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Music in My Mind

OA2 22155


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...a marvelously collaborative spirit...the innovative impulse that motivates this colorful project is refreshing.
Downbeat Magazine

One of the preeminent performers in Chicago jazz, saxophonist Shawn Maxwell has released several recordings featuring his quartet or his sonically expanded dectet, Alliance. With his New Tomorrow group, he augments his working quartet with the singular trumpet voices of three of Chicago's finest ­- Victor Garcia, Chad McCullough and Corey Wilkes - and the inspired and often dazzling vocalist, Dee Alexander,­ for a set of ten modern, electric originals. Focusing on composition as much as improvisation, the quintets reveal stunning melodies hidden within complex time signatures, textures and grooves.

Track Listing:

1. Our Princess is in Another Castle 5:15
2. Music In My Mind 6:38
3. Untitled Tune #1 1:45
4. Maxwell's House 4:01
5. Herding Happiness 4:28
6. He Gone 4:34
7. King Bill 4:00
8. Another Monday 6:59
9. Glamasue 6:31
10. Snow Snow 4:34


Shawn Maxwell - alto saxophone/clarinet/flute
Dee Alexander - voice (1,2,4)
Victor Garcia - trumpet/flugelhorn (2,8)
Chad Mccullough - trumpet/flugelhorn (1,3,4,5,9)
Corey Wilkes - trumpet (6,10)
Matt Nelson - piano/rhodes
Patrick Mulcahy - electric bass (6,10)
Junius Paul - electric & acoustic bass (1,2,4,5,7,8)
Tim Seisser - electric bass (3,9)
Phil Beale - drums
Stephen Lynerd - vibraphone (5)
Kalyan Pathak - percussion (7)

Production Info:

Produced by Shawn Maxwell & Nick Eipers
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Nick Eipers
Recorded at Shirk Studios, December 12-14, 2017
Assistant Engineer: Suzie Calarco
Mixed & Mastered at Crann Darach, Chicago, IL
Cover images by Franco Lovisolo & John Bishop
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Music in My Mind

Michael Doherty's Music Log (Michael Doherty)
Saxophonist Shawn Maxwell, based in Chicago, has released several albums under his own name, as well as the names Shawn Maxwell Quartet and Shawn Maxwell's Alliance, and now Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow. The first album under that name was the 2016 self-titled release. That is now being followed by Music In My Mind, featuring all original material, ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Once again, the Chicago sax man shows he just doesn't like to make the same record twice. Going way more free jazz than he has in the past, he certainly whips his cohorts into a frenzy as they whip up a wild racket that comes together instead of falls apart. Feeling inspired by Coltrane's sheets of sound, this is a first class trip for those lookin ...

Amazon (Grady Harp)
Performer/composer/educator Shawn Maxwell formed his style early on while growing up in the rich musical history of the Joliet, Illinois school music programs. From the time a clarinet and saxophone first touched his lips, Maxwell knew that music was his calling. He quickly became a celebrated performer in the Joliet Central High School band progra ...

Downbeat (Bobby Reed)
EDITOR'S PICK / JUNE 2018 The all-original program on Shawn Maxwell's Music In My Mind conveys the vision of a composer who's confident in his artistic vision, and comfortable with the wide array of colors on his instrumental palette. Maxwell - who plays alto saxophone, clarinet and flute here - recruited 11 supporting musicians for his ensembl ...

WTJU (Dave Rogers)
Chicago musician Shawn Maxwell (alto sax, clarinet, flute) has been recognized for his leadership with his quartet and his dectet. He now augments his group "New Tomorrow" with guest appearances by three of the Windy City's most respected trumpeters: Victor Garcia and Chad McCullough (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Corey Wilkes (trumpet) with each having ...

The Vinyl Anachronist (Marc Phillips)
"One of the preeminent performers in Chicago jazz, saxophonist Shawn Maxwell--" I could almost stop you right there. Start talking about jazz and Chicago and saxophones, and I'm going to imagine a particularly energetic sound. We're talking about big horn sections, acting as a singular force, and more than the usual helping of blues and rock and ...

Chicago Jazz Magazine (Hrayr Attarian)
Over the past decade and change woodwind player Shawn Maxwell has established himself as an innovative composer and a sophisticated improviser. Each of his recordings is simultaneously unique and bears his indelible signature style Music In My Mind is no different. Using a few different ensembles Maxwell has crafted a remarkably cohesive work that ...

Jazz Trail (Filipe Freitas)
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow returns two years after the release of their eponymous album on OA2 Records. The new CD, Music in My Mind, features ten electric originals performed by the original septet - Maxwell on alto sax, clarinet and flute; trumpeters Victor Garcia, Chad McCullough and Corey Wilkes; keyboardist Matt Nelson; bassist Junius Paul; ...

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
After a series of well-received mainstream recordings, Chicago-based alto saxophonist Shawn Maxwell moved into a "taking more chances" mode with Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow (OA2 Records, 2016). Much of the sound there fell into the exploratory, even avant-garde area. He delves further into that territory with Music In My Mind. With albums titl ...





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