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This band's balance of taut cohesion and adventurous improvisation is mighty impressive.

A central figure of New York City's jazz and Afro-Cuban scenes over the last five decades, flutist Andrea Brachfeld, like most artists over the last two years, found a great amount of time to reflect on her art, community and humanity. For Evolution, Brachfeld's writing was affected by her dive into children's issues and the ongoing need of basic necessities even in the best of times. The added pandemic led her to a wide range of musical sources, each reflecting some universal message of the human condition. "Qingauiit" from the Inuit duo Tudjaat, "The Hut Song" from the Central African Baka people, and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's "Ko Ribon" inject voices of discovery, trauma and celebration. With her longtime compatriots fully onboard, the music is allowed to respond to the myriad influences, deftly blending into a distinctive voice.

"(Brachfeld) spellbinds with her assured virtuosity and clear emotional projections..."

Track Listing:

1. What's Up 5:37
2. The Decimation of Transformation 6:53
3. Qingauiit 4:32
4. The Hut Song 7:36
5. Child of the Earth 6:05
6. The Unraveling of It All 6:02
7. Ko Ribon 6:38
8. Being With What Is 6:21

(1,2,5,6,8) by Andrea Brachfeld & Bill O'Connell
(3) by Jon Wheeler and Randall Prescott
(4) by Baka Pygmies
(7) by Shlomo Carlebach


Andrea Brachfeld - C flute, alto flute, spoken word, Colombian clay flute, African wood flute
Bill O'Connell - piano
Harvie S - bass
Jason Tiemann - drums, percussion

Production Info:

Produced by Andrea Brachfeld & Bill O'Connell
Executive Producer: Andrea Brachfeld
Recorded by Kostandin Kamcev
at Mozart Studios, Little Falls, NJ
on 1/24/20, 2/04/21, & 9/01/21
Mixed by David Kowalski, A. Brachfeld, & Harvie S
in Hackensack, NJ
Mastered by David Kowalski
Photos by Nick Carter
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Evolution

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
The pandemic changed the world view of this Afro Cuban flautist of five decades standing into focusing more on children in need in times of need. The music certainly doesn't sound as down mouthed as that so don't fear. Brachfeld and her long standing crew of real pros are all in synch with the new vibe. This is one powerful gal that wont be held ...

All About Jazz (Jane Kozhevnikova)
4-STARS Andrea Brachfeld is a critically acclaimed flutist, composer and educator. She has won multiple awards, including a grant from Chamber Music America and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and was once recognized as the best jazz flutist by Hot House magazine. Evolution features Brachfeld's longtime collaborators Bill O'Connell (piano), ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Andrea Brachfeld plays a wide variety of flutes to create diverse moods, teaming up with Harvie S/b, Bill O'Connell/p and Jason Tiemann/dr-perc on this collection of originals. African moods are created with her wood flute and kalimba on the mystical "The Hut Song" while a trip to South America brings her clay flute to team with O'Connell on an all ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
An important artist in New York City's jazz and Afro-Cuban scene for 5 decades, Andrea Brachfeld spent much time thinking about children's issues during the pandemic, and that reflection is very apparent in these very diverse and thoughtful songs. "What's Up" starts the listen with dreamy flute, crisp drumming and much warm piano in the fluid j ...

New York City Jazz Record (Terrell Holmes)
Evolution, by flutist Andrea Brachfeld & Insight, is not just an album; it's an eloquent, impassioned plea for humanity. Brachfeld, with a first-call rhythm section of pianist Bill O'Connell, bassist Harvie S and drummer Jason Tiemann, sets out a musically and culturally diverse welcome table that is instructive as well as entertaining. Brachfel ...





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