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Allison Adams Tucker - WANDERlust
by Ricky Kej, Amazon

Allison Adams Tucker's latest album is a brilliantly sung and produced set of songs that go straight to the heart. Starting with "When in Rome" is a song drenched in the romance of jazz and the purity of the vocals heightens the magic ten-fold :-) . Next up, "Vuelvo Al Sur" is a poetic song, the sensuality of the words, the melody and the vocals are mind-blowing! "A Thousand Years" opens with rather unique staccato piano tones overlaid by... read more

Ryan Cohan - Originations
by Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Pianist and composer Ryan Cohan is a master of creating harmony from contrasts. Over the years his works have incorporated many diverse influences and have become progressively more impressionistic. His acclaimed 2013 release The River even inspired painter Ellen Priest to create an abstract canvas that was displayed at St Peter's Church in Manhattan. Cohan's sixth release as a leader, the sublime Originations, matches his previous oeuvre in... read more

Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by John Kelman, All About Jazz

Much as organist Larry Goldings, guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Bill Stewart have worked together for many years--specific direction resting with the name heading the marquis--so, too, have keyboardist Sam Yahel, saxophonist Joshua Redman and drummer Brian Blade been working together under a variety of monikers over the past five years. Whether it's the cooperative Yaya3, Redman's Elastic Band or the Sam Yahel Trio, what differentiates... read more

Mitch Paliga - Fall Night
by Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Relatively few jazz musicians take up soprano sax compared to the rest of the reed family, but Mitch Paliga is one who has mastered his instrument. These 2006 sessions focus exclusively on his originals, with Jo Ann Daugherty on Fender Rhodes, guitarist John McLean bassist Patrick Williams and drummer Ryan Bennett interpreting his demanding charts. Paliga's fluid approach never gets carried away, while the sensitive rhythm section complements... read more

Hadley Caliman | Pete Christlieb - Reunion
by Bill Donaldson, Cadence

As happens more often than not, two friends who spent much time together in early adulthood went their separate ways as the demands and opportunities of careers and families took priority. In the case of Pete Christlieb and Hadley Caliman, who performed together for two years at Marty's in Los Angeles in the 1960s, their separation was resolved when they met again in 2009 in Seattle to record, appropriately enough, a Reunion.

Origin... read more

The H2 Big Band - It Could Happen
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

The H2 Big Band boasts some big names from Los Angeles such as Andy Martin/tb, Ron Stout/tp, gary Foster/as, Larry Koonse/g, Bob McChesney/tb and Chuck Berghofer/bs. Best of all, Joe LaBarbera handles the drums and no one drives a big band better. The brass and reed sections are spectacular, swinging on the bouncy "Hocus Po cus" and delivering an eerie take of "You Go To My Head" with Foster's alto shining through the night. The team sizzles on... read more

Bill Anschell - More To The Ear Than Meets The Eye
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Pianist Bill Anschell has carved out a fairly high profile for himself as an accompanist and arranger, most recently on vocalist Jeff Baker's vibrant Monologue (OA2 Records, 2005), and previously with his stint touring and recording as musical director for Nnenna Freelon from 1992-96. With More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye, Anschell steps out as leader on a set that showcases his penchant for forthright lyrical beauty and spontaneous... read more

Anthony Branker and Word Play - Uppity
by Dave Sumner, emusic Review

Branker has quietly been assembling a seriously impressive set of recorded music since focusing on composing and arranging. His talent lies in his ability to take complex music and offer it as simple expressions. What this means is that you?ll get very engaging jazz that is very easy to connect to and just enjoy listening for the sake of listening. On his newest, he has a solid line-up of Ralph Bowen on tenor sax, Andy Hunter on trombone, Elis... read more

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