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Mamutrio - Primal Existence
by Hobart Taylor, KUCI - Irvine, CA

A funny thing about the trio form, whether it is a power trio in rock (The Police), Beethoven's piano trios, or the work of Bill Evans' trios, the perfect balance between figure and ground that comes to mind as you listen to ensemble and solo play intermittently to me just feels intimate and to the point.

This Belgian triad is spirited, precise in rhythmic attack led by drummer Jesse Dockx, supported by the full yet delicate bass playing... read more

John Moulder - Bifrost
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Top 10 Innovative Jazz Releases of 2009
For the past 20 years or so, excellent guitarists have been plentiful in Chicago, and Moulder ranks high among them. On "Bifrost," he offers some of the most profound work of his career, alternating vastly scaled tone poems with exquisitely delicate, spiritual pieces. His work only deepens with... read more

Tom Luer - Project Popular
by Adam Greenberg, All Music

Cross-pollination between jazz and pop music has become something of a mini-trend in the last few years, ranging from interesting fusions and covers on smaller labels up to a high-exposure Grammy for Herbie Hancock's renditions of Joni Mitchell songs. In the same vein, Los Angeles-based sax player Tom Luer reworks a handful of major hits into easygoing West Coast modern jazz on Project Popular. This is light, airy music fresh from the cafes more... read more

Laurie Antonioli - The Constant Passage of time
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

She might be switching it up this time around, but one thing is certain, she still has that Joni Mitchell discovering jazz vibe to her sound. Working this time out with a band and contributing some originals as she also widens her set list to more than one composer, this is a set that gathers the things that make the jazz vocalist what she is---and that's interesting on all counts. Solid stuff for adult listeners looking for some solid adult... read more

John Moulder - Bifrost
by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

The Green Mill Jazz Club doesn't usually fall to a hush on a rowdy Friday night, but it did as midnight approached.

With guitarist John Moulder leading an inspired quintet, the music-making often achieved a quiet serenity, bringing a capacity audience to a whisper. There's simply no way to converse when music of such profundity and grace is unfolding.

Moulder has been a leading figure in Chicago jazz for a couple of decades, largely thanks... read more

David Friesen and Glen Moore - Bactrian
by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation

It's not often you get to listen to two masters of the bass on one album... this is kind of a "reunion" recording... they recorded together way back in 1977, and have now captured the results of a recent tour through Europe together. As you listen to songs like the lively "Hoe Down", you'll hear that from a jazz standpoint, there are few players that can equal their dexterity - they'll have you up & dancin' 'round the barn with glee; every... read more

Les DeMerle - Cookin' At The Corner, Vol. 2
by Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

On November 11 and 12, 2005 drummer Les DeMerle and his band recorded a two-session live performance at The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head, South Carolina, producing his fourth and fifth recordings, Cookin' at the Corner, Volume One and Volume Two for Origin Records. Recording a total of thirty songs, Volume Two represents the second half of this project.

As with the first session, this follow-up release features vocalist and wife, Bonnie... read more

Cathy Segal-Garcia - SOCIAL ANTHEMS, VOLUME 1
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Bob Lefsetz keeps saying things are messy these days because music doesn't drive the culture anymore. Part of the problem is that no one is driving the music. SoCal jazz vocalist Sega Garcia reaches back to the 60s to refashion some anthems the kids aren't punching up on You Tube anyway for a new airing with a new audience. Rounding up some real A teamers for her label debut, her renditions take you someplace different that's a place you need to... read more

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