The H2 Big Band

It Could Happen

Origin 82685

Pulls out all the stops and is surely one of the most exhilarating big bands in recent history
- International Trumpet Guild Journal

The H2 Big Band's latest recording is an exciting collection of originals and old and new standards, arranged by Dave Hanson and performed by an all-star Los Angeles studio band. Fronted by the Denver-based trumpeter Al Hood and pianist Dave Hanson, their featured guest on several numbers is the dynamic vocalist Rene Marie, along with her compositions, "I Like You," "Autobiography," and "Black Lace Freudian Slip." This follow-up to the highly acclaimed "You're It!" is another engaging musical encounter not to be missed!

Track Listing:

1. Hocus Pocus (6:58)
2. Black Lace Freudian Slip (6:55)
3. C.P. You (6:41)
4. The Look of Love (5:34)
5. It Could Happen To You (6:30)
6. The Healing Hymn (7:45)
7. I Like You (5:18)
8. Lynda B (5:45)
9. B in C (5:15)
10. Autobiography (5:22)
11. You Go To My Head (5:31)


The H2 Big Band is:

Woodwinds: (tracks 1,2,5-8,11)
Gary Foster - alto, flute, clarinet (all)
Rich Chiaraluce - alto, flute
Rob Lockart - tenor, flute
Brandon Fields - tenor, flute
Adam Schroeder - baritone, bass clarinet
Bob Sheppard - saxophones (1)
Trumpets: (tracks 1,2,5-8,11)
Al Hood - trumpet, flugelhorn (all)
Wayne Bergeron - (lead 1,5,6,8)
Carl Saunders - (lead 2,7,11)
Ron Stout
Trombones: (tracks 1,2,5-8,11)
Andy Martin
Bob McChesney (also tracks 3,9)
Alex Iles
Bill Reichenbach - bass bone
Rhythm Section:
Dave Hanson - piano, synth
Chuck Berghofer - bass
Joe LaBarbera - drums
Larry Koonse - guitar (3,4,9,10)
Luis Conte - percussion (4)
Strings: (tracks 4,10)
Robert Peterson - violin 1
Jerry Hilera - violin 2
Ed Persi - viola
John Acosta - cello

Guest Vocalist:
Rene Marie (tracks 2, 4, 7, 10)

Jeff Tower

Production Info:

Produced by Al Hood & Dave Hanson
Recorded by Jim Linahon at LMP Studios, Claremont, CA
on August 27-28, 2013
Editing by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver, CO
Mixing & Mastering by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Sound, Burbank, CA
Big Band Booth Consultant (August 27): Jeremy Levy
Cover painting by Prill
Artist photography by MaryLynn Gillaspie (Al) & Cheryl Spriggs (Dave)
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of It Could Happen

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
It does happen! Who doesn’t like contemporary big band when it’s played right and tight with all the top LA jazz cats on board? Grabbing you right out of the gate, this super sweet session comes on like a self contained show with vocalist Rene Marie dropping by to lend a few trademark touches of her own. An air tight and water tight date tha ...

All About Jazz (Jack Bowers)
4-STARS - As Shakespeare wrote, "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Who would dare argue with that? The point is that It Could Happen, the second recording by the H2 Big Band, is performed by a world-class ensemble. It's just not the H2 Big Band, which essentially remained home in Colorado save for its co-leaders, ...

Jazz Society of Oregon (George Fendel)
Out of the gate it might be a good idea to explain the name of this outfit. It's simple. Co-led by Denver area trumpet ace Al Hood and pianist Dave Hanson, this is a no-punches pulled gathering of some of the premier studio cats in Los Angeles. Featured are such stars as Gary Foster, alto sax, clarinet and flute; Carl Saunders, trumpet; Andy Martin ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
The H2 Big Band boasts some big names from Los Angeles such as Andy Martin/tb, Ron Stout/tp, gary Foster/as, Larry Koonse/g, Bob McChesney/tb and Chuck Berghofer/bs. Best of all, Joe LaBarbera handles the drums and no one drives a big band better. The brass and reed sections are spectacular, swinging on the bouncy "Hocus Po cus" and delivering an e ...

Jazz Scan (Ric Bang)
The world boasts many excellent musicians, but very few top-of-the-line arrangers. They know who they are, of course, but the listening public usually doesn't even know their names. That's a real shame, because they're often the individuals who transform a good combo into a great one. Dave Hanson, who arranged every track on this release, is m ...

5-STARS From one perspective, It Could Happen is a teaser title for this big band recording. Sure, it's a perseveration of one of the scrumptious cuts on this cake. However, like a fine Le Cordon Bleu recipe, if you heap eleven exceptionally well-written GAS and original selections into the pot and set great charts before some of the finest cooke ...

Improvijazzation (Rotcod Zzaj)
Pianist Dave Hanson arranged all the tunes for this big-band smash-er-oo, & it totally will rock your jazz day! Tunes like the opener, "Hocus Pocus", will have you pining for those great ol' ballroom days (Maidenform or not)! The totally down & funky "B In C" merits numerous replays, & keeps the spirit of big band alive in today's musical miasma. ...

WTJU (Ann Porotti)
Smooth as silk large (two dozen+ musicians) big band led by trumpeter al hood and pianist dave hanson; musicians from LA, leaders from Denver. guest vocalist rene marie adds sexy and authority to her originals (autobiography, black freudian slip and i like you). more innovation from seattle's origin records. ...





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