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Parisot is in his realm here, unleashing a torrent of fills and cymbal accents throughout... The level of pure, seething virtuosity is stunning.

Drummer Phil Parisot's third release as a leader is a project inspired by the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach. While shifting his focus to composition in recent years, Parisot observed that countless roads lead to Bach, whether through Bud Powell, Keith Jarrett, or even Albert Einstein. This insight inspired Parisot to research Bach's personal journey and compositional approach, then apply this knowledge when developing his own material. Inventions is a humble tribute to the "musical scientist" from Thuringia, whom Beethoven referred to as "the immortal God of harmony."

"Parisot never seems to run out of inspired thought as a composer, or original rhythmic conception as a drummer."
All About Jazz

Track Listing:

1. From the Ancestors 6:20
2. Quill and Knife 5:20
3. Apparatus 8:51
4. Pay It Forward 4:59
5. Compendium 7:30
6. For the Unseen 5:09
7. Running, Leaping 5:22
8. Noble Calling 7:03

All music composed by Philip Parisot
(Tosirap Music, BMI)


Jared Hall - trumpet
Steve Treseler - tenor saxophone
Dan Kramlich - piano
Michael Glynn - acoustic bass
Phil Parisot - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Phil Parisot
Recorded & mixed by Robb Davidson
at Avast Recording Co., Seattle, WA
Recorded July 14, 2021
Mastered by Ross Nyberg at
Nyberg Mastering, Issaquah, WA
Phil Parisot photo by Brian Halbach
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Inventions

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
The high octane drummer wrote all the tracks here but they were all inspired by Bach. Don't know if you'll pick that out in this spirited romp that sounds like a Yankee version of second line funk run wild…and you can't count on us to get past "Inventions for a G String" to pick out references, so…It's just a lot easier to sit back and enjoy t ...

All About Jazz (Jack Bowers)
Even at a time when jazz has broadened its horizons to encompass music from a wide variety of sources, it is not often that one happens upon a jazz album inspired by the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach. However, that is the premise animating drummer Phil Parisot's sunlit Inventions, an astute post-bop session wherein Bach's muse may be pres ...

Take Effect Reviews (Tom Haugen)
The esteemed drummer Phil Parisot returns with his 3rd album as bandleader, and he's got Jared Hall, Steve Treseler, Dan Kramlich and Michael Glynn along with him for a very creative jazz listen that's actually rooted in influences from the baroque period. "From The Ancestors" starts the listen with dynamic and busy jazz that highlights Hall's ...

Couleurs Jazz (France) ( Jean-Michel Schlosser)
When a drummer signs a record with his name, it is often a role of stooge that he takes on. Here, none of that, the drummer is really the master of the ceremony. First of all by the compositions that he writes entirely but also by his well marked presence behind the skins and cymbals. The third album from this young drummer from Seattle, well su ...





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