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Steve Million - What I Meant to Say
by Tom Haugen, Take Effect

The pianist and composer Steve Million has had a prolific year, as he also released Jazz Words alongside the vocalist Sarah Marie Young, and here with Steve Cardenas, John Sims and Ron Vincent at his side, Million regroups with some longtime friends for a batch of old and new tunes.

"Open The Book" starts the listen with Million's sophisticated and cozy piano being complemented by the light drumming and spirited guitar work, and this dynamic... read more

Don Lanphere with New Stories - Home At Last
by Ben Ohmart, Muses Muse

This cd is getting hot in my computer drive. It's been spinning for the last five hours. That's because this is the sort of jazz that was made for minds like mine. First off, it's over an hour in length, and the long 10 tracks spin with a constant, but smooth buzz that speaks always at night. But more importantly, the mindset of contemporary, straight forward, mainstream jazz is ever present. None of this artistic, ground breaking trial by... read more

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble - The Atwood Suites
by Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

TOP 10 CANADIAN JAZZ ALBUMS OF 2018 The Toronto-raised composer and saxophonist, who is on faculty at the University of Western Michigan, released a splendid and ambitious double album in April, reuniting with some stellar talents that he previously made music when he lived in New York City. Rathbun's gorgeous compositions and orchestrations stirringly set the poetry of Margaret Atwood to music, and Luciana Souza's pristine voice looms... read more

Brittany Anjou - Enamigo Reciprokataj
by Elzy Kolb, Hot House Jazz Guide (NYC)

Pianist Brittany Anjou divides her time between her Brooklyn home and a long-term gig in Kuwait, where she teaches jazz theory and more to kids and adults. "The students are hungry for jazz, and want to understand theory. Any time I travel and play abroad, people are really listening, it's like you're valued more there," she says. "In Kuwait, the people are focused on the melody. At house concerts, people care in a different way" than in other... read more

Chad McCullough | Michal Vanoucek - The Sky Cries
by George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

Seattleite Chad McCullough enlists the help of Northwest stalwarts Mark Taylor, alto saxophone, Dave Captein, bass, and Matt Jorgenson, drums, in addition to European pianist Michael Vanoucek, on a selection of original material. McCullough and Vanoucek's writing encompasses varied moods, tempos and sonic nuances. All the players have shining solo opportunities, but McCullough's silvery tone stands out as something... read more

Kevin Deitz - Skylines
by Damian Erskine, Bass Musician Magazine

Portland's very own Kevin Deitz really shines here with the release of Skylines. Kevin has had a wealth of experience playing bass everywhere from touring Broadway productions to the stage with the likes of Mose allison, Art Blakey, Dave Brubeck, Sheena Easton and everyone in between. Equally at home on upright as he is on his 7-string Conklin, Kevin showcases his abilities on both instruments with musicality, style and grace with Skylines.... read more

Benjamin Boone with the Ghana Jazz Collective - Joy
by Hobart Taylor, DownBeat

Benjamin Boone often explores the intimate confluence of melody and speech. On the two volumes of The Poetry Of Jazz, a collaboration with the late United States Poet Laureate Philip Levine, the saxophonist demonstrated his ability to fluently interact with and reply to a spoken text.

On Joy, Boone expands his penchant for conversation. Stemming from his time as a Fulbright Scholar in Ghana, Boone engages in dialogue with Bernard Ayisa, one... read more

Christopher Icasiano - Provinces
by Robert Silverstein, Roots Music Report

**** 4-stars

Washington State based Origin Records steps out of their comfort zone with the 2020 release of Provinces from composer and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Icasiano. Very unusual sounding yet rewarding as a musical experience, the eight part CD is a fine showcase for Christopher's drumming, percussion and keyboard skills. Sounding like a modern day horror film soundtrack, bordering on avant-garde instrumental music and even... read more

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