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Hal Galper & the Youngbloods - Live at the Cota Jazz Festival
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

4 1/2 STARS The trio recordings released by pianist Hal Galper between 2006 and 2014 - six discs, all but one on Origin Records—plowed fresh ground. Each disc dug deeply into the "Rubato" form. Taken as a whole - from 2006's Agents Of Change (Fabola Records) through 2014's O's Time (Origin Records) - the full series represents a monumental, sharply focused project that, for those who listened, redefined the piano trio.

Live At... read more

Andrea Brachfeld - Brazilian Whispers
by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Andrea Brachfeld plays both C and alto flute with a galloping team of Bill O'Connell/p-key, Harvie S-Lincoln Goines/b, Jason Tiemann-T. Portinho/dr, Roni Ben-Hur/g and Chembo Corniel/perc on this mix of Jobim and originals. O'Connell's keyboards give a vintage CTI soul feel to the rich read of "Double Rainbow" and "Ligia" as Portinho's brushes glide to the rich "Triste E Solitaria". Brachfeld is dreamy on "Passarim" and blends with Ben_hur" on... read more

Mark Taylor - Spectre
by Andrew Gilbert, Seattle Times

By taking his time and letting his music develop at its own pace, Mark Taylor has become one of the essential players on the Seattle jazz scene.

While steadily pursuing his own musical vision, the alto saxophonist has toiled fruitfully as a sideman, contributing to more than half a dozen excellent ensembles. From long-running institutions like the Jim Knapp Orchestra (which plays the first Monday of every month at the Seattle Drum School) to... read more

Bobby Broom - My Shining Hour
by Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

The recordings that peerless Chicago guitarist Bobby Broom makes with his trio are almost always shaped by a precise conceit -- a program of Monk tunes, for instance, or a reimagining of 60s pop tunes as jazz vehicles. His excellent new album, My Shining Hour (Origin), is devoted entirely to standards, which is only notable because it's something he hasn't done before. Bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven provide a crisp,... read more

Marcos Varela - San Ygnacio
by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

4-STARS Bassist Marcos Varela, Houston-bred and now New York-based, opens his recording debut, San Ygnacio, with a big, brash version of the standard, "I Should Care." His rhythm section is rounded out by veteran pianist George Cables and drum icon Billy Hart, so a free swinging zest is expected, and delivered. Logan Richardson on alto sax makes it a quartet, with tart tone and stretched notes that bring the legendary alto saxophonist... read more

Marius Nordal - Ways of the Hand
by Butch Berman, Berman Music Review

It's getting hard to keep up with the breadth of material - and most of it, in my opinion, is very good - from Origin Records. Another group of great talented guys (as with Don Lanphere) - still never met face-to-face but have been musically acquainted since both (BMF and Origin) of our inceptions. Their current Seattle catalog is growing and is of superb quality and variety.

Such are two entrees I for some reason checked out back-to-back... read more

Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott - East-West Trumpet Summit
by Mark Holston, Jazziz

Trumpet players have a well-deserved reputation for machismo. Put two jazz trumpeters in the same studio at the same time and the testosterone count is sure to jump. In the case of veteran Ray Vega and relative newcomer Thomas Marriott, however, the emphasis of this warm-blooded session is on mutual respect, not one-upmanship, as they partner in a "summit" format that has been employed over the decades by some of jazzdom's greatest horn... read more

Chris Walden Big Band - Home Of My Heart
by Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

One doesn't often hear a big band album in which the arrangements literally steal the show. Here's one where they do. Make no mistake, German-born composer/arranger Chris Walden has mustered a world-class ensemble for his debut album, abundantly equipped with staunch team players and killer soloists; even so, it is his superlative charts that carry the day and earn the blue ribbon.

Simply put, Walden is a terrific arranger who readily... read more

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