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Gregg Keplinger / Reuben Radding / Daniel Carter - Language
by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Alto saxophonist Daniel Carter is an avant-gardist who can also play thoughtfully and with logical development. On Language, he performs five group originals with bassist Reuben Radding and drummer Gregg Keplinger that are mostly free improvisations. The music starts at its most intense with "Speak Glow," evolves from being introspective to fiery on the nearly 20-minute title cut, is passionate on "Aphasia," and finds the group playing a... read more

Hadley Caliman - Straight Ahead
by David Franklin, Cadence

Hadley Caliman recorded with the likes of Gerald Wilson, Don Ellis, and Mongo Santamaria in the 1960s and with such folks as Hampton Hawes, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, and a raft of other Jazz and Pop stars, as well as his own groups, in the ?70s. But the 78-year-old tenorist did not make another record until his return to the studio for a CD under his own name in late 2007. Gratitude was well-received with Straight Ahead... read more

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Abstract Quantities
by Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life (Israel)

This is the third album by the international quartet co-led by Belgian pianist / composer Bram Weijters and US trumpeter / composer Chad McCullough and including bassist Piet Verbist and drummer John Bishop. The album presents eleven original compositions, eight of which were composed by Weijters and three by McCullough. Two of these tunes are piano-trumpet duets.

The music is modern Jazz, well within the mainstream boundaries, but presents... read more

Ben Thomas - The Mystagogue
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

On his sophomore album as a group leader, Ben Thomas uses a solid quartet format with an additional rotating sax or clarinet. On The Mystagogue, the vibist makes good on the promise of the title he introduces new listeners into the religious rites of jazz, showing the relics and holding the ceremonies. In a less metaphorical sense, Thomas and his band power their way through a fine mix of post-bop, hard-bop, and modern jazz, all Thomas... read more

Jack Mouse - Range of Motion
by Shigeyo Hyodo, Jazz Page

With a history of co-starring with famous musicians such as Stan Kenton, Clark Terry, and Randy Brecker, veteran jazz drummer Jack Mouse presents his debut album as a leader. In the quintet of masterful musicians including fellow Chicagoans Art Davis on trumpet and Scott Robinson on woodwinds, they perform 10 original songs, including dedications to Shelly Mann and Henry Mancini. From the attractive mysterious sounds in "Winterset," the... read more

Geof Bradfield - African Flowers
by Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

Saxophonist Geof Bradfield's experiences traveling and performing in Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, and Zimbabwe in 2008 were the inspiration for African Flowers. Bradfield was a member of pianist Ryan Cohan's quartet, and the band took part in a US State Department/Jazz at Lincoln Center tour. This extended work for sextet features excellent writing and strong musicianship from Cohan, guitarist Jeff Parker, trumpeter Victor Garcia, bassist Clark... read more

Phil Kelly - Convergence Zone
by Jae Sinnett, Jazz Programmers List

"Convergence Zone" adds a much needed upgrade to what the jazz orchestras are dealing with today in terms of predictability. The arrangements are
challenging, fun and work only because of the quality of these musicians playing them. The sections are cohesive and beautifully in tune. The dynamic range of this band is refreshing. Jay Thomas is one of many standouts. Considering the overhead involved with making something like this work, give... read more

Upper Left Trio - Sell Your Soul Side
by Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine, March/April 2006

There seems to be a new brand of piano trios brewing in jazz today. Groups that are willing to ditch the common ideas of the piano-bass-drums trio format and come up with something completely their own. E.S.T., Katahdin's Edge and The Bad Plus have been doing things in this vein for years now. Through studio trickery, slick arrangements of pop tunes or just plain inventive songwriting, these groups have been forging ahead, crafting their own... read more

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