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Sam Yahel - Truth And Beauty
by Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News

What you've got here are some smart things Generations X jazz musicians have been doing in record studios lately - some of the cream of Generation X in the Sam Yahel Trio's "Truth and Beauty".

The liner notes on "Truth and Beauty" (thank you, John Keats) are by generational valedictorian and pianist Brad Mehldau, who tells us he and Yahel were New York Jazz arrivals together from 1988 to 1990. He admits that while "flexibility is a hallmark... read more

Phil Kelly & The SW Santa Ana Winds - My Museum
by Jack Bowers, Cadence, March 2007

While the wind type and direction have changed on "My Museum", almost everything else, thankfully, remains unimpaired on Phil Kelly's second album in a span of three years. in 2003, Kelly and the NW Prevailing Winds recorded Convergence Zone, a prelude to this admirable new release by the SW Santa Ana Winds. Wheras the NW Winds blew from in and around Kelly's home base in Seattle, Washington, the SW Winds have sprung forth, with a few... read more

Josh Nelson - The Sky Remains
by Michael Doherty, Music Log

I've been residing in Los Angeles for approximately two decades, and there are things I've come to really love about this city. Certain places, certain buildings, even certain roads. There really is a special feel to this city, which when looked at in a certain light can be almost magical. Fellow Los Angeles resident Josh Nelson explores different areas of the city on his new album, The Sky Remains. He is interested in capturing and conveying... read more

John Moulder - Trinity
by John Kelman, All About Jazz

While one can overstate the importance of parallel careers, it's hard to avoid touching on the subject with John Moulder. The ordained priest has also managed an active musical career in Chicago as a guitaristómost notably as a member of ex-Pat Metheny Group drummer Paul Wertico's trio for the past twelve years. It's easy to forget his spiritual leanings on albums like Spirit Talk (Naim, 2003), a standards-based duo record with vibraphonist Ken... read more

Jeff Johnson - Near Earth
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The trio format without a chording instrument (a guitar or keyboard) tends to loosen the atmosphere, giving the music a more fluid feel. Bassist Jeff Johnson, joined by saxophonist Hans Teuber and drummer Tad Britton, achieves a compelling chamber-like fluidity on Near Earth.

Teuber's tenor saxophone approach here has a clean, clear, bracingly cool feel on its interplay with with Johnson's round bass lines and the intricate textures from... read more

Toby Koenigsberg - Sense
by John Ginn, Eugene Weekly

If you like your jazz on the harder-edged side, Toby Koenigsberg and his audacious henchmen might be just the cup of java you're looking for. Sounding a bit like Vince Guaraldi in overdrive, Koenigsberg drives his band into frenzied experiments that keep the experience lively and surprising. It's easy to imagine them playing to a room full of nodding beatniks murmuring, "Yeah, man, yeah. You're on fire tonight, man. Go, cat, go."

Formed in... read more

Thomas Marriott - Individuation
by John Kelman, All About Jazz

All too often you hear that jazz is dead, that there is little of significance being created today. Maybe the playing field is just so large that it can be more difficult to identify major leaps forward than in past decades. Still, for a marginalized genre that is responsible for something like 3% of total CD sales in the United States, one need only look at the sheer volume of new releases by young artists each and every month to realize that... read more

Todd Bishop - Little Played Little Bird
by Dave Sumner, emusic Review

Concept album that performs renditions of lesser-known Ornette Coleman tunes (except ?Lonely Woman,? which Bishop admits to including because he loves playing it, ?concept be damned.?). Bishop on drums and leading a quintet that includes a family of saxes, bass clarinet, piano & Wurlitzer, and bass. A strong recording that brings plenty of swing, fire, and blues to the Coleman compositions. Not a requirement to actually enjoy Ornette Coleman?s... read more

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