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My Museum

Origin 82468

Big-band albums this rewarding don't come along very often.
Jack Bowers / All About Jazz


As a follow up to his Grammy-nominated "Convergence Zone," Phil Kelly brings together many of his friends from his days in Los Angeles for a hard-swinging look at his arrangements of standards such as "Jeannine," "Body & Soul," and Ellington's "Daydream," and originals including the haunting and lush title cut, "My Museum" featuring the vocals of Greta Matassa. Propelled by the drumming of Steve Houghton and lead players like Wayne Bergeron, Lanny Morgan, Andy Martin and Pete Christlieb, Kelly's crisp, modern take on the Big Band will inspire all lovers of the genre.

Track Listing:

1. Jeannine 6:09
2. Bluelonius 8:53
3. Pleading Dim Cap 6:17
4. Daydream 6:43
5. My Museum (feat. Greta Matassa) 4:38
6. Juan Beatov Stomp 5:42
7. Body & Soul 5:56
8. It's A Lazy Afternoon 6:20
9. Zip Code 2005 8:17


Phil Kelly Big Band:

Wayne Bergeron - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (lead/contractor)
Dan Fornero - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Pete De Sienna - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Bob Summers - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (solos)
Jay Thomas - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (solos on Blulonius & Zip Code 2005)

Andy Martin - Trombone (Lead & solos)
Charlie Morillas- -Trombone
Dave Ryan - Trombone
Michael Millar - Trombone (bass)

Lanny Morgan - (lead/alto flute/c flute)
Gary Foster - (alto/alto flute/c flute)
Pete Christlieb - (tenor/clarinet)
Brian Scanlon - (tenor/clarinet)
Bill Ramsey - (bari/bass clarinet)

Bill Cunliffe - piano
Brant Geissman - guitar
Tom Warrington - bass
Steve Houghton - drums
Brian Kilgore - percussion

Rhythm on "Juan Beatov"
Dan Wojciechowski - drums
Gerald Stockton - elec. bass
Bud Cain, Grant Geissman - guitars
Bill Cunliffe - keyboards
Brian Kilgore - percussion

Rhythm on "My Museum"
Darin Clendenin - piano
Clipper Anderson - bass
Greta Matassa - vocal

Dian Kitzman - Violin (concertmistress)
Maria Schleuning - Violin
Sho-Mei Pelletier - Violin
Bing Wang - Violin
Dawn Stahler - Violin
Lauren Charbonneau - Violin
Michelle DeShazo - Violin

Tom Demer - Viola
Mitta Angell - Viola

Peter Steffens - Cello
Mitch Maxwell - Cello

Production Info:

Produced by PHIL KELLY
Assistant Producer: GERALD STOCKTON
Recorded May 15 716 by TALLEY SHERWOOD
Except "My Museum" recorded by David Lange at David Lange Studio, Tacoma, WA
Strings recorded by David Giangullo at TM CENTURY, Dallas, TX
Rhythm for "Juan Beatov" recorded by DAVID GIANGULLO at TM CENTURY, Dallas, TX
Mastered by DAVID GLASSER at AIRSHOW Mastering, Boulder, CO
Session photography by CLINT HOPSON
Cover photography by AARON KOHR
Layout & design JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of My Museum

Audiophile Audition (Jeff Krow)
Another Phil Kelly Masterpiece Phil Kelly's new Origin CD, My Museum, is a nice follow-up to last year's Grammy nominated Convergence Zone. It has the same crisp arrangements, crystalline acoustics, and hard driving brass. Phil brings swinging arragements to standards such as Jeanine, Body & Soul, and Duke Ellington's Daydream. Kelly's own compo ...

All About Jazz (Jack Bowers)
To paraphrase the peerless Bard of Avon, a wind from any other clime would blow as hot -- or as cool. Last year, composer/arranger Phil Kelly happily introduced big band enthusiasts to the turbulent NW Prevailing Winds (Seattle) on the stormy album Convergence Zone; this year, he has empowered the cyclonic SW Santa Ana Winds (Los Angeles) to raise ... (John Tapscott)
A certain strain of modern big band jazz writing has emerged over the past quarter century which is incredibly detailed, complex and sometimes awe-inspiring. Yet it often lacks warmth and memorable melodies, and nearly creates a barrier between the music and the average jazz listener. Thankfully, composer/arranger Phil Kelly, while not simplifying ...

