Mark Quint

The Principle of Uncertainty

OA2 22017


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Combining sounds of Jazz, R and B, Soul and Brazilian music, Quint's arrangements in collaboration with guitarist and percussionist Marco de Carvalho feature a very tasteful palette of sounds to accompany Quint's subdued and mellow vocals.
Craig W. Hurst

A classic songwriter with a timeless sound, singer/composer Mark Quint takes elements of Jazz, Brazilian, Soul and even R&B to craft his own style. Teaming with Brazilian guitarist Marco de Carvalho, former Ani DeFranco and Skerik's "Syncopanted Taint" saxophonist Hans Teuber, and jazz drummer Tad Britton, the eclectic, sensitive band makeup lends an added depth to Quint's soul-influenced vocals. Now living in Seattle, Quint spent time in Los Angeles & Chicago, where he immersed himself in the jazz & songwriter scenes and studied with jazz greats Kurt Elling, Kevin Mahogany & Jon Hendricks. His music has been used in film, theater and for jingles. He ventures away from just singing standards and commands his own music, with an attitude of confidence, class and a new spirit for Jazz.

Track Listing:

1. I'd Rather Be There (4:35)
2. Tangled (5:29)
3. Fool's Rendezvous (4:24)
4. The Principle of Uncertainty (5:39)
5. I Want To Hear It From You (3:29)
6. What Happens Now (4:07)
7. Under A Fallen Sky (4:26)
8. This Is The Way (of the man) (5:38)
9. This Is All I Know (6:16)
10. Samba Grove (5:50)
11. The One That Got Away (5:22)
12. If You Will (1:40)


Mark Quint - vocals
Marco de Carvalho - acoustic guitar & percussion
Darin Clendenin - piano & keyboard
Hans Teuber - sax & clarinet & flute
Rick Houle (1-4,6,10) - electric bass & fretless
Geoff Cooke (5,7-9) - acoustic bass
Daniel Carvalho (2,3,10) - drums & conga
Tad Britton (1,4-9) - drums
Magno Lins (1,6,8,10) - percussion
Lucas Robatto (4) - flute
Lori Goldston (4) - cello

Production Info:

produced by Mark Quint
recorded at bearcreek studio, seattle march-april 2001
recorded by Ryan Hadlock and assisted by Brad Zeffren
mixed by Ryan Hadlock and Mark Quint
mastered at rfi mastering by Rick Fisher
editing by Mark Guenther at seattle disc mastering
legal by Jonathan Jones
art concept by Mark Quint and John Bishop
cover photos by Todd Bishop
layout & design by John Bishop/OriginArts

Reviews of The Principle of Uncertainty

Sacramento Radio (Dick Crockett)
Vocalist, lyricist MARK QUINT is next with his new THE PRINCIPLE OF UNCERTAINTY. Quint reflects with beauty and melodrama, a Lord Byron of modern music, his voice resembling Michael Franks. These are the poets that strike the right chord in a woman's heart, Certainly a very laid back Gino Vannelli. This CD violates much of corporate radio protocol ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
The sophomore album from Mark Quint, a jazz vocalist that's made the rounds from LA to Chicago and back and recently settled into the Seattle scene. The compositions are a split effort between Quint and Brazilian transplant Marco de Carvalho, so there's a good mix of traditional vocal jazz and soft Brazilian influences. In particular the samba is p ...

Jazz Review (Craig W. Hurst)
Mark Quint is a singer/songwriter that brings to mind other vocalists in the jazz realm such as Mark Murphy, Kurt Elling, Bob Dorough, Mose Allison, Dave Frishberg, and especially to this listener, Michael Franks. These are singers who sing not only great interpretations of songs with an original approach and a unique vocal instrument, but also can ...





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