Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra


OA2 22141

Purchase accomplished, high water mark kind of date that shows what happens when you corral the crème of the crop and let them play their hearts out...
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Saxophonist Art Bouton kept it simple in 2011 when he founded the Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra: perform the best music with the best players. With Denver's powerful base of world-class jazz musicians, it hasn't taken long for the band to establish itself as a cultural institution in the region along with being a vital partner to educational outreach programs. For their debut recording, band members Wil Swindler, Steve Weist, and Paul McKee contribute arrangements of a wide range of classics along with the original opening track "Hopscotch" by Wil Swindler. With top-flight performers including Greg Gisbert, Al Hood, Bijoux Barbosa, and Eric Gunnison, an aggresive programming schedule, and a supportive arts community backing them, this CJRO debut portends an auspicious future.

Track Listing:

1. Hopscotch 6:53
2. With a Song in My Heart 5:49
3. Invitation 6:33
4. I'm Old Fashioned 9:42
5. Prelude to a Kiss 3:53
6. Festive Minor 7:57
7. It Amazes Me 5:42
8. Birdland 7:18


Directed by: Art Bouton

Greg Gisbert - Trumpet
Jake Boldman - Trumpet
Al Hood - Trumpet
Dawn Kramer - Trumpet

Art Bouton - Sax
Sam Williams - Sax
Eric Erhardt - Sax
Tom Myer - Sax
Wil Swindler - Sax

Steve Wiest - Trombone
Paul McKee - Trombone
Scott Bean - Trombone
Greg Harper - Trombone

Eric Gunnison - Piano
Mike Abbott - Guitar
Bijoux Barbosa - Bass
Mike Marlier - Drums
Heidi Schmidt - Vocals

Production Info:

Produced by Art Bouton
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Schulze at Lamont School of Music, Denver, CO
Recorded on August 16 & 17, 2016
Band photography by Al Sharp
Cover photographs by Lyu Hu, Galyna Andrushko
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Invitation

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
From an idea to an institution in half a dozen short years, this region big band's debut is an accomplished, high water mark kind of date that shows what happens when you corral the crème of the crop and let them play their hearts out in their own way. A totally right on date that is in the tradition without sounding dated, they breathe new life ...

Cadence (Robert Rusch)
Invitation is a recording made over two days [August 16th&17th, 2016]. Colorado (the Denver area in particular) is loaded with world class jazz artists, and that's been building for the past 40 years. It feels like we've reached the point where artists no longer feel they have to flee to the coasts to have their work legitimized by the media and re ...





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