Todd Bishop Pop Art 4

69 Annee Erotique: Music of Serge Gainsbourg

Origin 82530

Todd Bishop has done something special here
C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

Portland, Oregon drummer & visual artist Todd Bishop takes on a new series of projects with his "Pop Art 4" group, beginning with a modern, cinematic reading of music from the French composer, singer, actor and pop icon Serge Gainsbourg. With keyboardist Steve Moore (Bill Frisell, Skerik), saxophonist Rich Cole, and bassist Geoff Harper, Bishop brings the group aesthetic he explored with his groups Lower Monumental and Flatland ("sculpting ambient soundscapes of apprehension and tremulous anticipation..." All About Jazz), to Gainsbourg's alternately dark and jubilant pop hits, including "Cannabis," "Valse de Melody," and "69 Annee Erotique."

Track Listing:

1. 69 Annee Erotique
2. Ballade de Melody Nelson
3. Bonnie and Clyde
4. Initials B.B.
5. Cannabis
6. New York, U.S.A.
7. Valse de Melody
8. Le Poinconneur des Lilas
9. Le Talkie-Walkie
10. Intoxicated Man
11. Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus


Richard Cole - woodwinds
Steve Moore - keyboards
Geoff Harper - bass
Todd Bishop - drums

Casey Scott - vocals (4,11)
Dan Duval - guitar (4,5,11)
Blake Thomas - cuica (6)

Production Info:

Produced by Todd Bishop
Recorded by P.J. Newman
at Mouse Recording (Seattle, WA)
May 23 & September 5-6, 2008
Mixed by Bob Stark at Kung Fu Bakery
Mastered by Mark Guenther
Cover design and photos by Todd Bishop
Layout by John Bishop

Reviews of 69 Annee Erotique: Music of Serge Gainsbourg

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
69 Annee Erotique gets extra credit for off-the-beaten-path-ness. It is a work celebrating the music of the late French pop songster Serge Gainsbourg (1928- 1991), by Portland Oregon-based Todd Bishop's Pop Art 4. Gainsbourg, whose name may not be person-on-the-street familiar in the United States, was a pop icon in France from the late-1950s to th ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Todd Bishop has taken groups Lower Monumental and Flatland through somewhat revolutionary jazz territory before, exploring what modern free jazz could sound like while still putting together entirely listenable albums. On 69 Annee Erotique, Bishop takes his Pop Art 4 through some surprising new arrangements of old Serge Gainsbourg songs. The songs ...

All About Jazz (C. Michael Bailey)
Context can be everything or nothing. Listening to 69 Annee Erotique with no background will spark recognition of well-preserved lounge music of the 1960s/'70s, performed with modern sonics imitating those of the period: A bit of psychedelia wisping into the edges of post-war Western society right before the Summer of Love and the sexual revolution ...

Chicago Jazz Magazine (Paul Abella)
Origin Records strikes again with another outstanding disc, this time from drummer Todd Bishop and an outstanding group playing the music of Serge Gainsbourg. I have to admit, I hadn't a clue who Serge Gainsbourg was, prior to seeing this disc make its way across my desk. Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out Gainsbourg's m ...





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