John Moulder

Decade: Memoirs

Origin 82762


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One of the most adventurous, technically accomplished and ferociously committed guitar virtuosos working today.
Chicago Tribune

Exceptional performances and an indelible musical chemistry mark this exciting, breathtaking and intimately personal work by Chicago guitarist/composer John Moulder. With longtime rhythm section mates, bassist Steve Rodby and drummer Paul Wertico, they're joined by two towering British artists - pianist Gwilym Simcock and saxophonist Tim Garland. Recently inspired by meaningful events and cherished individuals in his life, Moulder penned seven new compositions for this highly intuitive band to explore.

"Moulder has a distinct and exciting approach that ensures that his albums sound like nothing else out there." - All About Jazz

Track Listing:

1. Memoirs by the Sea, Pt. One 6:42
2. Memoirs by the Sea, Pt. Two 1:11
3. One Last Call 6:27
4. About Us (Introduction) 1:40
5. About Us 5:43
6. Remembrance 6:30
7. Retreat Into Autumn 10:31
8. African Sunset 5:18
9. Gregory's Hymn 6:08

All music by John Moulder


John Moulder - electric, acoustic and nylon string guitars
Gwilym Simcock - piano
Tim Garland - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Steve Rodby - acoustic bass
Paul Wertico - drums
Ernie Adams - percussion

Production Info:

Produced by John Moulder & Vijay Tellis-Nayak
Recorded by Vijay Tellis-Nayak at
Transient Sound and Craig Bauer at
Hinge Studios, Chicago
6/25-28/09, 6/2-3/14, 8/10 & 22/17
Mixed & mastered by Vijay Tellis-Nayak
at Transient Sound, Chicago
Digital prep. & add. prod. by Steve Rodby
Cover images courtesy Aless
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Decade: Memoirs

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Culled from sessions recorded since 2009, the Chicago guitarist rounds up the Chicago time keeper contingent, adds some Brits and turns up the heat on this smoking straight ahead jazz date that shows you how cooking is done. With solid blowing from all hands on deck adding to the whole, it's listening jazz that makes it hard not to bounce in your ...

DOWNBEAT (Michael J. West)
The lovely Decade: Memoirs is as pastoral as the photograph on its cover - not exactly the expectation for a Chicagoan, like guitarist John Moulder. The heavy folk and country vibe, the spaciousness and high-note reaches of "About Us" and its separately tracked introduction are a natural fit for Moulder's flat-picked acoustic guitar; during the int ...

Chicago Tribune (Howard Reich)
BEST OF 2018 It's difficult to say which is most profound: Chicago guitarist Moulder's compositions, his ferocity as guitarist or his gifts as bandleader. All converge on this album, a major statement of vast expressive and stylistic reach, from the epic "Memoirs by the Sea" (Parts 1 and 2) and the incantations of "One Last Call" to the acoustic-g ...

JazzTimes (Thomas Conrad)
The fact that John Moulder is one of the most capable mainstream guitarists in jazz is a fairly well-kept secret outside of Chicago, where he regularly gigs, teaches (at Northwestern and Roosevelt universities), and makes fine records. For unclear reasons, jazz musicians who stay in Chicago and don't move to New York often have more trouble getting ...

MultiKulti Project (Poland) (Mateusz Krępski)
5-STARS I met John Moulder thanks to the Chicago drummer Paul Wertico, who presents avant-garde fusion with his teams with Moulder. He remains one of the most underestimated jazz guitarists in the world. His work combines elements of both jazz tradition, jazz-rock, blues and folk. This Chicago guitarist and composer has developed a characteristic, ...

JazzDaGama (Raul da Gama)
There is a dimension to John Moulder that is always deeply contemplative. It is often overshadowed by raucous nature of his guitar-playing, while exploring an idea through its expression of particularly vivid chordal – or even – single-note lines and phrases. However if one penetrates the membrane of his melodies a profound nature emerges in hi ...





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