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OA2 22105


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...a powerful musical personality...rife with musical adventures...
- Newark Star-Ledger

The New York-based saxophonist, along with organist Matt King, drummer Jonathon Peretz, and special guest guitarist Vic Juris, push the limits of the tradition while displaying a powerful group chemistry. The band swings hard on originals by both Yaremko and King, as well as putting fresh spins on jazz classics by Monk, Strayhorn, Hubbard and Waller. CYO3 is Yaremko's debut on OA2 Records and his forth as a leader, following his recording "Sync," which was a Top Ten pick from New York's Hot House Magazine for release of the year in 2007.

Track Listing:

1. Jitterbug Waltz 7:01
2. Blue Fontaine 9:20
3. Bye-Ya 6:32
4. Little Sunflower 6:48
5. Oil Slick 5:55
6. Isfahan 6:49
7. Beach Blanket Bebop 4:54
8. Three's A Crowd 6:28
9. Simply Stated 6:53
10. Sprung 5:49
11. The Light 6:00


Craig Yaremko - soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, flute, alto flute
Matt King - organ
Jonathon Peretz - drums
Vic Juris - guitar (3,5)

Production Info:

Produced by Craig Yaremko
Recorded & mixed by Craig Yaremko
at Rumble House Studios, Clifton, NJ
Recorded on April 19 / Feb 23, 2012,
July 19 / Aug. 31, 2012, Feb. 19, 2013
Mastered by Paul Wickliffe at Skyline Productions
Photography by Brandon McNamara
Design and layout by John Bishop

Reviews of CYO3

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
The sax man leads an organ trio with plenty of yummy organ playing but leaving the sax front and center. Giving a bunch of chestnuts a new fire down below and letting some originals shine as well this is tasty stuff with a progressive tip. This is a good bet whether organ or sax fan. ... (Grady Harp)
Craig Yaremko is a dynamic performer on all saxophones, flutes and clarinets. His originals which touch on the jazz tradition while also looking forward are rife with musical adventures. Craig’s diverse musical tastes have led to performances with world-class jazz, classical, rock and pop artists, establishing himself as one of the most exciting an ...

All About Jazz (Dan Bilawsky)
When saxophonist Craig Yaremko was in college at the New School, one of his mentors—the esteemed Jane Ira Bloom—heard him playing with an organ group. Right then and there she said, "Craig, your sound was made to play with an organ trio." Now, more than a decade later, Yaremko is proving her right. Yaremko relates that story in the introductor ...

Audiophile Audition (Pierre Giroux)
The organ trio construct has been around for so long, that listeners of a certain age would be hard pressed to recall when it was not part of the jazz scene. The challenge always is to try to find something new in the musical telling using this format. The Craig Yaremko Organ Trio does credit to the concept, but it still is following down a well-wo ...

Improvijazzation Nation (Rotcod Zzaj)
I’m not sure why saxophonist Craig (soprano/alto/tenor, flute & alto flute) called this an “organ trio”, though Matt King’s organ work is absolutely fine, so I’m glad Craig did that! On the other hand, his reed & wind work is among the best I’ve heard (yet) in 2014 – just scope out the excellent “Blue Fontaine“… shows the tightness of the trio (Jon ...

The New York City Jazz Record (Elliott Simon)
Sax players who can realize each of the distinctly gorgeous tones within the soprano, alto and tenor are tough to find. One horn, usually the soprano, suffers. If you add to this a weighty sound on flute and alto flute Craig Yaremko may be the only player left standing. This brawny sound is perfect for going toe to toe with Matt King’s meaty B3 and ...

Jazz Society of Oregon (George Fendel)
Hooray! This CD brings our number to five (out of five) that are more oriented to jazz ears than funk-r&b. Yaremko and friends kind of shuffle between bluesy originals and blue ribbon choices such as "Jitterbug Waltz," "Little Sunflower," "Bye-Ya" and "Isfahan." There's some good cooking going on here. ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
This is not your “Jimmy Smith” styled organ outing; think more “Larry Young” in terms of harmonics and rhythms. Leader Craig Yarenko performs on the soprano, alto and tenor saxes as well as soprano and alto flute along with Matt King/org and Jonathon Peretz/dr on this mix of originals and jazz standards. The trio takes well known material such as “ ...

Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog (Grego Applegate Edwards)
Organ trios can come around these days in more than one flavor, so to speak. There are those that stay within the tradition well established in 1960 or so by Jimmy Smith and others. And then there are those that take the music into the present to varying degrees. The Craig Yaremko Organ Trio do the latter on CY03 (OA2 22105). And they do it in w ...





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