Shelly Rudolph

The Way We Love

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A honey-glazed throat to send chills up and down your spine.
Los Angeles Times

Vocalist-songwriter Shelly Rudolph presents a unique and lyrical new song set, featuring legendary cellist David Darling whose layered textures blend with a subtle palette of piano-bass-guitar, and cameos from soprano saxist Devin Phillips. Along with six original songs are an inventively re-harmonized arrangement of "Stand By Me," and a sweetly soulful duet with Redray Frazier on Chris Pierce's "Slow Life." Long a poet as well, the album showcases her poetic and sensual expressivity on "The Way We Love," spoken against a sumptuous bed of Darling's cello tones and Tom Grant's piano. Rudolph's gospel-tinged originals, "Close Enough" and "Calling Me Home," open and close the session. Also joining Rudolph is guitarist Chance Hayden, bassist Dave Captein, and pianists David Goldblatt, Darrell Grant & David K Mathews.

"A robust and captivating vocalist." - JazzTimes

Track Listing:

1. Close Enough 4:35
2. Faith 3:35
3. Stand By Me 3:46
4. Butterfly Heart 2:45
5. The Way We Love 2:30
6. The Slow Life 2:36
7. The Mystery 3:43
8. Humanity 2:18
9. Calling Me Home 4:52

All music composed by Shelly Rudolph, Jollylama (ASCAP), except:
(2,7) Shelly Rudolph & Chance Hayden
(3) Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
(6) Chris Pierce


Shelly Rudolph - vocals
David Darling - cello
Chance Hayden - guitar (1,2,3,6)
Dave Captein - double bass (1,2,7,9)
Devin Phillips - soprano saxophone (2,9)
Redray Frazier - vocals (1,6)
David K. Mathews - piano (1)
Tom Grant - piano (2,6)
David Goldblatt - piano (3,4,7)
Darrell Grant - piano (9)

Production Info:

Produced by: Chance Hayden & Shelly Rudolph
Engineered by: Brud Giles at Fremont Recording, Portland,
(vocals 1,2,3,7,8,9/sax 2,9);
Julius Hocott at Camp David, CT, (cello 1,3,4,6,8,9);
Bob Stark at Sonic Media Studio & Kung Fu Bakery, Portland,
(piano 1,2,9 / bass 2 / vocals 4,6 / guitar 1,2,3,6);
Bryan Appel at Stove Top Stuff!, Portland (bass 1,9);
David Goldblatt at Zone One (piano 3,4,7);
Tom Grant at Bigger Better Studios, Portland (piano 6)
Recorded: 2010-2019
Mixed by: Bob Stark, Sonic Media Studio, Portland, OR
Mastered by: Nick Moon, Tone Proper, Gresham, OR
Vocal-soul coaching: Jeff Langston
Photography: Addie Mannan
Cover design & layout: John Bishop

Reviews of The Way We Love

Sonic Soul (Germany) (Jörg Schmitt)
Time for rest. And prudent listening to music. Time for Shelly Rudolph. Decelerated, tender and brimming with emotion. Shelly even with a clear voice - sometimes firmly stowed, sometimes suspended - almost to itan all-star ensemble (cellist David Darling, plus Tom Grant, Darrell Grant, David Goldblatt or David K. Mathews on the grand piano, plus Da ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
A soulful vocalist that prefers not to be contained, she gives you a taste of what Carole King would sound like if she could kick it out with some real soul---but she doesn't stop to limit herself there. A set that took it's sweet time to arrive, it's just right for that in between time when you have shrugged the day off but aren't quite ready for ...

Artslandia (Editor)
The ever-evolving⁠ — and expanding⁠ — Shelly Rudolph's story continues onward and upward with the release of her latest album, the ambitious and atmospheric The Way We Love. Soul-jazz-pop chanteuse Rudolph has long been a favored voice around her hometown of Portland, Oregon, and musical travels have taken her to New York, Los Angeles, the ...

All About Jazz (Geno Thackara)
Imagine a smoky, sonic concoction with equal parts sugar and whiskey, and you've got something close to Shelly Rudolph's voice. While there's some world-weariness behind it, her rich contralto brings out the sweetness even when things get sad. She glides more than capers, often packing a lot of nuance into one drawn-out note. The Way We Love makes ...

Jazz Scene (Tree Palmedo)
It may come as a surprise to some Oregon listeners that Shelly Rudolph's last album came out over 15 years ago. On that release, 2005's Water in my Hand, the Portland singer and songwriter laid her powerful but sensitive vocals over a tight rhythm section complete with electric guitar and crisp drums. So if you haven't been paying attention to Rudo ...

Oregon Music News (Tom D'Antoni)
Shelly Rudolph's new album has been long in the making, but it's finally here. She talks about it and reads a poem, too. Hear a track at the end. We're Skyping our way through another Coffeeshop Conversation (Not) @ Artichoke Music and hoping for the day we can sit in the Café across the table and talk the way we used to. But here's the next ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Vocalist and composer Shelly Rudolph creates a rich mix of parlor portraits on this personal album with a rotating team of pianists cellist David Darling, guitarist Chance Hayden, bassist Dave Captein and a variety of guests. At times, Rudolph displays a tone similar to Norah Jones, folksy with Captein and Hayden with some Asian harmonics on "Close ...





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