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...Jacobson's buttery tone speaks and haunts...Like Roy Hargrove and Tom Harrell, Jacobson is a 'toucher' and not 'pusher' of unnecessary technique or pre-planned patterns.
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Individually leading busy and varied artistic lives in Chicago and throughout the Midwest, trumpeter Eric Jacobson, pianist Pamela York and bassist Clay Schaub have gathered weekly for their Monday night residency at Milwaukee's Mason Street Grill since 2021. There they allow the ideas and inspirations gleaned through the week to take musical form in an intimate setting, unfurling arrangements on standards from the American Songbook, Latin jazz, bebop, or through their own compositions. Their debut recording captures their comfortable simpatico as their originals seamlessly interweave with an animated "Tin Tin Deo," a luxuriously slow reading of "Theme for Ernie," their up-tempo take on "The End of a Love Affair," and arrangements of lesser-known tunes by Charlie Parker and Cedar Walton.

" Lester Young, Bill Evans, and other of the more lyrical players, Pamela York plays each melody with a singer's grace and vibrancy." L.A. Jazz Scene

Track Listing:

1 Open Windows 4:57 (Jacobson)
2 Fitzroy 5:31 (Schaub)
3 Tin Tin Deo 5:03 (G. Fuller & C. Pozo)
4 Blues for Change 6:26 (York)
5 Theme for Ernie 5:14 (Fred Lacey)
6 The End of a Love Affair 4:02 (Edward Redding)
7 Bongo Beep 4:45 (Charlie Parker)
8 Parisian Poet 4:49 (York)
9 Hindsight 4:36 (Cedar Walton)
10 Segment 4:39 (C. Parker)


Eric Jacobson - trumpet
Pamela York - piano
Clay Schaub - bass

Production Info:

Produced by Eric Jacobson, Pamela York, and Clay Schaub
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Vijay Tellis-Nayak
at Transient Sound, Chicago, IL
Recorded on September 14, 2022
Liner Notes by Scott Yanow
Photographs by Harvey Tillis
Cover painting by Humbak
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Hindsight

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
You get more with less with the drummerless Affinity Trio consisting of Eric Jacobson/tp, Pamela York/p and Clay Schaub/b on this mix of boppers and originals. York and Schaub take turns supplying the feel, with bluesy beauty for Jacobson's sweet horn on "Open Windows" and bringing an easy peppy feel to Cedar Walton's "Hindsight". York is elegant a ...

Album Liner Notes (Scott Yanow)
Hindsight is the recording debut of Affinity Trio, an exciting straight-ahead jazz trio comprised of trumpeter Eric Jacobson, pianist Pamela York, and bassist Clay Schaub. "There is an intimacy that our group achieves by playing without drums," says the pianist. "Although we also love playing with drummers, we enjoy the space that we have in the tr ...

Jazz Sensibilities (Icrom Bigrad)
Trios are intimate, and magic will happen when you have one that is as in tune as the Affinity Trio. So, with that in mind, I invite you to sit back and pour yourself something sophisticated as we delve into the sonic tapestry of Affinity Trio's debut album Hindsight, released on October 20, 2023, under the illustrious Origin Records. The air is th ...

WDCB (Chicago) (Paul Abella)
It should come as no surprise that the Affinity Trio sounds as good as they do, considering their regular gig at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. The tightness and telepathic interplay heard throughout their debut album, Hindsight, only comes through playing together on a consistent basis. Trumpeter Eric Jacobson, bassist Clay Schaub and pianist Pam ...

Jazz Music Archives (Carmel DeSoto)
Gather around, class! Take a seat, maybe even recline a little. Today, we're not just talking theory or history; we're exploring the here and now of jazz with Affinity Trio's debut album "Hindsight." Let me put on my reviewer's hat—or should I say, my reviewer's shades? Let's dig into this. The Affinity Trio, comprised of Eric Jacobson on trum ...

Contemporary Fusion Reviews (Dick Metcalf)
Harmonic trio jazz Eric Jacobson Pamela York Clay Schaub – HINDSIGHT: This recent release (it hit the street officially on 20 October, 2023) is some of the most harmonic trio jazz I've ever listened to… I have little doubt you will fall in love with Eric's trumpet, Pamela's piano and Clay's bass as quickly as I did. Though this performance is ...

All About Jazz (Nicholas F. Mondello)
4 1/2 STARS Experimentation in the instrumental makeup of jazz ensembles has been with us for decades. Groups such as Gerry Mulligan's piano-less ensemble and drummer-less groups such as those of Django Reinhardt, Roy Hargrove, and Marvin Stamm's fine "Inventions Trio" come to mind. The format of this terrific album is such that the drummer gets a ...

Jazz Views (UK) (Ed Sapiega)
This jazz trio is simply amazing, with a unique combination of instruments – trumpet, piano, and bass. Interestingly, I don't even miss the drums. The three musicians mesh very well with each other as a creative music organism. I kept thinking they were amoeba-like, conforming to each artist's individual sound space. This trio played weekly gigs ...

Jazz'n'More (Switzerland) (Michael van Gee)
Trios consisting of trumpet, piano and bass are rare, which is why the line-up of the band Affinity Trio makes you sit up and take notice. This also applies to the music, a mix of originals and rare jazz standards. The debut album, recorded in Chicago, allows intimate insights into making music together, in which all three musicians--trumpeter Eric ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
The trio of Eric Jacobson, Pamela York and Clay Schaub, as Affinity Trio the midwest outfit pen a timeless version of jazz that spreads out across 10 diverse tracks. The vivid trumpet from Jacobson and warm keys from York opens the listen with the glowing "Open Windows", and "Fitzroy" continues the dynamic interaction with soulful brass and well ti ...





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