Francis Coletta | Jonas Tauber

Port Said Street

Origin 82580


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These artists must use nothing short of 'mind-melding.'
Ric Bang, Jazz Scan

Jonas Tauber's previous solo bass release on Origin was called, "...a performance of impressionistic beauty, dramatic excitement, virtuosic control and unique imagination that's unlike that of any other recording of acoustic bass," by Jazz Review. Here, the Swiss bassist returns to his original instrument, the cello, for an exploration of color and rhythmic variety in a set of duets with guitarist Francis Colleta. Port Said Street, in Marseilles, is the beginning of this journey through memories and places, with originals "Misty Cat," "La Calanque," and "Vasile," and standards "Body and Soul," "Caravan," "Nica's Dream," and "How Insensitive," all chosen for the qualities they offer to present these two instruments at their best.

Track Listing:

1 Surfin' on the Neck 3:58
2 Vasile 6:59
3 Nica's Dream 5:15
4 Body and Soul 8:32
5 La Calanque 5:34
6 How Insensitive 7:16
7 Route des Epices 5:30
8 Misty Cat 5:11
9 Port Said Street 3:08
10 Caravan 6:46


Francis Coletta - Godin electroacoustic guitar
Jonas Tauber - cello

Production Info:

Produced by Francis Coletta and Jonas Tauber
Recorded & mixed by Bryan Coletta
at En Face, Ollon, Switzerland
on September 25-26, 2010
Mastered by Andre "Averell" Schorderet
Additional editing by Mark Guenther, Seattle Disc Mastering
Cover photos by Friedrun Reinhold,
Performance photos by Pierre Siedler
Design and layout by John Bishop
Executive Producer, Zurich Series: Jonas Tauber

Reviews of Port Said Street

Jazz Society of Oregon (George Fendel)
Here is a duo of guitar and cello featuring two musicians who communicate with simple elegance. It is a performance of rare intimacy, not unlike what you might hear in a home concert, if you were extremely lucky. Coletta plays what he terms an electro acoustic guitar, seemingly a conflict in terms. But then you hear it, and amazingly, it doesn't so ...

Audiophile Audition (John Sunier)
Port Sad Street is in Marseilles, France, and is the title of one of the ten tunes here, composed in this case by guitarist Coletta. The Godin electroacoustic guitar is played by performers looking for an amplified nylon string guitar that can be used both live and in the studio - it has a USB output. The guitar's maple top is closer to a hardbo ...

New York City Jazz Record (Donald Elfman)
Port Sad Street is perhaps more accessible but no less consequential as it offers a kind of jazz journey by two virtuoso string players. Jonas Tauber is the cellist - he is known primarily as a bassist but has realized a lifelong dream "to play cello in this way" - and he deftly plays rhythmic complement to guitar explorations and presents solo tu ...

Jazz Scan (Ric Bang)
Marseilles-born guitarist Francis Coletta and Swiss cellist Jonas Tauber joined forces last year to create this marvelous duet album. I can't remember ever having heard this instrumental combination in a jazz framework, but it works beautifully. Both Coletta and Tauber began playing in the classical genre; as their interests expanded, they becam ...

Stage and Cinema (Tony Frankel)
A SURPRISINGLY AFFECTING JAZZ DUET I met Swiss bassist Jonas Tauber after a concert recently and he sent me a copy of his 2011 CD Port Sad Street, which is why this review arrives two years after its release. This 10-track set of duets with guitarist Francis Colleta has Mr. Tauber returning to his original instrument, the cello, and the two extrao ...





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