BBI Review (Robert Robbins)
Three years ago, former Tonight Show Band arranger and BBI Elite subscriber Phil Kelly released his Grammy-nominated CD Convergence Zone, which featured his Seattle-based NW Prevailing Winds along with guest musicians from New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. On My Museum, Kelly leads mostly the cream of LA musician, including four (trumpeter Jay ...

ejazznews (Edward Blanco)
Recording his second album of contemporary straight-ahead blistering big band music, Composer/arranger Phil Kelly's My Museum swings with a swagger, sophistication and style that blows you away with some very powerful musical winds. His previous release, Convergence Zone, was recorded with a group of Seattle-based area musicians in a big band he ca ...

Jazzscene, Nov 06 (George Fendel)
They could have titled this CD "LA Meets Seattle," as it brings together some stellar players from both those communities. Try on for size: Andy Martin, Lanny Morgan, Gary Foster, Pete Christlieb, Jay Thomas, Bill Ramsay, Bill Cunliffe, and on one vocal, Greta Matassa. Bursting with riveting big band charts and explosive solo work from all comers, ...

JazzTimes, February 2007 (Forrest Dylan Bryant)
Like their meteorological namesake, this California counterpart to Phil Kelly's Seattle-based big band is breezy, warm, and unmistakeably L.A. The first half of the program finds the 19-piece ensemble working hard-swinging modern arrangements, until the title track slows things down with full strings and a soulful vocal by Greta Matassa. From there ...

Times Colonist, January 14, 2007 (Joseph Blake)
Fans of little Port Townsend, Washington's celebrated jazz festival will recognize L.A.-Seattle jazz stars like Pete Christlieb, Bill Ramsay, Jay Thomas, Lanny Morgan, Gary Foster and Greta Matassa from this fine, 18-piece band directed by Bellingham-based Phil Kelly. Kelly has semi-retired from an L.A. studio life that included writing music for 7 ... (Rick Culver)
Having been fortunate enough to be a member of so many of the greatest jazz bands, let me begin this review by stating that I sure wish I'd been a member of this one. This band list is definitely a who's who of the best musicians in Los Angeles, jazz or studio: jazz for the inventiveness of the solos and swing of the music, and studio for the techn ...

Cadence, March 2007 (Jack Bowers)
While the wind type and direction have changed on "My Museum", almost everything else, thankfully, remains unimpaired on Phil Kelly's second album in a span of three years. in 2003, Kelly and the NW Prevailing Winds recorded Convergence Zone, a prelude to this admirable new release by the SW Santa Ana Winds. Wheras the NW Winds blew from in and aro ...

The Davis Enterprise (Ric Bang)
Phil Kelly is a bit of an anachronism: a drummer who's also a prolific jazz composer and arranger. He has written literally hundreds of charts for dozens of groups. His first CD for Origin - "Convergence Zone" with a Seattle-based band he calls the NW Prevailing Winds - was nominated for a 2004 Grammy Award. Having succeeded in the Pacific North ...

JazzTimes, September 2007 (Harvey Siders)
In 2003 a cross-pollination of Pacific Northwest and L.A. jazz communities resulted in Kelly's first Origin album, Convergence Zone. It happened again in '06, leading to this masterpiece. No rehearsal time. As Kelly explained, "It was straight gonzo." Thanks to the growing comfort level, the guys simply devoured the charts. "Jeannine," "Daydream" a ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Switching from his usual partners, the NW Prevailing Winds, Phil Kelly takes on a new collective of musicians here, the SW Santa Ana Winds. The move is from Seattle to Los Angeles physically, and similarly for the musical aesthetic. Despite the core sound being determined by Kelly's arrangements, the players surrounding him (with the exception of N ...





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