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Gregg Keplinger / Reuben Radding / Daniel Carter - Language
by Michael Bettine, Jazz Now

The Seattle scene may be known for it's grunge rock sound, but it also a fertile ground for Jazz musicians. This recording is the real deal. Three musicians go into the studio and just blow. "Speak Glow" finds them off and running. Saxophonist Carter is chased around by the rhythm section. He blows fluid lines while drummer Keplinger is a whirling dervish, and bassist Radding plays big notes. Keplinger solos, sounding like Elvin or Blakey as he... read more

Josh Nelson - The Sky Remains
by Lynn Rene Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

Pianist and composer Josh Nelson's new album, The Sky Remains, due for release September 15, is a mosaic of his impressions of his home town, Los Angeles. Live performances of the music from this album feature multimedia film footage to enhance the audience's experience.

More often than not, programmatic music designed to depict a specific location or event fall flat for those whose experience does not include those places or images. In... read more

Thomas Marriott - Flexicon
by Don Simpson, Audiophile Audition

For those outside of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle may not be known as a jazz city, but there are some stellar musicians in the region, and one of the best examples of what is going on in the Puget Sound vicinity is trumpeter Thomas Marriott. Marriott uses traditional, post-bop jazz as a starting point, but his character and personality encompasses a wide assortment of influences, which gives Marriott's latest offering, Flexicon, a... read more

Dana Hall - Into the Light
by Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

Dana Hall is such a respected musician and educator on the Chicago (and NYC) scene that it is hard to believe that his debut album has only recently been released by Origin Records. Into the Light presents a mature and thoughtful drummer/composer and his top-notch quintet performing songs that blend great classic sounds from the 1960s with modern directions. Hall provides most of the compositions and says he looked at drummer/band leaders like... read more

Scenes - Silent Photographer
by Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

Scenes: placing modern artistic jazz in an empathic trio setting.

The Pacific Northwest is full of jazz musicians who deserve more notice outside the region. The Seattle/Portland trio Scenes is one example. Guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson and Origin Records honcho/drummer John Bishop first came together, along with tenor saxophonist Rick Mandyck, on the 2001 album Scenes. Since that time, Bishop, Stowell and Johnson have... read more

Anthony Branker - Beauty Within
by Carol Banks Weber, AXS

These are the musicians you want on any heart-stopping new jazz recording: guitarist Pete McCann, pianist Fabian Almazan, double-bassist Linda Oh, tenor/soprano saxophonist Ralph Bowen, and drummer Rudy Royston. They're in-demand jazz side men and session players who do a number on nine compositions by bandleader and composer Anthony Branker for his and his Imagine Quintet's new album on Origin Records, Beauty Within, recorded on April... read more

Greta Matassa - Favorites From A Long Walk
by Cindy McLeod, Jazz Review

Jazz vocalist Greta Matassa makes a big statement in an understated way with her latest release Favorites From a Long Walk, a sterling collection of songs performed masterfully by the singer and her quintet for this mainstream jazz CD.

Matassa is a stylist who has serious chops, her voice is full-bodied and texturally stimulating. Her phrasing and delivery are conversational and relaxed, but are backed by a veritable steam engine of... read more

Triocity - I Believe In You
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

When do chestnuts not sound like chestnuts? When this trio of educators gets their hands on them and twists and turns them into sounds like you never heard before. Long time faculty members of Eastman School of Music, this doesn't sound like anything you ever heard on a Chuck Mangione record, even when he was leaning left in his Mercury days. This is a through left leaning set that'll have you wondering where the classics went and continually... read more

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