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Eva Cortes - Crossing Borders
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Eva Cortes mixes languages and moods with her flexible team of Pepe Rivero/p, Luques Curtis/b, Robby Ameen/dr, Luisito Quintero/perc, MarvinSewell/g and a snappy horn section along with simpatico guests. Her voice is husky and breathy sensuous on the intimate "Corazon" and spacious during her aria intro to the salsa'd "Sabor a Mi." The horns add funky soul as Cortes saunters with Jon Cowherd's piano on "Deja Vu" and Doug Beaver's horn pleads... read more

The Jazz Police - The Music of Daniel Barry
by Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

The Jazz Police are made up of musicians who see their task as creating and promoting modern big band music. For their second album for Origin, leader James Rasmussen has selected the music of one of the band's trumpet and flugelhorn players, jazz educator Daniel Barry. Drawing upon musicians from the fertile and active Northwest U.S. jazz scene, the group has 18 members plus four players added for certain tracks. Barry made a trip to Brazil... read more

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble - The Atwood Suites
by Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

There have been a few recordings of poetry and music over the years. However, there are none featuring the poetry of Margaret Atwood and certainly none that capture its angst-ridden power also encapsulating its imagery in the overarching passion of a musical argument. Andrew Rathbun has a clear and unified vision of key poems and has set them in a musical trajectory on these Atwood Suites that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and compels you... read more

Jessica Williams - Touch
by Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine

Pianist Jessica Williams thinks deeply about her spiritual relationship with the instrument, and the deep cohesive bond is evident in her recordings. Touch finds her at one of her two favorite pianos in a comfortable space in Seattle, The Triple Door, where the audience is quietly attentive. Williams is a serious blend of the romantic experimenter, in love with the expansive sounds of the piano, and the player who knows the value of space and... read more

Corey Christiansen - Roll With It
by Jan P. Dennis, Audiophile Audition

Coming out of the very legato, melodic school of electric guitar jazz characterized by players like Jimmy Bruno, John Basile, and the brilliant but underrecorded Helio Delmiro (whom he most resembles), Corey Christiansen in his third outing as leader has created something very special. As both an educator and clinician as well as performer and recording artist, Christiansen brings a vast knowledge of jazz guitar history to the table. Yet... read more

Anne Drummond - Revolving
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

After spending the last decade working with the kind of jazzbos that figured out how to avoid being a starving artist without selling out, Drummond continues to step out on her own, spreading her wings farther with each outing. It's unavoidable acknowledging the DNA behind this recording---jazz, new age, world, some saloon, some samba, some classical, some Herbie Mann excursions into all of the above---but it's also unavoidable acknowledging... read more

Matt Jorgensen +451 - Quiet Silence
by Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

In his sophomore album, Quiet Silence, drummer Matt Jorgensen shows off an incredible hand at both composing and arranging, as he moves effortlessly through piece after piece mixing the old and the new with his band 451, a collection of busy Seattle players. In what's perhaps been the most notable shift on the album, Marc Seales' usual piano is replaced by a nice Fender Rhodes, which works out surprisingly well under his fingers, as can be noted... read more

Anthony Branker and Word Play - The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

This cat has so many facets it's hard to keep them all straight. Here, we find him lining up some killer cats and getting his non-commie Paul Robeson on for some civil rights jazz and poetry for a new era that might finds it's roots in the past but is looking ahead. If you want music with a message, this is the stuff that delivers it in right on... read more

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