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MUSIC REVIEW BY Miquel Tuset Mallol, Radio Sant Vicenc (Barcelona)


We're going to dive in in a change of style, if I can define it that way. And yes, because this pianist search engine for ethereal spaces with delicate themes such as "Nunu", the only ballad from the album, he splashed out by going further by discovering his musical universe full of diverse rhythms and unlikely music as is the case with the song "No Return", which despite not being alive in tempo, is where there is a space where the drummer He splashed at ease almost from the start with repetitive chords and arpeggios of the pianist. The tempo is a little more vivid in "Opal" and the duet melody of saxophone and piano. Track not at all trite melodically speaking with a good groove by the bass where the tenor sax improvises in a fairly modern wave. One more vital point is "Expectation" that begins with a solo by the drummer based on an Intro that they will soon develop with melody and improvisations. And finally, and icing on the cake, Gabriel us He has made a theme for solo piano where we discover him in all his splendor and modernity, a theme called "Crossroads" which is also the shortest.

And god-n'hi-do of Musical stylistic change from the two previous projects, those filled of tradition and modernity of its interpretations. Here we are on a wave where Contemporaneity shines without a doubt, that of the leader, composer and pianist. A song "Present Moment", "Present Moment" where he shows us his particular vision of Jazz that is going through his mind right now. An upcoming long topic at 10 minutes with a structure of 5 musical sections, melody, solo of the pianist, tenor saxophone solo, the two with two "chorus", solo by the bass player with a "chorus" and again the theme and melody. And we listen to another leader on the piano, Gabriel Guerrero with one more sound content while with more rhythmic marking in his successful improvisation where we have been able to enjoy it for its interpretive forcefulness with a fingering somewhat percussive. And powerful has been the drummer throughout the game, the good guy by Felix Lecaros. And Seth Trachy on tenor saxophone has captivated by his melodic and bound phrasing as well as modern ways of doing the his improvisation. Long solo from this other piece of musician, as are all that today we discover, you, and I did the days before setting up the program, and all thanks to John's good work Bishop, the director of Origin Records and OA2 Records who lends to me all this material. And Will Slater on double bass has also captivated us with his drive and solid performance and powerful. And all of them have recovered the theme to make way for the brutal solo of the drummer Lecaros and already finish this one brutal theme, ideal to start listening to them.

A pyrotechnic dazzling and an accomplished composer, one of the most surprising piano debuts and rewarding from "Discovery: Live at Montreux" by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. That's what Bill Milkowski of JAZZTIMES said, about our pianist Gabriel Guerrero. Originally from Colombia, the pianist and composer of New York, Gabriel Guerrero, fearlessly navigates the breadth of modern music, imbuing their performances with rhythmic and harmonic influences from South America to the avant-garde and the rich extensions of jazz. Guerrero exalts his music with a great understanding of his roots, providing the his aesthetics and an emotional weight in every sentence. With the band inspired that accompanying it, Quantum, distills the Power of their collective improvisations through intriguing compositions by Guerrero, giving light to a cascade of unique moments.

And you've already been able to check What another piece of topic did we just hear filled with modernity and started with the The main reason for the notes of bassist Slater who continues to make them throughout the track, and the loose notes of the leader in the piano. And the contemporary melody reminds us of those that made the good of the Ornette Coleman and made it tenor sax and piano as a duet, which places us in the most contemporary Jazz. And yes there we're in the middle, yes, and Seth Trachy at Tenor sax proved it to us again. Brutal improvisation that has made us he, and always supported by the rhythmic base of three, with piano, bass and drummer, the latter doing and undoing throughout the subject. And frontman Gabriel Guerrero on piano has brought us back to captivate by its elegance, sobriety, technique, and modernity in its language. His right hand has flown light and graceful and his left supporting her with her agreements. We're listening to some amazing pianists, from In fact, all the instrumentalists we are listening to today are masters, as also singer Audrey. What a pleasure of long themes those of Gabriel Guerrero and how well they are doing.

"... one masterful musical intellect... magnificent melodic ideas that seemingly They appear from nowhere to captivate the heart and mind of the listener... Resplendent in melody and harmony, and rich in the rhythm of its mystical roots Colombians." LatinJazz network.

And hey, what a great topic and album by Gabriel Guerrero and New with all the contemporaneity in the world. The tempo is not very vital but so know It's worth it, because the groove is brutal and the forcefulness of the subject is immense. And another Long topic of about 9 minutes that we enjoyed the most, right? And it has been initiated by the bass with the notes of the main reason and soon with the naughty Melody made to duet of tenor sax and piano, how incredible. And what a groove the bassist. And soon the tenor sax solo Seth Trachy and again impressive. And the agreements that the leader has made in the piano while supporting him. An improvisation that has left us nailed to the chair, because of how tight it has been. Technical, of course, but what He identifies is his personal vision of the harmony of the subject and how they They play it while improvising. And leader Gabriel Guerrero on piano has been super brutal, what an imagination, Super modern, contemporary technique and manners that this pianist has Colombian, brutal, and of course also his compositions. And in the end, which Joy again with the saxophonist, also with the pianist, as he faces the end of this other incredible subject, ideal to stop listening to them.

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