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...bubbles over with an abundance of dynamic intensity.
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Following up on 2008's Day, the Bridge Quartet returns with the flip-side, a live recording entitled Night. Recorded in the same 32-hour period and sharing some of the same repertoire, the two recordings bridge two sides of the jazz experience - studio and live performance. The music, a blend of originals, standards, contemporary repertoire and classics, is itself a bridge that the four musicians travel as only seasoned jazz artists can. Featuring saxophonist Phil Dwyer, pianist Darrell Grant, bassist Tom Wakeling and drummer Alan Jones.

Track Listing:

1. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
2. Green Dolphin Street
3. A Face Like Yours
4. Strode Rode
5. Isfahan
6. Bemsha Swing


Phil Dwyer - Saxophone
Darrell Grant - Piano
Tom Wakeling - Bass
Alan Jones - Drums

Production Info:

Produced by The Bridge Quartet
Recorded March 11, 2007 at
LV's Uptown, Portland, Oregon
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Springer
Mastered by Nick Moon at
Tone Proper, Troutdale, OR
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Night

All About (Dan McClenaghan)
For jazz fans with some historical listening under their belts, the word "Bridge" will bring to mind Sonny Rollins' album, The Bridge (Bluebird/RCA, 1962), a set that Rollins released after a three-year hiatus, and changed the saxophonist's musical trajectory from Ornette Coleman-influenced freedom to a more traditional mainstream, but still advent ...

Oregon Jazz Scene (George Fendel)
I don't know if the use of the word Bridge in this group's name is a reference to Portland's numerous Willamette River crossings or, perhaps, a suggestion that this ismusic to reach out to anyone willing to listen. Perhaps both concepts might be fitting. Three quarters of this quartet are resident Portlanders: Darrell Grant, piano; Tom Wakeling, ba ...

All Music Guide (Ken Dryden)
The Bridge Quartet consists of tenor saxophonist Phil Dwyer, pianist Darrell Grant, bassist Tom Wakeling, and drummer Alan Jones: Night is the second volume of their work together over a two day period in 2007, complicated by Dwyer being delayed at the U.S.-Canada border on his way to Portland. There's a bit more energy in this recording than their ...

The Davis Enterprise (Ric Bang)
About a year ago, I reviewed an album titled "Day" by this quartet, which is based in Portland, Ore. Drummer Alan Jones organized the unit -- Canadian saxophonist Phil Dwyer, bassist Tom Wakling and pianist Darrell Grant -- for a few club dates. A recording session was scheduled right after the first club date, and "Day" was the result. The seco ...

Cadence (Jerome Wilson)
Night has a talented quartet pinning their ears back and playing their butts off on a variety of familiar pieces. the opening "Wouldn't it be Loverly" quickly establishes that Phil Dwyer is one of those saxophonists who likes to go on stream-of-consciousness rants in his solos. He generally does this in more laidback fashion than Sonny Rollins or ...





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