The Jazz Police

The Music of Daniel Barry

Origin 82395

The love, joy and zest for life that this talented arranger mentions in his liner comments are evident throughout this fine release.
Bill Falconer, Jazz Review

"In the everyday world, the function of the police is to uphold and enforce laws. However, on this CD, this Police force is out to defy and break the conventions set by a fossilized and pigeon- holed market, one that tries to contain something as free and immaterial as music into pre- established neat little bins of styles and labels. If you like your jazz varied and multi-flavored, this one is for you. From the lullaby of "Sleep Baby Sleep" to the uptempo whirlwind of "Black Bean Boss," here is a wide spectrum of colors, creating an aural rainbow of moods. Daniel Barry is a great composer, and he knows how to speak the language of the big band as an arranger, avoiding easy clich�s and focusing on the untouched possibilities of the ensemble.

Congratulations to Daniel and the Jazz Police for a work rich in every aspect - melodic, harmonic and rhythmic. Great music!"

- From the liner notes by Jovino Santos Neto

Track Listing:

1 To & Fro 5:10
2 Ancestors 4:55
3 Two To Tango 8:07
4 Miss. Leisure 5:56
5 The Hiding Place 6:06
6 Sleep Baby Sleep 3:14
7 Black Bean Boss 5:31
8 The Phoenix 5:01
9 In The Beginning... 7:56


The Jazz Police

James Rasmussen - leader & conductor
Greg Metcalf - soprano & alto saxes, flute
Warren Pugh - alto sax, flute
Jim Cutler - tenor sax, flute
Andrew Ferren - tenor sax
Jim DeJoie - bari sax, bass clarinet
Mike Mines - trumpet
Dennis Haldane - trumpet
Al Keith - trumpet
Daniel Barry - trumpet
Dan Haeck - trombone
Steve Kirk - trombone
Pat Moran - trombone
Dave Bentley - trombone
Greg Fulton - guitar
Evan Buehler - vibes
Dave Pascal - bass
Nonda Trimis - drums, percussion
Chris Monroe - drums
Mike West tenor sax on "Ancestors"
Dave Stangeland tenor sax on "In The Beginning"
Ted Bowden trumpet on "In The Beginning"
Jovino Santos Neto piano on "Black Bean Boss"

Production Info:

produced by DANIEL BARRY
associate producer: DAVID PASCAL
recorded and mastered at MUSICWORKS NORTHWEST
engineered by STEVE SMITH
assisted by AARON LaFOND
photography by MATT BRASHERES
design & layout by JOHN BISHOP/ORIGINARTS

Reviews of The Music of Daniel Barry

Jazz Review (Bill Falconer)
You might expect a breath of fresh air out of the Pacific Northwest, but Latin jazz? The innovative Seattle-based Jazz Police orchestra provides both with charts composed and arranged by Daniel Barry. Barry has been associated with the band as a writer and trumpet player since 1987. The hallmarks of the Jazz Police and Daniel Barry are creativity a ...

All Music Guide (Dave Nathan)
The Jazz Police are made up of musicians who see their task as creating and promoting modern big band music. For their second album for Origin, leader James Rasmussen has selected the music of one of the band's trumpet and flugelhorn players, jazz educator Daniel Barry. Drawing upon musicians from the fertile and active Northwest U.S. jazz scene, t ...





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