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Chuck Deardorf - Transparence
by Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

Deardorf's prowess is hardly unknown outside Seattle, even though he rarely leaves the Pacific Northwest. For a quarter-century or more he has been a mainstay of the Seattle scene and a primary on-call bassist for dozens of visiting musicians including Chet Baker, Zoot Sims, George Cables, Art Farmer, Jimmy Rowles and Kenny Burrell. In Transparence, he is out front in a collection that underlines his musicianship, versatility and leadership. The... read more

Hadley Caliman - Gratitude
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

Welcome back Hadley... ****1/2
Hadley Caliman's hiatus as a recording leader has been for way too long -approaching three decades. He has not been in hiding - he simply left the craziness of our few jazz Meccas and settled in Seattle, where he has kept busy playing gigs in the Emerald City jazz clubs and also serving as a senior member of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

Caliman's main period of recording was in the 70s, when he... read more

Aaron Germain - Chance
by Jon D?Auria, Bassplayer Magazine

On his new album Chance, the San Francisco Bay Area?s Aaron Germain brings his impressive chops to a set of compositions demonstrating his take on jazz, blues, and fusion. Using both electric and upright basses to lead his live band, Germain?s lightning-fast licks shine on songs like ?Already Not Yet,? ?Bunk Bread,? and ?Ginger Skin,? but though his showmanship on electric bass often steals the show, his contemplative upright playing on... read more

Corey Christiansen - Outlaw Tractor
by Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine

Those who enjoyed Corey Christiansen's previous outing (Roll With It) will not be disappointed with Outlaw Tractor since it retains the same case and quartet format. The all-originals tune list doesn't veer off course either with a balanced baker's half-dozen of selections that provide just enough substance for the principal soloists (Christiansen, Halliday, and Bianchi) to dig into and get their hands dirty. While the leader and hornman... read more

Zem Audu - Spirits
by S. Victor Aaron, Something Else

Many of the more progressive jazz types these days boast diverse ethnic/world music bonafides that they creatively infuse into their music that broadens the jazz vernacular. Saxophonist Zem Audu 's brand of jazz is internationally flavored, too, but he didn't get that way out of mere curiosity; he's lived that kind of life.

Born in Nigeria and raised in England, Audu made his way to the jazz epicenter New York seven years ago. Along the... read more

Dan Cray - Meridies
by Darryl Daniels, The Jazz Page

On his latest, Meridies, pianist Dan Cray provides a fantastic portrait of contemporary quartet of musicians at work. Cray is joined by a terrific group comprised of Noah Preminger on saxophone, Clark Sommers on bass and Mark Ferber on drums, all whom provide solid musicianship in their respective chairs. The four musicians swing quite nicely on the uptempo tunes, and have a great sound on ballads as well. The recording is also a tremendous... read more

Benny Powell - Nextep
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

Steppin' out with Benny Powell.

Seventy-eight-year-old trombone master Benny Powell has had an extensive career, playing in the big bands of Lionel Hampton and Count Basie. He played in the Basie band for many years, and was prominently featured in Randy Weston's African Rhythms group. Criminally under-recorded as a leader, Powell has only had three recording sessions as a group leader. His first two albums were for minor labels in... read more

Ben Paterson - For Once In My Life
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

For his fourth recording, organist Ben Paterson returns to the North West Coast Origin label with For Once in My Life. He employs a standard organ-guitar-drums combo for eleven standards and originals that allows the crack trio he shares with guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer George Fludas to fully explore the more modern sonic aspects of this popular jazz- blues-funk format. Blending the musical traditions of his native Philadelphia... read more

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