Geoff Stradling & The StradBand

Nimble Digits

Origin 82891


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...superb. Stradling is a composer of unusual and original melodies and arrangements that are thoughtful, intelligent, and emotive.

Los Angeles-based composer/arranger/keyboardist Geoff Stradling has spent most of his decades-long career focused on the success of other's films, TV shows and albums he's been associated with, including many years as Music Director of the Golden Globe Awards. All along, his StradBand acted as a workshop for his concepts and a collective project for many of his colleagues. With Nimble Digits, the band takes center stage, highlighting the wide breadth of the modern jazz orchestra—from the styles originated by Gil Evans, to post-Miles fusion, to Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian influences. He wields his ensemble the way the best bandleaders always have, playing to individual musicians' strengths while maintaining a strong and personal harmonic, contrapuntal, and textural thematic throughout. L.A.'s musical talent pool is dozens deep at every chair, and many of its brightest stars are here, with thirty-one musicians bringing Stradling's music to life.

Track Listing:

1 Blue Note 6:13
2 Brecker Sketch 7:42 (In memoriam Michael Brecker)
3 Poinciana 6:27
4 Nimble Digits 5:16
5 Baton Noir 4:35
6 Here in Spirit 5:50
7 Don't Shoot the Messenger 6:41
8 Iguaçu 5:05
9 Wrap Party 7:25
10 Habanero 7:31

Comp. & arr. by Geoff Stradling, StradMan Music ASCAP
except (3) by Buddy Bernier & Nat Simon


The StradBand is:

Alex Budman, Phil Feather, Kirsten Edkins, Tim McKay,
Jeff Driskill, Dan Kaneyuki, Tom Luer, Glen Berger

Javier Gonzalez, Kye Palmer, Barbara Laronga,
Matt Fronke, Stan Martin, Rob Schaer, Aaron Janik

Dave Richards, Erm Navarro, Lori Stuntz, Juliane Gralle
Ryan Dragon, Erik Hughes, Francisco Torres,
Scott Whitfield

Geoff Stradling, Bruce Lett, Cooper Appelt,
Ross Schodek, Adam Alesi, Kristin Olson, Michael Spiro,
Joey De Leon, Nate Werth

Production Info:

Produced by Geoff Stradling
Executive Producers: Rick & Enid Wood
Recorded by Ben Burget
at EastWest Studio 1, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded July 20 & 21, 2023
Recording Assistant: Logan Taylor
Keyboards recorded by Geoff Stradling
at StradMan Music, July - October 2023
Additional recording by Glen Berger, Jeff Driskill, Kye Palmer, Aaron Janik, Stan Martin,
Barbara Laronga & Cooper Appelt
Mixed by Ben Burget at 206 Studios, Van Nuys, CA
Mastered by Dave Donnelly
at DNA Mastering, Woodland Hills, CA
Piano tech: Teri Meredyth
Photos by Curt Sletten
Additional photography by Ben Burget, Geoff Stradling
Front cover art by Clive Watts
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Nimble Digits

All About Jazz (Jack Bowers)
4 1/2 STARS Remember the good old days when bandleaders would give a downbeat and their bands would start swinging and keep on doing so until their audiences literally begged for more? Welcome to the past—present tense—courtesy of pianist Geoff Stradling's superb Los Angeles-based StradBand, which swings heartily and with seldom a pause on its ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Pianist and keyboardist Geoff Stradling puts together a big band for his crisp and warm arrangements of mostly originals, almost all with an alluring Latin feel. The rhythm section of drums, congas, bongos, shakers and you name it create a percolating undercurrent for the whole affair. Joe DeLeon's timbales sizzle on the festive "Habanero" and a re ...





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