Tim Horner

The Head of the Circle

Origin 82650


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...one of the most soulful people I know...For these ears, this is a beautiful story that bears repeated listening.
- Joe Locke

New York drummer Tim Horner's 2nd adventure as a composer and band leader is certainly a labor of love. Already well-represented musically on over 200 recordings with many of the world's finest over the last 30 years, he's combined here his wide-ranging experiences and deep musical friendships to create a very personal recording. Featuring vibist Joe Locke and saxophonist Ted Nash, Horner created an environment where all the musicians shine, bringing to vibrant life his ten masterful original compositions.

Track Listing:

1 The Drums 3:11
2 The Dance 7:29
3 Awakening 5:33
4 Listen and You'll See 11:46
5 Requiem 8:31
6 I Wish I Knew You 8:52
7 Mandala 7:24
8 Frugal Meal 7:56
9 The King 7:52
10 Ta Da 4:39


Joe Locke - Vibes
Jim Ridl - Acoustic Piano
Steve Allee - Accordion , Hammond B3 , Fender Rhodes
Ted Nash - Tenor Sax , Soprano Sax , Bass Clarinet & Flute
Dean Johnson - Acoustic Bass
Tim Horner - Drums , Percussion & Vocal

Production Info:

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered
by Paul Wickliffe, Skyline Productions, Inc.
on December 17, 2012
at Charlestown Road Studios, Hampton, NJ
Musician photos by Chris Drukker
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of The Head of the Circle

emusic (Dave Sumner)
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Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Sure it might be sitting down jazz and art jazz, but it ain't like that. With a clear vision and some wonderful players along for the ride to bring that vision to the fore, this is a drummer led session where the drummer knows about more than the use of white space. One of those great creative dates that isn't creative for the mere sake of it, ...

Bird is the Worm (Dave Sumner)
Every year, there are a handful of outstanding albums that offer up brilliant melodies that reveal, one after the other, like massive fireworks at a celebration. The kind of thing that lets the ear immerse itself in the current song while anxiously wondering what the next might bring-- and when it finally arrives, experiencing no less surprise at ...





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