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Corey Christiansen - Dusk
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The guitar man takes a steep left turn here as he wraps up his jazzy Americana trilogy with original tunes that seem to take smooth/summer jazz into some dark corners where there's a jazzy impression of southern gothic lurking around the next turn. There's a solid little history of modern jazz here lurking in the twists and turns that gives it the extra special sauce that really brings it together. Sharp, original work that grabs the... read more

Xavier Lecouturier - Carrier
by Paul Rauch, All About Jazz

4-STARS 21 year old drummer and composer Xavier Lecouturier seems like he's been around for a while. There is a maturity about his playing one witnesses on the bandstand, a lack of fear of moving and directing flow, of steering time in waves of variance. The fact of the matter is, he hasn't been here long at all, he has just utilized his strand of opportunity wisely while in Seattle. His time outside the classroom saw him at late night... read more

Thomas Marriott - Romance Language
by George Harris, Jazz Weekly

Rich ballads and romantic moods are produced by Thomas Marriott, who plays tender trumpet and fluid flugelhorn as he's supported by the orchestrations and programming by keyboardist Ryan Cohen, vibe master Joe Lock, bassist Jeff Johnson and deft drummer John Bishop. The pastoral strings serve as rich drapery as Locke adds thoughtful vibes to Marriott's reflective musings on the elegiac "Dexter's Tune" and lyrical "Forgiveness." Glassy piano and... read more

Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott - East-West Trumpet Summit
by George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Scene

The two-trumpet ensemble is not a new thing in jazz, but it sure is a good thing in the hands of New Yorker Ray Vega and Seattleite Thomas Marriott. Their paths had crossed on both coasts over recent years, and a friendship and mutual respect developed. Resulting, of course, in this recording. Former Seattle pianist (now New Yorker) Travis Shook leads a rhythm section that also boasts two Seattle aces, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer Matt... read more

Alon Farber Hagiga with Dave Douglas - The Magician: Live in Jerusalem
by Ferdinand Dupuis Panther, Jazz'halo (Belgium)

The recordings of the album are taken from a live performance at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem on June 27, 2023. With "Persistence Of Memory" the sextet around woodwind player Alon Farber opens. The Ensemble Hagiga and guest Dave Douglas are characterized by an impressive brass power, consisting of a trumpeter, a trombonist, a soprano and alto saxophonist and a tenor saxophonist or clarinetist. In tutti they almost sound like a small big band. At... read more

John Moulder - Bifrost
by John Ephland, Downbeat

***1/2 stars

The first thing one may notice is Moulder's penchant for going back and forth between his acoustic and electric guitars. That he plays his six- an 12-string acoustics in a manner that at times might recall Ralph Towner's music with Jan Garbarek (thanks to the full-bodied tenor saxophone sounds of Bendik Hofseth) is not surprising. Bifrost sports Hofseth with fellow Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen, both whom help give the... read more

Dominic J. Marshall - Spirit Speech
by Mike Collins, London Jazz News

This follow-up to his 2012 release Icaros finds 24-year-old pianist Dominic J Marshall in great form and still exploring the potential of the acoustic piano trio. He has developed a distinctive voice and it earned his trio a slot on the "Introducing" stage at last summer's Manchester Jazz Festival, attracting admiring comments from Jamie Cullum.

With Tobias Nijboer on bass and Jamie Peet on drums the set of 11 originals hint at all... read more

Clay Giberson - Pastures
by Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

As I listen to Clay's superb jazz piano work (for the third time through the album now), one word comes to mind - POWERFUL! His strong style first enchanted my ears in issue # 162, and he got (very) high marks from me on that release as well (in fact, I went back and listened all the way through that album, too - as I often do with jazz players who exceed all expectations). On this (even better) release, he's joined by Donny McCaslin on... read more

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