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Thomas Marriott - Flexicon
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz.com

If Seattle, Washington-based Origin Records can be said to have a signature sound, trumpeter Thomas Marriott's Flexicon could be picked as an example. The music is mainstream, with two horns and a rhythm section, polished up and modernized with a nice edge, some luminous Fender Rhodes, a solid-yet-adventurous bassist, and a top notch, push-the-tradition-forward drummer. And everything small and large that the drummer does can be heard.... read more

Tim Jensen - A Mind For The Scenery
by Tom Ineck, Berman Music Review

Like much of the bountiful fruit harvested at Origin Records in Portland, Ore., Tim Jensen's "A Mind for the Scenery" challenges the listener from the get-go.

Jensen is a composer and reed player of eclectic tastes, versatility, technique and audacious creativity. He also is an arranger and a bandleader who knows how to surround himself with like-minded musicians capable of equal audacity. Take for example the opener, "Sausage," a squiggly... read more

Scenes - Rinnova
by Stuart Kremsky, Cadence

Considerably absorbing is the second album by a trio of guitarist Stowell, bassist Johnson, and drummer Bishop. They've been gigging as a unit for over nine years, and their rapport has reached an enviable tightness. Dynamically astute and rhythmically sensitive, this is very satisfying music, the kind of interactive Jazz that doesn't hit you over the head as much as insinuate itself into your consciousness.

The majority of the tunes are by... read more

Dann Zinn - Day of Reckoning

Throughout the album Day of Reckoning, the fifth from tenorist Dann Zinn, creative freedom emerges with straightforward structural discipline within a post-bop realm that oftentimes refers to the sonic worlds of Michael Brecker, Sonny Stitt, Jerry Bergonzi, and Phil Woods. In the company of technically developed musicians such as pianist Taylor Eigsti, a frequent collaborator, bassist Zach Ostroff, and drummer Mark Ferber, Zinn blends familiar... read more

Scott Neumann Neu3 Trio - Blessed
by Michael Roberts, Jazziz

There's no denying the respective talents of drummer and composer Scott Neumann, saxophone and melodica player Michael Blake, and bassist Mark Helias. And thanks to the spacious sound of Blessed, the Neu3 Trio's studio debut, each player's contributions come through loud and clear. However, while the project is undeniably tasteful and enjoyable it falls just short of distinctiveness.

On the title track, which opens the proceedings, Neumann... read more

Dan Cray - Meridies
by Jayson Greene, emusic Review

Nice straight-ahead set of tunes featuring former Chicagoan Dan Cray on piano leading a quartet that includes new sax wunderkind Noah Preminger. Nothing groundbreaking, just decent jazz. Album ender ?March of the Archetypes? not only sends the album off on a terrifically addictive note, but has me intrigued to see where Cray goes with his next recording. I love an album that ends on a strong... read more

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra - SRJO Live
by Jason West, All About Jazz

Like Shackleton's epic voyage of survival in Antarctica, one struggles to imagine the time, resources, social skill and organizational acumen necessary to lead a jazz orchestra. Even more mindboggling is the idea of stepping into the shoes of Duke Ellington, Count Basie or Jimmie Lunceford, transcribing their classic big band recordings, and performing them live on your orchestra's debut CD.

Yet, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra directors... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - No Bounds
by Jack Bowers, Cadence, December 2006

No Bounds is composer/arranger Chris Walden's follow-up to last year's Grammy Award-nominated Home of My Heart[Origin 82439], and could be another strong contender for that honor, as it comprises eleven of his admirable charts performed by a blue-chip ensemble of Los Angeles-area studio/big band musicians. Walden, who employs a large string section on "No Bounds" and "Clax's Theme," welcomes three guests from his native Germany- Trumpeter... read more

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