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Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Abstract Quantities
by Herman te Loo, Jazzflits (Netherlands)

The title 'Abstract Quantities' can put an unsuspecting jazz lover on the wrong foot. Indeed, there is not as many abstracts to the music of the quartet of the Belgian pianist Bram Weijters and the American trumpeter Chad McCullough. Both leaders can sign for the repertoire, with haunting melodies, bright writing. Sometimes forming loving songs (like the touching 'Little Song (for Mirthe)'), but there are other, more surprising forms. We... read more

John Stowell | Michael Zilber - Shot Through With Beauty
by John Barron, The Jazz Word

Like minds converge on Shot Through With Beauty, a quartet release co-led by guitarist John Stowell and saxophonist Michael Zilber, two stalwarts of West Coast progressive jazz. Joined by bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis, who each contribute a composition to the session, the group achieves collaborative serenity through ten tracks of original material and modern-jazz gems from the likes of Kenny Wheeler and... read more

Les DeMerle - The Jazz Spirit of Christmas
by Carol Swanson, christmasreview.com

So solid, so sweet! The Jazz Spirit of Christmas is classic jazz, through and through! This generous album (well over an hour of music!) will satisfy your every jazz need this holiday season.

The dynamic Les DeMerle (drums, vocals) is the moving force behind this project; his wife Bonnie Eisele (vocals, percussion) has been his sizzlin' musical partner for 17 years. The other three ensemble members are Ken Poplowski (tenor sax & clarinet),... read more

Dawn Clement - Break
by Peter Monaghan, Earshot Jazz

Nuance and soul are both earmarks of Dawn Clement's Break (Origin Records) where the pianist is joined by a ´Čüne rhythm section of bassist Dean Johnson and drummer Matt Wilson.

Clear, assured, nimble, and muscular articulation - in the manner of a Phineas Newborn Jr. - is matched to some of the varieties of thought and feeling that he, too, submerged just below the surface of fresh styling.

Clement sings on a few of the tracks.... read more

Emi Meyer - Monochrome
by Bobby Reed, Downbeat

With her U.S. debut, Monochrome, singer-songwriter Emi Meyer has crafted a gem that will greatly expand her international fan base. Born in Kyoto to a Japanese mother and an American father, the Tokyo-based Meyer has released several albums in Japan, and her music has appeared on the soundtrack to Japanese director Nobuhiro Doi's film Flying Colors and in the States on the TV shows Awkward and Younger. Though Meyer has often sung... read more

Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet - Art of the Groove
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

The Brent Jensen/Rob Walker Quintet opens in a mellow groove and stays there much of the way on this backward- glancing yet quite contemporary album that wouldn't have been out of place in the bop-based Blue Note / Prestige catalogs of the late Ű50s˝early Ű60s. Alto saxophonist Jensen and trumpeter Walker offer an earnest tribute to their musical predecessorsˇespecially the legendary Miles Davisˇwithout imitating them, choosing instead to invoke... read more

Dudley Owens | Aaron Immanuel Wright - People Calling
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Saxophonist Dudley Owens and bassist Aaron Wright bring together (in classic quintet format) a band intent on expanding the language of Miles Davis's second great quintet from within. On People Calling the band does exactly this: they create a late '60s sonic image stamped in 21st Century digital. The writing is firmly post bop, with Atlantic period Ornette Coleman fighting its way out. These influences are governed by a firm compositional... read more

The Spin Quartet - In Circles
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A crew of hitters familiar to fans of the Origin label or contemporary jazz in general, they band together for their first as a band and their well wrought forward thinking tunes will have you on board in no time. Certainly sounding like it's the right time and place for them to step out on their owns, this free-ish jazz is a gasser. High octane, high energy throughout and a sure fire... read more

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