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Scenes - Destinations
by Steve Wyzard, Amazon

Scenes have now released six albums for Seattle's Origin Records, and one doesn't have to look too far to find descriptions such as "introspective", "impressionistic", "haunted", "ethereal", "Sunday afternoon jazz", etc when their music is being discussed. I won't short-change 2017's Destinations album by calling it "more of the same", but would much rather praise the timeless consistency of their sound and performances. Guitarist John Stowell,... read more

John McLean - Better Angels
by Dick Crockett, Bop 'n Dicks 10 Picks

A breeze of avant sophisticated hip full of voices, reeds and guitarist John McLean arranging this unique new cd, fresh from the Chicago new jazz scene. Greatness looms in Chicago's young writers, musicians and post bop innovators as they appear on this new cd with leader John Mclean reaches in and lifts up with other the fledgling, the promising and accomplished including himself. Therein lies a greatness in young Chicago. Mclean implores... read more

Roxy Coss - Restless Idealism
by John Murph, Downbeat

FEATURE STORY Roxy Coss' sophomore album, Restless Idealism, superbly conveys the ecstasy and agony of a musician's early career stages. From illuminating titles such as "Waiting," "Push" and "Tricky" to the vivacious tone and improvisations unraveling from Coss' tenor and soprano saxophones, the program plays out like pages from a journal.

Coss, 29, lifted the disc's title from a passage in Hunter S. Thompson's novel "The... read more

Dee Daniels - Jazzinit
by Carl Anthony, Jazz 91.9FM WCLK

Dee Daniels uncovers the Jazzinit as she skillfully interprets the stories of American composers Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, Lionel Richie and Otis Redding among others, thus ushering these authors into the echelon of past contributors to the great American songbook.... read more

Dana Hall - Into the Light
by Brian Baker, City Beat

Dana Hall isn't merely a Jazz drummer ? he's a magician who elicits the same jaw dropping reaction with a kit and sticks that David Copperfield gets when he makes aircraft carriers or the Statue of Liberty vanish.
The gifted rhythmatist started out by earning a degree in aerospace engineering at Iowa State before getting his Bachelor of Music from New Jersey's Paterson College and his Masters in composition and arranging from DePaul (he's... read more

Clay Giberson - Mirador
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

West Coast pianist Clay Giberson's initial offering from the Origin label vividly recalls the seminal trio of Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro, and Paul Motian by the introspective manner in which it presents the music. Like Evans, Giberson's touch is well modulated, revealing an impressive lyrical demeanor. The nine compositions on the program all come from Giberson's pen. They are delicate, gentle, and, most of all, melodic but still distinctive.... read more

Brittany Anjou - Enamigo Reciprokataj
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

In which we find our fearless leader making a piano trio debut that goes somewhere else but really doesn't. Not willing to take on art for art's sake, this tyro that's sought out and studied with dyed in the wool pros shows that you don't need to microdose acid to expand your mind. Almost like taking the history of piano trio, putting it in a Yatzee cup and shaking it up to see where the future might lie, this amazing kaleidoscope of sounds just... read more

David Friesen Circle 3 Trio - Where the Light Falls
by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr., Louisville Music News

David Friesen's working trio, with pianist Greg Goebel and drummer Charlie Doggett, has released a 2-disc live set, with guest guitarist Larry Koonse on nine of the nineteen tracks. The trio tracks are from a 2013 set in Germany and a 2014 set in Portland, OR, with Koonse added for a 2013 date in Tempe, AZ. On disc, the songs switch back and forth between trio and quartet; all are composed by the leader. Opening the first disc is the bright and... read more

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