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Brad Goode - Polytonal Dance Party
by Paul Abella, Chicago jazz.com

Since Brad Goode left Chicago a few years back, he's been on a tear, recording three CD's in three years. His latest, on Origin Records, is by far the best of the bunch. Finally, with the aid of a band willing to play his tunes the way that he wanted to write them, Goode can be heard in a whole new light. And in a light that takes him from being "another good trumpeter" to being in a class all his own.

Polytonal Dance Party is a fantastic... read more

Bobby Broom - Upper West Side Story
by Ken Dryden, All Music

One of the top guitarists of his generation, Bobby Broom's preferred setting is a small group, while he excels in the demanding trio setting with bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Kobie Watkins (with Makaya McCraven replacing him on three songs). Upper West Side Story includes nine originals, none of which is likely to become a jazz standard, but all of which are stimulating. "D's Blues" has an engaging hard bop hook that pulls the listener in... read more

Bobby Broom - The Way I Play: Live In Chicago
by Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant

Since making his Carnegie Hall debut at 16 with Sonny Rollins, Bobby Broom has been universally hailed as a consummate sideman, the guitarist of choice for artists ranging from Rollins to Dr. John.

Many sidemen lead quiet lives of desperation, lacking the chutzpah to step out front with their own albums.

Not so with Broom who has ventured out before, but never with such convincing authority as he whisks through chord changes with his... read more

Benjamin Boone | Philip Levine - The Poetry of Jazz
by Editor, The Jazz Duck

School is in again, so I finally feel inclined to consider this most academic of contemporary jazz endeavors, which has been in my inbox for a while now. Though it hearkens back to '50s and '60s poetry-and-jazz products involving Jack Kerouac and various California "cool school" players, or Langston Hughes and Mingus, the context of this record is much more, let's say, establishmentarian: Levine was Poet Laureate during the Obama era, and... read more

Jessica Williams - Songs of Earth
by David S., A Jazz Listener's Thoughts Blog

A pianist you need to hear - Jessica Williams

I was amazed that Jessica Williams is still a player whose music is very much under the radar. With her long list of accomplished CDs, both on her own labels and now for the sixth time on Origin with the latest, "Songs of Earth" (Origin 2012) I can only surmise that her location in the Northwest, touring schedule, and the fact that she has not been associated with other leaders as... read more

Hal Galper Trio - Airegin Revisited
by Dave Sumner, emusic Review

Listening to the Hal Galper Trio perform is like watching fireflies? they?re a swarm of activity as they bounce off one another and flit through the air, but ostensibly pretty as they light up the night. Galper has his own sound. It?s not dramatically different from the pack, but its singular to him, and its never boring, even when it flirts with a straight-ahead modern approach. Joining him are pros Jeff Johnson on bass and John Bishop on... read more

David Friesen Circle 3 Trio - Triple Exposure
by Ric Bang, Jazz Scan

I sometimes wonder what it must have been like, to be present at a concert given by one of the true masters. Well, I've never been lucky enough to catch bassist David Friesen in person, but - thanks to the magic of albums - I can listen to him any time I so desire. Anyone similarly lucky is blessed.

Friesen, now 74 years old, got his start with the ukulele at age 10; he graduated to the guitar six years later. At that point he was 19, during... read more

Kelly Sill / Jim McNeely / Joel Spencer - Boneyard
by Butch Berman, Berman Music Foundation.org

I was an only child born in Peoria, Ill., just a couple of stones' throw to Chicago, before we moved to Lincoln when I was one year old. My dad worked for my mom's family, selling jewelry and buying clothes for their store. He'd go to the market in New York semi-annually and fly to meet my mother and me in Chicago for our annual summer vacation. She and I would take the train to rendezvous there. When I was 10 and very much into baseball, they... read more

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