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Concertino: The Music Of Doug Lofstrom

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An aesthetic risk-taker, Lofstrom straddles too many categories to be easily classified.
Chicago Reader

Concertino introduces three works from Chicago composer Doug Lofstrom. His virtuostic Concertinos for oboe (2006), and for harp (2009), were part of a commission initiated by conductor Kirk Muspratt and the New Philharmonic Orchestra, and premiered at DuPage University in 2007 and 2009. This version of "The Plumed Serpent" was recorded in 1982 with some of Chicago's finest classical and jazz performers. It was composed for brass with doubling woodwinds and strings, and soloists integrated in a jazz quintet.

"A supremely open, emotional work... an impressive musical debut." - Chicago Sun-Times

Track Listing:

Concertino for Oboe and Orchestra
New Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirk Muspratt, Conductor
Jennet Ingle, Oboe
1. Part One 5:42
2. Part Two 3:27

Concertino for Harp and Orchestra
New Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirk Muspratt, Conductor
Kelsey Molinari, Harp
3. Part One 5:10
4. Part Two 5:45

The Plumed Serpent
Studio Orchestra, Conducted by Doug Lofstrom
5. Part One 5:13
6. Part Two 3:33
7. Part Three 3:42
8. Part Four 8:00

All music composed by Doug Lofstrom


Doug Lofstrom - composer
Ralph Boyd - Violin
Rich Corpolongo - Clarinet, Soprano Sax
Scott Dowd - Viola
Nick Drozdoff - Trumpet
John Emery - Violin
Mark Feldman - Concert Master
Bill Galarden - Trombone
Larry Gray - Bass
Marty Hackl - Violin
Jennet Ingle - Oboe
Craig Kaucher - Bass Trombone
Ed Kennedy - Trumpet
Chris Miller - Violin
Kelsey Molinari - Harp
Audrey Morrison - Trombone
Leo Murphy - Orchestral Percussion
Kirk Muspratt - Conductor
Jon Novi - Synthesizer
Bernardin Oberdick - Flute, Piccolo
Marc Perlish - Flute, Alto Flute
Alan Rostoker - Cello
Rick Shandling - Cowbell, Drums
Pete Sliwka - Piano
Alpha Stewart - Congas
Jim Teister - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Yuri Vodovoz - Violin
Steve Winans - Trumpet
Barry Winograd - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

Production Info:

Produced by Doug Lofstrom

Tracks 1-4:
Recorded & mixed by Steve Yates
Daniel Yates, assistant engineer
Recorded at McAninch Arts Center,
Glen Ellyn, IL, on July 26, 2011
Mixed at Steve Yates Recording,
Morton Grove, IL

Tracks 5-8:
Recorded & mixed by Benj Kanters
at Studiomedia, Evanston, IL
Recorded on August 23, 1982
Don Gates, assistant engineer
Steve Yates, production assistant
Digital transfer by Charles Johnson

Mastered by Steve Yates at Steve Yates Recording, Morton Grove, IL
All compositions by Doug Lofstrom, Little Miracles Music
New Philharmonic photos by PRD Photography, Paolo De Andrea
Plumed Serpent photos by Abby Ceppos
Cover painting by Clive Watts
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Concertino: The Music Of Doug Lofstrom

Gramaphone (Laurence Vittes)
Chicago composer Doug Lofstrom has coupled first recordings of two modestly appealing orchestral concertinos for oboe and harp with an archival reprise of his Plumed Serpent studio fantasy from 30 years ago. There isn't much in either Concertino that hasn't been heard before - Richard Strauss and Hollywood musicals come to mind, though more svelt ...

Audiophile Audition (Daniel Coombs)
**** (4-stars) Composer and bassist Doug Lofstrom has been composing prolifically since the 1970s. His diverse scores reflect his ongoing involvement in theater, dance, film and symphonic music. In the 1990s, he was composer-in-residence for the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra and during the 80s, musical director of Chicago?s Free Street Theatre. Hi ...

Cadence (Robert Iannapollo)
Doug Lofstrom is a composer who is currently teaching at Columbia College Chicago. While the two main compositions on Concertino - Concertino For Oboe And Orchestra and Concertino for Harp And Orchestra, both 2011 - are both in the classical vein, it?s the third piece on the disc, ?The Plumed Serpent? (1982), that would most likely interest Cadenc ...





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