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MUSIC REVIEW BY Miquel Tuset Mallol, Radio Sant Vicenc (Barcelona)


The warm tone and welcoming trumpeter Jun Iida, the cunning selection of tracks and his sublime sense of melody lead his debut recording. After five years in Los Angeles and three in Seattle, "Evergreen" is reminiscent of the musical approach and development that went It took place during those years, while he now goes on to live new adventures in New York. Recorded in Los Angeles, Jun reunited friends of L.A. who accompany him on this project with New York vocalist Aubrey Johnson, who joins brilliantly to Jun's elevated melodies with his often wordless voice, singing in "scat", singing a song in Jun's childhood Japanese, "Akatombo", and a J-pop anime song "Shiki no Uta", both souls of heritage family member of Jun. Among the "Gooey Butter Cake" and "Bellarosa" to the haunting "Theme from Spartacus" or the broad title track, "Evergreen", Jun shares a brilliant message and compelling that is sure to resonate.

And we'll listen to them on the first track of the album and track called "Gooey Better Cake", named after a Very traditional cake that is made in the St. Louis, Missouri area, a theme that will begin as an Intro by pianist Nelson to already appear the melody in Leader and trumpeter Jun Iida. Aubrey Johnson will join in the second chorus of the theme and already Nelson's first improvisation on piano. Another crack at the piano that will captivate us with his delicate manners, as well as Masami Kuroki's guitar, this one however will do so with a sound of his guitar which reminds us of old glories of the instrument. And what will hit us quite a bit will be the leader and his trumpet, who will make his first "Chorus" only accompanied by the bass player, and then the rest of them followed. The warmth of sound of his trumpet you will surely enjoy it, as I have done every time I listened to it while preparing the program. Swing currently soloists the leader is brutal, and the drummer's work is also heard, with a solo its final. And then theme and end. So let's go with this "Gooey Better Cake" by Jun Iida...

Amazing topic of this trumpeter of Japanese origin as well as the guitarist, ideal for start listening to them.

And I say that one of the lovely ballads on this album is the sweet "Song For Luke," a track where Audrey sings a duet with the leader in a Lyricless track and first and delicate solo by the bass player. And another delicious one theme is "Forgotten Memories" where again we will hear the voice of the singer, performing again a melody where there are no lyrics either, and theme with a warm improvisation from the leader to the trumpet. And "Holding On the Autumn" is also as beautiful as it is It is her melody where again the singer impresses us with her sweets Cantarelles, theme with a touch more tempo.

And we will follow them listening to the title track of the album and 3rd track called "Evergreen" already with a slightly more vital tempo where we will be captivated again by the voice of the singer Aubrey Johnson, she in duet with the leader on trumpet, who told us They will make the very beautiful melody, without lyrics, but full of difficulties Interpretative. The one who will first improvise will be the Japanese guitarist Kuroki and again he will do it with his sound one so dark, good manners and technique. And the warmth will appear again with the sound of the trumpet of the leader who It will captivate us with its interpretation. You will notice how "Groove" the theme has, Things about the rhythmic base of piano, double bass and drums that we will take away without remission. A magnificent improvisation by the leader and trumpeter who gives you It will leave you speechless for sure. And again they will recover the melody to voice duet and trumpet to make a finale with the members of the piano rhythmic base, double bass and drums, the latter being the protagonist for his magnificent solo end. Let's listen to them and enjoy each and every one with this "Evergreen" by Jun Iida...

And we'll finish them to listen on the 5th track and theme called "Bellarossa" where again voice and trumpet they make the melody being this one so mischievous, and especially on the bridge or the B of the subject. You'll be able to check it out soon. The tempo is alive with a marked Swing by the "Walking" of the bass player and the pats on the plate and charles of the drummer. And of nine, the first improvisation will be done by Kuroki on guitar with his dark sound at will. The phrasing also follows tradition of the guitar greats. You will surely enjoy it as you walk around the harmony of the theme with a great quality. Leader Jun will follow him with the warmth of his trumpet while A high-level performance, as will pianist Nelson, who will impress us pleasantly with his sobriety and Solvency, with a vital right hand and a left full of agreements. And the issue it will be completed again by Aubrey Johnson and Jun Iida as a duet.

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