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Words Cannot Express

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MUSIC REVIEW BY Tatsumi Tetsuya, Kobe Jazz - Japan


Vince Norman is a multi-instrumentalist / composer / arranger who plays the piano and woodwinds, Joe McCarthy, the co-leader, is the drummer. Out of the 10 tracks, there is a track of the sextet is three songs, Vince is a piano in the big band, the combo has played the saxophone class.

The first track of "Tadd's Delight" is a masterpiece of Tadd Dameron. Todd is one of the most prominent composers of the bebop period, always "beautiful thing" is a person who had sought, but Vince in that brought the songs of Todd without bring your own song in opener directivity of the Norman music Ukagaemasu. It is also felt from the faithful arrangements to the original song. Piccolo of Unison is pretty in the theme. Base, I think that in order to better you were acoustic bass.

The second song of "South of Capricorn" is original. 8 is a pretty song of the modern feel in the beat system. Chord progression is the equivalent complex and cool. It said that the Oita character is different Dameron, the Vince of the music of the nucleus can be inferred that he is sometimes referred to as "beautiful". Here I'm using probably the 5-string electric bass, but this has helped to modern of the sound. Since the acoustic bass and electric bass is a different instrument, such proper use is I think very important.

3 "Remember Me When ..." the track in the sextet of music. Is the organization that guitar-filled rhythm corps in two tubes. I tune of code of Vince'm the type to come twist pretty things-to-Five specific, I like quite like this for personally. And changes or to 3/4 during the song, There is also a variety of tricks.

4, "Words Can not Express" is the title track of the song. If the literal translation is "can not be explained in words," but, I remember the very sympathy to this word. But I thus wrote an introduction statement, this is only not only my subjective, feeling person is to it each person. So is actually the lyrics, not the music of Tteyuu like music with pop and rock something of the "lyrics", ie it is Nante have been attracted to the words or was a majority. But Miles said the "music speaks by itself" like a thing, eventually Naa'm such that. I think that it is a good ballad.

5th track of "Where's My Hasenpfeffer?" Is the blues. Come listen to here, but personally I like quite a sense of Vince of harmony, I really feel a little thing insufficient soloist in his ear. This is like a mean limit with these local bands. If you Toka is called a soloist in the guest I think it is pretty impressive changes.

6 song of "El Otono" is playing in the combo. Using the guitar here is it is an application of the so-called Les Brown style. When to Unison the guitar and the tube is interesting sound standing harmonics of the guitar can be obtained, but this has come out kind of effect it is neat.

7 song "Voo Zsa Day" is missing the trumpet in the combo. Have twisted the circulation, the sound of unison lines was sinuous guitar and sax is quite heterogeneous and modern is a track that has been heard so far. Team of the moment Jonsuko and Rovano was floated in my head.

"Suite Baby Ray" of 8-10 song has become the suite. To view the flow of the title, I think Vince's episode that has brought her to found in Baltimore era in Virginia. 8 song "I Left My Baby in Baltimore" has a little Latin for Frey Vernon. But I did not write a thing of the Joe McCarthy of the two-headed leader until now, it can have very favorable impression in the play of feeling that does not Desugi in front of this person. If you look into the site, it seems to be a person that can be a percussion in general not only the drum without genre relationship. I think, rather than the "I myself have" hit me, you receive the feeling that I wonder I know exactly that give a sense of color of the band.

9 track of the "Back to Bayview" is a song that was riding on the Latin clave of to-three. You may have some overdubs on drums and percussion.

10 song "Coming Home" is straight ahead of Kyokuso. It is quite a cool song in the up-tempo. Since the ending is frankly a split, but was a little abrupt feeling as the ending of the CD, it is not bad.

Try to listen through, Vince created arrangement of, harmony sense of felt that there is a great thing. I do not Terawa odd, I feel you have a drawer full. Music also or was never difficult, It does not impose an excessive burden on the players, as long as if the music is available, I think that there are many things worthwhile interesting. But, as one listener, so accustomed to listen to absolutely every day New York and Los sound, you do not deny the impression that absolutely is a little pale at the soloist and listening to American provincial city of big band. It is often the case in Europe of the big band, but call a Featured soloists personally in the guest, then you feel like it is even more interesting, the potential to feel and want to listen to all means in such format , I felt that there is in this band.

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