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Richard Cole - A Glance Back
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

The debut solo album from Richard Cole, a Seattle sax player with some pretty good chops. The tone is relatively high here, making use of squeaks and squeals as possible, and holding to a modern jazz ideal in general. The solos sometimes draw themselves out in a slow arc before moving on, but they showcase some very nice sensitivity in exploring the range. The jazz scene in Seattle picked up quite a bit after the release of this album, and this... read more

Darren Johnston - Life in Time
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The New York trumpeter that's traded licks with Fred Frith comes to Chicago for some Chicago driven jazz with a mainstay trio that can pretty much play anything. With a Chicago take on loft jazz leading the way, this isn't exactly clove ciggy daddio jazz but it's loaded with the kind of stuff that gets you nodding appreciatively. This is the place to go for that late night... read more

Phil Kelly - Convergence Zone
by Jae Sinnett, Jazz Programmers List

"Convergence Zone" adds a much needed upgrade to what the jazz orchestras are dealing with today in terms of predictability. The arrangements are
challenging, fun and work only because of the quality of these musicians playing them. The sections are cohesive and beautifully in tune. The dynamic range of this band is refreshing. Jay Thomas is one of many standouts. Considering the overhead involved with making something like this work, give... read more

Tom Rizzo - Imaginary Numbers
by Bill Donaldson, Cadence

Tom Rizzo's Imaginary Numbers, though putatively a showcase for the guitarist, features on every track a group of matured Jazz professionals performing witty arrangements that concentrate instead on their intuitive cohesiveness and effortless abilities to express the emotions evoked by the tunes. One wouldn't expect the emphasis upon ensemble playing at the beginning of the album, when Rizzo alone states succinctly and lyrically a brief... read more

Emi Meyer - Monochrome
by Hobart Taylor, KUCI - Irvine, CA

Emi Meyer's phrasing and nuanced tonal control is clean and complete. This is a singer/songwriter whose intimate and compelling narratives and reflections are set in jazz pop arrangements. The melodies fall like the first snow. Her tune "If I Think of You" and her co-written tunes, especially one with Dawn Clement, "Flesh and Bones", resonate with sincerity. She covers an ironically understated version the blues classic "I'd Rather Go Blind",... read more

Hadley Caliman | Pete Christlieb - Reunion
by Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

After reviewing both of Hadley Caliman's previous two Origin Records releases, Gratitude and Straight Ahead, I felt that Hadley had many bright moments ahead of him. He had retired from teaching at Cornish College after 22 years of teaching, and was enjoying playing in Seattle, leading a small group as well as playing with the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

Gratitude was recorded in 2008, and Straight Ahead... read more

Rodney Whitaker - All Too Soon: The Music of Duke Ellington
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

When in doubt, keep with the classics. That's what bassist Rodney Whitaker does in delving into jazz's greatest composer and giving eternal songs a modern touch. Whitaker brings together a strong team in trumpet legend Brian Lynch along wit Diego Rivera/ts, Michael Dease/tb,Richard Roe/p, Karriem Riggins-Kavon Gordon and guest vocalist Rockelle Whitaker.

Whitaker's thick and palpable tone is a work of art itself, and it's used well leading... read more

Dave Glenn - National Pastime
by Chris Van Hof, International Trombone Association Journal

Dave Glenn's 2009 release explores the intersection of two truly American creations: baseball and jazz. Glenn is clearly a gifted trombonist and composer, who after years of working in New York City now teaches jazz at Whitman College in Washington state. Those New York years saw him playing with Gerry Mulligan; Blood, Sweat, and Tears; and countless others. Fruitful musical collaborations resulted, too including the outstanding musicians... read more

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