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The mention of Wichita inevitably recalls the title of the Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays album 'As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls.' In this case it is an apt comparison, as Flynn's music shares similar bucolic atmosphere and song-like melodicism.
Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

Halfway through his fourth year teaching at Wichita State University, guitarist William Flynn found himself on the road through the plains of Kansas to Florida's Gulf Coast for a month-long artist residency in the idyllic panhandle community of Seaside. The isolation of the ocean-front cottage, away from his life and job allowed for a barely imaginable creative focus, diving into a daily composing regimen and added time for reflection. With a band of Kansas City-based musicians - pianist Roger Wilder, bassist Sam Copeland, drummer Brian Steever, and a guest visit from vocalist Emily Merrell - Seaside deals an inspired modern jazz sound, revealing melodies and harmonies captured during a particularly rich creative episode in Flynn's career.

Track Listing:

1. Follow the Leader 4:39
2. January 6:54
3. Blue Ridge 6:03
4. 30A 5:02
5. Birthday Song 5:48
6. Sea Song 6:50
7. Heatwave 7:21
8. New Year 4:59
9. House of Savannah Street 5:57
10. Sundog 6:11

Music composed by William Flynn (ASCAP)


William Flynn - guitar
Emily Merrell - voice (4,6)
Roger Wilder - piano
Sam Copeland - bass
Brian Steever - drums

Production Info:

Produced by William Flynn
Recorded by Duane Trower at
Weights and Measures Soundlab,
Kansas City, MO, December 13-14, 2019
Mixed by Tommy Poole, Tulsa, OK
Mastered by Dave Darlington at
Bass Hit Recording, New York, NY
Photos by William Flynn & Lindsey Kernodle
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Seaside

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Go figure. A Kansas guitarist takes a month vacation in Florida with a bunch of his pals and the result is a high octane Wes flavored date that recasts daddio in modern threads and just plain smokes. Hot and tasty throughout, you can't turn up the heat like this if you're sitting around in the sticks smoking jimson all day. These cats are here t ...

Dr. Jazz Magazine (Netherlands) (Aldert Toornstra)
De in Kansas City werkzame gitarist William Flynn kreeg in januari 2017 via het fonds "Escape to Create " de gelegenheid zich een maandlang terug te trekken aan de kust van Florida. In een ontspannen omgeving kon hij zich even los maken van zijn docentschap aan de Wichita State University en van alle andere dagelijkse beslommeringen. Het doel van d ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Washington-based Origin Records seems to be a mecca for guitarists, as they've been releasing a plethora of six stringed outings. This latest is from the clean-toned William Flynn, who has a dash of Grant Green to his picking as he teams with Roger Wilder/p, Sam Copeland/b and Brian Steever/dr for a decalogue of originals. There are also a couple o ...

The Sunflower (Sascha Harvey)
Director of Jazz Studies, William Flynn, released an album, titled "Seaside," this year. The album, overall, brings to mind an image of Charles Schultz's Schroeder bent over the piano while characters dance around him. The origin of this album was an artist's retreat Flynn attended in a town called Seaside, Florida in 2017. Free of distractions ...

Kultur Port (Germany) (Claus Friede)
In January 2017, in the middle of his fourth year at Wichita State University, jazz guitarist William Flynn drove a thousand miles from the plains of Kansas to the idyllic beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast. He had applied for an Escape to Create artist residency. Funded and organized by residents and volunteers of the city of Seaside FL, the Cros ...





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