Cathy Segal-Garcia & Phillip Strange

Live in Japan

Origin 82846


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Boil Segal-Garcia down to her essence, she's simply a weaver of dreams, a starry- eyed wanderer and free spirit who, nevertheless, possesses strong artistic instincts and the organizational savvy to pull off one unique project after another.
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

Cathy Segal-Garcia and pianist Phillip Strange spent many years traveling throughout Japan and a bit of Europe together, enjoying the pared-down intimacy of performing as a duo, building strong bonds with each other and with their audiences. This live 2-disc recording from a Japan tour in December 1992 came just three months after recording their debut, Song of the Heart, with bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Peter Erskine. Inspired and completely in-tune musically, Live in Japan offers a peek into that intimate musical space where the resultant authenticity and transparency creates a rich listening experience.

Track Listing:

Disc One
1. Introductions 1:14
2. I'm in the Mood for Love 5:58
3. You've Changed 6:54
4. More Than You Know 7:13
5. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 3:40
6. Day by Day 7:05
7. The Nearness of You 8:30
8. The Story 7:59
9. Alice in Wonderland 6:52
10. Honeysuckle Rose 6:05
11. White Christmas 7:07
12. I Got Rhythm 4:03

Disc Two
1. Introductions 0:28
2. This Can't Be Love 4:17
3. Desafinado 5:41
4. When You Wish Upon a Star 5:00
5. Taking a Chance on Love 5:46
6. How Long Has This Been Going On 7:00
7. Misty 7:02
8. God Bless the Child 11:36
9. Night and Day 7:13
10. Sentimental Journey 6:37
11. The Christmas Song 5:14


Cathy Segal-Garcia - vocals
Phillip Strange - piano

Production Info:

Produced by Cathy Segal-Garcia
Executive Producer: Dan Davilla
Recorded Live in Osaka, Japan
December 1992
Mixed by Eric Astor
at The Hide-Away, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Ron Boustead
at Resolution Mastering, Sherman Oaks, CA
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Live in Japan

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
This twofer was recorded live in Japan over Christmas 30 years ago shortly after dropping her debut with Peter Erskine and Marc Johnson. A spirited piano/voice romp where chances are taken and dark corners explored. Successfully. You gotta go all the way to Japan to hang out in a saloon this cool? A perfect example of putting the fun first and h ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
LA based vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia teams up with pianist Phillip Strange for a double disc'd concert in Japan back in 1992, finally seeing the light of day. Segal-Garcia is a rich interpreter of lyrics, full of richness and emotion, and Strange the perfect partner with his rich chords of support. The too delve deeply into a passionately agonized ...

Musical Memoirs (Dee Dee McNeil)
This is a project recorded nearly thirty years ago, (1992) but it's still fresh and exciting. The ‘live' performance shows off the very best of Cathy Segal-Garcia's range and style. It also features the wonderful and inventive piano playing of Phillip Strange. It's a 2-CD set, opening with "I'm In the Mood for Love" where Cathy sings the origi ...

The Jazz Owl (Travis Rogers, Jr.)
"Cathy Segal-Garcia is a national treasure. She is warm and witty, absolutely delightful." She paired up with pianist Phillip Strange for their duo's performance in Osaka, Japan in December of 1992 and it now comes to us as Live in Japan, a wonderful 2-disc album capturing the warm and memorable performance. From the playful introductions th ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
The superb voice of Cathy Segal-Garcia meets the fluid piano prowess of Phillip Strange here, where their dynamic chemistry is highlighted across two discs of tunes that were recorded in Osaka, Japan way back in December of 1992. "I'm In The Mood For Love" starts the musical portion of the set with the pair interacting with much grace and playfu ...

All About Jazz (C. Michael Bailey)
Smart and accomplished, West Coast vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia releases her 15th recording, Live In Japan, on the heels of her well-received Social Anthems, Volume 1 (Origin Records, 2021). Live In Japan is a retrospective December 1992 performance that pairs the singer with her frequent collaborator, pianist Phillip Strange. Recorded in Osaka duri ...

Pop Culture Classics (Paul Freeman)
Good things are worth waiting for. And it's been a very long wait for the release of this exceptional set, performed by jazz vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia and pianist Phillip Strange. It was recorded in Osaka, Japan, 30 years ago. But what dazzled listeners in 1992 will still do so in 2022 and beyond. This two-CD package contains 21 classic tunes, ...

Jazz Views (UK) (Derek Ansell)
This two CD collection offers two and a half hours of duets by Ms Segal-Garcia and pianist Phillip Strange. They had been touring Japan and Europe for some years at the time and had previously recorded a quartet disc and an earlier duo session. You might wonder why it has taken so long for this set to be released but small DAT tapes can easily be ...





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