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Ron Di Salvio - Essence of Green, A Tribute to Kind Of Blue
by John Henry, Audiophile Audition


A most interesting concept is behind this CD. Pianist/composer Di Salvio - who studied with Lennie Tristano - sought to do an album along the lines of the historic Miles Davis/Bill Evans Kind of Blue. That landmark 1959 recording has been reissued in countless forms, had two books written about its making, and its complete score is now available - including all the various soloists' improvisations. All ten tracks are Di Salvio... read more

Free Range Saxophone Quartet - Fireflies
by C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Since inception, the Origin Classical imprint has existed as a stylistic hinge between classical music and jazz. Defying genre definition, Origin Classical's archive should properly be considered simply music?that which defies category. Only a single release, Linda Tsatsanis and John Lenti's And I Remain: Three Love Stories?Music of the Seventeenth Century for Voice and Lute (Origin Classical, 2009), deals with what might be considered the... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - No Bounds
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Chris Walden has been on a heck of a roll lately, with two Grammy nods for last year's Home of My Heart, one of the finest big band efforts of the year. He also in did the orchestrations for the acclaimed Michael Bolton set Bolton Swings Sinatra.

Home of My Heart deserved all the accolades that came its way; No Bounds is an even stronger disc. Walden is a genius at freshening up the big band genre with sparkling arrangements, whether in the... read more

Rodney Whitaker - All Too Soon: The Music of Duke Ellington
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Released in time for Ellington's centennial plus 20, Ellington proves how timeless his work was. In the hands of a bass ace that earned his Ellington spurs over 9 years with LCJO, he assembles a murderer's row of contemporary players that bust such smoking moves, Ellington will remain relevant for at least another century. A stone cold master class in a master's works that's so heart felt and spirited it just transcends all boundaries. Killer... read more

John McLean / Clark Sommers Band - Parts Unknown
by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS It's amazing what can happen when you take a tight-knit, deep-dish duo reflective of Chicago's jazz riches, add one of the world's most dexterous and expressive vibraphonists, and sweeten the deal with a grooving up-and-comer. Charts are mapped over uncharted territories, musical assuredness carries the day in uncertain realms, and surprises await around every well-constructed corner. This is not-so-simply a beautiful case of... read more

John Stowell | Ulf Bandgren Quartet - Night Visitor
by Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Suppose in the classic ECM years, Eicher wanted to make a lightly commercial date with Ralph Towner facing off against John Abercrombie. That's kind of what this duo guitar led date feels like. Progressive without hitting the church basement, proficient without rubbing your face in it, this easy going date might be the soundtrack to a 'what kind of man reads Playboy' ad if he was still alive today and his kids weren't making un-Playboy like... read more

Scenes - Destinations
by Dave Rogers, WTJU, Richmond

Veteran trio Scenes have performed together for 15 years and the melding of their individual and trio play is wonderful. Everyone has a voice and they blend together beautifully. This is their fifth release. The players are John Stowell (guitar), Jeff Johnson (bass) and John Bishop (drums). Stowell composed five songs and Johnson two and the covers are Miles Davis' "Solar", Tommy O'Donnell's "Psalm" and Schwartz and Dietz' "You And The Night And... read more

Bill Anschell - Rumbler
by Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

Jazz has always been rife with rumors about great players hidden in backwater towns. Seattle, Wash., is no vantage point of New York City, where jazz reputations are made and lost. From New York, Seattle is somewhere on the left edge of the Earth―perhaps near Siberia.

Bill Anschell would be a badass wherever he lived, even Greenwich Village. He is an impeccable, distinctive pianist with a valuable body of work on Seattle's Origin... read more

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