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Benjamin Boone | Philip Levine - The Poetry of Jazz
by Editor, The Jazz Duck

School is in again, so I finally feel inclined to consider this most academic of contemporary jazz endeavors, which has been in my inbox for a while now. Though it hearkens back to '50s and '60s poetry-and-jazz products involving Jack Kerouac and various California "cool school" players, or Langston Hughes and Mingus, the context of this record is much more, let's say, establishmentarian: Levine was Poet Laureate during the Obama era, and... read more

Ben Paterson - For Once In My Life
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

There's always room for another swinging B3 player that knows exactly what he's doing and former Chicagoan Paterson is the latest to join the line. After having long stints with Von Freeman and others, Paterson might be a new name but he's no newcomer and this long overdue display of chops validates the hard work that made it happen. A tasty organ trio date with lots of chestnuts given new life, Paterson could easily teach master classes in... read more

John Gross / Billy Mintz - Beautiful You
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Beautiful You, featuring tenor saxophonist John Gross and drummer Billy Mintz, was recorded live at the Tugboat Brew Pub in Portland, Oregon, sound quality excellent. Remember just a few years back, in vinyl days, when live recordings meant murky sounds, bad mixes and distracting crowd noise. Well, not on this one. This live duo outing has a ringing, studio-quality sound.

Saxophonist Gross has worked with the Stan Kenton Band, Toshiko... read more

Hadley Caliman - Gratitude
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

Welcome back Hadley... ****1/2
Hadley Caliman's hiatus as a recording leader has been for way too long -approaching three decades. He has not been in hiding - he simply left the craziness of our few jazz Meccas and settled in Seattle, where he has kept busy playing gigs in the Emerald City jazz clubs and also serving as a senior member of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

Caliman's main period of recording was in the 70s, when he... read more

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra - Sacred Music of Duke Ellington
by Evan Dobbins, Jazz Radio 247

In the jazz world, recreating much of Ellington's repertoire can be a touchy subject. Some feel that what Ellington's bands created is so unique, that to revisit it would be akin to repainting the Sistine Chapel -- that some things are meant to stand alone, admired but untouched. When it comes to attempting to simply imitate these works, I would have to agree. On their recent release, Sacred Music of Duke Ellington, The Seattle Repertory Jazz... read more

Piet Verbist - Secret Exit to Another Dimension
by Peter DeBacker, Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)

After his years with the Jef Neve trio, the Antwerp double bassist Piet Verbist has not been idle. Now he forms a trio with guitarist Hendrik Braeckman, who you know from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, and the versatile drummer Lionel Beuvens.

Verbist has a deep warm sound that shines here in all its glory. He can also write beautiful melodies such as "A Noble Trice", which reminds me a bit of Pat Metheny, or the whimsical "In Peace With... read more

Laurie Antonioli and Richie Beirach - Varuna
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS There is a tuneful Constellation in the West and her name is Laurie Antonioli. Returning to her native Bay Area in 2006 after an expatriate period in Europe, where she served as professor of voice at Austria's Kug University, she formed her "American Dreams" band recording, most recently, the critically well-received albums, American Dreams (Intrinsic Music, 2010) and what is considered her breakout, the excellent... read more

Joe Locke - Force of Four
by Ken Watkins, 100 Greatest Jazz albums

Following the fusion influenced "Live In Seattle" (with Geoffrey Keezer) in 2006 and "Sticks And Strings" (with Jonathan Kreisberg) in 2007, "Force of Four" continues vibe player Joe Locke's very strong recent run of inventive albums.

The new quartet ? Joe Locke (vibraphone), Robert Rodriguez (piano and electric piano), Ricardo Rodriguez (bass) and Jonathan Blake (drums) ? is the ideal vehicle for a pleasing programme of innovative post bop.... read more

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