Rosana Eckert

Sailing Home

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What makes her talent unique is the instrumental quality of her own vocal jazz...She can hear changes, has unerring pitch...a sure sense of time and phrasing, and an enviable range.

Inspired by experiences, people and scenes from her life, Dallas-based vocalist/composer Rosana Eckert penned 11 new songs for her first recording of all original music. Produced by renowned New York Voices singer/pianist/arranger Peter Eldridge, and with performers including guitarist Corey Christiansen, drummer Steve Barnes, Eldridge on piano and several others, Eckert paints intimate personal portraits through songs like "Blue Flower," adds a soaring vocal improvisation to the unfolding modern orchestration on "Someone Else's Life," or hints at Steely Dan through the the strutting urban groove of "Miles of Blue."

"Rosana has one of my favorite kind of voices, where there's a real person behind the sound, a naturalness and sincerity that is completely compelling, and rare, I think." - Peter Eldridge, New York Voices

Track Listing:

1. Sailing Home 3:31
2. Garby the Great 4:00
3. Someone Else's Life 4:38
4. Waiting 4:54
5. Miles of Blue 4:36
6. Blue Flower 4:06
7. Coriander Stomp 4:50
8. Empty Room 3:59
9. Lovely Ever After 4:55
10. For Good 5:38
11. Meant for Me 3:19

(1) by Rosana Eckert, Peter Eldridge, & Gary Eckert
(2,4-7,9,10) by Rosana Eckert
(3,8) by Rosana Eckert & Peter Eldridge
(11) by Rosana & Gary Eckert


Rosana Eckert - vocals
Peter Eldridge - piano, organ, additional keyboards
Corey Christiansen - electric and acoustic guitars
Young Heo - acoustic bass
Steve Barnes - drums
Ben Wittman - percussion (1,4,9)
Gary Eckert - percussion (5,7,10)
Daniel Pardo - alto flute (8,9)
Brian Piper - piano (7)
Ginny Mac - accordion (4)

(4) Waiting Room "La La" Choir: Robert Calderon, Rosemary Calderon, Peter Eldridge, Gary Eckert, Noielle Eckert, Olivia Gonzalez, Nahla Hurst, & Tre Nagella

Production Info:

Produced by Peter Eldridge
Recorded & Mixed by Tre Nagella
at Luminous Sound, Dallas, TX
June 6-7 & August 7-8, 2018
Mastered by Scott Hull
at Masterdisk, Peekskill, NY
Photographs by Teresa Jolie
Tree photo by Alexandra Seinet
Hair & makeup by Lizzy Palma
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Sailing Home

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
The jazz vocalist with eclectic influences comes back to the studio after nearly a decade away and comes out with a set that seems more eclectic than past efforts. Sweetly voiced, this Lab Band grad brings her roots to a left of center samba hybrid and enchants throughout. A delightfully high tone record that anyone can enjoy. ...

Amazon (Dr. Debra Jan Bibel )
5-STARS Texan vocalist Rosana Eckert has produced in this, her fourth album, a collection of personal, sweet, and amusing songs with diverse arrangements: New Orleans funk, bossa nova, sassy soul, romantic folk, Tex-Mex cumbia, and dreamy ballads. With one exception, she wrote the music and nearly all the lyrics, her husband and percussionist Gary ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Innocent voiced Rosana Eckert fronts a core team of Peter Eldridge/p-key, Corey Christiansen/g, Young Heo/b and Steve Barnes along with guests on percussion, woodwinds and keys on a collection of self-penned tunes. She can produce a mood that is soft and mellow as on "Blue Flower," ethereal and folksy on "Someone Else's Lie" and even gets bohemian ...

Downbeat (Denise Sullivan)
Rosana Eckert finds the Texan singer back in the studio after a nine year hiatus from recording (though she never left performance). Her fourth recorded venture, this set is a partial collaboration with Peter Eldridge (with some tunes co-composed with Eckert's husband, Gary Eckert), but it's mostly a showcase for Eckert's compositional work (she is ...





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