Peter Erskine & the JAM Music Lab All-Stars

Bernstein in Vienna

Origin 82885


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...not a tasteless bone in his body. Musicality is of the utmost importance in his every groove, solo, fill, and mini-gesture...
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

A towering cultural figure throughout the second half of the 20th century, Leonard Bernstein mediated between different musical worlds, borrowing freely from jazz, blues and popular music, eventually shaping a "classical" sound that became his deeply influential signature. From his decades of working alongside Austria's most illustrious musicians, Vienna's JAM Music Lab University was inspired to celebrate his music and legacy. With the addition of drumming great Peter Erskine as a Visiting Artist in 2021—bringing along his own decades of contributions to blending popular musics at the highest levels—they handed him the task of shaping the ambitious project. With this live recording, Erskine, JAM students and faculty, and pianist/musical director Danny Grissett honor Bernstein's genius and fulfill JAM's chief mission—inspired by the jazz masters, educate and nurture jazz's next generation—and on this night, Peter Erskine, and Leonard Bernstein, led the charge.

Track Listing:

1 Somewhere 7:33
2 I Feel Pretty 7:03
3 It's Love 7:09
4 Viennese Summer 7:31
5 Lonely Town 6:59
6 Calls and Hollers 11:22
7 Some Other Time 5:40
8 Cool 9:06

All songs composed by Leonard Bernstein, except:
(4) composed and arranged by Danny Grissett
(6) composed and arranged by Marcus Ratka

(1) arr. by Alan Pasqua
(2,3,5) arr. by Danny Grissett
(8) arr. by Oliver Nelson, adapted by Danny Grissett


Peter Erskine - drums
Danny Ziemann - bass
Danny Grissett - piano, Musical Director
Robert Unterköfler - saxophone
Andreas Varady - guitar
Bertl Mayer - harmonica
Cozy Friedel - violin

Production Info:

Produced by Peter Erskine, Marcus Ratka, Jeff Levenson
Executive Producer: Marcus Ratka
Recording producer: Jens Jamin
Sound engineers: Christian Gorz, Franz Ahammer
Concert recorded by ORF / Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Ö1)
at the Funkhaus, Vienna, Austria on October 8, 2021
Assisted by Martin Zaunschirm
Mixed by Aaron Walk, Los Angeles
Mastered & assembled by Jon D'Uva, New York City
Photos by Martin Zaunschirm
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Bernstein in Vienna

Marlbank (UK) (Stephen Graham)
4-STARS Here's a swinging, tone perfect, small jazz group live version of some of the gems from the Leonard Bernstein catalogue powered by Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine and beautifully arranged by pianist Danny Grissett - interesting touches include using harmonica (Bertl Mayer) as lead voice on 'I Feel Pretty'. Drummers check out Erskine's ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Legendary drummer Peter Erskine brings together a band consisting of tenor saxophonist Robert Unterkofler, Bertl Mayer on harmonica, violinist Cozy Friedel, guitarist Andreas Varady, Danny Ziemann on bass and musical director Danny Grissett on piano for a tribute to one of America's great composers, Leonard Bernstein, at a concert in Vienna Austria ...

WBGO Feature (NYC) (Gary Walker)
Leonard Bernstein created with a palette with colors from jazz, blues and popular music, shaping a classical sound that attracted fans from around the world. The Vienna-based Jam Music Lab All-Stars, under the direction of pianist Danny Grissett, and special guest, drummer Peter Erskine, saluted Bernstein in performance, captured here. It's a new B ...

Jazz Ese Ruido (Spain) (Felix Amador)
Leonard Bernstein's approach to jazz in works such as West Side Story has moved many musicians to play his songs and perpetuate them as standards. In the album we are listening to today, several of his best-known songs are reviewed with a Viennese line-up belonging to the JAM Music Lab University, directed by the pianist Danny Grissett and "starrin ...





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