2x2: Galvao/Santiago/Landais/Enouf


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...a blend of jazz with Latin influences and the performance flows very nicely...the songs insinuate their flow into listeners' consciousness.
WTJU - Richmond

Two widely respected Brazilian musicians, originally meeting and performing together on a 2014 tour, saxophonist Sergio Galvao & guitarist Lupa Santiago developed a quick and exciting rapport, vowing to work more together. Soon after a second tour, Galvao relocated to France where he formed a trio with two dynamic French musicians, bassist Clement Landais and drummer Franck Enouf, making plans to record as a trio in the spring of 2017. By coincidence, Lupa was touring Europe during the same period and the idea to join the trio's recording was born. Meeting in the studio in Normandy on the first day of recording, they brought their compositions and after many jokes concerning soccer, the name for the recording and band came very easily: 2x2. The music presented is fully jazz, but infused with rich experiences and deep influence from their own cultures and travels.

Track Listing:

1. Traffic D'affluence 5:14 Clement Landais
2. Nao Empurra Nao 5:07 Lupa Santiago
3. Sans Gluten 5:25 Sergio Galvao
4. Marrom 7:21 Santiago
5. Miss's Miss 4:13 Landais
6. Rouen Donato 3:27 Galvao
7. Antes Tarde 5:16 Santiago
8. Virgin Mojito 8:13 Galvao
9. Samba Kebab 4:30 Galvao


2X2 is:
Sergio Galvao - sax
Lupa Santiago - guitar
Clement Landais - bass
Franck Enouf - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Sergio Galvao, Lupa Santiago, Clement Landais, Franck Enouf
Recorded by François Casays at Accès Digital Studio, Rouen, France
Recorded on May 1 & 2, 2017
Mixed & mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recording, New York City
Artist photographs by Loic Serron, JB Darasco
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of 2x2

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
When is euro jazz not Euro jazz? When two Brazilians meet up with two Frenchies in an odd ball circumstance that affords them with a chance to let it all hang out across the borders. A smokingly solid little date that has the angular Euro stuff and the breezy Brazilian stuff, frequently facing often in the same staff, it's a mash up these pros kno ...

DiscUnion (Japan) (Editor)
The saxophonist SERGIO GALVAO and the guitarist LUPA SANTIAGO met on a tour in 2014 and spirited up. Sergio Galvaon, who later moved to France, formed a trio with two French musicians, bass player CLEMENT LANDAIS, drummer FRACK ENOUF. While planning to record as a trio in the spring of 2017 I was planning to record together as Lupa Santiago will to ...

WTJU - Richmond (Dave Rogers)
Two highly respected Brazilian composer/players, saxophonist Sergio Galvao and guitarist Lupa Santiago, offer their second joint venture which features all original material. Galvao composed four songs, Santiago three, and bassist Clement Landais two. Drummer Franck Enouf completes the group. The music is a nice blend of jazz with Latin influences ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
The co-op team of Sergio Galvao/ts-ss, Lupa Santiago/g, Clement Landais/b and Franck Enouf/dr deliver 9 fresh originals. The feel is fluid and lithe, with Galvao's serene soprano on the tensile "Sans Gluten," or dancing along Landais' bass line on the lively "Rouen Donato." His warm tenor flows with Santiago's #2 pencil tone on the flowing "Traffi ...





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