Brian Gephart

Standing On Two Feet

Origin 82656


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...A bluntly assertive soloist, he builds on the styles of Joe Henderson and Sonny Rollins...and Von Freeman in his ever-present threat to torch mainstream convention.
- Chicago Sun-Times

For his debut Origin release, veteran Chicago saxophonist Brian Gephart assembled a group of some of the Midwest's finest jazz musicians to interpret this set of nine heavily-swinging original compositions. To his regular working quartet of guitarist Neal Alger, bassist Kelly Sill, and drummer Eric Montzka, Gephart adds the dynamic pianist Karl Montzka and trombonist Tom Garling for this recording.

Track Listing:

1 Time Flies 5:39
2 Road to Kumba 8:04
3 Standing on Two Feet 7:42
4 Osmosis 8:54
5 Birch Trees in the Snow 6:56
6 Train for Tokyo 7:55
7 Mercado Cobal 5:43
8 McCoy Matrix 8:20
9 Disposition 10:15


Brian Gephart - tenor and soprano saxophones
Kelly Sill - bass
Neal Alger - guitar
Eric Montzka - drums
Karl Montzka - piano
Tom Garling - trombone

Production Info:

Produced by Brian Gephart
Recorded & mixed by Vijay Tellis-Nayak
at Transient Sound, Chicago, IL
Recorded on Sept. 24 and Dec. 19, 2012
Assistant engineer - Patrick McAnulty
Mastered by Danny Leake
at Urban Guerrilla Engineers, Chicago, IL
Cover photo by Ann Kogen
Session photo by Patrick McAnulty
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Standing On Two Feet

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
A Chicago jazz set all the way, this is what happens when a Chicago sax man shows his New York counterparts that we know how to honk it here as well. A set of originals played with the verve and bluster of a proud creator, we might not have a Brooklyn Bridge to practice under but we ain't no second city when it comes to some honking sax. Hot stu ...

emusic (Dave Sumner)
Jazz Picks of the Week - Lively session from saxophonist Gephart, who gives everyone in the sextet plenty of time to stand up and be heard. Neal Alger is a fun listen on guitar, and Tom Garling's trombone contrasts nicely with the guitar's bright notes. Eric Montzka on drums, Kelly Sill on bass, Karl Montzka on piano round on the sextet. Straight ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Here is the type of stuff that completely restores my faith in jazz. You get six blue collar workers like Brian Gephart/ts-ss, Tom Garling/tb, Neal Alger/g, Karl Montzka/p, Kelly Sill/b and Eric Montzka/dr. They're never going to headline the Hollywood Bowl or the Village Vanguard, but they all know their stuff and they've got the music in their ...





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