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John Gross / Billy Mintz - Beautiful You
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Beautiful You, featuring tenor saxophonist John Gross and drummer Billy Mintz, was recorded live at the Tugboat Brew Pub in Portland, Oregon, sound quality excellent. Remember just a few years back, in vinyl days, when live recordings meant murky sounds, bad mixes and distracting crowd noise. Well, not on this one. This live duo outing has a ringing, studio-quality sound.

Saxophonist Gross has worked with the Stan Kenton Band, Toshiko... read more

David Sills - Green
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

A Win-Win Proposition

Purchasing the new CD by tenor saxist, David Sills, is a winning proposition as it provides both classy jazz by a talented saxophonist with top level sidemen, and a portion of the profits go to the Sierra Club. Such a deal - good music benefiting a worthy cause!

I last reviewed Sills playing on trumpeter Liam Sillery's OA2 Records release, On the Fly, last year and found Sills to be an important part of that... read more

Tito Carrillo - Opening Statement
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

For some 15 years, Carillo has been Chicago's post-bop standard bearer. A trumpet player in the tradition of Freddie Hubbard or Woody Shaw, Carillo leaves no doubt that he's a force in the power department. His basic group includes Windy City colleagues Benjamin Lewis, piano, Lorin Cohen, bass, and Dana Hall, drums. Two saxophone players are guests on a number of selections, bringing the quartet to a quintet. Eight of the ten tunes played here... read more

Laurie Antonioli - Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light
by Paul Freeman, San Jose Mercury News

Effectively interpreting the songs of Joni Mitchell is a great challenge. Bay Area native Laurie Antonioli is more than up to the task. After starting out in the singer-songwriter-vein, she became an accomplished jazz singer. Now Antonioli triumphantly returns to her roots for this gorgeous exploration of Mitchell's fascinatingly complex songs. Antonioli displays a tremendous range. She can use her vocal power, but also knows how to rely on... read more

Bobby Broom - My Shining Hour
by Charles L. Latimer, I Dig Jazz - Detroit

The jazz guitarist Bobby Broom last album was Upper Westside Stories. He packed it with new music, and for the first time fans were able to take in the full range of his writing. It was a wonderful and a daring outing. For Broom's new album My Shining Hour, available August 19th on Origin Records, Broom drummer Makaya McCraven and bassist Dennis Carrol reworks some well-known tunes from the great American Songbook such as "My... read more

Geoff Stradling - Les is Mo'
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

On his Origin Records debut, Los Angeles pianist Geoff Stradling makes short work of showing why he was picked by the label. While the focus of Origin is generally on Northwest artists, they have some fair leniency if the music is good, and will pick up exceptional players that might not have been heard before otherwise. In the case of Stradling, you've probably heard him at some point in the past with his performances built in everywhere from... read more

Clipper Anderson - The Road Home
by Tom Ineck, Berman Music Foundation

It is evident from the first lines of the opening track, Bill Evans' "Twelve Tone Tune Two," that this is the bassist's record. Despite the considerable talents and sensitive interplay of pianist Darin Clendenin and drummer Mark Ivester, Anderson's prodigious playing skill and booming, woody tone have an immediate impact on the listener.

The leader also impresses as the composer of six of the 11 tracks, including the lovely and lyrical... read more

Thomas Marriott - Urban Folklore
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

It's funny how you have to read the liner notes to understand how this instrumental jazz can pack in so much politics and observation on the human condition without any vocals. The joys of impressionistic music. Before getting down to the diatribes, the trumpeter hooks up with Orrin Evans piano trio and the sparks fly, maybe because the players understood what lurked beneath (or maybe just because they are smoking players). No matter how you... read more

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