Dee Daniels


Origin 82483

Delightful musical vistas...
John Stevenson

After years of presenting the classic jazz songbook through her tours and recordings, the Vancouver-based vocalist journeys back to pull out songs from her youth as a R&B, pop and Gospel singer that resonated with her. Interwoven with the musical threads of jazz are arrangements that are fresh, hard-grooving, and engaging to the ear and the memory, and include songs such as "Fire & Rain," Respect," "Our Day Will Come," and "What A Fool Believes." "...classy, bluesy, great musicianship, elegant, and more...the jazz world's hidden treasure." - Houston Person.

Track Listing:

1 Can't Hide Love 3:47
2 Deed I Do 3:56
3 Another Star 6:36
4 What A Fool Believes 4:03
5 Hello 4:08
6 Fire And Rain 4:11
7 If 3:51
8 Respect 4:20
9 Love Me Tender 4:10
10 Our Day Will Come 3:30
11 Bye Bye Love 3:19
12 The Thought Of You 5:12


Dee Daniels - VOCALS
Tony Foster - PIANO
Russ Botten - BASS
Greg Williamson - DRUMS

Production Info:

Recorded at Frequency Studio, Inc.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Produced by Dee Daniels & Doug Fleming
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Miles Hill
Liner Notes: John Stevenson
Design: Doug Fleming / John Bishop

Reviews of Jazzinit (John Stevenson)
Every now and then, the art and craft of jazz gets a kick up its rear end. Put more politely, it is updated from time to time. A small number of jazz instrumentalists and vocalists do this by planting melodic flags on altogether higher harmonic peaks. With Bebop, for example, Charlie Parker and John Birks Gillespie upended swing's sway with dizz ...

Vancouver Sun (Marke Andrews)
Vancouver jazz vocalist Dee Daniels reworks pop songs from the past half-century on Jazzinit, a title designed to make the listener ask: "Does she mean Jazz in it, or Jazzin' it?" The answer is both. She and her backing trio (Tony Foster on piano, Russ Botten on bass, Greg Williamson on drums) kick things off with a hard-swin rendition of the Ea ...

Jazz 91.9FM WCLK (Carl Anthony)
Dee Daniels uncovers the Jazzinit as she skillfully interprets the stories of American composers Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, Lionel Richie and Otis Redding among others, thus ushering these authors into the echelon of past contributors to the great American songbook. Refreshing!!! ...

The Jazz and Blues Tour, Netherlands (Joost van Steen)
A special word to all the youngsters inspired to discover Jazz and it's meaning?.Dee Daniels, together with musicians Tony Foster - piano, Russ Botten - bass and Greg Williamson - drums, has created the ultimate example for you all with her new CD, "JAZZINIT". Her vocal skills, the skilled and complimentary accompaniment of the musicians, and the g ...

CODA Jan/Feb 2008 (Geoff Chapman)
There is nothing quite like Vancouver vocalist Dee Daniels' dark contralto with it's huge four-octave range. Even with such vocal chops, however, she makes every nuance noticeable, offering exhilarating, well-shaped notes and phrases. Her signature dramatic sense and emotional thrust are ever-present in this album ? traits apparent to the lucky pat ...

JazzTimes Jan / Feb 2008 (Christopher Loudon)
When, to borrow a skill once credited to Dee Daniels by Leonard Feather, you "soul-fry" a batch of pop hits, are you jazzin' it or putting jazz in it? Such is the intentional double entendre that ignites this magical assortment of hits old and (relatively) new from the Vancouver-based songstress who Houston Person rightly calls "the jazz world's hi ...

Spring 2008 IAJE Canada (Justin Litun)
Backed by pianist Tony Foster, bassist Russ Botten, and drummer Greg Williamson, Vancouver-based singer Dee Daniels has selected tunes across a number of genres and infused them with her own touch on Jazzinit. In the liner notes Daniels talks of growing up with gospel and blues music, and this influence clearly shaped Jazzinit; the result is a groo ...





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