomas Marriott. He's a trumpet whiz capable of just about anything playable on the instrument. His new CD is both an exciting roller coaster ride and a lesson in lyricism. Whether it's Freddie Hubbard's jet-like "Take It To The Ozone"or a faster than usual flugelhorn solo on "Spring Is Here," Marriott and friends have put all the pieces... read more

John Stowell - Resonance
by John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Portland, Oregon-based guitarist Stowell has a super-cool approach to his instrument but with a minimum of fuss can tear up the strings with some complex improvising that seems to occur at almost the speed of light. He plays here acoustic-electric guitars made by Portland custom guitar-maker Mike Doolin, and using nylon strings. Doolin invited Stowell over to try out his latest creations and in the process taped him playing a tune on each... read more

Purna Loka Ensemble - Metaraga
by K Knox, Amazon

"Brilliant, innovative "Country & Eastern" Heard a track from this on my local pubic radio station and was so blown away I had to park the car in order to give it my full attention and find out who the players were. East Indian violin of the highest caliber intertwined with equally virtuosic violin rooted in Western classical, Appalachian blues and Celtic reels, all grounded with gorgeous bass and tabla. The compositions are intricate... read more

Scenes - Destinations
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

4-STARS There are wondrous stories to be found in everything the eye can see, the ear can hear, and the imagination can dream up. Scenes - the trio of guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop - has been readily and steadily making that point for more than fifteen years, harnessing natural beauty and concocting chimerical designs that extol the virtues of elasticity, mutability, and high-level communication.... read more

Lower Monumental - Mayday Session
by Stephen Latessa, All About Jazz

When I was living at home, there were certain types of music that would cause my mother to knock on my bedroom door as she walked past and ask, "what are you listening to?" in a tone that seemed to wonder whether she had a reason to be worried. The Mayday Session is that type of music. It isn't particularly loud or jarring, but there are enough kinks and corners with who-knows-what on the other side of them to make the whole project vaguely... read more

Brad Goode - Chicago Red
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

Trumpeter Brad Goode may be approaching a decade spent in Boulder, Colorado, but his heart will always belong to Chicago. Goode was born in The Windy City and, though the twists and turns of life took him elsewhere, he returned there to do his master's degree at DePaul University and launch his career. He held court at the legendary Green Mill from the mid-'80s through the late '90s, holding down a weekly gig that would often find hometown... read more

Geof Bradfield - melba!
by Neil Tesser, Chicago Music

Geof Bradfield has drawn plenty of praise for his work as a reed soloist, and it's all deserved; on tenor and soprano saxes, plus bass clarinet and flute, his muscular, choate solos unfurl with a torrent of detail, even as he sketches the bigger picture. Surrounded by like-minded virtuosi -- as will be the case Saturday, when he plays the Green Mill with an all-star septet starring trumpeter Victor Garcia and guitarist Jeff Parker -- pretty... read more

Alison Ruble - This Is A Bird
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Alison Ruble is a sublime vocalist with an adventurous spirit on her debut CD. Gifted with a rich alto and precise articulation, she blends elements of pop and folk into her infectious arrangement of Cole Porter's "So in Love," while her sublime, deliberate and funky setting of "If I Had You" casts another chestnut in very new light. Guitarist John McLean and Jim Gailloreto's playful alto flute provide sublime accompaniment for her warm vocals... read more

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