Glenn White

Sacred Machines

OA2 22044


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His is a thoughtful, remarkable style.
-GoGo Magazine

With Sacred Machines, the New York City-based saxophonist showcases his intricate ensemble writing with a band of top-flight creative musicians, including pianist Roberta Piket, flutist Jamie Baum, bassist Gary Wang and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. With the front line of tenor sax and alto flute navigating his thoughtful, interweaving melody lines, White creates textures steeped in tradition but with modern qualities reminiscent of Dave Holland's groups or those of his mentors, Jerry Bergonzi and George Garzone. "White openly admits being influenced by all sorts of things from Coltrane to the Cure. Certainly, he's got the talent to bring these two worlds of music together..." - Arizona Republic

Track Listing:

1 Sacred Machines 4:29
2 Split Infinity 5:21
3 Triality 6:23
4 Washington Heights 7:00
5 Phobia 5:30
6 Wish 7:30
7 Aftermath 4:47


GLENN WHITE - tenor saxophone
ROBERTA PIKET - piano, rhodes
JAMIE BAUM - flute, alto flute
GARY WANG - bass
PATRICK HAY - guitar

Production Info:

Produced by DAVID BINNEY
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by MICHAEL MARCIANO
at System Two, Brooklyn, NY, August 29&30, 2007
Photo pencil/collage design by Terri Laird-Newton
Cover design by JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of Sacred Machines

Audiophile Audition (Jan P. Dennis)
Very attractive modern jazz in the vein of Dave Binney and the Jazz Composers Collective It's not surprising that Glenn White operates in the same distinct jazz world as Dave Binney. After all, Binney produced this excellent debut?if you don?t count the self-produced 1999 disc, Downside. Like Binney, White is as accomplished a composer and ban ... (Chris Spector)
GLENN WHITE/Sacred Machines: There's a sax playing jazzbo that's one of those cats whose done everything with everybody. Playing with much more skronk than an educator should be allowed to have, White is one of those cats that has the chops to play progressive jazz and mainstream soul with equal style. While you can certainly hear the echoes of ... (Ralph A. Miriello)
After a solo lead-in that is quickly harmonized by his fellow musicians, saxophonist Glenn White's flavorful concoction pours off his horn like melting ice cream dripping in a summer sun. Joined by the wonderfully wispy Jamie Baum on flute, and supported by a fine steady rhythm section, White carries this ostinato- based tune to a climactic coda. H ... (Richard Kamins)
Tenor saxophonist White, a native of Arizona, assembled a top-notch band to bring his music to life. With the help of producer David Binney (a noted saxophonist-composer), the results really shine. The blend of White's brawny tenor sound with the sparkling and adventurous flute work of Jamie Baum (a Fairfield, CT, native) keeps the listener invo ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
For his sophomore effort (his first on a label), New York saxophonist Glenn White has brought together a wide range of influences and stylistic elements, combining it all into one surprisingly coherent work. The album opens with the title track, a dense piece that takes some cues from Coltrane's "Giant Steps" motifs, particularly in the piano compi ... (David R. Adler )
Smoking, evocative originals by the tenor saxophonist and a quintet (sometimes sextet). Produced by David Binney. The second horn is Jamie Baum's flute ? a refreshing twist. Roberta Piket, Gary Wang, Jeff Hirshfield and Patrick Hay play forcefully and beautifully. ...

Signal To Noise (Larry Cosentino)
[Jamie] Baum and her sextet's laid-back drummer, Jeff Hirshfield, also appear on a similarly pensive disc from tenor saxophonist Glenn White, Sacred Machines (OA2 Records 22044). Like Baum, White refuses to be rushed or crowded, preferring settings that let his full tone breathe fully. There's little urgency or conflict here, but no narcotic effect ...

Jazz Review (Susan Frances )
Jazz saxophonist Glenn White displays limitless vigor and springiness in the creative curves of the tracks on his new CD, Sacred Machines. Produced by David Binney, the album features Roberta Piket on piano, Jamie Baum on flutes, Gary Wang on bass, Jeff Hirshfield on drums, and Patrick Hay on guitar. The ensemble brandishes scintillating twitters ...

All About Jazz (Elliott Simon)
For Sacred Machines, tenor man Glenn White has enlisted some of the most recognizable working jazz musicians in New York for a session of precisely played original modern jazz. White's horn is soulful and rich and he expertly uses the talents of his supporting players, particularly the subtle genius of pianist Roberta Piket and Jamie Baum's venture ...

All About Jazz (Jay Deshpande)
New York-based saxophonist Glenn White presents a set of eloquent and somewhat haunting tunes on Sacred Machines. The machines herein are a platform for the strong soloists in the ensemble, but the album's unity comes from a common palette that transcends the bandleader's harmonic tendencies (White wrote six of the disc's seven songs). Sacred Machi ...





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