Lucas Pino

No Net Nonet


MUSIC REVIEW BY Robert Ratajczak, Longplay (Poland)


Hailing from Arizona, New York tenor saxophonist Lucas Pino for a long time was a definite attraction performing in clubs as noble as, among others, The Blue Note, The Jazz Standard, Smalls Jazz Club and Dizzy's. For some time, however, he's done concerts around the world, visiting Canada, Australia and European countries (Poland could hear him, among others, in 2012 and 2014 in Poznan club Blue Note). He is an extremely active sideman, providing services to many esteemed jazz musicians in Poland, we know him well from recordings with guitarist Rafal Sarnecki: "The Madman Rambles Again" (2011) and "Cat's Dream" (2014).

Lucas Pino successfully appears in the configurations created by young musicians, and together with jazz musicians of the caliber that even Christian McBride, Benny Golson, Curtis Fuller and David Sanborn. He is a graduate of the Brubeck Institute, which he graduated in 2007, and a major influence on his style has had both worked out music played by Stan Getz and John Coltrane. In 2015, Lucas Pino released the album branded by its own 7-man squad, which was released on Origin Records. The group is equipped with a special line-up formed by three saxophones, trumpet and trombone. In addition to the leader on tenor, we hear Alex Lore (alto) and Andrew Gutauskasa (baritone), the trumpet playing by Mat Jodrell, and the trombone belonging to Nick Finzer. Supporting the horns is the international rhythm section with Rafal Sarnecki (guitar), Glenn Zaleski (piano) and Desmond White (bass) and Colin Stranahan (drums).

The album "No Net Nonet" is filled with fresh and inventive compositions by the leader and in the spirit of the tradition, along with a track by Kurt Rosenwinkel (the "Homage A'Mitch"), and others from musicians who co-create the nonet: Glenn Zaleski ("On The Road" the masterwork of subdued alto parts), Alex Lore ("A Morning Walk") and Rafal Sarnecki (set-ending composition, "Three Old Men From The Land Of Aran").

Listening to such a large team led by a young musician who has not yet exceeded 30, you can not escape admiration for the remarkable harmony of the compositions, on one hand. On the other hand, the perception of the band's freedom and the impression of spontaneous interactions we encounter in almost every song. However, we are dealing with artists with him many hours of various concerts, gigs and countless jam sessions. In this situation, each musician is also a brilliant soloist freely and uninhibitedly creating their own parts. Despite the perception of the game of freedom, every sound is subordinate to melody, harmony and rhythm.

The great strength of the album is also driven by excellent compositions, evidence of Lucas Pino's unusual maturity, experience and above-average compositional ingenuity. Among the titles we can find, among others, the album opener, dedicated by Pino to a friend from childhood: "The Fox." Equipped with high-speed trombone lines, based on dynamic bass riffs: "Orange". Relaxation brings calm ballad theme dedicated to the pianist Charles Lewis: "Sunday Play", and distinguished by exceptionally beautiful tenor party leader and samba rhythm is maintained composition, "Where You Need To Be".

The album ends with a composition from Rafal Sarnecki known from his album "Cats Dream" (2014): "Three Old Men From The Land Of Aran" inspired by one part of the comic book series "Thorgal". Here we get to know a completely different side of this work, the nature of which differs significantly from the original version, which fully justifies the re-recording of this tune by Sarnecki, Pino, Zaleski and Stranahan (because they all took part in the recording of "Cat's Dream").

The rich organic sound is full of warmth and the spirit of bop. Music at the highest world-class level.

(Translated from Polish)





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