AJ Kluth Quintet

Twice Now

OA2 22055


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...a formidable ensemble...
Dean Christesen, Richmond Jazz

Saxophonist AJ Kluth's quintet presents a set of compositions by Kluth and the band's guitarist Nick Ascher as well as Chick Corea's "Litha" and Thom Yorke's "Atom for Peace." Reveling in the synergistic mystery of improvised music, the ajkQ clearly enjoys the unexpected discoveries of the creative process as they blend shades of jazz, folk, rock, and classical to create music that is simultaneously melodic yet esoteric, sparse yet dense, visceral yet cerebral, but always accessible and rooted in the jazz tradition. AJ is an active member of the Chicago music scene; racking up miles in tour buses with various artists, teaching many students on several instruments, and as an active session player.

Track Listing:

1 red 8:43 [nick ascher]
2 revolutions 8:45 [nick ascher]
3 a time, times, and half a time 8:04 [aj kluth]
4 wi fi? 7:57 [aj kluth]
5 quiet...then go 5:37 [aj kluth]
6 litha 6:28 [chick corea]
7 coliseum 7:13 [nick ascher]
8 sleeping 7:37 [nick ascher]
9 atoms for peace 5:07 [thom yorke]


AJ Kluth - tenor / soprano saxophones
Nick Ascher - electric guitar
Se´┐Żn McCluskey - piano and fender rhodes
Cory Biggerstaff - double bass
Stefan Czestochowski - drums and cymbals

Production Info:

Produced by AJ Kluth and the ajkQ
Recorded by Neal Ostrovsky at
B Side Audio, Chicago IL, May 11, 2008
Mixed and mastered by Neal Ostrovsky
Cover illustration from Encyklopaedie
der Wissenschaften und Kuenste, 1844
Photos by Matthew Riddle
AJ Kluth photo by EJ Holmes
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Twice Now

Richmond Jazz (Dean Christesen)
A polished saxophone tone over gritty distorted guitar and heavily metered grooves is the formula, if there is one, for Chris Potter's Underground. Saxophonist AJ Kluth's newest release shows, at times, many similarities to his elder in jazz. At Kluth's age, it's difficult to escape the influence of Potter, one of today's main tenor saxophone heroe ...

All About Jazz (C. Michael Bailey)
Chicago-native AJ Kluth was educated at that city's DePaul University before freelancing around the Midwest and transcribing and self-publishing a book of Chris Potter solos. On Twice Now he leads a guitar anchored quintet through nine lengthy and provocative pieces, seven of which were composed by Kluth or guitarist Nick Ascher. The simpatico b ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Hailing from the Chicago scene, saxophone player Aj Kluth and his band here take a turn through rounds of both composition and improvisation. The bulk of the pieces here (with the exception of a Chick Corea piece and a Thom Yorke number that's been converted to jazz) come from Kluth and/or his guitarist Nick Ascher. With a basic structure coming fr ...





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