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Bill Anschell - More To The Ear Than Meets The Eye
by Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes, February 2007

More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye is a consistently rewarding piano-trio album. Its freshness and creative strength is different on every track. There are two guests, saxophonist Richard Cole (three tunes) and trumpeter/flugelhornist Thomas Marriott (two). The horns appear only on Anschell originals, whos melodies linger in the mind. "Humble Origins" could be a jazz standard, a stark frame erected on a haunting, dark piano ostinato and an... read more

John Moulder - Trinity
by David R. Adler, JazzTimes, December 2006

John Moulder of Chicago spent five years composing the material for his album Trinity. It's an epic three-part program inspired by religious belief, but it can be appreciated on any number of levels. The sound of the recording is tremendous, as are the performances - from such players as pianist Laurence Hobgood, saxophonist Brad Wheeler, trumpeter Tito Carrillo, reedist Paul McCandless, drummer Paul Wertico and others. Moulder spends... read more

Storms/Nocturnes - VIA
by Mauretta Heinzelmann, NDR Radio, Germany "Album of the Week"

"Via", the new album by the trio "Storms / Nocturnes" is at all musical qualities, the most striking feature of the addiction factor: it looks forward to hearing it again and again, a positive atmosphere full of life rings through in almost every way. by casual virtuosity as well as by sensitive melodies are influenced piano, vibraphone and saxophone. an exceptional cast, the clear crystal chamber music as well as dense complex harmonics allows... read more

The Acoustic Jazz Quartet - Organic
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene

With the exception of Alone Together, the AJQ, as they may one day be known, provides only original material here. I've heard tenor David Sills play bop and ballads and admire his warm, "reeled-in" sound. Playing mates Jamie Findlay, guitar; Zac Matthews, bass and Dean Koba, drums, all lend to a tightly knit quartet with a clean and precise approach. But where's the Monk, Miles and... read more

John Gross / Billy Mintz - Beautiful You
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Beautiful You is a surprising work of modern free jazz from Portland's John Gross on the tenor sax and LA transplant Billy Mintz on drums. The sound is a little sparse for the majority of the album, due largely to the fact that there are only two instruments involved, but also to the style of composition embraced here, with heavy use of empty space and quiet accompaniment. The album opens with the energetic Shmear, giving Mintz plenty of room to... read more

John Bishop - Nothing If Not Something
by David Dupont, Cadence

One of my favorite musical lineups is the saxophone-bass-drums trio. It's ideal for open ended musical exploration. It's highly democratic with all the instruments having an equal share in the ensembles, though inevitably the saxophone gets most of the solo space. Yet without a chordal instrument to lock things in, those solos tend to have a conversational quality. And the Seattle based trio of drummer John Bishop, alto saxophonist Rick Mandyck,... read more

New Stories - Hope is in the Air
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The Seattle-based trio New Storiesówith a little help from some friends, and under the producer's baton of trumpeter Don Sickleróhas crafted a first rate document to the undersung bop composer/pianist Elmo Hope on Hope is in the Air.

Elmo Hope, back in bop's early days, hung with piano legends Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. According to Nellie Monk, he was Thelonious's favorite contemporary composer, though the sound presented here,... read more

Matija Dedic - MD in NYC
by David Franklin, Cadence

Matija Dedic is a 38-year-old Croatian piano virtuoso who has played around the world with leading Jazz performers, including a number of well-known Americans, and won numerous awards world-wide. Bassist Archer and drummer Scott both boast extensive, impressive credentials. The modern mainstream MD in NYC is Dedic's second album and the first with these two fine side­men.

To be sure, Dedic displays a mastery of his instrument. His... read more

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