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Hal Galper & the Youngbloods - Live at the Cota Jazz Festival
by Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation

I've reviewed Hal's excellent jazz piano work here quite often over the many years I've been writing reviews... this July, 2017 release shows his total dedication to the art of jazz... he's joined by Nathan Bellott on alto saxophone, Dean Torrey playing bass and David Frazier doing drums, in one of the best "live" jazz recordings of 2017... as you listen to the opener, "Speak with a Single Voice", you'll hear what "professional" really means...... read more

Benny Powell - Nextep
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Taking his first steps with the Origin label, longtime trombone sideman Benny Powell takes his own band for a spin, focusing entirely on original compositions from himself and his comrades in arms. The album opens with a nice piece of New Orleans-infused composition that makes full use of Powell's trombone in a second-line form, showing off the horn in a traditionally leading manner, rather than relegating it to a place in a larger ensemble.... read more

Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story
by Dan Healy, Chicago Jazz Magazine

Although Bobby Broom has been a mainstay as one of the great modern guitarists in the Chicago scene for many years, he pays tribute to his upbringing in Harlem with his new disc, Upper West Side Story. The recording is Broom?s first that features all original compositions, as performed by some of the finest modern musicians in Chicago, including Dennis Carroll on bass, as well as Kobie Watkins and Makaya McCraven alternating on... read more

David Sills - Down The Line
by George Fendel, Jazz Scene

Hooray for David Sills for a few reasons. He opts for a tenor sound which is rich and righteous AND on this recording, he includes two of the world's greatest players in Alan Broadbent, piano and Gary Foster, alto sax. If you haven't heard them, pick up this CD. I promise you'll be mesmerized. To the rhythm section, add Larry Koonse, guitar; Putter Smith, bass and Tim Pleasant, drums. That all makes for an outstanding aggregation. But back... read more

Joel Miller Sienna Dahlen - Dream Cassette
by George Graham, WVIA Radio

Artists have been mixing rock and jazz for about 50 years now. Most of the time it takes either one of two forms - rock tunes with some added jazz instrumentation and stylistic touches, or music that comes basically from a jazz composing style with electric instrumentation. Examples from the early days include respectively, Blood Sweat & Tears, and the Mahavishu Orchestra. Jazz-rock fusion continues in the 21st Century and sometimes gets fairly... read more

Hal Galper - E Pluribus Unum - Live in Seattle
by Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

Recorded live at the Earshot Jazz Festival in Seattle, E Pluribus Unum is a true triumph of piano trio jazz. Backed by veteran bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop, pianist Galper displays an incredible array of jaw-dropping keyboard skills as the trio performs four original compositions and three interesting covers. A stunning version of Irving Berlin's "How Deep is the Ocean" immediately catches attention with Galper's... read more

Dana Hall - Into the Light
by John Barron, All About Jazz

Chicago-based drummer Dana Hall makes his debut as a leader with Into the Light, a provocative quintet recording featuring trumpeter Terell Stafford, saxophonist Tim Warfield, Jr., pianist Bruce Barth, and bassist Rodney Whitaker.

Herbie Hancock's "I Have a Dream" opens the session with an explosive punch. Hall's uncompromising intensity makes clear exactly who is leading the date. Along with Barth's punchy Fender Rhodes comping, the drummer... read more

Hadley Caliman | Pete Christlieb - Reunion
by Bill Donaldson, Cadence

As happens more often than not, two friends who spent much time together in early adulthood went their separate ways as the demands and opportunities of careers and families took priority. In the case of Pete Christlieb and Hadley Caliman, who performed together for two years at Marty's in Los Angeles in the 1960s, their separation was resolved when they met again in 2009 in Seattle to record, appropriately enough, a Reunion.

Origin... read more

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