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George Colligan - The Endless Mysteries
by Travis Rogers, Jr., JazzTimes

This is one of those albums where you look at the line-up and know that you are in for something extraordinary. George Colligan has been enjoying an increasingly visible profile and continually takes giant leaps forward. This album sees him with Larry Granadier on bass and the incomparable Jack DeJohnette on drums.

George?s relationship with DeJohnette began years ago when George was subbing in a rehearsal session for him. The way George... read more

Cuong Vu - Leaps of Faith
by Phillip McNally, Cadence

Trumpeter Cuong Vu's 4-tet appears to be bottom-heavy too, what with two electric bassists. And Takeishi and Bergman are really playing electric too; not the kind of bass work that tries to sound wooden through the amp. But Leaps of Faith is not the funk affair that it might make it seem. there are lost of electronics used on this live recording, on all four instruments, and every bit of it is remarkably musical and tasteful. There is never... read more

Gary Hobbs - Of My Times
by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Of My Times has intriguing arrangements by drummer Gary Hobbs that keep the music quite unpredictable. Some selections utilize electronics while others are more straight-ahead. Among the highlights are "Fever" which has an effective vocal by Britta Hobbs and uses an atmospheric bass clarinet, "Hades Ladies," which is reminiscent of early fusion and has Marc Seales playing Fender Rhodes electric piano, and a fairly straightforward "Besame Mucho"... read more

Matt Jorgensen +451 - Hope
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Do they still give out Grammy Awards for best cover art? If so, here's a nominee: a peaceful retriever in repose, chin on the floor, captured in a sanguine tone on Matt Jorgensen + 451's Hope.

A great cover, of course, does not a successful CD make. It's the music.

The music on Hope -- sax and rhythm section outing with additional sax on five of the eleven tunes, with the warm tones of a trombone on another -- falls into that familiar... read more

Kim Richmond Ensemble - Live At Cafe Metropol
by Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise, Feb 7, 2008

"Live at Cafe Metropol" is this sextet's first live album, following one earlier studio release; members of the group also have been featured on CDs by other groups. Kim Richmond, once a member of the Stan Kenton orchestra, plays alto and soprano saxophones; trumpeter John Daversa is the son of Jay Daverso who, like Richmond, was a member of the Kenton group. Joey Sellers is the trombonist; pianists Rich Eames and Brian Freidland split the tunes... read more

Oscar Hernandez & Alma Libre - Love the Moment
by Jaime Torres Torres, National Foundation for Popular Culture (Puerto Rico)

Define jazz as one of the most beautiful expressions of art.

Developed as a musician in New York, it was inevitable that, parallel to salsa, jazz would awaken his interest early, especially when he collaborated with Ray Barretto and Dave Valent'n, who were transiting the genre.

After a career with Ismael Miranda & La Revelación, Libre, the Folkloric and Experimental Group, Barretto and Rubén Blades, among others, they did not miss the... read more

Carlos Vega - Bird's Ticket
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

4-STARS Saxophonist Carlos Vega's band crackles. The sound of "A Confluence in Chi-Town," the opener on his Bird's Ticket recording, has an on-the-edge urgency in its distinctive approach to the standard jazz quintet format - bass/drums/keyboard rhythm section and a trumpet and a saxophone - a line up like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie used.

Vega, a veteran of trumpter/band leader Doc Severinsen's band, sets up, with that... read more

Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Cyrille Aimee - Burstin' Out!
by Thomas Cunniffe, Jazz History Online

Jazz History Online is not in the business of fortune-telling, but it's always gratifying to hear young musicians who have mastered the jazz language and have the potential to either carry the old traditions into the future or blaze innovative trails. The three vocalists reviewed here are all currently in their late 20s or early 30s and have developed their styles and sounds to a very high degree. They are certainly not the only promising... read more

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