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George Colligan - The Endless Mysteries
by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr., Louisville Music News

Pianist George Colligan's trio mates are probably more recognized than he, but they are not just on board for star value; Jack DeJohnette and Larry Grenadier add to the leader's sometimes challenging work. Colligan's liner notes refer to having played in DeJohnette's band, and the musical empathy is apparent from the beginning; if he hadn't mentioned only one prior playing experience with Grenadier, one wouldn't have known it from... read more

Dave Liebman | John Stowell - Petite Fleur: The Music of Sidney Bechet
by Robert Rusch, Cadence

JOHN STOWELL [gtr] and DAVE LIEBMAN [ss/flute/p] have previously worked together on Origin twice. PETITE FLEUR [Origin Records 82753] is their latest pairing [4/17]. The focus this time is on the music of Sidney Bechet and it is a beauty. There's no attempt to duplicate Bechet's wide vibrato - no need to as Bechet stands alone as the first great soprano and Liebman is arguably at the top of today's soprano world. Bechet would say two great... read more

Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra - Without a Trace
by Nigel Waddington, London Jazz News

New York Big Band leader and composer Scott Reeves is someone whose music I wish I'd discovered sooner. His new release, Without A Trace, contains originals and standards, colourfully orchestrated and recorded with an intimate, club-like ambience.

These pieces really are "composed", and what a difference it makes. They are led by the line, so there is always a feeling of forward travel. No fewer than 12 soloists offer their artistry,... read more

John Stowell and Ulf Bandgren - Throop
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

Portland guitarist Stowell always has chosen a very unique path. From his physical embrace of the guitar to the preference for an unplugged instrument, to the very music he's been playing for many years now, Stowell is an original. One could almost suggest that if it sings deliciously and delicately, it's likely to be Stowell. He's done prior recordings for Origin, but this is the first time he's teamed up in a duo setting with Swedish guitarist... read more

Cuong Vu - Leaps of Faith
by John Barron, JazzReview.com

It's a bold endeavor to believe you can invoke freshness and vitality into thinly worn standards like "Body and Soul," "All the Things You Are" and "My Funny Valentine." Trumpeter Cuong Vu meets the challenge head-on with imaginative results on Leaps of Faith, a quartet outing with wide-open improvisatory exploration, melding consonant lyricism with chaotic tumult.
Vu, a Seattle-based musician who has worked with a host of renowned... read more

Chad McCullough Bram Weijters - Urban Nightingale
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Chad McCullough, with one CD under his own name - the outstanding Dark Wood, Dark Water (Origin Records, 2009) - has also contributed his distinctive voice to recordings by the Kora Band and Tunnel Six, all under the Origin Records banners. But the Seattle-based trumpeter must have a European sensibility; his finest work to date has been in teaming, as co-leader, with artists from the other side of the Atlantic - Slovakian pianist Michal... read more

Corey Christiansen - Lone Prairie
by Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

The modern jazz scene in the Pacific Northwest has never been bashful about displaying its ties to Miles Davis's fusion period, especially the influence of rainy day ambiance from In a Silent Way. And though the influence of Cuong Vu, Bill Frisell, and John Stowell are also apparent, the relaxed jazz-rock fusion of Miles Davis's 70s period shines through. This influence has spread from the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver axis, expanding its... read more

PJ Newman - The Hand Of Dog
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

On The Hand of Dog, Seattle-based artist PJ Newman puts himself to work creating a series of innovative sets. At times reminiscent of Zappa, and at times simply playing with the sounds of his samples, Newman puts together a nice collection of works. His guitar is the centerpiece of the majority of the pieces, often in interplay with a pair of saxes, courtesy of the highly able Jessica Lurie and Sue Orfield. Ben Smith provides a solid drum... read more

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