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George Colligan & Theoretical Planets - Risky Notion
by Travis Rogers, Jr., Music Life & Times

George Colligan has released an album of new compositions with young musicians and Colligan himself in a new role with the CD "Risky Notion" by George Collian and Theoretical Planets (Origin 82681).

Most people who know George Colligan think first of him as a pianist and that is as it should be, to think of him as a pianist first. What falls far short of the mark, however, is to think of Colligan only as a pianist. His first love was drums.... read more

Corey Christiansen - Lone Prairie
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A cowboy spirited album from a Wes influenced jazz guitarist? Well, he is from Utah and he didn't go down Chris Parkening's road so when genes will out, it was bound to happen. Does it feel out of character? Nah. Hell, if you didn't already know "Streets of Laredo" was a cowboy song, this would sound like some introspective meditation. A solid listening date from a cat that really knows his stuff and how to serve it up right, in any... read more

Aaron Germain - Chance
by Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

San Francisco based bassist/composer Aaron Germain's follow-up to his debut Before You Go (Self Produced, 2010) harnesses some of the Bay Area's finest musicians on another set of the leader's original compositions. The personnel, who includes French/Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le, is completely different to Germain's eclectic debut and it sounds like it too. Whereas Before You Go reflected Germain's command of bop, funk, blues and Latin,... read more

Peter Epstein and Idée Fixe - Abstract Realism
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

Idee Fixe's method to music creation is a particularly improvised route. Rather than using composed sets, they improvise the backbone of jazz collectively. However, they go further -- they had no prior discussions, no (or rare) starting points from which to build. They simply start exploring ideas together while recording, leading to a particularly free format of jazz. The pieces on Abstract Realism tend to start out sparse, with a tone or two... read more

John Stowell and Ulf Bandgren - Throop
by Ian MacGregor, Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia

Our member John Stowell has recorded with many different guitarists and on this latest CD he teams up with Swedish guitarist Ulf Bendgren. Ulf currently teaches guitar/ensemble at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. Both players on this album are playing Mike Doolin guitars, John a nylon string and Ulf a steel string. They have an amazingly warm sound. The opening track is a bright number called ?Five Roses? and after... read more

Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by Pico, www.blogcritics.org

Joey deFrancesco. Tony Monaco. Larry Goldings. Barbara Dennerlein. All at the forefront of the current generation of jazz organists and heirs to the mantle of Jimmy Smith, Charles Earland and Jack McDuff.

Oh yeah, there's one more notable: Sam Yahel. But with the release this week of his fourth effort Truth And Beauty, Yahel is making the case that there is still room for another distinctive voice in the well-established world of the Hammond... read more

David Friesen and Glen Moore - Bactrian
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Here's a perfect example of a record that is one of those sets that probably couldn't get made but needs to be made. Here's a perfect example of a record that certainly starts out on paper as being something that's not for everyone but it's execution shows it's for anyone that wants their ears taken on a trip they won't forget. Two unmistakable bass players that have known each other 50 years face off in a pairing that's just them plunking... read more

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Imaginary Sketches
by Herman te Loo, Jazz Flits

"A smashing debut, a deliberate likeable album, to win over the listener."

This quartet recording with trumpeter from Chad McCullough's Seattle is traditional. That does not mean that the group with bassist Chuck Deardorf and drummer John Bishop is mainstream, it's just that the compositions
that the two leaders deliver more right-to-earth feeling than the Belgian quintet [review taken from a double review]. Weijters and McCullough search... read more

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