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RadioAction - Hi-Fi
by Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

The group RadioAction is made up four young, modern jazz artists working out of the New York area, although recorded here by the West Coast label, Origin. These artists have something to say with their interpretation of the items on the play list, whether it be one of the original compositions or a jazz or classic standard. The tone of their conversation is sometimes piercing as guided by the alto sax of Alex Graham and Whitney Ashe's piano on... read more

Kelly Sill / Jim McNeely / Joel Spencer - Boneyard
by Tom Conrad, JazzTimes

Jim McNeely is best known as a composer-arranger for large jazz bands. On Boneyard, he applies the mindset of a big-band arranger to the minimalist format of the piano trio. He also gets space (rare in his discography) to display his considerable prowess as a fleet, sophisticated, percussively ornate pianist.

McNeely is able to approach this recording architecturally because he is so familiar with its building blocks. McNeely, bassist... read more

Dominic J. Marshall - Spirit Speech
by Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

Remember when the references you most commonly picked up from a piano trio were to the oblique harmonies and subtle rhythms of Bill Evans. Now it's the hip-hop groove and the sliding Robert Glasper phrases that most often stand out.

Of course there is nothing wrong with either form of sincere flattery and I haven't heard many pianists not use such influences to good effect. Dominic Marshall, originally from the UK but now working out of... read more

Bobby Broom - Bobby Broom Plays for Monk
by Stuart Broomer, All About Jazz.com

There's something almost contradictory about Monk compositions: they're insistently individualistic, built on odd chord changes with often minimalist melodies. But as idiosyncratic as they are, they often succeed in bringing out what's best in the musicians playing them, as if those tunes are open to individuality as well as being the product of it. Through the years musicians of wildly divergent styles have approached Monk's music: the piquant... read more

Deep Blue Organ Trio - Wonderful!
by Bob Simpson, Musicisbad.com

By far the best jazz album of the year, the Deep Blue Organ Trio pays tribute to Stevie Wonder with, Wonderful! (Origin Records). A jazz perspective on the soul-pop legend, this is no smooth elevator jazz record. Its organ filled brilliance and over all maturity is a radiant homage done very tastefully. It would be absurd to even consider another Wonder tribute to take place when this one takes the cake. The cuts such as "Tell Me Something Good"... read more

Brent Jensen with David Sills - Stay Cool
by Steve Sando, Mr. Lucky

The Brent Jensen/David Sills Quartet quite cleverly revives the West Coast Jazz sound on the disc Stay Cool (Origin Records 82403). Honestly, we were expecting next to nothing and then found ourselves running over to the stereo to turn up the volume once the recording got started. West Coast Jazz, in certain circles, has the reputation for being the 1950s equivalent to white rap. "Certain circles" continue to take all the joy out of jazz. We'll... read more

Bill Anschell - Rumbler
by Paul Rauch, All About Jazz

Seattle's eclectic jazz scene has produced a long line of significant voices that have impacted the music on a national and international level. Bill Anschell, as a pianist and composer certainly falls into that category that has produced the likes of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson, and presently, trumpeter Thomas Marriott. His new Origin Records CD Rumbler, represents his ninth album as a leader, and his first featuring original... read more

Laurie Antonioli and Richie Beirach - Varuna
by Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review

Jazz vocalist Laurie Antonioli seems perfectly matched with the piano subtleties of Richie Beirach in their album Varuna (Origin 82698). Laurie has a superbly vibrant vocal instrument that she puts to beautiful use on this set. Phrasing, tone, pitch control and artistry are out front in the best ways here. Richie Beirach has not been in my ears much in later days (and I have no idea if he has made himself relatively scarce or I have simply... read more

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