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Jessica Williams - Songs of Earth
by Britt Robson, JazzTimes

If there were a lifetime achievement award for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition, this veteran West Coast pianist would have it in her criminally modest trophy case. Her sixth disc for the Origin label supposedly differs from the others for its heavy emphasis on spontaneous composition, with the material culled from live solo performances over the past few years at the Triple Door in Seattle, near her home. But just as Williams has... read more

Alex Graham - The Good Life
by Butch Berman, Berman Music Review

Origin Records has been putting out a ton of stuff these days, and mostly good stuffÍreal good, in fact. It's more than I can ever listen to, and if you talented cats in Seattle are reading thisÍI really appreciate it. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite "new" guys is now with you, and his name is Alex Graham.

Hold on to this dude. He's truly on his way to making an indelible mark in the jazz world as on of the upcoming monsters. Yup,... read more

Giacomo Gates - Centerpiece
by Elliott Simon, All About Jazz/New York

Whether lending his smooth baritone to a ballad or practicing the art of vocalese, Giacomo Gates brings a sense of honesty to a song. So much so, that when he says straightfaced that the trombonist hasn't shown and then proceeds to fill the void with the best mouth trombone you ever want to hear, you believe him. Gates' on and offstage persona reflects a genuineness borne of working the Alaskan pipeline and oil rigs off the shores of Lake... read more

Michael Vlatkovich Tritet w/ Jonas Tauber and Ken Ollis - Queen Dynamo
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

It's hard to say how the average jazz fan comes to an appreciation of improvised musicˇand we're talking here spontaneous compositions, not merely an improvised solo in the middle of a mainstream song. One avid listener's introduction to the genre occured some years ago at a concert/lecture in a small state college auditorium. Two young musiciansˇbass and pianoˇheld forth with a very interesting history of twentieth century jazz, from Louis... read more

Tim Davies Big Band - Dialmentia
by Ken Dryden, All Music

Big-band jazz arrangers are looking to cover new ground while occasionally saluting earlier icons. Drummer Tim Davies contributed the arrangements and seven originals for his debut Origin CD. Davies' writing for the brass and reeds in his setting of Gabriel FaurÚ's "Elegy" is first-rate, also showcasing Andrew Shulman's cello, and bass clarinetist Jennifer Hall. His take on the Duke Ellington staple "Caravan" (re-christened as "Caravan... read more

Clay Giberson - Pastures
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Pianist and keyboard player Clay Giberson brings together Donny McCaslin/ts-fl-ss, Drew Gress/b and Matt Wilson/dr for a mix and match of originals and standards. His classical technique comes through on a fun piece with McCaslin's tenor on "Solfeggio, " and while team gets fun and kinetic on "Song For Ornette," but the treat here is when a string quartet comes in for some extra textures, as the leader brings back the spirit of Bach on "Simple... read more

Dana Hall - Into the Light
by Martin Z. Kasdan Jr, Louisville Music News.net

With a lineup this strong, drummer/composer Hall has made a very impressive debut. This ensemble has been together for some three years, and the empathetic give-and-take provides another example of how musical strength can be nurtured through playing together regularly. All but three of the nine songs are by Hall. The disc's opening number, "I Have a Dream," however, is by Herbie Hancock, and the band conjures up a Mwandishi brew. As the CD... read more

Jonas Tauber - Storm Walking Singing
by Joshua Kline, Double Bassist

Recorded before a live audience at Cafe 26 in Switzerland, Storm Walking Singing comprises mainly original improvised solo pieces performed by bassist Jonas Tauber. Such is the level of intensity and conviction of Tauber's playing that one has to remind oneself that this is just one man and his double bass. His ambitious approach to the instrument compounds the impression that there is an ensemble rather than a soloist at play.

Particularily... read more

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