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Jessica Williams - Songs of Earth
by Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

One of the most unheralded poet laureates of jazz piano, Jessica Williams has quietly forged a career on the West Coast, yielding an impressive body of solo and trio work with limited touring and headlines. Her latest project for Origin is drawn from solo performances in 2009-2011 at Seattle?s Triple Door. Songs of Earth includes six original compositions and Williams? interpretation of John Coltrane?s ?To Be.? In addition to composing and... read more

The H2 Big Band - It Could Happen
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

4-STARS - As Shakespeare wrote, "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Who would dare argue with that? The point is that It Could Happen, the second recording by the H2 Big Band, is performed by a world-class ensemble. It's just not the H2 Big Band, which essentially remained home in Colorado save for its co-leaders, trumpeter Al Hood and pianist Dave Hanson. This is in fact a group of Los... read more

Trio Linguae - Kevin Woods / John Stowell / Miles Black - Signals
by Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

Stowell's guitar joins Kevin Woods' trumpet and flugelhorn and Miles Black's piano. Woods' "Few Regrets" opens with warm guitar and lyrical piano then moves into a floating mid tempo. Woods' horn is warm, low-end and lyrical moving in a very Chet Baker/Mulligan tight warmness. Guitar touches with amazing odd chords, and then the piano warmly and lyrically dances the tune. Woods also penned "Solo En Viento Sabe" with the odd, darting, off-angle... read more

Shawn Purcell - 180
by Cedric Hendrix, CirdecSongs

Guitarist Shawn Purcell found himself captivated by the six-string sound of the legendary Pat Martino. He's also loves the Hammond organ and the sound it makes within the context of the jazz trio. And so, we arrive at 180, a record that's solid and smooth enough to be mistaken for a granite countertop. Purcell's guitar tone is slightly muted and occasionally just a bit overdriven, which helps it cut through the groovy but gentle din created by... read more

Kelly Sill / Jim McNeely / Joel Spencer - Boneyard
by Mark E. Gallo, Jazz Review

This is solid, straight ahead jazz by three masters of the craft. Covering a program of jazz standards, obscurities and originals, the principals never fail to impress. Opening with the Kurt Weill classic "Speak Low," pianist Jim McNeely, bassist Kelly Sill and drummer Joel Spencer each exhibit a mastery of their instrument throughout the nine selections. Dizzy Gillespie's classic "Con Alma" is given a medium tempo reading, Dave Brubeck's lovely... read more

Jessica Williams - The Art of the Piano
by Rudolf Radnai, Muszeroldal

Translated from Hungarian

Jessica Williams pianist / composer of American jazz is one of the greatest respect surrounded draftsman. More than 40 albums to date, entry 2 Grammy Award and numerous critics indicate their high quality. This album is a live recording is 2009. On 9 April the The Triple Door Club said musical performance materials included. 8 is featured in the plate number of a John Coltrane and a Erik Satie number except for... read more

Michael Waldrop - Origin Suite
by Robert Rusch, Cadence

MICHAEL WALDROP [drm/vib] is another artist with past ties to North Texas State and his big band is not traditional as displayed on ORIGIN SUITE. Recorded at various times from August 2010 though July 2017 presented here are a dozen originals mostly by Waldrop. There are also moments for small groupings. Purists will be set off by the lack of continuity in style and manner of the CD, that said, the various styles employed work well. The main... read more

Michael Zilber - Originals for the Originals
by Ric Bang, Jazz Scan

Instrumentalist/composer Michael Zilber is better known by fellow musicians than by jazz fans. Born in Vancouver, B.C., he moved to Boston in his late teens, then to New York City about five years later. It didn't take long for his talents to be recognized by artists who frequented that area. Zilber performed or recorded with giants such as Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, the Brecker brothers and Dave Liebman.

Zilber's second album as a... read more

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