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Various Artists - The Piano: The Best of Seattle Jazz
by Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Stemming from a donation drive for a local jazz club, this compilation deals out an overview of some of the best jazz Seattle has to offer. While the title alludes to the piano as a centerpiece, the album doesn't focus so strongly on it. Every track save one includes an outstanding pianist (Marc Seales, John Hansen, and Dave Peck are among the brightest of the bunch), but they're often overshadowed by some incredible horn players, vocalists, and... read more

Michael Waldrop - Origin Suite
by Ilya Stemkovsky, Modern Drummer

Origin Suite is a swinging, grooving big band disc with drummer, vibraphonist, and composer Michael Waldrop adding thoughtful support under some fine frontline solos. Waldrop works out over the Latin flavors of "Origin Suite: 3) Al Final de la Noche" with sensitivity and wonderfully controlled snare and tom interplay.... read more

The Spin Quartet - In Circles
by Dave Sumner, Wondering Sound

Nice modern set from the quartet of trumpeter Chad McCullough, tenor saxophonist Geof Bradfield, bassist Clark Sommers and drummer Kobie Watkins. The way in which McCullough and Bradfield harmonize, it gives the music a heavy presence, but when they go off on separate but related melodic trails, it provides the music a nifty sense of... read more

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters - Imaginary Sketches
by Herman te Loo, Jazz Flits

"A smashing debut, a deliberate likeable album, to win over the listener."

This quartet recording with trumpeter from Chad McCullough's Seattle is traditional. That does not mean that the group with bassist Chuck Deardorf and drummer John Bishop is mainstream, it's just that the compositions
that the two leaders deliver more right-to-earth feeling than the Belgian quintet [review taken from a double review]. Weijters and McCullough search... read more

Toby Koenigsberg - Sense
by Inka Bajandas, The Daily Emerald

University faculty don't just write textbooks. Some of them are producing their own CDs.

The Toby Koenigsberg Trio, featuring three University Jazz Studies Department faculty members, will celebrate the release of its new album tonight at the Luna jazz club. Toby Koenigsberg on the piano, Tyler Abbott on the bass and Jason Palmer on drums will play several songs from their new CD, as well as pieces by New York City-based jazz composer AndrČ... read more

Alex Graham - Brand New
by George Fendel, Platter Chatter

I must admit that the first thing that caught my eye on this CD was, with apologies, not the name Alex Graham, but the names Jim Rontondi (trumpet); Steve Davis (trombone); David Hazeltine (piano); Rodney Whitaker (bass); and Carl Allen (drums). When you're in that kind of musical company, it's a pretty fair bet you too have what it takes. And Alex Graham shows there's no doubt on an array of interesting tunes ranging from a couple high flying... read more

Don Lanphere with New Stories - Home At Last
by Harvey Siders, JazzTimes

No matter what Thomas Wolfe predicted: you can go home again.

Saxophonist Don Lanphere managed to get back there. From "the apple" to the Apple, and a final return to "the apple"-"the apple" being rural Wenatchee, aka "the apple capital of Washington." The moves correspond with the parameters of Lanphere's career: from a promising jazz launch in the 1950s, through a higher trajectory into the self-destructive orbit of bebop, to a safe,... read more

Sarah Partridge - Bright Lights and Promises: Redefining Janis Ian
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

5-STARS How did nobody think to go here before? With a glut of fine Joni Mitchell tributes on the market and a couple of engrossing Laura Nyro nods out there, how is it that no creative spirits in the jazz or cabaret camps thought to make the full-on jump to Janis Ian before now? Hearing Sarah Partridge dig into Ian's body of work makes this concept seem like a no-brainer - an incredibly natural fit, in fact - but that may very well... read more

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