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Improbable Solutions



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MUSIC REVIEW BY Miquel Tuset Mallol, Radio Sant Vicenc (Barcelona)


This is a surprising project, for how musical diversity and styles are twinned with the different formats and combination of instruments. And yes, because there are issues like the ballad and 3rd track "Gentle Persuasión" where the piano trio, double bass and drums caress us throughout the song and only distant echoes of the guitar arpeggios on a lovely theme. And there are two issues that have the characteristic common to start delicately and soon start a path surrounded by a rhythmic restrained and delicate, at the same time with beautiful melodies, and these are "Naked Truth", this one with a beautiful bridge, and in the "Hidden Mobility" we also They like their melodic and harmonic changes, themes with a somewhat temperament "pop", yes, full of improvised Jazz, that of its soloists. "The Following Week" has rhythmic beginnings for the notes and repetitive motif of the bass player, and also the guitar appears in a veiled way with effects implausible and esoteric. Also "Nimbus" begins esoteric and very soon A persistent rhythm by drums and percussion appears, all of which quite melodically delicate.

And you've been able to Listen to what other great project we're starting to hear, and the test has It was this first track composed like everyone else by leader and pianist Bill Anschell. And that's what we've got heard the percussion of Jeff Busch and the basic quartet. And what a Groove has appeared very soon with percussion and drums already with the melody by the leader's piano. And in what way the Bassist Chris Symer gives us the line of bass. And well toViat, the leader, has delved into his improvisation for now with loose notes and soon after with more elaborate melodic lines. Despite Thus, the message is eloquent and quite understandable. A solo task: that of Leader, very sober and not at all naughty. To emphasize the rhythmic question of the theme, with persistent bassist Symer, the drummer José Mart'nez, and the percussion of Busch, them doing Running the rhythmic machine at a medium tempo, an ideal theme to start them in listen.

Bill Anschell is and would be a great guy wherever he lived... He is an impeccable and distinctive pianist with a valuable work... JAZZTIMES. Al Throughout his vast and varied 40-year career, Bill Anschell has released six recordings under his own name, all of them jazz projects that present him only on the acoustic piano. "Improbable Solutions" changes all that as Anschell combines the sounds of his acoustic jazz trio with layered electronics, creating landscapes unique and spacious sounds. His nine original compositions have a Open-mindedness driven by memorable melodies and evocative grooves. Along with his longtime trio bandmates bassist Chris Symer and drummer Jose Martinez, Anschell adds Electronic creations to accompany his acoustic piano with the guitarist stellar and scorching Brian Monroney, percussionist Jeff Busch and the appearance of adrenaline-filled guests with drummer KJ Sawka on the latest track. "It doesn't matter where the keyboard, Anschell sounds like no other pianist." JazzTimes.

Well, you've been able to listen again what a powerful groove this club has. And we've got to do that There's a sense of how bassist Symer's notes fill our space and drummer Martinez is constantly creating the rhythmic thing. This is, however, rather a project where The rhythmic is the mother of eggs and where the soloists do not stand out too much, that is which I thought was a collective project far removed from other music listened to, and I have put it to you with the intention of making you know the different Jazz styles that you can find in this magnificent publishing house, Origen Records. Obviously there are solos in the themes, however, they are not as long as in previous projects. And in this issue has been Leader Bill Anschell who did it and with a blunt sound. His hands come and go but not with any excessive speed. Its lines evolve harmoniously, which is more noticeable in the bridge or B of the subject. I repeat the importance of the collective work of this project led by pianist Bill Anschell and also the issue Rhythmic.

Well, what else Piece of topic we just heard. Here electronic effects play, some by me: of leader Anschell he who in the He plays the piano, an instrument that sometimes sounds like sedans Electronic. The groove is also brutal, the theme walks the way, and already from of the beginning. There is one main and recurring motif that the leader has interpreted in many moments of the subject, which has ended more or less in the same way as They started it, if we consider that the first one sounded was the electric bass of Symer. And maybe it even is strange sounds may come from the electrified bass. And yes because the In the middle of the song alone, it could well be that of the bass player. And a topic with recurring and rhythmic motif that allows us to listen in this heavier wave, rhythmically speaking and where there have been no improvisations, as we understand them.

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