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John Moulder - The Eleventh Hour
by Dave Sumner, All About Jazz

Whereas many of Chicago's jazz and blues guitar icons seem to channel the dark alleys and the bar sign neon of the city through their instruments, John Moulder's sound is more akin to a synthesis of the lakefront -- a beauty and serenity that is just as likely to show a face of fury and cold precision. For some time now, Moulder has quietly been developing his sound into something quite unique. The Eleventh Hour provides the opportunity to hear... read more

Mimi Fox - This Bird Still Flies
by Lou Fancher, The Mercury News

Shook up after a five-hour medical procedure and a nightmare surprise breast cancer diagnosis, jazz guitarist Mimi Fox stood, stunned, in a hospital parking lot. Swirling overhead in the night sky, a flock of birds chirped and sang a complicated, gorgeous, melodic song.

Months later, during treatment, the Vallejo-based composer and musician completed her replicated version of the tune. This "Bird Still Flies" is the title track of Fox's new,... read more

John Stowell | Michael Zilber - Shot Through With Beauty
by John Barron, The Jazz Word

Like minds converge on Shot Through With Beauty, a quartet release co-led by guitarist John Stowell and saxophonist Michael Zilber, two stalwarts of West Coast progressive jazz. Joined by bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis, who each contribute a composition to the session, the group achieves collaborative serenity through ten tracks of original material and modern-jazz gems from the likes of Kenny Wheeler and... read more

Anthony Branker and Word Play - Uppity
by Dave Sumner, emusic Review

Branker has quietly been assembling a seriously impressive set of recorded music since focusing on composing and arranging. His talent lies in his ability to take complex music and offer it as simple expressions. What this means is that you?ll get very engaging jazz that is very easy to connect to and just enjoy listening for the sake of listening. On his newest, he has a solid line-up of Ralph Bowen on tenor sax, Andy Hunter on trombone, Elis... read more

Kiki Valera - Vivencias en Clave Cubana
by Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

It's odd to think that a recording in 2019 could be deemed to have become "historic" upon its release, but this one - Vivencias en Clave (Featuring Coco Freeman - by Kiki Valera actually is; and it is historic in more ways than one. First of all, decades into his life as a musician - and that too one from the fabled Familia Valera Miranda with its almost 300-year-old tradition of music - Kiki Valera has only now made his debut recording.... read more

Jay Thomas with the Oliver Groenewald Newnet - I Always Knew
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Jay Thomas plays trumpet and flugelhorn as well as alto, tenor and soprano sax for tribute to blue pastels from masters ranging from Duke Ellington to Chick Corea. Fellow brass man Oliver Groenewald does most of the charts for the team that also boasts Brad Allison/tp-fh, Dan Marcus/tb, travis Ranney/as-fl-cl, Greg Sinabaldi/bs-bcl, John Hansen/p, Michael Glynn/b and Adam Kessler/dr. The moods and textures are highly in debt to Gil Evans, with... read more

Roxy Coss - Restless Idealism
by John Murph, Downbeat

FEATURE STORY Roxy Coss' sophomore album, Restless Idealism, superbly conveys the ecstasy and agony of a musician's early career stages. From illuminating titles such as "Waiting," "Push" and "Tricky" to the vivacious tone and improvisations unraveling from Coss' tenor and soprano saxophones, the program plays out like pages from a journal.

Coss, 29, lifted the disc's title from a passage in Hunter S. Thompson's novel "The... read more

John Stowell | Michael Zilber - Live Beauty
by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr., Louisville Music News

Guitarist John Stowell was a regular visitor to Louisville during the Bellarmine Jazz Guitar Festivals (RIP). Best known for his quietly elegant work, he is, in his own words, "playing with more energy" here with his friend, saxophonist Michael Zilber. They're joined by bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis for just over an hour's worth of music, five originals from band members, plus "My Funny Valentine" and John Scofield's... read more

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