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Mark Taylor with RadioAction - After Hours
by , JazzReview.com

Alto and soprano saxophonist Mark Taylor and labelmates RadioAction recorded this 8- track session in Brooklyn in January 2002. Opening with Monk's "Bye Ya," they serve notice that they are as entrenched in a modern style as they are reverential of the masters. Following a strong opening statement by Taylor, pianist Whitney Ashe delivers a muscular solo augmented by the powerful rhythm team of drummer Matt Jorgensen and bassist Gary Wang.... read more

Jessica Williams - Touch
by Fred Bouchard, All About Jazz - New York

Jessica Williams lights candles, sets moods and tells her deep stories in nobody's hurry, revolving a leisurely kaleidoscope of intimate variations on Touch. She says, "Neither life nor music is a contest." No more hammering, her fine style features internal linear dynamics and remarkable voicings. Her chiaroscuro narratives waft through seductive veils of fog and smoke. Her "I Loves You Porgy" is as elegantly shaded and emotionally tidal... read more

Hans Fahling - Hamburg: Port of Call
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

An interesting collaboration between painting and music modeling itself loosely upon the work of Mussorgsky. Accompanying this set of fine modern jazz as performed by quartets on both sides of the Atlantic are a series of paintings by Patrick Haskett with a relatively contemporary style (Norman Rockwell with some impressionism, and something more that music critics shouldn't attempt to describe). The jazz is exceptional, using a guitar as a lead... read more

Thomas Marriott - Human Spirit
by C. Michael Bailey, AllAboutJazz.com

Human Spirit is trumpeter Thomas Marriott's seventh critically well-received recording for the West Coast Origin Records label. Marriott shakes things up by using an organ trio format as his vehicle, to quite great effect. Marriott and his merry Origin Records band pushes forth the definition of the "new" West Coast jazz, while at the same time giving Origin Records an aural definition as identifiable as the ECM Sound of the heralded... read more

Aaron Germain - Chance
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Inventive world beat jazz. Nothing so radical about that, or is there? This bass led, international quartet lives up to the elements on the hype sheet. Intertwining Weather Report with Headhunters with various world sounds, this crew does it all and does it on point in a creative and fascinating way. Top shelf stuff for the sitting down jazz fan, it?s not egghead jazz---it reaches down and strikes a variety of primal chords you might not have... read more

Steve Korn - Points in Time
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

This one, more than most sets that come this way, reveals itself in successive layers. Melody didn't initially assert itself to these ears. It was there, in dreamy post bop permutations, but it was the harmonies that grabbed me from the start. Drummer Steve Korn and company explore unusual and engaging harmonic frameworks, and I spent a couple of spins of the disc absorbing those and wishing for a deeper grounding in the technicalities of music,... read more

Sarah Partridge - Bright Lights and Promises: Redefining Janis Ian
by Annie Dinerman, Elmore Magazine

Jazz vocalist Sarah Partridge was only tinkering with the idea of recording one or two songs written by singer-songwriter Janis Ian, best known for her hits, "At Seventeen" and "Society's Child." Recently, from the stage where the teenage Ian herself sang in the 1960s, Partridge celebrated the release of her full CD of Janis Ian songs. Bright Lights & Promises will appeal to followers of entertaining and socially conscious jazz artists such as... read more

Bob Sneider & Paul Hofmann - Serve and Volley
by Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

These intimate duos mark the third such encounter between guitarist Bob Sneider and pianist Paul Hofmann, both faculty members at the Eastman School of Music. They exhibit an easy rapport on the jaunty opener, "Warm Welcome," a riff on "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" that culminates in some sparkling exchanges and bristling unison lines. They settle into sublime conversations on Hofmann's gentle "Grace" and his waltzy-time "I Remember Bill... read more

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