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RadioAction - Hi-Fi
by John Barrett, Jr., All About Jazz

The drums pound home, and it begins. The title is modern ("Explosion"), the sound is vintage: an early ‘Sixites groove you find on Blue Note. Alex Graham holds the alto, and gives it the high piercing sound from the old days (he doesn’t sound "like" anybody, but that tone is there.) He takes little phrases and spins them around, staying in the high end. He leaves off in a sliding line recalling the theme; the piano takes over.... read more

New York Voices - Reminiscing in Tempo
by George W Harris, Jazz Weekly

Taking the mantle of The Manhattan Transfer to the next level, the team of Peter Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader and Kim Nazarian mix rich harmonies, vocalese and strong soloing in a wide range of jazz colors and palates. The vocal textures are oil color rich, as they display on the gorgeous a cappela p ieces "Los Tres Golpes" while giving some linguistic percussion to an R&B-ish "Moments in a Mirror." A palpable piano lurks as the... read more

Richard Sussman - Continuum
by Hessel Fluitman, Jazzflits- Netherlands

Take the album 'Continuum' by pianist Richard Sussman. He asked trumpeter Randy Brecker to play in his Quintet. And guitarist Mike Stern participates in 'Mike's Blues.' With which names you expect brute force jazz or explosive work, but the music is regulated. There is intelligent and it's nicely played. Band Leader Richard Sussman, in addition to the piano, also plays the synthesizer, offering up some varying sounds.

Original... read more

Greta Matassa - Portrait
by Paul Rauch, Earshot Jazz

It has been nearly a decade since vocal artist Greta Matassa has spoken to us via a new recording. With Portrait, Matassa covers the best of the songs she has performed with her working band of the past 10 years. The result is a solid, swinging collection of tunes steeped in intimacy.

Whether diving into Michel LeGrand's "Pieces of Dreams," or reimagining Bob Dylan's late 90's jewel, "To Make You Feel My Love," Matassa takes on each piece... read more

The Jazz Police - The Music of Daniel Barry
by Bill Falconer, Jazz Review

You might expect a breath of fresh air out of the Pacific Northwest, but Latin jazz? The innovative Seattle-based Jazz Police orchestra provides both with charts composed and arranged by Daniel Barry. Barry has been associated with the band as a writer and trumpet player since 1987. The hallmarks of the Jazz Police and Daniel Barry are creativity and contrast. They are well matched.

Barry has an extensive grounding in Afro-Cuban and... read more

Michael Waldrop - Origin Suite
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

A modern, big band deluxe date, this is a wide ranging, sweeping set that encompasses everything some real edge. Loaded with everything that makes you show up for a big band date, this is sure to have your head spinning in a good way. Killer stuff... read more

Thomas Marriott - Flexicon
by Dick Crockett, The Voice, Sacramento

Thomas Marriott demonstrates one of the most active and strong clear blue trumpet tones in jazz, so overt and apparent on his new "Flexicon" CD, and with Mark Taylor's hard edged saxophone play, Bill Anschell's particulate sound on both acoustic piano and Rhodes, along Jeff Johnson, the best bassist from the Great Northwest and versatile power drummer Matt Jorgensen.

They're terrific, right off the mark, in a tribute to the great Freddie... read more

2x2: Galvao/Santiago/Landais/Enouf - 2x2
by Dave Rogers, WTJU - Richmond

Two highly respected Brazilian composer/players, saxophonist Sergio Galvao and guitarist Lupa Santiago, offer their second joint venture which features all original material. Galvao composed four songs, Santiago three, and bassist Clement Landais two. Drummer Franck Enouf completes the group. The music is a nice blend of jazz with Latin influences and the performance flows very nicely throughout. Often the songs insinuate their flow into... read more

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