Charlie Apicella & Iron City

Groove Machine

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As a player, Apicella immediately brings to mind Grant Green. He's funky, he's bluesy, and he's not afraid to get dirty at times. Apicella and band have that perfect jazz rapport that allows them to be tight as hell and play off each other beautifully.
Vintage Guitar Magazine

Charlie Apicella & Iron City are a torch bearer of the classic guitar/organ sound and Groove Machine is a return to form for the New York guitarist's catchy, swinging original compositions. Straight out of the classic 1960s hard bop era and showcasing the band's deep interplay, the third recording by Apicella, organist Radam Schwartz, saxophonist Gene Ghee, and drummer Alan Korzin, is packed with burning solos, Charlie's tight arrangements, and an unrelenting groove that defines the character of Iron City. Special guests include Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Mayra Casales on congas and violinist Amy Bateman.

Track Listing:

1. Three Sided 6:29
2. Space Madness 6:37
3. Hot Dog 6:27
4. Lemon Rind 6:06
5. Along The Southern Coast 6:44
6. Calypso Blue 4:49
7. Ironicity 4:59
8. Brother Elijah 4:02

Compositions by Charlie Apicella, except:
(3) Lou Donaldson, (6) Radam Schwartz, (8) Willis Jackson


Charlie Apicella - Guitar
Gene Ghee - Tenor Sax
Freddie Hendrix - Trumpet (1-4)
Amy Bateman - violin (5)
Radam Schwartz - Hammond Organ
Alan Korzin - Drums
Mayra Casales - Congas (3-6)

Production Info:

Produced by Charlie Apicella, Alan Korzin, Radam Schwartz
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Chris Sulit at Trading 8s Studios
October 15, 2018
Cover painting: Satellite Revised by Thom Dudley
Studio photography by Christopher Drukker
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Groove Machine

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Recidivist hard bop groovers to the point of having flawless Lou Donaldson and Willis Jackson tracks in their song stack, this bunch that takes it back to when Blue Note didn't care how Beatles were rolling over everything in sight proving that good taste is timeless and who ever says something like this is dated should probably be punched in the m ...

WTJU (Dave Rogers)
Guitarist Charlie Apicella and his augmented quartet offer five originals from the leader, one from organist Radam Schwartz and two covers – Lou Donaldson's "Hot Dog" and Willis Jackson's "Brother Elijah". In addition to Apicells and Schwartz, the players include Gene Ghee (tenor sax) and Alan Korzin (drums) with Freddie Hendrix (trumpet on 4 son ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Guitarist Charlie Apicella is swinging like there's no tomorrow with a boogie-ing team of Gene Ghee/ts, Radam Schwartz/B3, Alan Korzin/dr and guests Mayra Casales/cong, Freddie Hendrix/tp and Amy Bateman/vi on this sizzling organ grinder. The two horn front line with Hendrix and Ghee is a big and bold delight, with the team charging on "Three Si ...

CD Hotlist (Rick Anderson)
For a very different take on a guitar-led quartet, consider this, Charlie Apicella & Iron City's third recording. As its title suggests, these guys are mining a vein that was first discovered by similarly-configured ensembles during the "hard bop" era of the early 1960s: whenever you see a group that consists of guitar (Apicella), tenor sax (Gene G ...

All About Jazz (Don Phipps)
On Groove Machine, Charlie Apicalla & Iron City serves up a gumbo of styles that run from New Orleans blues and Chicago funk to Motown and New York bop. The combination makes for a "groovy" listening experience—road music that will keep the head nodding and the mind trucking. Apicella penned five of the eight numbers on the album. The other three ...

Nippertown (J Hunter)
There are guilty pleasures that you duck your head and mumble about when pressed, and then there are pleasures that make you stand straight & tall and say, "YEAH, I like that! Wanna MAKE SOMETHING out of it???" For me, the latter category includes any jazz disc where electric guitar and Hammond B3 organ come together. From the moment I first heard ...





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