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The Chase



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MUSIC REVIEW BY Rob Young, The Vertical Spin


After what appeared to be a decline of trombonist missing in action as featured soloist on the jazz scene, it's great to see the emergence of exciting newcomers on the horizon like the accomplish composer, arranger, and bandleader Nick Finzer at the helm. He arrives ready to play his invigorating compositions on second offering appropriately titled "THE CHASE" on Origin Records.

Considering the array of talent musicians and music available these days, it's relatively easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, at this point Nick Finzer doesn't have anything to worry about because he's equipped with not only skills but he's armed with ten impressive original compositions demonstrates why everyone who loves jazz should listen to this comprehensive collection of music entitled "THE CHASE."

'THE CHASE," features an abundantly gifted sextet showcases their imaginative voices through the vessels of "Glenn Zaleski (Piano), Lucas Pinnon (Reeds), Alex Wintz (Guitar), Dave Baron (Bass) and Jimmy MacBride (Drums) rounds out the cast of this compatible ensemble of raising stars are steeped in the affluent rituals and phonics verbalized in modern jazz.

As each new recording arrives, I immediately listen for a series of palpable tones balanced with originality and memorable melodies complimented by cohesive & distinctive interplay with a dash of improvisation slashed on the canvas framed in the mode of modern jazz. Perhaps, this wishful thinking on my part? Not really, we all like what we like. Nevertheless, today, "THE CHASE" makes its appearance by trombonist Nick Finzer who literally provides exactly what I'm listening for.

Out of the gate, "Life Happens" slowly burns with an inexhaustible mid-tempo channels its way through with stylish dexterity the ensemble's rhythmic interplay flows progressively without missing a beat. Bingo, these guys come out swinging for the fence. "Sphere of Influences" is possibly my favorite on the recording inhibits the elements of the sextets penetrating voices and unwavering prowess roars with anticipation and timeless patterns will surely beckon you to return for another spin.

The bouncy "All Hype" glows with a lyrically brisk synergy allows Finzer's commanding solo to shine flawlessly. Meanwhile, the players painlessly shift gears to connect with cohesive interplay by stretching their wings with unbridled swiftness surges unexpectedly will leave you sonically spellbound.

"Steadfast" follows with contrasting details outlined with gorgeous melodies shape the tempo of this gem constrained by bending textures and relaxed fluidity are exchange to make room for a brief solo by guitarist Alex Wintz. As you can imagine, the title piece "THE CHASE" rises the bar of excellence to give ample space for the sextet voices to ascend by interfacing at breakneck velocity redefines this musical palette in a proactive way featuring these consummate musicians.

I'm really digging the loosely assembled vibe titled "Acceptance," this piece is housed midway in this engaging collection of music complied by the evolving genius of Nick Finzer. The bluesy "While You're Gone" captures the ambience of nostalgia with understated perfection. As the band leader, Finzer doesn't neglect meeting the challenge as a composer he pens another winner by grabbing your attention from his poignant perspective on the delightful "Why Aren't You Excited."

In the meantime, Finzer's venerable spirit is gradually awaken once more with the allusive musings unleashed in the body of "Search for a Sunset." As I hear it, his principal signatures as a composer are distinctly exposed through his vision therefore it challenges the hearts, minds and souls of discerning listeners. "Just Pass the Horizon" the final selection is a two part composition is equally as important as the aforementioned tunes poured throughout this amazing tapestry of music composed, arranged and played some of the finest musicians available.

From the onset, "THE CHASE" is easy on the ears yet it envelopes the right portions of complex tones enunciated by unrestrained melodies can attract a variety of music enthusiasts and give novice an opportunity to become acquainted with music by this remarkably gifted artist named Nick Finzer.





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