Ryan Shultz

Hair Dryers

Origin 82673


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Lines of sustained lyric beauty, brawny embellishments, aggressive rhythms and brilliant technique attest to Shultz' expressive range....one of the most versatile players on the scene.
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

One of very few bass trumpeters in jazz, Ryan Shultz' virtuosity on the instrument is apparent on his first, and long overdue, release as a leader. Featuring some of the finest players on the Chicago jazz scene, Shultz takes his band through a fiery set of originals.

Track Listing:

1. There, I Touched it 6:18
2. Hair Dryers 11:16
3. Alone Again 5:58
4. Joe's Time 6:48
5. Outside Looking In - Still Inside 11:08
6. All Things Equal 4:39
7. Son of Hair Dryers 1:30
8. Tinge 6:19
9. Scooter 5:46
10. Duet :57


Ryan Shultz - Bass Trumpet & Effects, Percussion (4)
Chris Siebold - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (#3,5), Percussion (4)
Karl Montzka - Fender Rhodes (1,3,4,6,8), Hammond B3 (2,5,7,9), Percussion (4)
Larry Kohut - Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass (1), Percussion (4)
Tom Hipskind - Drums, Percussion (4)
Paul Mutzabaugh - Wurlitzer (5), Hammond B3 (3,8), "Mini-Kit"/Loop Design (2),
Percussion (2,4)

Production Info:

Produced by Paul Mutzabaugh
Recorded by Vijay Tellis-Nayak at Transient Sound, Chicago, IL
Assistant engineer: Patrick McAnulty
Recorded July 21, 22, and September 10, 2013
Mixed by Vijay Tellis-Nayak at Transient Sound, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Brian Schwab at Schwab Mastering, Chicago, IL
Cover photos by Chad McCullough, assisted by Brian Schwab
Photos shot at Art and Science Salon, Wicker Park , Chicago
Cover Design & Layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Hair Dryers

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
You’d have to be a hard core jazzbo to get the significance of this but Shultz is one of the few bass trumpeters out there. And he’s right here in Chicago pushing the envelope of innovation right in our backyards. With a bunch of locals backing him that locals would do well to get more familiar with, this music of big shoulders is not full of s ...

Chicago Jazz Magazine (Hryar Attarian)
Bass trumpeter Ryan Shultz's debut as a leader, Hair Dryers, is an enjoyable look back at the jazz-fusion movement. A heavily electrified atmosphere envelops the songs that the group interprets with a deft balance of elegance and an organic vigor. Shultz, who penned most of the music, wields his instrument with remarkable agility and coaxes out of ...

Music Lounge - WDCB, Chicago (Paul Abella)
Hailing from Chicago is the cast of characters assembled for Ryan Shultz's latest album, Hair Dryers (also Origin Records). This is an exciting album, with half the time spent exploring the outer edges of Miles Davis' 60s quintet and half going for broke with sounds and ideas right out of the mid-70s fusion era. While during the daytime on ‘DCB ...





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